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Chapter 895

“Gender reassignment surgery?” Why?

Maya close to see

“Damn, such a big broken company still engages in sexism!”

It says that it’s hiring men or not women!!!


“No matter!!” Maya slapped the table sadly, “Air collar, this lady is going to make a reservation!”

Allen Robin twitched the corner of his mouth while biting the bread. It was hard to imagine what the situation would be if the company was full of ‘talents’ like her.

“Do you think it’s okay for a woman to pretend to be a man?” He doesn’t know when Maya’s entangled little face has already deceived him.

Allen Robin glanced at her uncomfortably, “Do you think this is a TV series or a novel? The chest is so tall, the chest muscles?”

While talking, the big hand that has always been evil patted a certain woman’s towering breast…chest!!!

“Ah -” Maya screamed in grief and indignation, like a poor white rabbit, clutching her lewd breasts with both hands, accusing him, “You…you touch me, take advantage of me!!”

Faced with Maya’s excitement, Allen Robin was confused, and murmured disapprovingly, “Isn’t it untouched, so excited? Besides, how many layers of yarn are there today…?”

“…” Maya was crying without tears. She had seen a shameless man, and had never seen a shameless man so calm.

There was an urge to kill this man directly, and she was worried that she would infect herself with shameless power.

“Ah… the job fair is about to be late!” Maya glanced at the quartz clock on the wall and exclaimed. Only twenty minutes are away, God!!!

She quickly grabbed a piece of bread and rushed out the door.

Not long after, the door was pushed open again with a “bang…”

“Hey! I said you can’t order a lady if you are a woman?” Allen Robin, who was leisurely eating breakfast on the table, was impatient with her startled appearance, staring resentfully at the door and panting. Angry at her.

“I… I said, Allen… Allen Robin, you…huh…you said yesterday that you want to buy me…buying a bicycle…is it…is it true?” Maya stood at the door, aside gasping while asking him.

This is a very important thing, she has to implement it well, and she can only leave when she is at ease!

“That’s right, I almost forgot if you didn’t mention it…” Allen Robin suddenly realized.

Maya suddenly smiled, turned sideways, clenched a fist with one hand, and made a victory sign, “YES!”

She can finally sprint with confidence!

Allen Robin smiled evilly at her and pursed his lips, “I mean, the bicycle thing is purely acting, don’t take it seriously!”


Allen… Allen Robin, count you cruel!!!

Maya stuffed her fist in her mouth, gritted her teeth loudly, and gnawed her hand as her head.

After biting, she realized that her hand is her own after all. When it hurts, there is an urge to slap herself to death.

Mom, it hurts!!!

When she went to the application area of the company, it turned out that they were all men.

At first glance, it seems that the cowherd in the Cowherd store lined up to be selected, but unfortunately, there is no such beauty as the Cowherd, hey! It’s hard to make people misunderstand!

“Fill in the form first!” swiftly, a man in a neat suit stepped out of the examination room, then threw a large form out, handed it to the first person, and then went into the secret room.

The forms were handed down one after another, and when they were handed to Maya, the frontman was stunned, handed her the form in his hand, and whispered, “The world is getting worse! The pseudonym has become a fashion, hey… “


She lowered her head and looked at her ‘chest muscles’ with teary eyes, dare to love this man with high myopia?

However, the “pseudo mother” is indeed better than the “Lady” here, so Maya didn’t bother to refute him and began to fill out the form seriously.

Name: Grey Maya

Gender? Maya bit her nose, a bit difficult.

Is it better to write about men or women? Tangled ah!

“Brother, let me ask you…” Maya deliberately pressed the vocal cords very deeply, stabbed the man aside with a pen, coughed slightly, and asked him, “I look like a man?”

The man frowned, glanced at her unanimously, and glanced over her slightly raised ‘pectoralis’, “Like!”

“Eh! What about you…” Maya just wanted to say how this person could open his eyes and talk nonsense, suddenly, she paused for a second.

