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Chapter 1087

Then she took a picture and checked it online. It turned out to be a placenta, used in traditional medicine, and it is indeed good for the human body.


For Alecia, this is simply unacceptable.

As long as she thinks of what it is, her stomach will roll badly, not to mention drinking the soup stewed with this thing.

“Alecia quickly drink it while it’s hot. The doctor said you need it for your body. This is the most tonic. You have to eat meat as well. This is good for your health…”


Before the old lady’s words were finished, Alecia wanted to vomit when looking at the smell of the soup.

She quickly ran to the bathroom, vomited, and vomited all the food she ate.

Harrison patted her on the back, “Is the soup really that bad?”

He didn’t know what the soup was stewed with, only that Alecia rejected it.

Alecia washed away the filth, rinsed her mouth, and looked up at him, “Harrison.”

Harrison, “Well, what’s the matter?”

“I’m afraid it won’t last long, so prepare yourself.” If this goes on, she will collapse.

She can bear everything else, but everything has a bottom line, and this soup-drinking thing touched her bottom line.

“I have already made a concession, don’t let me back again and again, you have to let me…”

“I know.” Harrison wiped her mouth, Alecia turned her head, “I can’t drink the soup.”

Harrison’s hand fell into the air, froze in midair, he curled his fingers, and slowly retracted.

“Okay, you go into the room, I will talk to grandma.”

Alecia walked by him sideways.



When the old lady wanted to call her, Harrison interrupted her. He walked over and pushed the old lady into the room, and told Silla, “Pour the soup…”

The old lady opened her eyes sharply, “Do you know how difficult it is to get this thing? You just let it throw it away?”

There is no insider to get this thing, it is impossible to get it, and the price is high.

Silla stood up and asked, “Is it to be dropped or not?”

“Can’t throw it!”

The old lady is too loud.

Harrison said, “Listen to me, throw it away.”

The old lady shivered angrily, “What do you want to do?”

Harrison ignored her, pushed her into the room, and closed the door.

“Is she unwilling to drink…”

“Grandma, what did you use to stew the soup?” Harrison could see that Alecia rejected the stew because of the ingredients.

He didn’t know what it was, but he could feel the smell of it.

“I asked someone to get the placenta from the hospital for a lot of money…”

Before the old lady had finished speaking, Harrison interrupted her, and his eyes widened unbelievably, “What?”

“This thing is very difficult to deal with.” The old lady didn’t think there was anything wrong with her, she just wanted Alecia’s body to get better soon.

This thing is only available in hospitals. After many people give birth, most people will not let the hospital dispose of it. They will keep it and sell it to those who need it.

Of course, these are secretly operated and illicit transactions, and they cannot be obtained with money. They have to go through special channels.

Harrison only felt that he was going crazy, how could this old lady be so crazy?

“Grandma, can you eat this thing?”

“I don’t need to replenish my body.”

Harrison took a deep breath, and felt that his heart was boring. He tried his best to endure it and didn’t explode in front of the old lady, “Don’t say Alecia, even he can’t accept it, let alone her.”

Speaking, Harrison knelt in front of the old lady, his eyes were covered with a thin layer of mist, he put his hand on the old lady’s lap, raised his head, and choked up,

“Grandma, you can make trouble like this again. It ill break us up, she has promised to ship, what else do you want to do?”

“Huh?! Is it true that we are separated, you are satisfied? Do you know how painful I am? On one side is you, the other side is my love People, I don’t want anyone to be hurt. In order to cater to you, we all cooperate carefully and listen to you, but why can’t you think about it for us?”

The old lady looked at him, “Harrison…”

Harrison covered his face and said, “Just as I beg you, stop it, okay?”

The old lady had tears in her eyes. She wanted to help them, so they didn’t know her good intentions.

Her kindness makes them so bored?

The old lady also felt wrong.

“Can I leave it alone?”

Harrison sat down on the ground and said nothing.

It took a long time before he got up and went to the room.

Alecia stayed in the room, and Harrison pushed the old lady to her room and closed the door. Alecia didn’t hear what he said to the old lady.

“Grandma has promised that she won’t drink that soup in the future.” He walked over and said, “Alecia, I’m sorry for you.”

Alecia knew it was difficult for him to be caught in the middle, so she didn’t bother to let it go.

She was also so tolerant, and Harrison felt more helpless.

“Do you know? You’re very weak. I don’t want you to suffer, but I can’t do anything. It feels uncomfortable.” He sat on the edge of the bed, his elbows against his knees, his back bent so that Alecia couldn’t see his face.

“I know, so I didn’t blame you.” Alecia said lightly.

“You don’t blame me, but I blame myself if I can harden my heart…”

“How hard, abandon your grandma who raised you?”

Harrison smiled bitterly, “Yeah.”

Alecia patted his head, “I wouldn’t like you like that. Even a close relative can be abandoned and has humanity, so is he still worthy of my trust?”

