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Chapter 11

Although the two are husband and wife, they are more than strangers.

Carla didn’t think of a way when she returned to the residence, but received a call that she was not accepted.

“Didn’t you tell me to go to work tomorrow?” Carla was anxious.

“Sorry, we can’t admit you, you don’t meet our admission requirements.” After speaking, the other party hung up.

Carla looked at the phone and didn’t recover for a long time.

At that time, he was obviously satisfied with her, and she frowned. Could it be that they found a more suitable one?

Thinking about it this way, she is not so difficult to accept.

at night.

When Ryan came back, he locked himself in the study, which seemed to be a matter of work.

In the afternoon, Carla found out about Ryan’s favorite dishes from his mother, and prepared dinner in person.

Samantha smiled, “This is what a wife should do.”

Carla lowered her head and smiled. If it weren’t for asking others, she would not take the initiative to please him.

Samantha sighed, “Madam passed away very early. The master married the second time. The young master rarely goes back. Don’t look at him coldly. In fact, he is very emotional.”

Carla didn’t speak, but listened quietly.

“Ms. Tate saved the young master when she was a child. Later, when she grew up, she always followed the young master. The young master didn’t like her before. Since returning from that business trip, his attitude towards her has changed, but you don’t need to care. Anyway, it is not a serious matter.” Samantha patted her shoulder comfortingly.

Carla lowered her head and smiled bitterly. She really couldn’t say who he was with.

Although it is a husband and wife relationship, they are so strange to each other.

She understood this marriage.

Carla glanced at the study and thought of the black coffee brewed by Alma in the morning, so he asked, “Mother Stephaine, where are the coffee beans? I want to make him a cup of coffee.”

When Samantha heard that she was concerned, so she took out coffee beans to her and told her, “Don’t add sugar or milk. Master doesn’t like sweet things.”

Carla nodded, and quickly made a pot of coffee, she poured it into the exquisite coffee cup, and brought it in herself.

In the study, Ryan was making a phone call, and his face looked a little grumpy, “What’s the matter with the personnel department? Is it so difficult to recruit an interpreter?”

He knows a lot of languages, but he really doesn’t know the language of country A, because it is not common, and this project is newly expanded, many things need to be dealt with, and the language is a barrier. How should he deal with it?

“Tell the personnel manager, one day, I will give him one day, if he still can’t find someone, let him clean up and leave!”


Ryan was angry, and suddenly there was a knock on the door, his tone was not suppressed, and he said coldly, “Come in!”

Carla’s heart shook, is this person angry?

But she has knocked on the door, even if he was angry, she had to come in.

Carla smiled hard on her face, “I made you a cup of coffee.”

Ryan’s gaze slowly moved from her face to the coffee in her hand, squinted slightly, avoiding him like a snake in the morning.

At this moment, she took the initiative to bring him coffee?

Oh, this woman is really fickle!

Ryan put down his phone, sat down, and watched her perform quietly. He wanted to see what this woman wanted to do!

“I don’t know if it suits your tastebuds.” Carla put the coffee on the table.

Ryan didn’t move, his body became looser, and he leaned back in his chair lazily.

She flattered, “You taste it?”

Ryan raised his eyebrows, and understood in his heart what might be the reason for her change.

Said tauntingly, “Suddenly showing courtesy, do you want to ask me about the land in Repulse Bay?”

Carla was taken aback for a moment, but never thought that he thought of it so quickly.

Suddenly, he grabbed Carla’s chin, “This is the Lane family. Even though I am a lame man, I want to marry you?”

His fingers were very strong, and Carla felt a strong pain.

She opened her mouth, wanting to explain.

But how to explain?

Said she was the one abandoned?

Will he believe it?

“I’m not…”

“Get out!” Ryan threw her away.

Carla was thrown hurriedly, her arm accidentally knocked over the coffee, the black liquid soaked the documents on the table, and Ryan’s face completely sank.

Carla never thought it would happen like this, so she quickly wiped it.

Ryan took the file away and scolded fiercely, “Get lost and I don’t want to hear from you anymore?!”

He is disgusted, this kind of clinging to people’s cheeks!

