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Chapter 1107

Alecia didn’t say a word when she saw it, because she knew in her heart what the old lady was doing with Harrison, it was nothing more than a child’s business.

Her mood suddenly became heavy again, child, a difficult problem to solve.

She thought it would be good to agree to the fortune, but the result was not smooth.

Harrison took the phone away and said, “Trash phone sales.”

Alecia pretended not to see it, and smiled and said, “Now the salespersons just hate it. People who sell insurance and mortgage loans are starting to call home to get business.”

Harrison said, “Yes, it’s too annoying.” He looked at her, “I still have some time, is there any place you want to go?”

Alecia shook her head.

“A movie was released recently, and the reviews are pretty good. Let’s go see it?”

Alecia said, “Okay.”

She can go anywhere because there is no particular place she wants to go.

Harrison said that he took out his mobile phone and started to see when the tickets were available in the most recent time slot.

The most recent one will be more than two hours later, he said, “Let’s go eat and eat good food before we go.”

Alecia said, “You can arrange it.”

They left the law firm and got into the car. Harrison drove and just started the car. When he was about to drive away, the phone in his pocket rang again, which was still the number from home. Harrison hung up again with no expression on his face.

He was about to shut down, Alecia said, “Send me back to residence, you go back to see grandma.”

Harrison explained, “Alecia…”

“Evasion can’t solve the problem. Can you not see her for a while, and can you not see her for the rest of your life? She is getting older, if anything happens, you will regret it forever.”

Harrison wanted to say something to Alecia, but found that he couldn’t say anything, what could he say? Sorry, sorry? These are just words, what can make Alecia relieved?

He finally said, “Thank you.”

Thank you for your understanding, for her kindness, for her generosity, for her forgiveness.

Alecia leaned her head against the car window, staring in a daze somewhere out of focus, as if she hadn’t heard him, didn’t say anything, just leaned quietly and didn’t speak.

Harrison drove the car to their temporary residence. Alecia was wandering in her thoughts. She didn’t notice that the car had already reached their residence. She didn’t open the door and get out of the car when the car stopped.

Harrison reached out and touched the hair near her ears, and whispered softly. Asked, “What do you think?”

“Huh?” Alecia returned to her senses and found that the car had stopped. She casually pulled out a reason, “I was a little sleepy just now and didn’t pay attention.”

She unfastened her seat belt and pushed the door to get out of the car.

Harrison lowered the car window and said to her, “I will be back soon.”

Alecia pulled her lips, showing a faint smile, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Harrison said to go in, and he drove the car away when she walked into the community and disappeared into the building where they lived.

He dialed the home number on the way.

The call was soon connected, and it was Silla.

“Is it brother?”

Harrison said.

He was very disgusted when he heard a girl who was not very familiar with him and was still a domestic servant called him brother. They were not relatives, but the deal between the employer and the nanny.

“…Grandma, grandma doesn’t seem to be good enough, come back and see her soon.” Silla stammered.

Harrison can think of it with his heels, this is definitely a lie, and the purpose is to get him home.

He had thought about it that he hadn’t been back in the past few days, so he would go back to see her this time, but he didn’t expect that she would not stop.

Harrison said, “Let grandma pick it up.”

“Oh…no, grandma can’t pick it up.” Silla promised to change her words quickly, obviously because one person caused her to speak, so she didn’t match up.

Harrison stopped the car against the side of the road, “Let grandma pick it up, tell her, I won’t go back if she doesn’t pick it up.”

The microphone seemed to be turned off, and Harrison only heard a brief noise, and there was no sound.

He didn’t answer, and waited quietly.

After a while, the phone got through. The old lady answered, and she just asked, “You don’t want grandma if you marry a wife, right?”

Harrison leaned back in the seat, his faint gaze glanced out of the window, “It sounds like a lot of air.”

The old lady said, “Do you really want me to die?”

“No, I still want you to live a long life. If you want to die, I will die first.” Harrison has no choice but to treat this old lady with her own words.

Fortunately, her legs and feet are inconvenient, and no matter how much she makes, she can’t make waves.

The old lady knew that Harrison was avoiding her, so she softened her voice, “Are you serious about not wanting me?”