Forget it!!! Biting her pen fiercely, she wrote a word directly on the gender column: male!

Solve the biggest problem, the next thing is simple.

She filled out all the resumes easily, and just prepared to hand them in. When she looked at the information about the man next to her, Maya burst into tears.

The column of work experience was filled up completely, and the beautiful handwriting barely overflowed.

In the column of languages, my mother…5 kinds!!!

Take another look at her own, one kind!!! Or Mandarin!

No, does she still need to take the exam? Simple data itself is a vulnerable group!

Thinking about this, Maya squinted, gritted her teeth, and changed the eye-catching ‘one’ to the beautiful ‘three’.

Haha, language! Mandarin, Changsha, Xiangtan! Exactly 3 kinds!

PS: Changsha dialect and Xiangtan dialect are similar.

Bingo! Everything was done, Maya proudly submitted the form.

The job fair officially begins.

One after another men walked in with their heads upright, and then, one after another, men with their heads down, grey faces, and frustrated faces came out.

“I heard that today is the chief executive of the company as the examiner himself!”

“No? We are so honored?” The certain man was excited.

“What an honor! The threshold must be high, hey… I don’t think I have much to play!”

When Maya was waiting to be drowsy, there was a low voice of men discussing in her ears. All of a sudden, all of Maya’s sleepiness was frightened by the man.

Just ready to consult the detailed questions clearly, suddenly…

“Next, Grey Maya!” As soon as the words fell, the audience burst into ironic laughter.

Maya’s body was shocked and she ignored the laughter completely. Then, with her head high and her chest high, she kicked the standard step forward and entered the examination room confidently.

“Sit down!” As soon as Maya entered the examination room before she could look up, she heard a polite greeting from the examiner.

Maya bowed nervously and kept muttering, “Thank you, thank you…”, then, with her butt down, she sat down.

The little head raised timidly, trying to see the front examiners.


The next moment, the whole body completely froze, and her facial paralysis.

In the front, a charming face, with a playful smile, looked evilly at her directly opposite.

Allen… Allen… Allen Robin!!!

The corners of Maya’s mouth twitched and twitched, probing her hand, and pinched her thigh in disbelief.

Mom!!! It hurts…

It’s not a dream, it’s true, it turned out to be true!!!

“Female?” Suddenly, a surprising question came from the examiner.

“Huh?” Maya was startled for a second, “Then…that me…I’m a fake mother…”

Maya couldn’t help churning her hands nervously, and she didn’t dare to raise her eyes to look at Allen Robin over there. Anyway, she was willing to take it out today. Today, if this man dares to expose her bottom, she will fight with him when she returns!

“Puff…” Allen Robin, who had just drunk a sip of water before he could swallow it in the future, squirted out completely regardless of the image, “Pseudo mother? Oh, not bad, not bad!”

Very imaginative! By the way, all the high-ranking figures of their air-collar workers were all fools!

The other examiners all looked at her suspiciously, “Mr. Grey, are you a man?”

“Huh?” A flash of panic and Maya’s eyes flashed, “When…Of course, it’s true!”

Maya said awkwardly and did not forget to pat her firm chest, making a muffled weird sound.

With the sound of “Puff…” the tea in Allen Robin’s mouth spurted out again regardless of the image, and the corners of his mouth twitched twice, “Don’t…don’t shoot…”

He hurriedly raised his hand, motioning Maya’s little sinful hands to stop quickly.

This guy is cruel to her!

He pulled the paper and wiped the corners of his mouth, but still couldn’t hide the snicker, murmured intentionally or unintentionally, “It’s already plain, and you have to shoot it into a basin!”

In a word, all the examiners on the side kept shaking their shoulders, and Maya couldn’t help but twitched the corners of her mouth twice. She wanted to get angry but because of her respected status today, she had to silently drop her head and tears. Flow in her heart.

She gritted her teeth and made a fist, she endured it!!!