Carla can only leave.

“Wait, take these things out!” he looked annoyed.

She took out the coffee cup.

At dinner, Ryan returned to the room after eating.

Carla sighed silently, this person has such a bad personality, it is difficult to get close.

Not to mention getting the land and earning the initiative from Shawn.

Carla took a shower and lay on the bed, tossing about and unable to sleep, so she got up from the bed.

Thinking of the coffee spilled on the paper when delivering it to Ryan, she felt a little sorry.

Want to make up, so went to his study.

She turned on the light, and the wet documents were still on the table. At that time, she thought that document was written for country A.

Some of the places soaked in coffee are about to be hard to see.

She found clean paper and copied the words from the document. Carla knew that the words in this country A were not widely used, and it was regarded as an apology, and translated them into a domestic language so that he could read them.

The contents of the ten or so pieces of documents, translated and copied down, is already three o’clock in the middle of the night.

She put down the pen, rubbed her sore wrist, placed the documents in order, put them on the desk, and then went back to the room to sleep.

When Ryan woke up for dinner in the morning, Carla didn’t wake up. She slept too late last night. In addition, she was a little lethargic when she was pregnant, so she didn’t wake up in the morning.

Ryan frowned, “She didn’t get up?”

Samantha lowered her eyes, “No, you are a husband and wife, so you asked me this, an outsider.”

How could Ryan not understand what Samantha meant.

“Forget it.” Ryan is not good at explaining, even this woman who has taken care of him since childhood is the same.

“Master, I know that you and Miss Lane have no feelings, but this is the marriage made for you when the Lady was alive, and I think she also cares about you. When she came back at noon yesterday, she asked what kind of food you like. Yesterday She cooks the dinner for the evening, and she made coffee for you herself.”

She suddenly showed her courtesy, isn’t it just to get the land in Repulse Bay for the Lane family?

Care about him?

Ryan found it ridiculous.

He looked back at Samantha, “Don’t be fooled by her appearance.”

What kind of woman she is, he knows best!

Thinking of the document wetted by coffee last night, he went to the study and had to take it back to the company for someone to reprint it.

As soon as he entered the door, he found that the desk is clean.

Except for Samantha, Ramiro, and even Alma had never entered this place.

who is it?

Did that woman sneak into his study?

Chapter 12

He stepped to the table and found a handwritten translation document on it. He reached out and picked it up. The handwriting was neat and tidy.

He frowned. This woman wrote this?

Does she know national language?

Ryan couldn’t believe it.

Just when he put down the document and wanted to find the woman to ask for more information, a sticky note fell out of the document, and it said; I’m sorry to enter your study without your consent, but it was because of me last night. I wet your files, so I want to do my best to help you fix it back. The language of country A is not very easy to learn. I privately translated it into English for your convenience. It is my compensation for getting your files wet.

—— Carla

Ryan held the sticky note and looked at the contents of the ten translated documents, all handwritten, and the anger of entering his study privately disappeared a little.

He stared at the graceful handwriting and suddenly became a little curious about this woman.

She should have such unpopular words.

He put down the notes and took the documents to the company.

It was already noon when Carla woke up, and Samantha prepared the meal for her. She was a little embarrassed and got up too late by herself.

Samantha smiled, “Here, it’s usually deserted. Master never sleeps late. After you live in, this place seems to be a bit popular.”

Carla smiled, “Miss Tate, didn’t she come often before?”

Samantha looked jealous, is she jealous?

Carla really didn’t mean anything else, just asked casually, and regretted it after asking.

“Not very often, the young master was also cold to her before…” Samantha was also surprised, how did her attitude change after a business trip?

He hadn’t fallen in love with her all these years, so why did he fall in love in a few days?

Samantha was puzzled.

Carla thought, it is said that women’s minds are incomprehensible, and men’s minds are the same.

Especially a man like Ryan.

That job was ruined, and Carla didn’t want to be idle like this. She had to have a stable job, and her mother’s things would definitely not come back for the time being.

She didn’t have much money left. She didn’t need any money to live here, but her mother had to use it.

After a good meal, she went out.

