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Chapter 1111

Alecia nodded gently, got her consent, Harrison supported with one hand, and stretched out a hand to stroke her cheek, her eyes, her nose, and her lips, depicting her at the moment under his fingertips, he wants to keep her appearance firmly in his heart and never forget it again.

His lips pressed slowly, and Alecia slowly closed her eyes.

Harrison k!ssed her gently, and did not rush to do anything. He knew that Alecia was fragile and needed care.

He leaned in her ear and said softly, “Alecia, what do you think and tell me the unhappy things, don’t hide them in your heart.”

In fact, he was envious of her smile when she faced others.

Don’t know when, he watched her smile less and less, more and more fake, she concealed her heart, refused to open to him.

Alecia opened her eyes in surprise.

Harrison k!ssed her eyes, his l!ps were soft, and Alecia felt itchy when he touched her eyelids, and closed her eyes again.

He k!ssed her softly for a long time, until Alecia was about to get used to this kind of intimate behavior.

When Harrison unbuttoned her cl0thes, she did not reject him as she imagined, but faced him calmly.

Soon many cl0thes were scattered on the ground, including his and her.

Alecia was already lying on the b3d when she woke up. She vaguely remembered that Harrison carried her back to the bedroom. There was his shirt at the end of the bed.

She grabbed it and put it on her b0dy. She was wearing his clothes a little big, like it’s a miniskirt, covering important parts, showing slender legs.

She came out and saw him in the kitchen with an apron around his waist. Alecia leaned against the door and looked at his back.

He was wearing casual home clothes with a long waist and thin legs. He looked thin, but It’s not that he has no strength, but just looks weak, just like his appearance.

Peter feels tough, but he is handsome, his skin is thin, his facial features are distinct, he is a little unruly when he is smiling, and his eyes are bright when he is serious.

He is particularly young, in his early thirties, his face looks like he is in his early twenties, and when he puts on a serious expression without a suit or tie, he looks like the words “little milk dog” used by netizens nowadays.

During the period when she moved out, Alecia was very comfortable, and the smile on her face increased.

She stepped forward and gently walked over, hugged Harrison’s waist from behind, stretched her head and looked into the pot, “It’s done. What’s delicious?”

“Prawn in tomato sauce.” In the pan, there are two shrimps as big as fingers bowing their tails. They are all red, and they can smell the rich sour flavor.

Alecia pursed her lips, and said frankly to Harrison, “I was very cautious, nervous, and scared for what I spent every day some time ago.”

Harrison turned the flame off, and wanted to touch her cheeks. Noting that his hands were not clean, he k!ssed her forehead with his l!ps and said softly, “I know.”

He saw it all.

But it couldn’t comfort her.

Because her fear and anxiety are all brought to her by him.

“We won’t do the task of shipping on behalf of you at this point.” Harrison’s expression was serious.

Alecia touched his eyebrows, “I like your smile.”

Harrison couldn’t laugh.

Alecia pondered for a while and said, “Try again. If you don’t succeed, you will give up. There is a beginning and an end.”

Harrison hugged her and said, “Okay, just try it for the last time. I have no regrets if it fails…” He paused, “We won’t go back and live, grandma will be taken care of.”

Alecia said yes, she couldn’t face the old lady, so she might as well be at ease outside.

“Then I will be a little bit private, and leave everything to you, and I will hide behind you,” Alecia laughed briskly in front of him, rarely.

Harrison likes her to be like this, likes her to laugh, likes her to be honest with him.

At the end of the month, Alecia did it for the second time. During the process, she was still apprehensive, and some worries would never change. For example, she would bear it for fear of unsuccessful and hardship, and she was most afraid that the doctor would say failure at the end.

After the egg was taken out, Alecia was taken back to residence by Harrison. The hospital was full of the smell of disinfectant. Alecia was terrified. Every second in the hospital was depressed, and her breathing would not feel smooth.

Fortunately, she can come back to recuperate.

Harrison has been by her side.

Alecia almost didn’t ask about the old lady’s affairs, it was Harrison who was dealing with it, and she forced herself not to think about it.

Peter came back at the end of the month.

Sandy said on the excuse that there was too much time to come back from class and wanted to move to school. So Sandy left the same night when Peter came back.

Peter took it seriously, really thinking that Sandy was busy with her studies. Ryan knew that he was back and asked him to come home for dinner. Peter passed by at noon.

Carla saw him alone and asked, “Why didn’t Sandy come with you? You couldn’t come back from a business trip.”

The two are newly married again, so they should like to be tired of being together, why did he come alone.

Carla also went out to City R. She is trying to persuade Ryan to allow her to take her child to City R. Her career is there. Now she has a child and is out of confinement. Give up the career for love.

Ryan disagrees. It is enough for one person to earn the money, and they are not short of money. If she goes to City R, it is equivalent to splitting the two places of the family.

Carla knew this too, so she didn’t insist on leaving, but waited for Ryan to let go.

She was holding her little son in her arms, and now he is no longer crumpled when he grows up. He looks like a pink jade and is very cute. They can now vaguely see that he looks like Carla, and Alan is now More and more like Ryan, but this little son is like her.

Peter said, “She was busy with her studies and went to live in the dormitory.”

Carla didn’t hear it right. Sandy had come over the day before yesterday, saying that she had few classes and was looking for an internship.

Chapter 1112

Carla looked at Peter and asked, “Are you awkward?”

Peter was surprised that Carla would ask this, and said, “No.”

