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Chapter 113

Carla’s attitude is very tough, and what she said is very clear. If he doesn’t come, she will leave.

She was originally angry that Ramiro was investigating her, but Ryan threatened her with her child and was unhappy at first, but now Ramiro refused again.

It’s strange to have a good attitude.

Ramiro didn’t dare to ignore.

He was fast, and showed up at the door in less than ten minutes, probably not far from the hotel.

Hearing the knock on the door, Carla opened the door, and Ramiro stood at the door with a weird smile, “Miss Lane…”

Carla ignored him, turned around and entered the room, pointed to the pile of medicine on the table, and told him how to use it.

Ramiro frowned, “What did you say?”

Ryan was injured?

how can that be possible?

Ramiro obviously didn’t believe it.

Carla didn’t have time to talk nonsense with him, “You don’t believe me, look for yourself, I’m going back now.”

Carla opened the door and walked out.

Ramiro stood by the bed and walked back and forth twice, still curious, how could Ryan get hurt?

In the end, curiosity was better than reason. He stretched out his hand to lift the quilt on Ryan’s body, wanting to see what happened. However, before he lifted it, the man who had closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes, “What are you doing?”

Ramiro, “…”

“Yeah-I, I heard that you are hurt…”

Ryan patted his hand and looked around the room left and right. He was the only one with frowning brows. What about that woman?

Ramiro saw Ryan’s doubts and asked, “Are you looking for Miss Lane?”

Ryan was silent, seeming to acquiesce.

“Called me in the morning, and she left.” Ramiro stared at him curiously after speaking.

Obviously, Carla was here last night. Could it be that King Ryan slammed his bow and Carla resisted and stabbed him?

The more Ramiro thinks about it, the higher this possibility becomes.

Stabbed by a woman?

Ramiro automatically made up for the scene of Ryan’s rejection last night, and he couldn’t help but pull a little smile on his face.

“What are you laughing at?” Ryan sat up.

“Nothing.” Ramiro quickly reduced his smile and said solemnly, “Mr. Blair, how did you get hurt? Cough-was it caused by Miss Lane’s resistance?”


Ryan calmly said, “Get out! Go get some clean clothes.”

Is this really rejected?

Ramiro wanted to laugh.

He really wants to see Ryan slumped.

Is there a woman who refuses him?

Damn, it’s a wonder, but he didn’t see it.

What a pity, what a pity.

Ryan lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. There was a pant on him, with gauze wrapped around his upper body. He walked toward Ramiro gloomily, “Is it funny?”

Ramiro opened his mouth, panting heavily, and shook his head decisively, “Not funny, not funny at all, I’ll get you clothes.”

Turn around and run after speaking.

Fearing to be late, Ryan asked him to settle the account.

Ryan poured a glass of water and poured it down. Seeing the chair beside the bed, he seemed to see Carla lying on her back to sleep at night.

It seems to have spoken to him, but he didn’t hear clearly.

She didn’t leave, and she could stay and take care of him, which already made him feel better.

Carla, who hadn’t slept much all night, dragged her tired body back home. The two children were taken care of by Lucia.

Naturally, they were all very well. She took a shower and changed clean clothes before going to the room to see the children.

Iris still fell asleep deeply, pursed her little pink mouth, and her cheeks flushed like a sleeping doll. Carla put a k!ss on her daughter’s face before she walked out of the room.

Alan has got up and is washing in the bathroom.

“You didn’t come back last night, was it work?” Lucia came out of the kitchen, wearing an apron, looking at her daughter.

Carla guilty of not daring to see her, turned to look away, “Well, it’s something in the store.”

Lucia stared at her daughter with a guilty conscience, “You came back yesterday, and I saw you got in another car.”

Chapter 114

Carla opened her mouth and didn’t know how to explain it. Why did she forget that Ryan drove the car to the door of her house last night?

Therefore, it is not surprising that Lucia would see it.

“That man is the one from the Blair family?” Although it was asked, it was already affirmative.

Carla lowered her head, “Yeah.”

“Why are you still involved with him?” Lucia said with a hatred of iron and steel,

“It doesn’t matter if you are already divorced, how good Jamie is, why don’t you know how to cherish it, and you have to wait until the chicken fly egg fights, you are happy?”

“I didn’t.” Carla tried to explain.

She didn’t want to have anything with Ryan.

She can see her identity clearly.

He didn’t forget, he said how decisive he was at the time of the divorce.

“There is no best, I tell you, I will never agree that you have any relationship with him!” Lucia rarely speaks to her daughter so seriously.

It’s just this matter, she can’t leave it alone.

Carla is young after all, and it is inevitable to be dizzy by the so-called feelings.

She gave birth to children, and if that man could accept her, he would not divorce her in the first place.

She was in a car accident and it was not easy to give birth to two children. Lucia was afraid that she would be hurt again.

At the door of the bathroom, Alan was the boss with his eyes open, what was grandma talking about?

That man is Mommy’s ex-husband?

Is it the unhappy man who abandoned Mommy, him, and her sister?

In Alan’s consciousness, since Ryan is Mommy’s ex-husband, he is naturally the father of him and his sister.

He clenched his small fist, wishing to beat Ryan violently.

No, he must not let go of that guilty man!

“Alan, what are you thinking about? Why don’t you come to eat?” Lucia brought breakfast to the table, glanced at Alan who was standing at the door of the bathroom in a daze, and called him.

“Oh, here it is.” Alan ran over with short legs.

Carla hugged him, sat on a chair, and peeled him eggs.

Alan looked at Carla’s profile, and couldn’t understand why that grief is abandoning her because Mommy is so beautiful?

Is he blind?

Carla put the peeled eggs on Alan’s dinner plate, “What are you thinking? Concentrate on eating.”

Alan put the dinner plate in front of Carla, “Mummy eat it.”

Carla pretended to be unhappy, and gave him an egg, “You are growing up, you have no nutrition, and your guild is not tall. Do you want to become a short man?”

“No, my height is already beyond the normal range. I must be able to grow 1.9 meters.”

Lucia laughed, “1.9 meters is too high, one meter eight will do.”

“No, I must grow to 1.9 meters,” Alan said seriously.

That grumpy guy is 1.5 meters tall, he must be taller than him, and then beat him fiercely!

Lucia only thought of him as a joke, how could he think that he had such deep thoughts.

Carla finished drinking the milk and reached out to touch son’s head, “It is a good thing to want to grow taller, but only if you eat well, you can grow taller.”

“I will.” Alan nodded firmly.

Carla got up, “Mom, I am going to the store.”

“Yeah.” Lucia originally wanted to tell her, but when she saw Alan, she didn’t say anything.

The child is small, but his mind is sensitive.

She is afraid he will hear something.

Carla drove there.

Holding the materials that she hadn’t read last night, and prepared to go to the office to read it, Alecia walked towards her solemnly as soon as she walked in, “Mrs. William is waiting for you in the office.”

“Did something happen?” Carla understood the assistant who had followed her for a long time.

It wasn’t that something happened, she wouldn’t have such a prudent face.

Alecia didn’t know how to say, “You will know when you go in.”

Carla glanced at her and walked towards the head office.

When she reached the door, she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

She opened the door when she heard a voice inside.

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