It is really difficult for someone like her to find a job without academic qualifications and work experience.

After running into walls, she could only find some low-end jobs.

A high-end restaurant hires waiters.

This does not require education, as long as she is clever and quick to respond, now she has to make sure that she has money in her hands, so she goes in to apply for the job.

She didn’t get her academic qualifications. She had gone to college. Her speech and manners were very logical and she responded quickly.

The hotel manager asked her to join the work tomorrow.

After all, she had a job, and Carla was in a better mood. She came out of the restaurant and wandered on the side of the road alone.

As the setting sun went down, it left red, red light on the horizon, shining on the street, and Carla’s figure pulled out a long shadow.

She was alone, looking a bit lonely.


After hearing the sound, she turned to look at the source of the sound, and Jamie ran over from the other side of the road.

“I thought I was dazzled.” He smiled.

“Doctor Gill.” Carla was also surprised, and saw him again, “Why are you still here?”

He looked at Carla, and stopped talking, “I’m back to work.”

Carla thought that he was in the hospital that day, and the dean personally dug him, and she understood.

“That hospital treats you very well, right?” She said with some envy.

Because of taking care of her mother, she didn’t get her graduation certificate. Now it is really difficult to find a job.

Jamie smiled gently, “It’s not bad.”

If it were not for her not to go back, he would not choose to stay in the country no matter how good the treatment was.

At home, there are too many people and things that he doesn’t want to think of.

Carla looked up at the sky, it was getting dark again, and it was almost two months since she came back.

Now, she was a bit confused and at a loss.

Want to regain those belonging to them, is it easier said than done?

Jamie felt her emotions and reached out to pin her messy hair behind her ears, “If you have any difficulties, tell me.”

He had helped her a lot before, Carla smiled and shook her head.

The time spent with her is not short. He always knows the thoughts of this little girl. She would rather suffer by yourself than owe others.

“You are too stubborn.”

Stubbornness makes people feel distressed.

Carla pursed her lips, not that she didn’t want to owe, because she was afraid that she could not afford it.

She was poor and white.

“It’s getting dark, isn’t Doctor Gill going home?” Carla asked.

She always called him this before, and always called him by Doctor Gill.

“Yes.” Jamie looked at her, “Don’t call me Doctor Gill anymore, okay?”

He looked at her earnestly, “You can call by name or brother. You have known me for so long. You always call me Doctor Gill. It seems too strange, what do you think?”

Carla thought for a while, he was older than her, and he used to take care of her like a big brother, “Is that brother?”

“Eh.” Jamie took the opportunity to get close to her, stretched out his hand to hug her, and smirked, “You will call me brother from now on.”

“Ryan, is that Miss Lane?”

Ryan, who was driving, didn’t notice the people on the side of the road. Alma reminded him of this, his gaze turned towards this side——

Carla was stiff, and she never expected Jamie to hug her suddenly.

When she came back to her senses, she reserved herself.

Looking at it from Ryan’s perspective, there was a bit of coquettish push and hustle.

The brows frowned involuntarily.

Alma said unintentionally, “Unexpectedly, she actually has a boyfriend.”

Ryan was inexplicably bored.

Step on the accelerator and gallop away.

Alma pursed her lips slightly, “Are you angry?”

Chapter 13

Ryan sneered, “Why am I angry?”

She had even been pregnant, there must be a man

Knowing that she has a man feels different from seeing him, it’s just inexplicable upset!

Soon the car stopped at Alma’s residence. She did not get out of the car immediately, but looked at Ryan, “Aren’t you going to come in?”

As if afraid that he would refuse, she quickly added, “Ryan, I prepared what you like to eat—”

“Alma.” Ryan interrupted her. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was a little confused. He stretched out his hand and smoothed her hair. “I won’t come up today. You should rest early.”

“But—” Alma didn’t say anything after all, and got out of the car cleverly, “You drive slowly.”

Ryan gave a soft hmm and drove the car out.

Almost all the way fast, Carla hadn’t come back when he got home.

He unbuttoned his shirt. “When did she go out?”

“Noon.” Samantha took the coat in his hand, “Will you have dinner now?”

