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Chapter 1113

Sandy has money. The card that Peter gave her last time was his deposit. She didn’t spend much. Although she had money in her hand, she wouldn’t spend it randomly. She was still very strong in her bones.

Although she is wife of Peter, she hasn’t worked yet and she doesn’t have a lot of money, but she won’t spend his money. If she wants to buy valuables, she wants to get it through her own efforts.

Without seeing her speaking, Sandra’s eyes widened, “Will your husband really not give you money?” Then she said again, “You are so much younger than him, shouldn’t he use money to support you?”

Sandy felt very ear-piercing when she heard these words. She was raised simply from the yong age?

What is the logic?

This is a derogatory term no matter how you hear it, as if she marries Peter to use his money and for his social status.

“I married him because I liked him, not because of his money.” Sandy emphasized.

Sandra smiled and comforted her, “I know, I didn’t say anything, don’t get excited.”

Sandy glanced at her and didn’t believe her words.

Sandra said, “Okay, okay, I said something wrong, I don’t mean anything else, don’t think too much.”

In fact, she was really unintentional, and she didn’t want to say that Sandy’s marriage so early was for the money of the family.

It’s just that when the words are said in a hurry, she just said this casually as soon as she was done. She never expected Sandy to be so sensitive.

When they arrived, Sandra went to buy milk tea, and the two walked into the mall holding hands, because the mall was crowded on weekends.

“There are women’s clothing over there, let’s go over there.” Sandra pulled Sandy, and Sandy walked with her. She didn’t have anything to buy, so she followed her.

After Peter left, Lucia said that the weather was slowly getting colder, saying that Alan’s long-sleeved jacket was a bit smaller. This year it has grown a lot and he needs to buy a new one. Iris also wants to buy it. Some of the ones from last year can’t be worn. Alan is tall, but he has grown taller this year.

It is Lucia and Samantha, and Carla comes out to buy autumn clothes for the two children.

She now feels more and more like a housewife, who is still a very comfortable housewife. There is a driver when going out, and she doesn’t have to drive the car by herself. There are Lucia and Samantha at home to help her take care of the children.

Ryan will make money, as if she has nothing to do, she doesn’t like such a day, she hopes to do what she likes to do.

But Ryan didn’t allow her to go to City R, so she could only be a housewife at home.

She has been here for a while, and the driver followed her with a few paper bags in his hand. Originally, she bought clothes for Iris and Alan, but when she saw the baby supplies store, she walked in and saw a lot of small clothes. Very cute, she bought a few, and some baby products.

Here, Sandra took Sandy to a jewelry store, and Sandy blinked at her, “Sandra, what are you going to sell?”

Sandra whispered in her ear, “Don’t buy it.”

Sandy didn’t understand, why did she enter the store if she didn’t buy it? And look at it, there are no cheap things at all, there are tens of thousands of things, at least a few thousand, hundreds of things are completely absent.

“Since we don’t buy it, we don’t want to go in and watch it.” Sandy felt that it was unnecessary. Going around was a waste of time, and it seemed too embarrassing to not buy.

“Sandy, we’re here to go shopping, I’ll take a look, anyway, I don’t need money to try it on.”

Chapter 1114

Speaking, Sandra pulled Sandy into the store, and a salesperson was already there to receive them.

Sandra pulled Sandy towards the necklace area. The lights in the jewelry store were very bright, and the jewelry made of expensive metal materials shone very brightly.

Girls like those delicate trinkets, and Sandy also likes them, but she can restrain herself more and does what she can.

Never do anything beyond your ability.

Sandra does not have the financial means to buy these things now, but just likes it, and can’t afford to try them on.

She pointed to a platinum necklace that she had seen countless times on the Internet. Now that she saw the real one, she wanted to try it on, “Can you show me this one?”

The salesperson wore white gloves and said yes, opened the glass cabinet and took the necklace out and put it in a red velvet jewelry tray for her to see.

A thin platinum chain is hung with a delicate heart-shaped pendant. The pendant is very simple. It is a small heart-shaped made of platinum with a small tassel inlaid with a small diamond next to it. It is very beautiful and suitable for fair skin girls.

Sandra picked it up. It was much brighter than the imitations she had seen on the Internet. She was eager to try it, “Can I try it on?”

The salesperson said, “Yes.”

Sandra took the necklace from the salesperson and asked her to help herself with it.

Soon the sales staff put the necklace on her. She is a pretty girl, and this necklace suits her very well.

“This necklace suits you very well.” The sales staff showed her the mirror enthusiastically.

Sandra watched the necklace hanging from her neck in the mirror gleaming, she loved it from the bottom of her heart.

“How much is it for?”

“9888.” The salesperson said, “Platinum is inherently expensive, and with this excellent color diamond, the price will of course not be too cheap.”

Sandra looked in the mirror and reached out to touch the very small diamond. Diamonds too small belong to broken diamonds and have no value.

“Is there any event, can I get a discount?” Sandra asked the salesperson to take it down for herself.

The salesperson took it down and said, “This is the latest model and won’t be discounted.”


“You are very discerning. This necklace is really suitable for you. It looks very beautiful when you wear it, and you look feminine. When you wear it, you have a different feeling and you look very tasteful.”

Sandra really likes it, but she also knows that she doesn’t have so much in her pocket and can’t afford it.

You can only buy it later when you have money.

“Actually, I don’t like it that much either. Let’s go to another store to have a look.” Sandra smiled and pulled Sandy out.

The salesperson put the necklace back in the glass cabinet and muttered, “If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. If you say you don’t like it, you don’t know anything about it.”

When Sandra became displeased, she turned to look at her, “What did you just say?”

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