The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1900

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Chapter 1900

The audience was shocked by this angry voice!

All frightened!


A figure turned into a streamer and rushed towards Levi.


The person here is Sarah!

Seeing Levi, she went crazy immediately.

k!ll him directly!

All of Roderick’s consciousness that merged turned into hatred in the end…

The reaction will be so violent!

Wenia took her here and saw that Levi was safe and sound. She just breathed a sigh of relief when Sarah rushed out.

She would be too late to make another move!


Sarah’s punch came down, and Levi blocked it with a punch.

As a result, the earth shakes and the mountains shake.

No less than the battle between Levi and Common Killer god just now!

Seeing this scene, everyone was excited.

Here comes another strong man who can match Levi?

that is really good!

My Great Velador is hopeful!

“She? It turned out to be her?”

“Levi’s wife Sarah? How could she?”

When everyone recognized that it was Sarah, they were shocked.

How could Levi and Sarah be enemies?

Why did she k!ll Levi?

This is not acting!

This is real hatred!

Sarah can’t wait to cramp Levi’s skin!

Everyone can feel Sarah’s anger!

She and Levi are rivals!

Everyone is extremely curious!

Only Richard saw this scene and laughed loudly: “It’s great! God helps me too! The one who can k!ll Levi is here!”

He was still thinking about how to make these two people meet.

No tricks are needed now.

It’s all right now, the whole world knows about Levi and Sarah.

This will allow everyone and the major forces to have a new understanding, so that there will be a brand new plan!

Seeing Sarah, Levi was dumbfounded!

This trouble is even bigger than Common Killer god!

Sarah didn’t care about three or seven and twenty-one, and all kinds of ruthless moves came out.

However, Sarah’s original exercises and combat skills were limited, and they were just fur.

She uses pure power.

It came out with a punch, like a missile slammed down again and again, the destructive power was terrible.

Thousands of troops will be destroyed!

Sarah in a state of hatred is very powerful and has hurt Levi before.

But now Levi has transformed again.

Without the use of taboos, he can completely confront her!

In addition, the technique is exquisite, and the combat skills are extraordinarily powerful, which Sarah does not possess!

After a fight, Levi didn’t let the wind fall in the slightest.

Sarah couldn’t attack for a long time, and she became more and more angry!

Along with anger, her combat effectiveness skyrocketed!

The situation is completely different.

Not only that.

The secret sigh that Richard had arranged to be present began to shout.

“Levi is your enemy! k!ll him! k!ll him!”

“He is a heinous demon, you have to do it for the people!”

“It’s all up to you! k!ll him…”

First, a small group of people shouted.

Then everyone shouted.

The sound was like waves, wave after wave passed into Sarah’s ears, severely stimulating her brain consciousness.

Sarah became more and more angry, her fighting power skyrocketed, and the terrifying aura spread throughout the world, like a demon…

“Hahaha, really exciting and useful! Everyone continue!”

Richard laughed.

Levi was shocked by the change of Sarah’s power!

This woman is even more terrifying than that k!ller holding a magic sword high in the sky!

What was it that day that made her like this?

Maybe only the Lord can explain clearly what is going on…

For the current plan, only fight!

“This, this… she is stronger than Common Killer god, Levi has encountered a strong enemy!”

“Time to die! It’s wonderful! Levi, you also have today?”

“I want to see how you k!ll your wife? Hahaha…”

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