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Chapter 1089

The girl’s words were too sudden, and Sandy was speechless for a while, “…it should take a long time.”

She still has two years to graduate.

And they haven’t completed the room yet. Her body was clean a few days ago. Peter didn’t think of it, and she couldn’t take the initiative to remind that the body was clean, and…

Samantha from outside is here today to see Carla and the baby.

She is talking to Lucia, “Why don’t we change, you take care of the two children at home, and I take care of lady in the hospital.”

Lucia smiled and said, “The two children are disobedient?”

Mother Samantha said no, “No, you’ve been running back and forth from the hospital. I’m afraid that you’re tired. I’ll let you rest at home. Both children are old and obedient. Don’t bother. You’re tired.”

“I take your thoughts, but I have to take care of my daughter by myself.” Lucia patted Samantha on the shoulder.

“Grandma.” Iris got down from Sandy’s arms and ran towards Lucia, Alan sneered from the side.

He’s afraid this sister will never mature.

“Sandy come and sit down.” Lucia took Iris into her arms and waved towards Sandy.

“Looking at the girl’s so much water and spirit, Peter is also blessed.” Samantha said, although Sandy’s family is not very good, and the age is not very old, but she is smart, sensible, and good-looking, which is enough.

One month later.

Carla was discharged from the hospital, and the baby was carried back. For more than a month, the baby had a lot of meat on his body, and his hair was jet-black. The little one would stare at people when he was held, which is very attractive.

Originally, Iris was most afraid of having a baby and her parents would not love her, or their love for her would be reduced, but she was the rarest thing after the baby was carried back.

The first thing she did when she came back from school was to go upstairs to see her brother.

Whoever teases her to take her brother away, she pushes someone out of the door.

After the baby goes back, the house will be lively.

This month, Carla said that she was out of confinement, but Alecia had a very bad month.

After a month of medication and injection, there were three mature follicles after the examination. The process of taking out is very painful.

It needs to be pierced with a long needle from the most private position of the woman, with the help of visual medical equipment, to accurately find the position, and take it out.

Anesthetics can be used during the egg retrieval process, but for those with fewer dominant follicles, anesthetics will not be administered, which will affect the success rate of the test tube. This method of retrieval of eggs is very harmful to s3x.

After the operation, Alecia couldn’t even speak, her face was waxy white.

After entering the ward, Harrison was unaware of talking to her, but looked at the ceiling dumbly and painfully.

Hearing that the egg retrieval was successful, Silla pushed the old lady to the doctor.

Only Harrison was with her in the ward.

Harrison wanted to hug her, but after a month of daily injections on her body, many parts of her arm were green, and the needles were all over her arms in a disorderly manner.

“Does it hurt?” Harrison’s eyes were a little red, “If only I could hurt you.”

“I’m thirsty.” Alecia suddenly said dryly.

During the process, she sweated a lot of pain, and now the whole mouth is dry and bitter.

It still hurts below the abdomen, and she can’t move a single movement, and it hurts even when she bends her legs. She just lie down straight.

“I’m going to pour, I’m going to pour.” Harrison quickly got up to pour the water. He was afraid that Alecia could not get up, so he looked for a straw. He put the straw in the cup and held the other end to her lips. Side, “You open your mouth.”

Alecia’s eyeballs finally moved. Harrison was looking at her, and seeing that she was looking at him, Harrison said softly, “The water is here, drink it.”

She held the straw and sucked the water into her mouth. After drinking, Harrison asked, “Do you want more?”

Alecia shook her head.

He put down the water glass and asked, “Is it painful?”

Alecia said, “It doesn’t hurt.”

“You lie to me, your face is pale, you can’t get anesthetics during the process, and the long needle pierces the meat. How can it not hurt?”

Alecia gently curled the corners of her lips, “How can I do it?”

Harrison asked, “Is there anything you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

“Buy me something sweet.” No matter what it is, as long as it is sweet, doesn’t it mean that sweet things can make people happy?

She wants something sweet.

“Okay, I’ll go buy it for you.” Harrison just wanted to leave, thinking that there can be no one here, so he said, “I’ll let someone bring it here…”

His voice hasn’t settled yet, Silla pushed the old lady in, “What are you sending here?”

Harrison didn’t look here, and said lightly, “Buy something.”

“It’s not as fast as you can go out and buy.” The old lady looked at Alecia and said caringly, “Alecia, you have suffered.”

Alecia pulled her lips, “This process must be experienced.”

“Harrison, what do you want to buy? Go and buy it. Silla and I are here to take care of her.”

Harrison didn’t move, lowered his head, “I’ll let someone bring it…”

The old lady was so angry at Harrison’s attitude, “What do you mean, Harrison? Will I abuse your wife?”

“It’s not…”

“Not what?” The old lady was aggressive.

Alecia turned her head and closed her eyes, and said weakly, “Harrison doesn’t need to buy it. I’m sleepy and want to sleep for a while.”

“What are you going to buy?” the old lady asked.

Harrison pulled the quilt to Alecia, “Grandma, let’s go out and let her rest for a while.”

The old lady suffocated her stomach, “I asked you something and you haven’t answered me yet!”

“What do you want me to answer?” Harrison almost didn’t know this old lady, how could she be like a different person?

“Don’t talk about being pulled down, anyway, you don’t have your grandma in your eyes.” After saying that, she gave an order, “Silla, push me home.”

At this time, the doorbell rang.

“Who will come? I’ll open the door.” Silla walked to open the door.

At the door, it was bought out.

The takeaway boy wears a helmet and carries a food container in his hand, “Is there a Miss Alecia here?”