Carla didn’t believe it, but she didn’t ask. After all, Peter is not a child, but Sandy is still young, and the girl’s thoughts are delicate, so she said to him, “You know the situation of Sandy best, and you have to take care of it. Love her so that she feels at home, don’t leave her in the cold.”

Peter smiled.

He was also using his own method to treat Sandy well and support her studies. She said that she was busy with her studies and wanted to live in the school.

Even if he came back, he wanted to get along with her more, and then she was going to live in the school. He didn’t say anything or stop her.

He also sent her there.

Peter now thinks about it carefully. It seems that Sandy is indeed different from before. She used to be very enthusiastic and always liked to pester him. This time she seemed a little indifferent to him. Did he do something wrong?

He thought about it carefully. He left after coming back last time. There was no conflict between the two. During this time, he was relatively busy, and neither of them had much contact, let alone being awkward.

Maybe he thinks too much, Sandy is not angry with him?

“Give me Little Treasure.” Lucia walked over to take the child in Carla’s arms, “He is going to sleep for a while.”

Carla gave the baby to Lucia, poured two glasses of water over, and put one in front of Peter, and asked, “When can you come back?”

“A month.” Peter replied.

Carla nodded, she took a sip of water and asked, “A few days later, when will you go back?”

“I was busy some time ago. After I was busy, I have had a lot of free time in the past few days. I can stay for one more day. I go back on Tuesday. This time I go back and come back to almost the end of this study.” Peter said.

“I know you are busy, but no matter how busy you are, you still have to take some time to accompany Sandy.” The last time Sandy came, Carla saw that she was worried, but she kept smiling, but it was easy to get stunned.

Peter nodded and said, “I know.”

“Come and eat.” Samantha brought the cooked food to the table. Today, the house is deserted. Today Nelson took two children to the cultural center this weekend. If he doesn’t come back for dinner, Ryan didn’t come back for as well.

It seems quite deserted.

After eating, Peter went back. Sitting in the car, he found that he had nowhere to go. When he returned home, there was no one at home, and Sandy was not there. He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Sandy, “Have you had lunch?”

Sandy was in the cafeteria, eating food but had no appetite. Hearing the phone ringing, she took out the phone and saw that it was a text message from Peter, she quickly clicked on it.

Although she was angry that Peter did not take the initiative to contact him, she still couldn’t help but treat him a bit, a text message can make her very happy.

After reading the text message, she pretended to be indifferent and replied, [ate]

Peter took the phone and didn’t know what to say, saying I miss you? It was too greasy, and Sandy was in school, so he asked, “What did you eat? 】

Sandy, “…”

Is this man a steel bar?

She replied calmly, 【Cowpea, fried pork with ginger, tofu. 】

Peter really felt that he was too boring, and asked, [How many classes are there in the afternoon? 】

There was a gleam in Sandy’s pupils and asked, [What are you doing?]

Peter quickly tapped on the screen, I want to see you…

He hesitated and changed it to, [Let’s eat together tonight. 】

Sandy, “…”

This smelly man!

[There are too many classes and no time. After replying, Sandy put the phone on the table. She had no appetite, but now she has appetite.

Sandra came over, “Sandy, let’s go shopping, there is no class anyway.”

Sandy didn’t want to go, so she was not in the mood to go shopping.

Asked her, “Have you been looking for an internship?”

Sandra shook her head, “No, how about you?”

“I want to go to Broad Securities.” Sandy studied finance, so she wanted to gain experience in related companies.

But this company is difficult to enter, no one can enter.

“Look for your husband, he must have some connections.” Sandra said enviously, “Hey, I really envy you. You got married before graduating from university. Still marry a good man. If I were you, I wouldn’t After reading it, just go back to be a housewife. It’s good to have children and take care of your husband.”

Sandy looked at her, “I don’t want to be a housewife.”

She wants to be equal to Peter.

Before, she wanted to change her major to take the police examination. Now she thinks that the same job is not necessarily a good thing for two people, so she should go to her original major.

“Sandy, I invite you to drink milk tea and go shopping with me.” Sandra wrapped Sandy’s arm, “I will be bored by myself.”

Sandy pursed her lips.

“I invite you to drink two cups of milk tea, okay?”

Sandy glanced at her and said, “Well, a cup of milk tea will do.”

“Then eat quickly.” Sandra urged Sandy to eat quickly, and then go shopping.

Sandy picked up the spoon and glanced at the phone screen. There was no text. She grabbed the phone and put it in her pocket, and bowed her head to eat.

After dinner, Sandra called a taxi, and they got in the car after leaving the school gate. Sandy thought Sandra said that he would go shopping and go back to Star Street. They sell everything there, and the price is cheap, but Sandra goes to the mall in the city.

They are all college students and don’t have much money in their hands.

Clothes in the mall are too expensive.

Sandy asked her, “What are you going to buy?”

“Buy a decent suit for job hunting.” Sandra said and looked at her, “Don’t you want to buy it?”

Sandy shook her head, “I already have.”

“You wouldn’t buy it on Star Street, would you?” Sandra stared at her.

Sandy bought it on Star Street. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It fits my identity.”

She hasn’t worked seriously yet, and there is no need to wear famous brands and engage in false pretensions.

She was also an intern when she went to the company, and wearing too good clothes did not match her identity.

Sandra doesn’t think so. She thinks that a body of clothes will also make people feel confident, “Does your husband not give you money?”

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