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Chapter 1129

Carla’s heart shook, did he really bring the divorce agreement, and her voice lowered, “What?”

Harrison walked to the back of the car and took out a suitcase from it, and walked over, “It’s all Alecia’s stuff in it.”

Carla stared at the suitcase in his hand, did not pick it up, but looked at him, “You are…”

“Whether she is here or back to City R, it’s better than being by my side anyway. If she really wants to be divorced, I will follow her wish.” He lowered his eyes, his emotions were covered. In the bottom of his eyes, “Thank you.”

Carla said, “Alright, you should calm down and think clearly. Grandma is indeed a problem. If you don’t handle it well, you and Alecia will not be happy.”

“I understand that she is the one who raised me, and I can’t ignore it, Alecia…I owe her too much…” I can’t afford it yet.

Carla knew that Harrison was not feeling well at this time, so she didn’t say much, pulled the suitcase, and turned into the house.

She opened the door of Alecia’s room and saw her sitting alone on the balcony, her lonely appearance as if she was left alone in this world.

Carla slowed down and walked in. Alecia didn’t know what she was thinking about, and even if anyone came in, she didn’t know it.

“Alecia.” Carla called her softly.

Alecia slowly turned her head, Carla smiled, “What are you thinking about?”

“I didn’t think about anything.” His eyes touched the box in Carla’s hand, “This is…”

“This one……”

Carla took her to sit on the bed without hiding her, telling him that Harrison had just come, “He said that as long as you think, he will follow you.”

Alecia looked down, her eyelashes trembling slightly and staring at the box Carla brought in, “So it’s my stuff, is there a divorce agreement?”


“I’m fine, that’s okay.” Alecia stood up and took the box, put it down, and opened it. It was indeed her stuff inside. There was a file bag on the top, and the mouth was sealed.

Alecia thought it was a divorce agreement, and the gesture of reaching out and holding it was paused, and there was a slight tremor, and the circles under her eyes were red. Many things are the strongest when imagined. When they really face it, they will always lack. Got so little courage.

But soon she adjusted it, reached out and took it out, went around the entangled seal, reached in, and took it out.

The big words of the expected divorce agreement did not appear in the document. It contained all of Harrison’s deposits, to be precise, all of Harrison’s net worth, all deposits in the real estate, and funds.

Alecia frowned slightly, what are these?

Carla quietly exited the room and closed the door.

In the room, Alecia took out all the things in the document bag, the real estate certificate, bank card, and the purchased fund.

Ding Dong——

Alecia’s mobile phone on the bedside table rang a text message. She stood up and picked up the phone. The name of Harrison was displayed on it. She clicked on the text message.

[Alecia, I have stored all my money in this bank card. The password is the date we received the certificate. Some are temporarily unrealizable. You can take it out after expiration. These are all my family properties. It’s all over to you, I owe you too much, and what I can give you is these external things. I hope you can live without worries… I give you time, you can live wherever you want, if you really want to… I will give you freedom and let you find the happiness that really belongs to you.

Even though I am very reluctant to give you up, but I can’t give you happiness, I can only let go, and can’t let you wither by my side.

I am waiting for you at any time. 】

The fingertips of Alecia holding the phone turned white, and the whole person fell to the bed, looking at the things Harrison left her with blurred vision, choked up, “There will really be two in this world, like each other, miss each other. Reluctant, but there are no two people together?”

Tears fell out of her eyes without warning, and fell down her cheeks.

She reached out her hand to wipe away her tears and replied to Harrison’s message, [I have received everything you gave me, and I will also accept it. You are a lawyer and you are planning a divorce agreement. I will come to you when I get better. 】

She knows what Harrison’s mind is. If he feels that he can feel more comfortable in this way, then she will accept it and make him more comfortable.

Harrison stood at the place where he and Alecia lived for a month. Although the time was short, it was their happiest day.

He looked at the kitchen, through a familiar place, as if he was standing there cooking when they were living together. Sometimes Alecia would chew on an apple in her hand, watch him cooking, and even hold his hand.”

“The apple inside was stuffed into his mouth, sometimes she hugged him from behind, poked her head out, and asked him what he was cooking.

It was Alecia’s smile that became relaxed, and they were at ease together.

He moved, and the balcony in the bedroom was the same as when he moved in. It hadn’t changed at all, except that the woman sitting in the hanging chair playing with the fish in the fish tank was gone.

The slender figure disappeared on the bed either.

Nothing has changed, it’s just that people are gone.

Everything is empty, just like his heart.

He turned around and walked back to the living room to sit on the sofa, inexplicably recalling Alecia sitting here watching TV.

Every bit of life here is like a replay of a movie before you.

The phone in his pocket vibrated, he took out the phone, it was Alecia’s number, and he clicked on the text message.

After reading the text messages, his head dropped even lower.