“Pseudo mother…” Allen Robin stared at her, murmured deeply, pursed his lips and chuckled, tilted his head, and looked at the examiner on the side, “Do you believe it?”

If he dares to speak faithfully, then he should consider whether these senior staff in the company should be replaced!

“Doubt!” The examiners’ answers were consistent.

When Allen Robin asked so, Maya was a little panicked, couldn’t help but stared at him fiercely, she was sure that this man was on purpose!!!

Damn it, she got home, so she was able to apply for a job, but she could bump into him.

What a hell!!!

“Sir, we are skeptical of your gender, so please find a way to prove to us that you are a man, okay?” Quickly, one of the examiners asked very constructive questions.

“Huh?” Maya completely stunned

The flustered eyes swept to the opposite man wanton, winked, trying to find him for help.


“Elijah’s suggestion is good!” A certain man nodded and smiled in satisfaction.

Before Maya could speak out, he stood up gracefully and walked to the lounge inside.

Suddenly, remembering something, paused, turned around to look at her, hooked his finger, and a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Come here!”

“What…what?” Seeing him look like a big bad wolf looking at Little Red Riding Hood, Maya’s lips and tongue couldn’t help but tremble.

Everyone looked suspiciously at Allen Robin.

“Do you want to be checked here?” Allen Robin gave her a blank look and asked her coldly.

“Huh?” Maya shook her head, and in the next instant, the rocket speed went straight to him.

At that moment, she almost threw herself into his arms and was moved to tears.

My lucky god, my mother!!!

In the strange eyes of the examiners, the two ‘men’ entered the lounge inside without fear.

“Allen Robin…You are such a great man!” A certain woman couldn’t help but praise him.

“It’s necessary, of course, I won’t let you be seen by those men!” Allen Robin smiled deeply while watching her, “So… take it off here!”

“Huh?” Maya’s eyes widened as copper bells, staring at the man in front of her in disbelief.

She… Did she hear him right? Or she understood it wrong!

“Take off…what off?”

“Choose your clothes and pants!” A certain man half-squinted, staring at her with a greedy look, and replied calmly.


Chapter 896

As the saying goes, it is tolerable or unbearable!!!

Maya’s teeth clenched loudly, her fists were tightly clenched, and her whole body was already raging, wrapping her entire petite body tightly.

“What’s the matter? You didn’t dare to take it off, or you didn’t want to take it off?” Just as Maya was about to go wild, a sturdy body pressed towards her involuntarily, and Maya stepped back in terror. Smashing against the cold wall behind her, his handsome face was close to Maya’s frightened little face, and the wicked atmosphere immediately filled her nose…

In the next moment, the little face was ashamed as it was painted with a layer of red wall paint, and it was a little uncomfortable to burn.

“Allen… Allen Robin…” Maya lowered her head, not daring to look at him, her little hand stubbornly rejected his body.

A heart was beating violently as if it were about to pop out of her heart.

His hot breath swept over Maya’s forehead intentionally or unintentionally, and she couldn’t help feeling agitated all over her body inexplicably.

He lowered his head, his scorching gaze grabbed her panicked, and teased her, “Want me to help you take it off?”

Seeing her panicked and lovely appearance, Allen Robin’s thoughts of teasing her became more and more serious.

He found that it was especially fun to base his happiness on this woman’s pain!

“You…” Maya’s face blushed, and she panicked for a while not knowing what to do.

She found that this man was as powerful as a cow, and she couldn’t push him no matter how much she pushed!

“Allen… Allen Robin, you…Don’t mess around…” Maya said tremblingly, clutching the collar of her shirt, her timid eyes like a frightened white rabbit.

“But, I like to mess around with pseudo-mothers, what should I do?” His wicked voice murmured beside Maya’s ears, and the smile on his lips became deeper and deeper.

By!!! A man likes to mess around with a pseudo-mother and is sick!!!

Allen Robin’s words came to an end, and his slender fingers hooked on the buttons under her shirt involuntarily. The fingers still had time to perform the next evil action in the future. As a result…

With the sound of “Wow”, the woman in his arms was so scared that she burst into tears regardless of her image.

