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Chapter 1077

Alecia sat down next to him, and the old lady said with a smile, “Silla’s craftsmanship is pretty good, you guys have a taste.”

Harrison scooped soup for Alecia, “I think this soup is good, you can drink some.”

He put the soup in front of Alecia.

The old lady looked at Alecia and said, “Alecia is thin, so she needs to eat more and keep her body better, so that she can…”

“Grandma!” Harrison interrupted her, thinking she was going to talk about the child.

The old lady was not very happy. How could Harrison be so fierce to her in the past? It was because of the estrangement in her child’s affairs.

“I didn’t say anything, you don’t have to be so aggressive to me.” The old lady seemed aggrieved.

She feels that her grandson has changed.

“Grandma Harrison doesn’t mean anything else.” Alecia handed the soup that he had brought over to her, “He is injured and complains in his heart. Grandma won’t be angry with him, right?”

The old lady looked up at her and said, “Can I really be angry with him? You can drink this soup.”

The old lady put the soup in front of Alecia again, took her hand, and said, “I just didn’t mean anything else, but I heard that it’s not easy for a woman to retrieve eggs.”

“It’s easy to cultivate eggs with good quality. I think you are too thin, and I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear the suffering then, so I want you to take care of yourself.”

Alecia only felt cold on her back, how did the old lady know this?

“Grandma, you…”

“I have already asked about it. You and Harrison are young, and it is still easy to do IVF. The only difficulty now is to find someone who is suitable for carrying it…”

“Grandma.” Before the old lady had finished speaking, Harrison interrupted her, “I’ll take care of these, worry about your legs and feet…”

“I don’t care?” The old lady looked at him seriously, “I’ll wait for you to do it. When will I have to wait?”


“Don’t tell me, I have already found a doctor for you. I know that our City B has the best hospitals, and the technology in this area is also very mature. In a few days, you will get better and Alecia will go to the hospital for a check-up.”

Harrison never thought that on the first day when he came home, the old lady started to mention this, because she caught him off guard.

She also learned about this aspect specifically.

“Who did grandma tell you that there is such a good hospital with mature technology in City B?”

Silla came over, “I… I helped grandma check it on the Internet…”

Harrison’s face was sullen, knowing that young people didn’t know the importance, if the former nanny would do this thing?

He said solemnly, “Who allows you to use the computer at home? If I lose something, will you take the responsibility?”

There is really nothing important on the computer at home, so he never set a password. He got angry just to blame her for being troublesome!

The old lady has inconvenient legs and feet, and does not use smart products such as smartphones and computers. In the end, she can only listen to his arrangements.

He had already thought about it, but now it’s all disrupted by this new nanny!

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Silla lowered her head and apologized repeatedly, her face pale and she seemed to be frightened.

Unexpectedly, Harrison would be so fierce.

“Don’t embarrass her. I asked her to check it. Why, can’t I check it?” The old lady opened her eyes.

Harrison closed his eyes, patiently holding the last trace of patience, “What I found on the Internet may not be true. You have to go to the hospital to get the actual understanding. Every doctor has different sk!lls…”

“Can I still know this? I’m just old, not confused. I went to the hospital yesterday to find out. The chance of success in this hospital is 90%. Where can you find such a good hospital for me? , Aren’t all the good domestic hospitals in City B?”

Harrison pursed his lips and said nothing.

Alecia felt very tired, but she didn’t expect to be so unpleasant the first day she came to the house.

“Silla, go ahead.” The old lady waved to her.

Silla lowered her head and walked away.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very depressing, and no one spoke.

It was the old lady who spoke first, “You don’t want to work in City B, but you want to go to City R?”

The old lady quickly figured out why he reacted so much, otherwise, what reason would he have to refuse?

Alecia has already agreed, what else can he say?

Is it Alecia?

She turned her head to look at Alecia, “Alecia, you can talk to grandma about anything, I know you are wronged, but you also know that I…”

“I know.” Alecia said, “I have no objection, just do it in the hospital you mentioned.”

“Alecia, I know that you are the one who knows me and understands me best.” The old lady took her hand again, and Alecia pulled it out, “You can eat, the food is almost cold.”

Obviously, the deliciousness of the large table is tasteless now.

Alecia didn’t want to have trouble, bit the bullet and finished the rice in the bowl, got up, and left the dining table.

Harrison didn’t move his spoon and just sat there.

The old lady went back to the room without taking a few bites.

Obviously, this time everyone was not happy talking about it.

Walter’s wedding was held outdoors. Fortunately, it was not so hot today in cloudy weather.

Not so many guests came. They were all friends and relatives who were worthy of deep friendship. Both the Durant family and the Cowan family have experienced ups and downs, and there are not many who can maintain their relationship.

The rest are friends of Walter and Gisele in the army.

The wedding has been specially calculated for the time, and it is said that it is the best one in the afternoon.

So the wedding took place at this time.

