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Chapter 1109

Alecia is also emotional. Harrison said that she cried because she was a woman.

“Don’t men cry?” Alecia glared at him.

Harrison said, “Men also cry, but their eyelids are harder. This kind of sentimental picture still can’t touch my tears.”

Alecia took his arm and bit down forcefully. Harrison didn’t move, but frowned slightly. It hurts. It hurts.

Alecia was upset, venting on him, not paying attention to her own strength, knowing that the smell of blood was permeating her mouth, she regained consciousness and hurriedly let go of him.

A row of very deep tooth marks, and blood has been bleeding in several places.

“Why don’t you call if it hurts?” Alecia asked.

Harrison said, “It doesn’t hurt, why should I call it hurt?”

Alecia, “…”

“It doesn’t hurt, isn’t it? Okay, then I’ll bite you again!” Alecia took his arm and pretended to bite him again. Harrison still didn’t move, and said, “I will treat it as the mark you left on me. I’ll go to the tattoo shop and get this tooth print on my arm, OK?”

“You become -an angel?” Alecia can’t understand his brain circuit at all. He is a lawyer with tattoos on his arms. People will think that he is not a serious lawyer, and the tooth prints are not beautiful. There is a circle with tattoos on his arms. What does it look like on the arm?

“If you want to get a tattoo, you can get me tattooed on your heart!” Alecia pointed to his chest.

Harrison smiled, grabbed her hand pointing to his chest, held her hand tightly on his l!ps, and k!ssed her. He put his arm around her with one hand, and said as he walked,

“Come, let’s go to the tattoo shop.” , To tattoo you on my heart, I ask the tattoo master to use the best potion, the kind that can’t be washed off by any method.”

“Is there that kind of potion?” Alecia followed his words nonsense.

“Let’s ask.” Harrison said with a smile.

Alecia was reluctant to go, “People will treat you as a neurotic, right?”

Harrison said, “Where am I going crazy?”

Alecia glanced at him up and down, curled her lips, “You look like a neurosis everywhere!”

After saying that she ran away quickly, Harrison chased after her, “Don’t run.”

“I don’t.” Alecia looked back at him as he ran.

Harrison ran fast and quickly caught up to her.


He hugged her from behind, “Can’t you run?” Alecia pushed his face and said, “This is on the street.”

“We didn’t do anything.”

Harrison buttoned her waist, “Let’s go home.”

Alecia said, “Let’s walk back, I want to walk.”

Harrison said yes, anyway, it was not far from home.

After walking for more than 30 minutes, they were almost at the gate of the community where they lived. From a distance, they saw two familiar faces walking around at the gate of the community.

Alecia touched Harrison, pointed at the gate of the community and asked, “Look at the two people at the gate of the community?”

Harrison followed Alecia’s direction and looked at it. It was his client who walked around at the gate of the community. He took the case. Now the mother and younger brother of the deceased are his clients.

Alecia glanced at him, “Is there something wrong with them?”

“Probably so.” Harrison grabbed Alecia’s hand and walked across the road.

“Lawyer Josh.” The woman saw Harrison and her son taking a few steps forward.

“Is there something to do with me?” Harrison asked.

The woman’s face was ugly, and her son’s face was not good, and it seemed a little hard to tell Harrison.

“That… Attorney Josh, it’s like this…”

Chapter 1110

The woman stumbling and stumbling, her son grabbed the woman’s arm and said, “I’ll talk to him.”

Harrison’s gaze turned.

“That’s right, we won’t file a lawsuit anymore.” It was the woman’s son who was speaking.

“Why?” Harrison didn’t understand. They were so angry before. They went bankrupt and wanted to seek justice for the deceased. Now that they changed, they changed?

“No, we won’t tell.” After speaking, he took the woman and left.

Harrison stood still, probably guessing in his heart. Most of it was due to the power of the Geiger family. He took the case under the pressure of the lawyers in the office and wanted to help them. Now he hasn’t flinched, they flinched.