“Wait a moment.” Now he has no appetite.

Two buttons on his shirt were also unbuttoned, which was obviously not good, but he felt bored.

This strange feeling made him very uncomfortable!

He pushed open the door of the study, and went to what Carla left him on the desk. He picked it up and gave a cold smile, “While being in front of me, playing a bitter trick while playing with a man, Carla, You are so good!”

The note was folded into a ball in his hand.

When she came back. Jamie wanted to send her off. She didn’t want Jamie to know her relationship with Ryan, so she refused.

There is only Samantha at home, and Carla thinks that Ryan has not returned yet, and her mood has relaxed a lot.

Seeing Carla in a good mood, Samantha asked, “Anything happy?”

Actually no, Carla smiled, “I just think he’s not here, I’m freer.”

Samantha, “…”

“What do you mean, I am superfluous?” His slender figure leaned against the door of the study, leaning lazily, with a hint of sarcasm.

This voice…

She turned stiffly, and saw the man leaning against the door with a gloomy look.

He, why is he at home?

She didn’t see him here when she came back, Carla instinctively thought he was not there, so she didn’t think much about it.

“I—” Carla just wanted to explain, Ryan walked past her towards the dining room and asked Samantha to prepare a meal.

Carla sat at the dining table and opened her mouth to explain several times, but she couldn’t find any explanation.

Ryan didn’t look at her from the beginning to the end. He just said, “Come in with me.”

Carla put down her chopsticks and followed him into the study.

Ryan sat at the desk, put the document she translated on the desk, and glanced at her lightly, “Do you know A language?”

Carla nodded frankly.

This makes Ryan strange, “Why did you learn this language, it is not circulated in the world.”

When it comes to the place where she has lived for eight years, there are too many pains in her heart.

It’s just that no one can understand these pains, only she herself knows the embarrassment from that time.

She didn’t want to show it in front of outsiders.

There was a relaxed smile on her face, “If you like it, you will learn.”

He frowned, she seemed to cover up her good emotions, and the sorrow that quickly disappeared under her eyes did not escape his eyes.

What is she hiding, what is she hiding?

“Come here.” He said deep.

Carla resisted, she couldn’t figure out the character of this man, but now she had to deal with him again.

Moved gently and walked over.

Ryan put a document in front of her, “Since you know it, you can translate this document to me.”

Carla lowered her head and found the words AAA Group printed on the upper right corner of the folder.

Last night, she only took care of translating the document, not paying attention to the imprint in the upper right corner.

She raised his head involuntarily, “Have you not hired an interpreter?”

Ryan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Carla took the documents and said in a low voice, “I went to your company to apply for the translation job. At first, they were quite satisfied with me, but later I didn’t know why, they called me and said I was inappropriate.”

“Is there such a thing?” Each of his words and expressions is thought-provoking and has hidden deep meanings that are inexplicable.

Carla said, she didn’t need to lie.

“I can translate this file for you, but—” Carla is not greedy, and wants to benefit from it, but now she has nothing and can only do nothing.

Ryan looked at her in his spare time, and before she could speak, he was talking, “If you want to talk about the land in Repulse Bay, I can’t agree, Lane don’t have the ability to eat it.”

Carla did want to say this just now, but it was definitely not to Shawn, but to let him give it to her, so that she would have a bargaining chip and negotiate a deal with Shawn.

Now obviously he refuses.

A translation is obviously impossible to change the land.

“You give me money.” Since she can’t get my mother’s dowry back for the time being, first make some money to ensure the mother’s life, and there will be opportunities in the future. She needs to make a lot of money to secure their lives.

Carla flipped through the document. There were more than 20 pages, “One hundred, I won’t bargain you.”

Ryan, “…”

The Lane family is so short of money?

How can this woman’s behavior become more and more invisible?

Ryan didn’t say a word, Carla thought he was unwilling, “It’s really not expensive anymore. If you are free and expensive, I will…a little bit less?”

“No, just follow what you said.”

“That’s good.” She picked up the file and stood up from the table, “I can’t handle these for a while. I will get it back to the room and translate it for you.

“and many more.”