Chapter 1088

Harrison put his head on her lap and looked out the window.

Alecia touched his hair, “What are you thinking about?”

After a while, Harrison said, “I had a dream the other day.”

“What dream?” Alecia asked.

In his dream, he dreamed that Alecia had left him. After he woke up, he was there that night and didn’t fall asleep.

He said, “I dreamed of you.”

“What did you dream about me?” Alecia asked.

She really wants to know what he is like in his dream.

“You said you want to live with me forever.” Harrison turned to look at her.

Alecia, “…”

“All day long…”

After this day, the old lady didn’t let Silla cook any soup.

Alecia has to go to the hospital for injections every day for checkups.

Carla’s online science popularization process of egg retrieval.

Women are different from men, so the number of eggs is limited.

In a situation like Alecia, it is not enough to take a few follicles. Later, the follicles will be quickly matured with medicine, and then taken out.

As we all know, only one egg is discharged every month, and only 12 a year. If you take a few eggs at a time, it is conceivable that the eggs are taken in advance, which will definitely have a certain impact on the female’s body.

She saw a case on the Internet. A woman who wanted to be a mother took 60 eggs before and after the test tube baby. Did it twelve times, and received more than a thousand needles on her body. The last one was difficult. The fetus terminated the pregnancy when it was four months pregnant and had to be knocked out.

One can imagine how desperate the pregnant women at that time were.

This process is painful, and it has a greater impact on the spirit.

If it goes smoothly once or twice, it may be successful.

There are also people who have been unsuccessful throughout their lives and have to give up in the end.

She continued to swipe the screen.

“What are you looking at?”

Sandy asked with a smile.

Carla looked up, “Why are you here?”

Sandy sat down on the bed and said, “Peter is on a business trip. I’ll come to see you when I’m fine.”

“Business trip?” Carla was rather surprised.

“It seems that the upper party is going to promote him, but he is required to stay in the field for two months, and then be transferred back to the post of director.”

Peter refused to let her say that this was Carla.

She knew that Peter was such an identity, and she had to be careful not to talk nonsense.

The above means this, but he hasn’t actually taken responsibility yet, so he won’t let her speak out.

But Carla said it didn’t matter, their relationship was so close.

Carla understood, and said, “It should be to study.”

Sandy said, “I don’t quite understand either.”

She glanced at the tablet in Carla’s hand and saw what she was browsing on it. She raised her head and said, “What do you think of this?”

With three children, there should be no need for…

She soon realized that this might not be because she meant it for herself, but because Alecia was going to have an IVF, and she was checking related knowledge.

“Hey~” Sandy felt that Alecia would suffer a lot.

Carla turned off the tablet, put it on the table, and looked at her, “What are you sighing? I think you and Peter are in harmony.”

Sandy bowed her head, a little embarrassed, “It’s pretty good.”

“Peter is mature and stable. He is a man worth entrusting for life. You must take good care of him.” Carla said with a smile.

“Of course.” Sandy already knew.

Peter is the kind of person Carla said.

“Mommy!” The people outside the house arrived before they heard.

This voice is of her daughter.

Carla looked at the door, and soon Iris rushed in and greeted Sandy on the side of the bed, “Aunt Sandy.”

Sandy reached out and touched her head.

Don’t know who braided her hair. It looks good and suits her, like a little princess.

“Mommy, we saw the little brother, how come he looks different from my brother?” Iris recalled in her mind that the child was small, and his skin was a little red and wrinkled. Not pretty.

“Mummy, could it be the doctor who gave us the wrong one?” Iris felt that their family is all good-looking, and her younger brother should be good-looking too.

“Why do you say that?” Carla asked her daughter.

“He is ugly.”

Carla, “…”

Sandy chuckled, thinking she was funny.

“He hasn’t grown up yet, you are so beautiful, and your brother won’t be ugly.” Sandy explained to her.

“Really?” Iris said dubiously.

“It was the same when you were just born.” Carla said.

Iris, “…”

She couldn’t be so ugly, she is the favorite of teachers at school.

“Mommy, hug me.” Iris crawled onto the bed. She hadn’t been hugged by her for a long time, and now she acted like a baby in front of Carla.

Carla said no.

Her chest hurts at the touch of it.

Can’t hold her.

“Hey, wait until I get home and hold you again.”

Iris pouted and blinked aggrievedly, “Mommy, you don’t want my brother and me because you have a new child?”

“Well, I don’t want you anymore, a little bit older, it’s useless to think about it all day long.” Carla squeezed her daughter’s face.

“Mummy, you pinched me so much.” Iris wailed.

In fact, it didn’t hurt much.

She yelled loudly on purpose.

Sandy picked her up, “Let’s go out and play, let your mommy rest.”

Iris hugged her neck and looked innocent, “Aunt Sandy, will you have a baby with Uncle Shane?”

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