Harrison was very annoying and said, “How can I not want you if you raise me up.”

“then you……”

“Grandma, I’ll come back to see you tomorrow. I’m very busy today. I’m hanging up.”

He quickly hung up the phone and turned it off, just in case he called again, he didn’t want to face the old lady.

The car stopped on the side of the road and he sat there for a while, then turned around and drove back.

Alecia returned to the residence and sat on the hanging chair on the balcony, looking bored at the fish in the fish tank.

She rolled her legs, took out her phone, and sent a message to Herman, [What are you doing?]

Soon Herman replied, 【Yo, why would you send me a message?]

[How can’t I? ] Alecia replied.

[Yes, yes, your second uncle is always here.]

Alecia lowered her eyes and paused, [Second Uncle, I’m not happy.]

Chapter 1108

【why you are not feeling happy? Harrison bullied you?]

Alecia looked at the phone, was silent for a long time, and said, [No.]

Her unhappiness was not given to her by Harrison, but caused by the environment. Although she was far away from the old lady, this was a person after all, separated between her and Harrison.

Children are a hurdle they cannot cross.

Herman sent a helpless expression.

After a while, he sent a voice, Alecia clicked on it, thinking it was Herman who was going to say something to her, and then it turned out to be a piece of music.

The main piece of music is a classic piece of a man carrying his wife in journey to the West.

Alecia couldn’t laugh or cry for a while.

Another message popped up on the screen, “Someone is so happy to carry a grandson, you have a handsome husband, and he is depressed all day long. 】

Alecia laughed blankly, [Second Uncle, your comforting words are different from others. 】

[Of course, I am me, the unique me. 】

Alecia quickly replied with a smile, [Say you are fat, are you still breathing? 】

[Hey, isn’t the second uncle here to make you happy? 】

Alecia replied, [I know. 】

[Take care of yourself if you know it, you will get old when you are angry, smile more, wait until you have creases on your face like me, you won’t want to look in the mirror. 】

[Second Uncle’s face has no folds, just light traces left by the years. 】

[Just you can talk. 】

【I’m telling the truth. 】

[No see in a few days, your mouth will speak very well. 】

[All I learned from my second uncle. 】

[Haha, did I teach so well? 】

“Who are you chatting with, so happy?” Harrison leaned against the door and looked at her.

He had been back for a while, and then saw Alecia looking at the phone with a smile on her face. He didn’t bother her out of curiosity, and she never found that he was back.

Alecia turned her head and looked at him in surprise, “You, haven’t you gone home?”

Harrison walked over and said, “I’m coming back because I’m afraid you will be bored.” While he was talking, his eyes fell on Alecia’s mobile phone screen.

Alecia noticed that his gaze put away the phone, got off the chair, and said, “Then we go to the movies?”

Harrison looked at her silently.

Alecia frowned, “What are you doing looking at me?”

Harrison lowered his eyes and said, “It’s nothing.”

In fact, he wanted to say, are you not happy with me? Otherwise, why haven’t you laughed so happily in front of me?

But when the words came to his lips, he realized that Alecia’s unhappiness came from the pressure from his family on her.

Thinking about it from another angle, if it were him, he wouldn’t be happy either.

So he didn’t ask for it.

He could see that Alecia was under a lot of pressure with him, and he couldn’t do anything for her.

“Alecia, if you feel too tired, I…” I gave you freedom. He paused, thinking very simple in his heart. When he really wanted to say it with his mouth, he found that it was not so easy. Lifting his eyes, “I don’t want you to leave me.”

Alecia seemed to notice his contradiction, looked into his eyes, and said, “I know.”

“In the future, I will do good deeds and accumulate virtue. I hope that God can have mercy on you and me, so that we can have our child smoothly, and no longer sleep and eat because of the child.” Harrison reached out and hooked her into his arms.

Alecia leaned back in his arms, “Let’s go out.”

Harrison said yes, they went to dinner and then watched a movie, a movie that was very popular recently, with a lot of people.

Movies nowadays like to make some sensational scenes. People who are slightly emotional will shed tears in the cinema.

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