Allen Robin was stunned.

“Woo…Allen… Allen Robin, you bully!” Maya was a little frightened, her small fist kept falling on his firm chest, venting her anger, tears in her eyes.

Allen Robin froze in place, not knowing what to do for a while.

It seems that the joke is a bit big!

“Hey…” He lowered his head slightly and called her, not stopping her from beating himself with his hands.

This guy seems to be angry!

“Don’t cry, I… I was playing around with you!”

“Woo… can this thing be a joke, bastard! Big pervert!” Maya cursed lowly, with red eyes like rabbits, her small fist slammed another punch on his chest, the next moment, pushed him away and rushed to the door.

“Hey! What are you doing!!?” Maya just dropped a hand on the lock of the lounge, and her small body was suddenly pulled back by a pair of big palms. The next moment, she fell heavily into Allen Robin’s sturdy embrace.

“Do you want an interview if you go out like this?” Allen Robin asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Maya’s flushed little cheek pressed close to his sturdy chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat, inexplicably, her breathing became a little disordered.

“Let go… let me go…” Maya struggled uncomfortably.

“Go and sit down first!” Allen Robin didn’t let go of her, but gently led her to the sofa, let her sit down, and pulled a few pieces of paper, and handed it to her, “Wipe your tears! Weep! Ugly dead!”

Maya gave him an indignant look, pulled the tissue in his hand angrily, wiped her snot fiercely, and still cursed in her small mouth, “The big sex monster who seeks personal gain!!”

“Pursuing public for private?” Allen Robin looked at her scolding appearance and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at!!? Did I make a mistake? Using a physical examination as an excuse to seek your own physical needs, isn’t it for public and private?” Maya threw her nose while questioning him angrily.

Allen Robin’s lips opened, he smiled, nodded, and gently patted her shoulders with his big palm, and said earnestly, “Maya, next time I will let you understand what is true.” The need for’!’

Inexplicably, because of his words, Maya couldn’t help feeling aroused all over her body, and her back was instantly cold.

It was only fifteen minutes after the two people walked out of the lounge.

“Passed!” Allen Robin spits out two words indifferently in the sight of everyone’s expectation, and the opposite Maya breathed a sigh of relief.

The examiners looked at each other, with knowing expressions in their eyes, and there seemed to be ambiguous feelings flowing in their eyes.

The scream of crying inside just now is deaf and can’t be heard!

It seems to be very close!!!

“I will test her!” Allen Robin said lightly, took her form, took a casual glance, raised his eyes, and looked at her.

He raised his thick eyebrows slightly, “You know three languages?”

Questioning tone!

Maya panicked, raised her eyes with a guilty conscience, and looked at him timidly, but saw that he kept winking at her.

What does it mean??

Ah… Maya suddenly realized.

“Yes yes!” Maya smiled and nodded hurriedly.

Allen Robin seemed to nod in satisfaction, and then asked, “Which three countries? Can it achieve the level of simultaneous translation?”

“Of course!” Maya slapped her chest and promised, swiftly, when she saw his staring eyes staring at her palm, she lowered her small arm in grief, and answered him in a panic, “America, Britain, China!” “

In a word, all the examiners in the audience were silent.

Is there a big difference between the United States and the United Kingdom? One American English, one British English?? This woman, really good!!!

“Haha…very good!” Allen Robin smiled with satisfaction, “then translate a paragraph on the spot!”

“Huh?” Maya was stunned.

“Something wrong?”

“No… No problem, but…I can try it!!” Maya swallowed hard, and hurriedly waved with a flattering smile.

She thought, if this man was kind-hearted, he might come up with some “Hello!” and “Hi” for her to guess easily.

It is a pity that she forgot the most important point, this man has no heart at all!!!

Next, Allen Robin spoke, saying a bunch of things that Maya couldn’t understand at all.