Carla looked at him suspiciously.

His eyes were heavy, as if warning, “I hope you understand one thing.”

Chapter 14

“What’s the matter?” Carla was confused.

Ryan got up from his chair and came against the brilliance of the lights. He stepped steadily and slowly, and finally stood in front of her, condescending, “If you are still a husband and wife, don’t k!ss other men casually. k!ss me and only me.”

No matter what the reason is, you must not give him a green hat during the marriage.

This is his bottom line, but also the dignity of a man

Carla didn’t react for a long time, who did she k!ss?

She instinctively retorted, “Then you are staying here with other women? Am I going to ask you as a wife?”

Ryan’s brow furrowed deeper and deeper, “I didn’t sl33p with her.”

Carla was stunned for a moment, and she understood that Alma stayed here overnight.

Didn’t sleep, who believes?

Wait till she 5leeps, what’s up with her?

Ryan’s face changed and changed again, what is he doing?

Carla didn’t want to quarrel with him, her tone softened, “I will try my best to follow your requirements, then I…”

She shook the document in her hand, the meaning was very clear.

Ryan gave a faint hum, and there was a hint of irritation in his tone, not irritating Carla, but irritating himself!

How about yourself, why do you want to explain to her? !


This abnormal behavior makes him very uncomfortable!

Even disgusted!

Because Carla has successfully applied for the job in the restaurant, she wants to complete the documents that need to be translated as soon as possible.

By twelve o’clock in the night, she was only half-finished, and she was already very sleepy.

To refresh her mind, she took the file to the living room. At this time, the entire villa was quiet. Ryan and Samantha should be asleep.

She put the documents on the coffee table, poured a cup of warm water in the kitchen, put down the cup, returned to the living room, and sat on the carpet, lying on the coffee table to continue translating.

Ryan was thirsty, and when he came down to pour water in the middle of the night, he frowned slightly when he saw her still translating the document.

But there was no sound, she found him, and did not take the initiative to say hello.

Ryan was used to having no outsiders at home, and when he saw water on the table, he picked it up and drank it.

“That one…”

Carla wanted to remind that that was the cup she had used. However, Ryan had already used it, and she didn’t know how to say the rest of her words.

Ryan glanced at her, seeming to appreciate her hesitation, his eyes fixed on her face for a few seconds, and then he lowered his head, and under the white glowing light, he found a half-overlapping shallow lip print on the cup.

Half of it was where he had just drunk water.

Obviously, the place where he just made his mouth was used by someone. Combining with Carla’s reaction just now, it was definitely her in his heart.

She lowered her head, pretending to see nothing, nothing happened.

It’s just the face, a little hot.

They are very strange, sharing a cup, it is too intimate behavior.

Although he was unintentional, Carla still felt embarrassed.

Ryan moved his lips, and the tip of his tongue moved across the lower lip. He didn’t know what he was thinking, so he simply poured the remaining water into the cup.

He put down the empty glass, walked over, and looked up at the clock. It was already a little bit, “Still not sleeping?”

Carla drooped her head and dared not raise her head, “I’m not sleepy yet.”

Ryan looked at her silently for two seconds before turning upstairs.

When he walked to the stairs, it suddenly occurred to him that she had applied for a job at the company, but was not accepted. This made him strange. He went back to the room and picked up the phone and gave Ramiro a call.

He slept dazedly at night. he was woken up by the phone. He was in a bad mood and angry. He grabbed the phone on the bedside table. The curse had already been brewed in his chest. He waited until he saw the name displayed on the phone. He was persuaded in an instant, rubbed his eyes, answered the phone, “Sir, Sir.”

“Go and check, why did the HR department refuse to hire an interpreter.”

“Huh?” Ramiro had hung up the phone before he knew what was going on.

He looked at his cell phone. It was in the middle of the night that he called for such a small thing?

Ramiro’s face was almost distorted.

Isn’t these disturbing dreams?

He also complained, but did not dare to neglect.

The next day, Samantha got up and found Carla sleeping on the table. She couldn’t understand the pile of papers she put in front of her, but she knew that it might be a matter of work, so she sighed in her heart. Don’t work so hard, you won’t sleep anymore.”