Chapter 1078

Gisele wore a pure white wedding dress. The style was simple, but it did not lose the feminine beauty. The shoulders were half exposed.

A shiny diamond necklace on her chest exuded a long halo. The long diamond earrings of the same color moved lightly. The steps move slowly, and the hesitation and fatness of the skin are set off.

The beautifully curved tube top will hold the slender waist and the high-stringed black hair sideburns complement the wedding dress.

Walter is wearing a military uniform. He is not old, has a pure temperament and a full sense of youth, very shy and innocent, but without losing the demeanor of a mature man, like a little sun, with light in his eyes and clean eyes.

He looks very handsome in military uniform, and he walks with wind.

Armed hands, they walked in slowly through the arched doors erected by hand by their comrades in the army standing on both sides.

Carla was sitting on the last row of chairs. She watched what was happening, and the corners of her lips raised slightly.

Military weddings always make people feel solemn. She stretched out her hand to hold Ryan’s hand, “I hope that our children will be able to serve as soldiers in the future.”

Ryan is more willing to follow the children’s wishes. If they are willing to go, he will not stop them. If they do not want to, he will not force it.

“He is completely different from before, and now he is more like a man.” As an idol star, although handsome, but a little more feminine, now he is more masculine, Carla looked at the stage and commented.

The emcee on stage gave an introduction to the past of the two. The two have known each other since they were young.

Because the relationship between the two families is good, the two have achieved great stories like siblings. The parents of the two families are very pleased.

The ups and downs for most of my life, until now I can see that all fame, fortune, grievances, grievances, and hatred are just the root of life’s troubles, and only after letting go, I know that life is safe and healthy full of so-called happiness.

Nowadays, many people only want to have some status, and want to have fame and profit.

Ordinary people also want to have money, a car and a house.

But no one will calm down and think that what they don’t have, is that they are not sick, and that there is no disaster. Isn’t it another kind of happiness?

Living to the present, if you try your best, you can see it through.

Oswald and Elden were good friends in the past, but now they have become relatives. Although they had unpleasantness in the past, they are happy with each other now, not paying attention to the past.

After the introduction of the master of ceremonies, the oath part is replaced with a speech by the bride and groom, or there is no oath part.

The emcee’s voice was clear, “Next, the groom will give a speech.”

The microphone was handed to Walter’s hand. He held the microphone and thanked his parents first,

“Thank them for their fertility and nurturing. I was young and frivolous and made many mistakes. Thank you for your tolerance and forgiveness.”

Melba covered her lips and flushed her eyes.

Tears also flickered in Elden’s eyes, and he aggressively scolded his wife, “Why are you crying on the day of great joy? Don’t cry.”

Melba said, “I cry happily.”

In the past, her husband and son were like enemies, but now the son has the appearance of a son, and the father has the kindness of the father. This was her previous wish. Now that she finally waited for this day, she felt relieved.

“Don’t cry if you are happy, so many people have seen it today.”

“It’s not a shame if they see it.” Melba looked at her son on the stage and said, she was moved and cried. Who would gossip about her?

Then Walter’s gaze turned to Carla.

“In addition to my parents, I want to thank someone.” After Carla came, he knew that she didn’t lie to him, she was really in bad health.

“She is unwell and can still come to my wedding. I am very happy.”

Carla’s eyes were a little red, thinking of the scene when he appeared at the wedding scene when she got married, she smiled hard.

“Thank you for coming to witness another moment in my life.”

Walter bowed to her.

Finally, he took Gisele’s hand, “We grew up together like relatives and brothers and sisters. Now that we can get together is the initiative of fate. We cherish each other very much and thank the parents for willingly giving Gisele to me.”

Walter bowed to Oswald and his wife.

Oswald nodded repeatedly, very satisfied with his son-in-law.

Mrs. Cowan shed tears even more. It seems that women have thin eyelids, and they shed tears as soon as they are moved.

The man was moved in his heart and would not shed tears easily in front of others.

Walter gave the microphone to Gisele after his speech.

Gisele has changed a lot. She used to be a spoiled eldest lady who was arrogant and self-willed. Now she has become a lot more stable and not as impetuous as before.

Standing on the stage, she was very calm. She took the microphone and spoke slowly, “People always have to experience something to grow, and I am the one who grows slowly.

I have done many wrong things before, and have done many things that hurt people.

I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to those I have hurt, and please forgive my youth and ignorance.

Thank you for coming to my wedding with Walter.”

Gisele bent her back in the direction of Carla and Ryan.

In the past, she devoted herself to destroying other people’s families and hurting Carla.

She regretted it.

“God, when he closes a door for a person, he will open another window for her.”

Then she turned her head and looked at Walter, “Thank you for your tolerance for me, thank you for being the most hopeful in me, Staying with me when I was most desperate, thank you for knowing how unbearable I was before, and for accepting me and marrying me as your wife.”

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