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Chapter 1131

The wallet is gone, and the phone is gone, what should she do?

Sandy looked at the driver in front, “It’s that I…”

“Miss, you don’t think you are riding in a bully car, do you?” The driver has a gloomy face. Is it easy for him to come out at night to do business?

“No, I lost my wallet and my phone…”

Sandy wanted to explain that the taxi driver didn’t care, “What you said has nothing to do with me. Give me the money.”

“I’m just a businessman, and I’m not a living Bodhisattva. Besides, I don’t have much money, just over fifty. Money, do you still want to fall back on the bill?”

“I didn’t want to go wrong, but it is stolen,” Sandy said eagerly, she didn’t want to go wrong.

She was more anxious than anyone else.

No money, no cell phone.

“You always have friends if you lose something? You have to give me the money. You can’t do that.” The driver was very upset. I didn’t know if the money could come, and it also delayed him from carrying a customer. “I was so unlucky to meet you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Sandy was anxious.

“Call your friend.” The driver handed the phone to Sandy. Sandy’s eyes lit up, and soon she darkened her eyes again. She hadn’t remembered Peter’s number.


The classmates who call City B can’t quench their near thirst, how is this good?

She was annoyed to death, why didn’t she remember Peter’s number?

After Peter changed his number that time, she was the first to save it, and she also noted the name. After that, the name was displayed when sending messages and calls, but she didn’t notice the number.

Now want to use it but she doesn’t know the number.

The taxi driver was very impatient, “Are you calling?”

“I have just a friend here, I forgot his phone number…”

“Go down!” The driver hurried away with a black face, “I was so unlucky to meet someone like you.”

Sandy apologized again and again, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

“Hurry up, don’t delay my business, I’m unlucky enough to meet you so don’t waste my time, what’s the use of an apology? I will send you to the police station if you don’t think you are a little girl!”

“Sorry Sorry……”

Sandy pushed the car door down, and she got wet as soon as she came out. The heavy rain was still falling. She closed the car door, and the car drove out quickly, splashing Sandy with water.

Peter didn’t live in a residential area but in a building. The door was closed and she couldn’t get in. There was no place to hide from the rain around.

Seeing all the clothes on her body were soaked, the rain was very cold after the autumn, and she was shaking with cold.

She had been in the rain for a long time before she found a narrow eave to shelter her from the rain, but watching the momentum of the rain would not stop for a while.

About twenty minutes later, a car drove over and stopped in the parking lot at the door.

Peter got out of the car under an umbrella. Sandy couldn’t see clearly in the dim light. When she was almost at the door, Sandy could see that it was Peter. She ran over and said, “Peter.”

When Peter looked towards the source of the sound, he saw a petite figure running towards him, braving the rain and wind, looking very embarrassed.

“Sandy?” Peter was stunned for a second and immediately strode over, holding the umbrella over her to block the rain. “What’s wrong with you?”

Sandy hugged her arms and trembled, like a poor little worm, “I’m here to find you, wanting to give you a surprise… But the bag was scratched by a thief, and both my wallet and mobile phone were lost.”

Peter tucked the umbrella into her hand, took off his coat and wrapped her up, said nothing, and walked into the building with his arms around her.

“Where do you live now?” Sandy asked with trembling lips.

“Temporary accommodation.” Peter hugged her tightly, trying to warm her with the temperature of his body. Her body was so cold that he could feel it through the fabric.

Don’t know how long she has been in the rain, will she get sick.

“Sneezes—” Sandy sneezed.

At this time, they reached the door of the room, and Peter opened the door. He went to the bathroom and took out a dry towel and walked over to wipe her face, “Hurry up and take off the wet clothes.”

The room is not big, only the bedroom and the bathroom, the room is very simple with a cabinet and a table.

Sandy unbuttoned her clothes and her hands were a little stiff. Peter saw that she was slow, so he helped her take off. Soon Sandy’s cl0thes were torn off, leaving only the simple cl0thes inside. Peter had no idea, just For fear of her illness, took off all the wet cl0thes on her b0dy.

Wiped it roughly with a towel, carried her into the bed, and covered it with a quilt.

Sandy curled up in the quilt, feeling more comfortable and warm.

Peter went and brought a cup of hot water, lifted Sandy, and handed the water to her lips, “Drink some hot water.”

Sandy took his hand and took two sips, “Okay.”

He put down the water cup and touched her forehead, fearing that she would have a fever.

Sandy nestled and whispered, “It’s okay, don’t worry, I won’t get sick. I’m in good health. I didn’t like to get sick when I was young.”

Peter hugged her, took out his mobile phone to get her some hot soup or something to drink, to get rid of the coldness on her body, but at this time there was no restaurant open.

There is nothing here, you can’t even cook a bowl of ginger water.

Peter hugged her petite body, very distressed, “If you told me earlier, I could pick you up.”