It took a long time before he replied with the word “Okay.”

Chapter 1130

After reading the message from Harrison, Alecia put down her mobile phone and sat on the bed for a while. Her mood was not depressed, but she quickly adjusted her things. She packed her things and walked out of the room.

In the living room, Lucia is feeding Little boy the bottled milk.

As she walked over, Little boy oozes fine sweat on his forehead. Don’t know if he was tired from drinking milk. Looking at his small appearance with a pacifier, Alecia gently curled the corners of her lips unconsciously and reached out to touch His face said, “He looks more and more like a mother.”

Lucia also said, “It’s like words.”

“This is her son, of course, he looks like her.”

At this time Little boy finished the milk powder, Lucia took off the milk bottle, Alecia stretched out her hand, “Let me hug.”

Lucia handed Little boy to her, “I just drank the milk, and you hold him upright and gently pat his back.”

Alecia held Little boy as Lucia said, he was very soft, and Alecia gave him a smooth back.

The smell of milk powder on Little boy’s body, Alecia felt it smelled good, k!ssed his little cheek, and said with a smile, “I’m your godmother.”

Lucia cleaned the baby bottle and placed it in the disinfection cabinet. He stood by the cabinet and looked at Alecia. Carla walked over and stood beside Lucia and looked at Alecia.

“It’s a pity,” Lucia said regretfully.

Alecia could have children of her own, but now…

Carla patted Lucia on the shoulder, then walked over and reached out to touch her son’s cheek.

“I am going back to City R.” Alecia said.

Carla felt suddenly.

“Our certificate has not yet been officially processed. I don’t want to face him now. After a while, we can face each other calmly, and I will come back.” She paused, “And you are here, I have to come back to see you, and the Little Treasure.”

Alecia looked at the baby with soft eyes, “He is too cute, and it’s not long when he will call mom and dad.”

Carla said, “It’s early.”

“If you think about it, I won’t persuade you at all. I will send you off when you want to leave.” Carla said.

Alecia booked the last flight to City R of the day. Carla went to see her off. When she came back, it was already over ten o’clock. Ryan hadn’t returned. Since Ramiro went on vacation, he was very busy. Going out early and return late.

Carla is also used to his late return.

Sandy also left City B today, and took the high-speed train to the city of Peter.

She didn’t tell him, she wanted to surprise him.

Since the last time she was angry, Peter now sends a message to her whenever he is free. If she has eaten? What to eat? what are you doing? Are there many classes? These boring and rigid greetings.

But this is enough for her, knowing that he is not the kind of man with a glib tongue, it is impossible to talk about love and romance, this kind of plain greetings, Sandy can also feel warm.

She succeeded in the interview, and she was going for an internship in a week. She was afraid that she would not have time, so she ran to see him when she had time.

She glanced at the time, and it was more than an hour, and she started to look forward to it. Would he be surprised when he sees her? Would he be very happy?

Thinking of him, she smiled.

Looking out the window with joy, hoping to reach the destination quickly and quickly see Peter.

She wants to see how he sees her.

A text message popped up on the phone screen, which was sent by Peter, [What are you doing? 】

Looking at the same text message as yesterday, Sandy raised her lips unconsciously, and replied, [Sleeping. 】

[Going to bed so early? 】

[I’m not asleep, thinking of you.] She quickly responds to messages.

Looking at this message, a happy smile appeared on Peter’s face standing in the corridor. He was busy and had time to send a message to her after finishing a meeting. However, he received the message from Sandy, which made him feel less energetic.

Then replied, “I miss you too.”

Sandy blinked, [Then I’m going to see you? 】

[There is no car at this point, and you are a girl in danger. 】

Sandy smiled, [Then I’m going to bed. 】


Sandy was afraid that she had remembered his address incorrectly, so she made sure again [Where did you say your address last time? I forgot, you send me again, I will visit you when I have time. 】

Peter didn’t think much about it, so he sent her his address again. He was just like that.

Sandy saw that the message he sent was the same as the last time he said, she remembered it. He was relieved, [I’m asleep, good night. 】

She put the phone in her bag, and then was about to squint for a while.

After the car arrived at the station an hour later, Sandy got off with a bag. At this time, there were quite a lot of people at the station, all of whom came to pick up people, and there were many taxis.

When she got out of the station, she found it was raining. The rain was quite heavy. A taxi drove over. She stopped and sat up and closed the car door and told the driver Peter’s address.

Soon the car drove out.

Sandy looked out the window, thinking that she was about to see Peter, she was expectingly and a little nervous in her heart, wondering if he would be shocked when he sees her suddenly.

Soon the car arrived at the destination. When Sandy went to get her wallet, she found that the wallet was missing. She rummaged in a panic and there was still no mobile phone and no more. At this time, she found that she didn’t know when a cut was made on the bag.

Is it stolen?

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