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Chapter 1936


Levi was kicked out.

A terrible air current swept across.



Wherever he went, all kinds of equipment in various buildings burst open.

The whole banquet scene was in a mess!

The airflow forcibly created a trace of black scorched earth tens of meters long…



A building not far away collapsed suddenly.

Billowing smoke filled the audience.

Everyone was stunned.

No one thought that Levi would suddenly get into trouble.

The power of one foot is as horrible as it is.

The people in front were urging, in fact they wanted to see Levi’s jokes.

I didn’t expect him to come for real!


“So he is still a Lord!”

Levi’s hand shocked the audience.

Including McHale and his ilk.

Was also surprised.

too strong!

There is definitely a place among the younger generation!

No wonder he was so daring to bet against the king’s family, it turns out that he really has two brushes!

“Take it down”

The gambling king family can no longer stand it.

Travis waved his hand, and a large number of Lords k!lled Levi.

Repeatedly provoking the gambling king family will end in death!

“It’s just like watching a good show!”

The gambling king smiled and said.

McHale and they all laughed too.

Levi didn’t care about it at all.




But Levi is like playing football, one kick one by one.

One after another, the figures flew into the audience.

It looked like a human-shaped cannonball, blasting a mess everywhere in the villa.

Gradually, the smile on the gambling king’s face disappeared, and the expressions of McHale and others solidified.



Levi showed great power, and the Lords of the gambling king family were like chickens.

In front of Levi, there was no fighting power at all.

Soon, hundreds of Lords scattered all over the villa, falling to the ground groaning and rolling, and the scene was chaotic.


Levi sneered.

At this moment, everyone present could not laugh out loud.

Levi is much stronger than they thought!

Especially Nichole and Yefil were the most shocked.

They first met Levi!

Now Yefil understands Levi’s confidence in provoking them.

He also understood why Levi disembarked quietly.

Is this ordinary person so strong?

He didn’t want to take another look at the beginning, but now Nichole has to pay attention to it.

“Trash! A bunch of trash!”

“Come on, take him down for me!”

Travis became angry and sent more and stronger masters to k!ll Levi.

The corner of Levi’s mouth evoked an arc of disdain, and he fought with hundreds of Lords.




Levi fisted to the flesh, blood-spattered, and screamed hysterically.

Powerful as a god!

Levi, with an invincible posture, crushes the gambling king family!



Where Levi passed, countless people fell, blood stained the earth, and the entire manor was in a mess.

The faces of the gambling king family and the guests who came were ugly to the extreme.

It’s the same as eating flies.


Great shame!

I was alone in the gambling king family, but the gambling king family couldn’t stop it!

Seven or eight hundred masters were sent out for a while, and they couldn’t stop it at all.

The gambling king family is not afraid of what Levi can do?

Not to mention that their real hole cards have not yet been played.

McHale and the young boss of Blackwater Company are still here…

Levi allows him to pass the sky, can he beat the fourth-ranked McHale?

impossible things!

It’s just that this scene is a bit embarrassing now, and it makes the gambling king family lose face!

It’s just a matter of face getting mixed up in the upper class!

Now, Levi has lost the face of the gambling king’s family!

The gambling king couldn’t get off the stage in front of McHale.

“Does the gambling man need me to take action?”

McHale joked.

“To k!ll a rat, why do you need to take action?”

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