If I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand, Samantha still went to the house to get a blanket to cover her.

At this time, Ryan came down from the upper floor and saw Samantha was covering Carla with a blanket, the fine lines in the corners of her eyes were deepened, silkier, and the shoulders were sinking.

He walked over and stooped to pick up the document she translated, 22 documents, and she finished the translation by hand.

The time takes to translate all of it, I’m afraid it’s almost dawn, this woman hasn’t slept all night?

Ryan couldn’t help but glance at her more.

Samantha sighed and didn’t know what to say.

Turned around and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

When Carla woke up, Ryan was already having breakfast. She rubbed her eyes and held the tabletop with her hands and wanted to get up, but found that her legs were numb.

She slowed down for a while before she could walk.

She went to the bathroom to wash, and took a shower by the way to refresh herself.

She dressed up and walked out and put the translated document in front of Ryan, “It’s ready.”

She sat back to eat, thought for a moment, and said, “If it’s convenient for you, give me the money.”

She was afraid he would forget.

Ryan put down the coffee cup and looked at her for two seconds, “I don’t have the habit of keeping cash. You will come to the company to find me later.”

He got up after speaking.

Carla took a sip of milk and didn’t worry about it, just let him admit it.

She worked so desperately to fix the documents because she didn’t want to delay today’s work.

Not long after Ryan went out, Carla also went out.

There was a uniform dress code in the dining room. Carla changed into a white shirt, a black vest, a bow tie at the neckline, and a bunny skirt, showing two straight and slender legs.

By the window, Alma was in a particularly good mood. Today Ryan took the initiative to invite her out for a meal.

Although Ryan admitted the relationship between the two and said that he would marry her, he never took the initiative to date her, and almost always took the initiative.


“I heard that Carla applied for an interpreter, but you didn’t accept her?” Ramiro told him when he joined the company early in the morning.

It was Alma who dealt with the application for the job.

Alma’s hands suddenly clenched, how did he know this?

Ryan’s back was leaning against the back of his chair, and the sunlight outside the window was very warm, falling on him. He rested his jaw lazily, his eyes deep and inquiring.

At this moment, he doesn’t understand this kind woman who has saved him since he was a child and has acted as his antidote.

Chapter 15

Alma suppressed the panic in her heart slightly, lowered her eyes a bit, and lightly shining water, “She gets along with you day and night. If she enters the company to do translation, she will only get closer to you. I am afraid that you will get along. After a long time, feelings are born.”

Since she couldn’t hide it, she didn’t conceal it, and she said it generously to dispel Ryan’s suspicion. She was just afraid of losing him.

She opened her big watery eyes, “You know me, not a day or two, you know very well my feelings for you—”

Alma continued to hold back her tears, “I am too afraid of losing you, so-I saw her apply for a job at the company and make my own decision.”

Ryan frowned, “I told you that we will divorce in a month.”

Alma knew that if she didn’t know Carla was the girl that night, she would be willing to wait. After waiting for so many years, she didn’t care about this month, but now she can’t wait.

She must not let her get too close to Ryan!


“Carla, this is the number two table, you take it over.”

Carla didn’t sleep well last night. She came to work today, and she has been standing. She feels a faint pain in her lower abdomen.

She held the tray and walked towards the number two position. Before reaching the position, she saw Alma, opposite to her——

You don’t need to think about who it is.

Her footsteps hesitated for a while, it was very short, this was her job, and she couldn’t hide from it.

She had a standard smile on her face, “This is the meal you ordered.”

Carla bent over and brought out the dishes from the tray.

When she put the dish in front of Ryan, her wrist was suddenly caught, “What are you doing?”

His voice was cold and questioning.

His gaze stayed on her, white shirt, black waistcoat, and short skirt that could only wrap her hips, revealing a pair of thin white straight legs.

His gaze stayed on her legs for a few seconds, his expression increasingly gloomy.

What is she dressing up? Show it to whom?

She is a married woman, what is she doing here?

Carla always kept a smile on her face, “I’m working.”