As soon as the voice fell, all the examiners around him cast admiration and slightly surprised eyes at him, and the corners of everyone’s lips seemed to snicker.

Maya is a question mark on her head, she doesn’t know what he says.

Forget it! Maya made a decision, and if he had to fight it out, she had to be blinded!

“Haha! Is… Is it a compliment?” Maya asked him with a flattering smile.

Allen Robin smiled appreciatively and nodded, “Well…”

Damn, she didn’t expect to be mistaken by herself!

“It means ‘you are beautiful today, right?!” Maya said with a smug expression.

Today, she thinks she is quite beautiful! Besides, this is the most common language of appreciation!

Thinking of this, Maya subconsciously probed her hand, shyly hooking the hair scattered between her ears.

All the examiners suddenly trembled with their shoulders and the corners of their mouths twitched, including Allen Robin who was directly opposite.

Seeing such a posture, Maya was stunned for a moment, and then completely silent. She thought that she might be able to guess the reason.

The lost head dropped her head, closed her eyes, and waited for the final sentence before death.


“Congratulations, you got it!”

“Ah -” Maya couldn’t believe her ears, raised her eyes, her eyes were as big as copper bells, and she looked at the man who was smiling tremblingly in front of her in shock.

She made the sound.

But… But why does Maya always feel that behind such a trembling smile hides an untold and shocking secret?!

“You… are you serious?” Maya still looked incredulous.

“Of course!” Allen Robin nodded affirmatively.

All the examiners on the side were in facial paralysis.

“Hey…what’s wrong with them?” Maya looked at the row of convulsing examiners and couldn’t help but ask worriedly.

“It’s okay, just convulsions!” Allen Robin answered her calmly, raising his hand, “It’s all about you, let’s go out! Next one…”

According to Yodeling, after leaving the examination room, she couldn’t help but cheer. It turned out that the interview for such a big company is so simple, and the answer can be wrong with just two sentences.

It seems that her dream is in play! Yay!

Maya walked out of the recruitment hall and couldn’t help but look around in the company. She couldn’t think that even the social scum of Allen Robin, the world’s top scum, could be the senior figure of such a big company.

“Tsk tusk…” Maya couldn’t help shaking her head, again and again, it seems that this place is not as good as the ‘rumors’ outside!

“Puedo girl!” Suddenly, there was a sinful call in her ear.

Maya’s small steps staggered abruptly, and she almost fell out!

Damn, don’t bring people like this behind the scenes!

“Why?” Maya turned her head and glanced at the perpetrator unhappily.

“Hey! What’s your look and tone? Ah? Did you treat your benefactor like this?” Allen Robin approached her, poked her small head with a slender finger, and taught her seriously.


“Okay, okay! I know it’s wrong! Stop ordering, I will lose my head if you click it again!” Maya’s small head was swayed, and in desperation, she had to probe her hand and lie down on his one disgusting claws.

Damn, her head was dizzy when he clicked!

“Just know what’s wrong! Let’s go!” Allen Robin swept her shoulders without any complaint and led her to walk outside the company.

“Where? You don’t want to hire anymore?” Maya looked at him suspiciously.

“Eat first!”

This was a good job, so Maya went with him.

“Allen Robin! Your English was so good just now!” Maya nestled under his shoulders, raised her head, and praised him with admiration.

“Really?” A certain man asked her with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, yeah!” A certain woman nodded flatteringly.

A certain man smiled deeply, “But… what I just said was not English, but German!!”

“…” Maya.

Then, she raised her tearful eyes and accused him, “Allen Robin, you play with me!”

She only spoke the United Kingdom and the United States. This bastard man tested her German?!

No wonder that when he finished speaking, the examiners looked at him with such unbelievable and complicated expressions that made her hard to guess.

“Miss, you can’t even tell if you are in English, I don’t think it makes any difference to you if I speak English or German!” Allen Robin cursed, a muffled sound tapped her dumb forehead lightly on, “You are so stupid!”

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