Sandy fanned her eyelashes. “Didn’t I want to surprise you?” She tilted her head, her hair still wet even though it was wiped, “I came to see you. Are you happy to see me? Are you happy to see me?”

Chapter 1132

Peter said, “I am very happy.”

Sandy’s cl0thes are all off, now there is no cl0thes on her, naughty naughty rubbed into his arms, blinked and asked, “How much happy? Show me.”

Peter looked at her, his pupils became pitch black, a certain emotion was moving, but restrained, “You just got caught in the rain… Don’t make trouble.”

The last time he went back to her and she let him sleep on the sofa, the two weren’t together. He could not bear to m0lest her at this moment.

Sandy suddenly thought of something and widened her eyes, “What should I do? I lost my mobile phone and wallet, and the wallet and the bank card you gave me. The password is so simple. Will it be…”

“It’s okay, I’ll go to the bank to report the loss tomorrow, and I’ll buy you a new mobile phone as well.”

Peter said in a serious tone, “Although I am very happy you are here, but you are not allowed to do this next time, you have to notify me in advance, or you will be alone. For girls, it is too dangerous.”

“Are you worried about me?” Sandy raised her head.

Peter lowered his eyes, rubbed his fingertips on her cheek, her skin was still a little cold, “Of course, you are my wife.”

Sandy’s gaze as she watched him softened, and the corners of her lips were gently raised, and her lips were curled up around his neck.

Then two l!ps pressed against each other, Peter hesitated, with a gentle gaze sweeping Sandy’s cheek, his heart trembled, under the not very bright aperture, Sandy was somewhat unique and charming that he would not normally see, he looked at her. She was within reach and couldn’t help responding forcefully.

The two embrac3d enthusiastically.

The quilt covering Sandy’s b0dy slowly slipped, revealing her pale and greasy skin, only with a little coldness.

She pressed h3r b0dy tightly to Peter so that she could be warmer.

Peter’s breathing became thicker and thicker, calling her name hoarsely.

Sandy replied softly, “I missed you…” She sneezed at the end of his voice, and his saliva sprayed onto Peter’s face.

Her face flushed suddenly, and she hurried to wipe his face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Such a good atmosphere was destroyed by a sneeze from her.

She felt annoyed at herself.

Peter grabbed her hand that wiped his face in a panic, smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

He put the quilt on Sandy again, helped her lie down, “You sleep, I’ll go out.”

“I’m okay… Ahee…” Sandy had another sneeze before she finished speaking.

Peter touched her forehead, seemingly unsure, pressed her forehead to test the temperature, and then his brows frowned slightly, “You may have a fever.”

Sandy stretched out her hand and touched it, “Isn’t there?”

She doesn’t feel hot.

Peter got up, “You can’t figure it out by yourself.”

He pulled the quilt, “I’ll go out to buy some medicine and come back, you lie down.”

Sandy said, “You don’t have to…”

It seems that the body doesn’t give her face.

Peter possessed and k!ssed her forehead gently, “Be obedient, I’ll be back soon.”

Sandy nodded and said, “Then you hurry up.”

Peter is not around, she has no sense of security in this strange place.

“Well, I will be back soon.” After Peter took the car key and went out, Sandy looked at him, “Don’t forget to take the umbrella.”

Peter gave a hum and went out with an umbrella.

After he walked for a while, Sandy began to feel uncomfortable. She was still feeling cold in the quilt, so she shrank.

He glanced around the room, thinking that this is Peter’s residence.

There are simply a few clothes hanging in the cabinet, and a thermos and a teacup are placed on the table. The whole room is very simple.

Sandy felt that her body was getting weaker and weaker, so she lay lazily and waited for Peter to return.

It took more than an hour for Peter to come back. It is now in the middle of the night and almost all the stores are closed.

He ran a lot of places to buy medicine.

Sandy was already drowsy when she came back.

Peter poured hot water and put the medicine on the table before awakening her.

Sandy opened her eyes in a daze. Peter helped her and found that she was very hot, and his l!ps were pressed against her forehead. It was obviously much hotter than when he touched it. He whispered, “I bought the medicine. Now, you take it before going to sleep.”

“I want to sleep.” Sandy curled up, Peter coaxed her, “Obey.”

He handed the medicine to Sandy’s lips. Sandy opened her mouth and wrinkled her brows. “It’s bitter.”

“Drink some water and flush it down.” Peter handed the water to her lips. Sandy opened her mouth and took two large sips, flushing the medicine down, and the bitterness became much weaker.

Peter handed her two more slices, “After eating these two slices.”

Sandy acted like a baby in his arms, “Could I not eat it?”

Peter said, “No, you are sick.”

“Then you feed me.” Sandy said, afraid that he would not understand, “Feed me with your m0uth.”

The pill melted in his mouth, Peter said, “That’s more bitter.”

“I want you to suffer with me, don’t you want to?” She said.

Peter, “…”

Sandy took the pill in his hand and placed it between her two l!ps, and then moved the l!ps together, “This way it won’t melt.”

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