Chapter 1090

“Yes, yes, what did you bring?” Silla glanced at the food box he was carrying.

The little brother outside said, “Oh, please let her come over and sign for it.”

Harrison came over and said, “I’ll sign.”

The courier brother handed over the food box and signed the receipt. When Harrison took it, signed and took the food box, he asked, “Who ordered this?”

“I don’t know this either.” The takeaway boy took the signed list and turned around and left.

Harrison walked in with it and opened it on the table.

Alecia slowly turned her head and asked, “What is this?”

“…Eat it.” Opening the box, Harrison took out the contents. They were all small and exquisite desserts. Even the small boxes were beautiful. It seemed that each one was made and packaged with care.

“It’s dessert, don’t you want sweet ones? First one.” Harrison will be very happy. Alecia wants sweet ones, so someone will bring it, although don’t know who sent it.

Harrison took two of them and looked at them with more appetite.

Alecia didn’t choose it right away, but asked, “Who gave it.”

“I asked, and the delivery person doesn’t know. Could it be my sister-in-law who knew that you had an operation today and was sent by her?” Harrison guessed, only these few people around him.

Alecia fanned her eyelashes, but she couldn’t think of others anymore. She had no appetite because of the old lady.

Harrison quickly understood and said, “Then you rest and I will wait for you outside.”

The old lady had heard Silla push herself away.

Harrison closed the door of the room and sat on the chair outside and waited.

Alecia was very tired and wanted to sleep in a daze. At this time, the mobile phone on the table rang. She did not move or took it to watch.

After a while, the mobile phone rang again, and she hesitated for a while before reaching out to take it. Through the mobile phone, Herman sent a message via WeChat.

The first message is an animated picture, a dog has a frightened expression, and the next one is, “Have you received the things I sent?” 】

Alecia replied, “What did you give? 】

[Dessert, I sent you a message a few days ago. Didn’t you say that I will be… I heard that being this woman is very hard. I want to buy you something sweet. You won’t be bitter anymore. 】

Alecia looked at the exquisite and beautiful desserts on the table, feeling warm in her heart. When people are fragile, they are remembered and cared for, and they are easily satisfied and moved.

The corners of her lips raised slightly, and she replied, [I received it. 】

[Is it sweet? 】

Alecia replied quickly, [Sweet. 】

Then she added another sentence, [Very sweet. 】

Herman sent a picture of Monk Barker holding his face and crying, with the words ‘what’s wrong with being beautiful’ below

Alecia looked at the screen and smiled.

Herman sent another message, [I was bitten by a dog. 】

Alecia quickly replied, [Are you okay? 】

[It’s okay, the dog is dead. 】

Alecia, 【……】

[Haha, more fierce than a dog? 】

Alecia stared at the screen and smiled, thinking that Second Uncle was too funny.

“Okay, don’t be pressured. It’s not a big deal to have no children in the 21st century. See how many celebrities are DINK. Don’t be under pressure to hear?]

Alecia was covering her mouth and nose, her inexplicable nose became sore, she sucked her nose and replied, [Hmm. 】

【Last time you designed a dress for a lady, that lady came to the store yesterday and asked for you by name. I said you are busy. This is to recognize you. You are the best! 】

Alecia stared at the screen without speaking.

After a while, Herman sent it over again, “Take a good rest, if you are unhappy, just talk to me, your second uncle, I have always time for you. 】

She replied, [Okay. 】

She held the phone for a while before putting it down.


Ryan finished dealing with the matter at hand, turned down two entertainments, and returned home.

Iris and Alan go to school.

Several adults in the family circle around a child during the day.

Especially Samantha is very rare.

Nelson did the same. He had never seen Alan and Iris as children, so he tried to make up for this child.

Such a small child spends a lot of time sleeping, but, Samantha likes to hold her when she is fine. Every time Nelson will say, “You go to make milk powder and I will hold it.”

The grown-up grandchildren go to school, and the younger ones are also under his care.

Then Samantha was not too happy to give him the child.

Is the child asleep? What kind of milk powder to eat is to go and hold it by yourself.

Lucia sighed like Carla, “Now think about how pitiful Alan and Iris are. You are busy. I will take care of the two of them by myself. How can I have time to hold them? When they are such an old age, they all spent their time in bed.”

She would wash the diapers and the clothes that the baby had changed while the baby was sleeping. Sometimes the two woke up together, cried together, and shook the other.

Look at this, the family wandered around him alone.

Carla reached out and put Lucia’s hand in his hand, and said, “Mom, thank you for your hard work. Help me raise the two of them.”

“Am I not your mother? What kind of extravagant words?”

Carla smiled, she held the bag, “Then I’m leaving.”

Today is Alecia’s day to go to the hospital. She has to visit. Alecia has no relatives in Country Z, she is Alecia’s relatives.

Lucia said yes, “Just out of confinement, pay attention to yourself.”

Carla said that she knew.

The driver had been waiting for her to go out. When he saw her coming out, he opened the door, she bent over and sat in.

After a few minutes, the door rang, and Lucia took away the small laundry, thinking that Carla had forgotten something, then came back, turned her head, and said, “Forgot to take something…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw that it was Ryan who came in. She swallowed the rest of the words and said, “You came?”

Ryan gave a hum.

“You’re back early today.” Lucia said.

Ryan said he was not busy, changed his shoes, and walked towards Nelson, who was standing at the window holding his grandson.

He stretched out his hand, “I’ll hold him.”

Nelson looked at him and asked, “Have you washed your hands?”

Ryan, “…”

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