Ryan frowned and faintly angered. She asked him for money from the translation of the document yesterday, and now she is still doing this kind of work. Is the Lane family really defeated to this point?

“Excuse me, please let me go?” Carla didn’t think there was anything, she made money with her own hands.

Alma slightly shook Ryan’s hand, “Ryan, many people are watching, let’s go out and talk.”

No one knew about the marriage of Ryan and Carla, and Alma didn’t want Ryan to make the matter clear.

Ryan watched Carla for a long time before suppressing the nameless anger and letting go of her, “I don’t want you to work here.”

Carla only felt that the pain in her lower abdomen became more and more intense, and she didn’t notice it, and fine beads of perspiration had already leaked from her forehead. She wanted to explain, but she didn’t have enough physical strength, so she left without saying a word.

She put down the plate and walked into the bathroom. This feeling scared her, but fortunately, there was no red.

She came out of the cubicle and stood by the sink to wash her hands. She lowered her head and touched her abdomen, “Be obedient, baby.”

Mommy needs to make money, and only with money can she take care of her mother and the child in her belly.

Alma walked in slightly, just hearing her words, her eyes fixed on her abdomen, her face turned pale.

Carla saw her pale and explained, “This is not Ryan’s, you don’t need to look so ugly.”

After speaking, Carla cheered up, passed her, and walked out of the bathroom.

“Your child, it’s been two months?” Alma turned around slightly.

Carla paused and turned around, “How do you know?”

“I, I guessed by looking at your stomach.” Alma slightly supported.

She, she is pregnant?

Ryan’s? !

Sure enough, this woman can’t stay!

At this moment, Alma crazily wanted to get rid of this woman and let her disappear from Ryan’s world!

When Carla walked out of the bathroom, Ryan grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the restaurant.

She was originally uncomfortable and was forcibly pulled away by Ryan. She only felt that the pain relieved was severe again.

“You let me go!” She wanted to scold, but she didn’t have enough strength, and she lost her momentum.

Ryan dragged her all the way to the side of the road before letting her go, sternly, “You can tell me if you are short of money, you don’t need to pretend to be pitiful!”

He doesn’t believe it, the Lane family is down to this point. Shawn took his wife and daughter to the luxury store two days ago to spend. At this moment, she actually came to the restaurant as a waiter?

Carla leaned on the billboard on the side of the road, otherwise she would not be able to support it. She tried her best to calm herself, “Although Mr. Blair and I are husband and wife, but you and I understand it, we are just a deal, and we get what we need, what am I doing, Mr. Blair need not be so angry.”

“Since you are my wife, doing this kind of work is embarrassing me!” Ryan was puzzled by this woman. Her behavior was invisible.

Carla pursed her lips, silently enduring the pain.

Just when she was about to be unable to hold it, Jamie ran over here quickly, “Carla, I came here for you, but I didn’t expect to find you like this…are you uncomfortable?”

As a psychiatrist, he observes a person’s body shape very carefully. Although Carla tried her best to endure it, he still noticed her discomfort.

After separating from her that day, he went to her residence to find Lucia, and he learned everything about her from Lucia’s mouth, including how the child in her stomach had come to be.

He couldn’t say what he felt in his heart, it was not easy to feel anyway.

She encountered such difficulties, why didn’t she went to him? !

He wanted to come to her, but he didn’t know where she lived, so he went to the place they met yesterday to try his luck, but he didn’t expect to find her here.

Carla didn’t care about anything now. The pain in her lower abdomen made her flustered. She grabbed Jamie’s arm and said, “Excuse me, take me to the hospital.”

Jamie glanced at her lower abdomen, and when he bent over to hug her, a force of gravity suddenly fell on his shoulders.

He turned his head.

He saw Ryan’s face gloomy, “She is my wife.”

The tone is neither light nor heavy, but full of shock

It seems to be a warning, that, she is his wife, others can’t touch her!

Jamie smiled, laughing mockingly, “Are you a husband and wife?”

Before Ryan could react, he continued, “You are just a deal. You will not marry a woman with a child in the belly.”

Ryan’s eyes narrowed, and a dangerous breath rushed into his face, “That child is yours?”

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