The woman took a few steps, grabbed her son, turned back and bowed to Harrison, “Thank you for taking our case. Many people were afraid of getting into trouble. We won’t tell you how far away you are from us. It’s not because we don’t hate it anymore, but we have to survive, otherwise, we have no way to survive.”

The woman said her tears came out again. They are just ordinary people. At the beginning, their daughter was able to marry into the Geiger family because her daughter was beautiful.

Now that the Geiger family knew they were about to sue and wanted to bring this to the forefront, they suppressed them, and her son and daughter-in-law were unemployed.

“We can’t afford to offend the Geiger family. It’s okay for us adults to suffer and feel wronged, but my grandson is still young. He has to go to school and has a future. We can’t ignore the living for the dead, so we won’t sue. “The woman wiped away her tears and looked up at Harrison, “I still want to thank you.”

Knowing that this case is difficult, he was still willing to help them, so she was very grateful to Harrison on this point.

“My grandson was able to enter the Sage School because of the Geiger family’s help. Now he may be expelled at any time.” The woman said helplessly.

Now they can only retreat, her daughter is gone, and they can’t let her grandson have no future.

They always want to survive, if they really annoy the Geiger family, they can’t live here anymore.

I don’t want to be quiet, but this world is like this. How fair is the weak and the strong?

Harrison said, “I understand.”

“Thank you.” The woman repeatedly expressed her gratitude to him, sincerely. Their relatives are not very good, and they are far away from them for fear of getting into trouble.

When her daughter first married into Geiger’s family, relatives who couldn’t reach her also came to the door. Now they have long since disappeared without a trace.

People are warm and cold, and when you are glorious, many people are the icing on the cake, and when you are down, there are very few who give charcoal in the snow.

This is human nature, and there is nothing wrong with it.

“No thanks, I didn’t do anything.” Harrison said, “If you think about it, I won’t be much, take care.”

“Thank you, Lawyer Josh, I…” The woman’s son said, “I’m useless.”

Knowing that the death of his sister was the result of the Geiger family deceiving too much, but in order to survive, he had to endure the humiliation.

Harrison knows the contradictions and unwillingness in his heart, and he has to bow his head because of his life. This is life, and there are many times when it is helpless.

For example, he also has troubles and helplessness.

When the woman and her son went back, Harrison hugged Alecia and walked towards the community.

Alecia hasn’t spoken, this is life, there is a lot of helplessness.

When they returned home, she closed the door, and Harrison hugged her as soon as he turned around. Alecia put her hands on his chest and whispered, “What are you doing? The hug is too tight, I’m almost out of breath.”

Alecia protested.

Harrison did not relax, lowered his forehead and said, “I miss you.”

Alecia stared at him, “What do you think about when you look at me every day?”

Harrison smiled with a beautiful arc at the corners of his lips, and his eyes were a little gleaming hazel, and there was a deep pampering in the beauty and coquettishness,

“Don’t turn the subject off, you know what I am talking about.”

Alecia looked down gently. She and Harrison had never had that kind of behavior again. There was always a hurdle in her heart. She felt that she lacked an organ and her body was incomplete, and she would have a sense of inferiority.

“Harrison, I…” She raised her eyes, the black silky eyes under her long eyelashes, like a quiet, clear lake, but hidden in the depths of imperceptible retreat.

Harrison gently k!ssed the tip of her nose, “I know, you are afraid and dare not face me, but you are still you, in my heart you have never changed.”

Alecia bit her lip and loosened her clenched hands little by little. Harrison took her hand and rubbed his thumb against her palm, “You look at me.”

She raised her head.

Harrison lowered his head and k!ssed her lips, pressed her against the door panel, and k!ssed her hard.

His body is very hot and hard, like volcanic rock.

Alecia panted and pushed him, “You are going to smother me.”

Harrison smiled, “I won’t let you die.” He picked her up, put her on the sofa, leaned on top of h3r, and looked at her seriously. Except for the unexpected look in her eyes, her appearance was no longer the original shadow. , But he knew that she was still her.

He lowered his b0dy, looked at her, and said softly, “Let’s try. If you really can’t accept it, I won’t force you.”

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