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Chapter 1071

How many male hosts and babysitters have gotten together on TV.

Of course, he didn’t target Harrison, or he didn’t think it was appropriate.

The old lady said, “You look pretty good, how old are you?”

The young nanny said, “I am nineteen this year.”

The girl’s voice is clear, and the speaking is clear. The old lady has a good impression.

“It’s really young, what’s your name?” the old lady asked again.

“My name is Silla Cowan.” She replied with a smile.

The old lady nodded.

The general manager didn’t dare to push her anymore. This girl was introduced by a friend. Because she was young, many people didn’t want her when she came. They thought she was too young.

Families who can hire a nanny are all in good condition. Getting a young one at home is afraid of the bloody affair of having an extramarital affair. Therefore, in the nanny business, young people are not popular.

The general manager will add her every time he introduces them, just want to quickly arrange something for her.

However, looking at the attitude of Ramiro just now, it seems that they feel too young, so dare not sell her at this moment.

He introduced several others, “These people have experience in caring for the elderly, and they are hardworking, and they are also very cooperative and happy.”

Silla also knows her situation. She does not have a diploma. Generally, the wages of her work are very low. Now she has a high salary as a nanny, especially the outgoing nanny, which is much higher than the market.

Because of the good reputation, the outgoing domestic staff To be recognized by the owner, she was introduced to this company by an acquaintance. If no one wants her anymore, she may have to leave.

Opportunities are getting less and less, and it is once to be able to seize it once.

She took the initiative to step forward, “I think you are about the same age as my grandma. Let me call you grandma. I have been here for almost three months. Many families think I am young and fear that I can’t do the job, but I am very diligent. Yes, you can do anything.”

In normal times, the general manager would not allow them to speak, but this is a hot potato that has to be thrown away, so he indulged her, hoping that she could impress the old lady and hire her.

The old lady turned to look at Alecia, “Alecia, what do you think?”

“Grandma, you like her.” Alecia didn’t interfere, and didn’t influence the old lady’s thoughts. Just live her age and be happy.

“She looks pretty good, her family is poor, it is not easy to find a job, we should do good, what do you think?” the old lady looked at Alecia and asked.

Alecia said, “I listen to you.”

“Then her.” The old lady decided.

The general manager sighed for a long time, thinking to himself that he finally got this out, otherwise she would fall in his hands.

“Then let’s go through the formalities?” The general manager beamed with a smile.

Ramiro stood up, Alecia also stood up and said, “I’ll do it.”

Ramiro said that he’ll go with you. They followed the general manager to go through the formalities. Ramiro said, “I think there are a few other good ones. This one is too young. Will it work?”

“Grandma likes her, I can’t say anything,” Alecia said.

Ramiro nodded, “Yes, the most important thing for the elderly is to be happy.”

“This is a contract.” The manager handed it over.

Alecia reached out and took it, Ramiro said. “I’ll help you see.”

Alecia handed him the contract.

After there was no problem, she signed the contract with a monthly salary of 9,000, including food and lodging.

This price is discounted because of Ramiro’s face.

Usually, the nanny who goes out here earns more than 10,000 a month.

This salary is not low, and it is higher than the average babysitter.

After leaving the housekeeping company, Ramiro sent them back to Josh’s house.

Chapter 1072

Because Harrison was still in the hospital, Alecia had to go back to the hospital to take care of Harrison, so she didn’t stay at home for long. The old lady said, “Don’t worry, there are people at home now.”

Alecia nodded, talked to the new caretaker, and asked her to take good care of the old lady.

“I will, don’t worry,” Silla said.

Alecia left, Ramiro hadn’t left yet, so he left after taking her to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, she found that Peter was there. He did all these things today. However, if Director Smith left, he had a lot more work, and he had to wait until he got off work before he had time to come out.

After going to the hospital, he realized that the old lady had been discharged from the hospital, so he came to see Harrison.

Harrison told him that Alecia had already handled everything.

Peter did it with confidence, looked at him, and joked, “Don’t pretend?”

Harrison smiled bitterly, “Reinstall, I’m afraid of flying eggs.”

“Why, is it discovered?” Peter didn’t understand what he meant.

Harrison couldn’t tell the reason, but he was inexplicably afraid of losing, “No…”

Just then Alecia opened the door and walked in and asked him, “Nothing?”

Harrison said, “Nothing, just ask him how good his new marriage is.” He deliberately changed the topic and brought the topic to Peter.

Peter, “…”

Alecia said, “Brother Shane got married suddenly and didn’t prepare gifts.”

“You can make up for me later.” Peter said, “If you are back, then I will leave.”

Peter stood up, thinking about leaving space for them.

Harrison deliberately teased him, “Because someone at home is waiting, and he wants to go home, his wife and children are hot on the bed.”

Peter especially wanted to tear his mouth. He snorted coldly, “I care about Alecia’s face today and don’t care about you.”

Harrison smiled, “You shouldn’t think about my injury, and don’t care about me?”

Peter chuckled, “You don’t have that face.”

After speaking, he greeted Alecia and walked out of the ward.

Alecia walked over and asked if Harrison was better off.

Harrison said that it was better, and he pulled Alecia to sit on the side of the bed, “Is it tired?”

Alecia shook her head and said, “I’m not tired.”

“I think you are tired.”

Harrison could see that Alecia’s face was not good. She hadn’t rested well these days. He rubbed the back of her hand, “Alecia, we will get the certificate tomorrow, and then we will go home.”

Last time only the wedding was held, and the certificate was not received.

“You are still hurt.” Alecia told him not to think about it.

“It’s okay. It’s the same for recuperation at home, except that the head injury is more serious. I just need to remove the gauze in a few days. It is really boring in the hospital.

“The doctor said yes?” Alecia asked.

Harrison replied, “The doctor said yes, I asked.”

“Alecia, you are so kind.” Harrison took her hand and k!ssed her l!ps. “I didn’t take care of you. Instead, you took care of me everywhere and understood me, which makes me feel guilty.”

Alecia pursed her lips and said after a while, “Aren’t we a family? Why do you have to meet me? If you really feel sorry for me, treat me better.”

Harrison sat up and pulled the injury on his body. There was some pain, but he didn’t show it.

He buried his head in Alecia’s arms, and Alecia didn’t dare to move him because she was afraid of touching his injury, so she just sat and said, “Harrison, why are you like a child.”

Harrison rubbed his face in her arms, “After this, you will treat me as your son.”

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