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Chapter 476

“Unreasonable! Do you dare to do this under my nose? Are you looking for death?”

Levi said angrily.

Levi discovered that these foreigners enjoyed many privileges in Velador.

My compatriots have no privileges at all!

“It’s difficult. The Jiangnan branch of Sanxing Group provides too much GDP and employment to Jiangnan every year! In many cases, even if they are overbearing, everyone turns a blind eye. There are even many discounts. policy!”

Wesley Road.

“What did the provincial capital say?”

Levi asked.

“The provincial capital meant that it would not be held accountable and agreed that Sanxing Group did so. After receiving the money, Sanxing Group promised to do more charity and charity!

Wesley sighed.


Suddenly, Levi photographed the table fiercely.

“That’s unreasonable! How can I let a foreign company dominate me dignified Velador? We still need to listen to them when we do things? Let them do whatever it takes?”

Levi said angrily.

Wesley was terrified.

Levi is really angry!

“Tell the provincial capital to deal with this matter quickly!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, understand.”

Levi understood that the industry of the Shanler faction was a big piece of fat.

When Shanler fell, many people were staring.

Big families like the Cox family and the Logan family knew the truth, so they didn’t dare to touch it at all.

However, Sanxing Group did not know the situation, and relied on the powerful foreign companies to do whatever they wanted.

It even bought nearly 100 billion industries at a low price of several billion.

The net profit is more than 80 billion!

Perhaps the provincial capital will be used to their problems.

But Levi will not!

This money must be used on the right way, whoever wants to use the money, he will do it!

Wesley asked the provincial capital to handle the matter.

Levi came to Dongtian Group to find Sarah.

Sarah was told that he was talking about cooperation.

Outside the meeting room, Fu Guorui said with a look of excitement to Levi: “Mr. Garrison, now we have trained Hart Zihan and Graham Mingjia who are completely on fire. Today, South Korea’s Sanxing Group came to us for cooperation. I want to let Hart Zihan some people. Endorsement of their new products! It is said that the endorsement fee is 100 million!”

“This is only the preliminary cooperation, and there are a series of plans for the follow-up!”

Fu Guorui became more excited as he spoke.

Levi frowned when he heard of Sanxing Group.

“Is it the Sanxing Group in the provincial capital?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, it’s them!”

Soon after, the cooperation negotiation ended.

The initial cooperation has been reached, and the next step is to negotiate the price and sign the contract.

Sarah also smiled.

Since the two movies went viral.

More and more companies come to Hart Zihan to endorse or participate in commercial activities.

This time, Sanxing Group signed hundreds of millions.

Dongtian Group has opened its doors in the entertainment industry.

Hart Zihan’s worth has risen.

“Mr. Logan, if there are not too many problems, I will sign the contract tomorrow. I just consulted the big boss, and he roughly agrees to some of your requirements!”

The person in charge of the Sanxing Group who was in charge of the negotiation was called Yu Hui, and he smiled.

“Ok, no problem!”

Sarah nodded.

Come to the office.

Levi asked: “Do they sign the spokesperson to endorse electronic products?”

As we all know, the electronic products of Sanxing Group are invincible.

Sarah shook his head: “No, endorsement of electronic products is a follow-up plan. Now they signed Hart Zihan for a charity event!”

“What? Charity?”

Levi frowned, meaning that it was not good.

Chapter 477

“Yes, Sanxing Group is going to hold a charity event in the provincial capital recently! Many celebrities and prestigious social figures have been invited! And as long as Hart Zihan and the others participate, they can get a lot of appearance fees!”

“Sanxing Group is really generous this time. It is said that it will spend one billion for charity, which is very powerful! There are not many such conscience companies!”

Sarah couldn’t help but admire.



Levi said angrily, who understood what was going on.

Sarah was taken aback.

Sanxing Group is really hateful!

Taking away the 80 billion special funds for charity and public welfare in vain, now only a hundred million is used to do charity, pretending to be the province and the city!

The most annoying thing is that in the name of Sanxing Group, it also invited celebrities and celebrities to strengthen its momentum.

It is better to say that it is charity than to promote Sanxing Group.

This report can far exceed this billion!

It’s really hateful!

“My wife is not allowed to sign a contract tomorrow!”

Levi said angrily.

Sarah looked puzzled: “Ah? Why?”

“Wife, do you know why Sanxing Group is doing charity?”

Levi asked.

“It should be to increase social prestige, it can be regarded as a conscience enterprise!”

Plum dyed.

“No! Because Sanxing Group also has to complete the tasks assigned to them by the provincial capital. Before that, they cut hundreds of billions of special funds for charity…”

Levi told Sarah the matter.

“Then why not chase it back?”

Sarah asked.

Levi smiled helplessly: “First, Sanxing Group is too fast. Although this fund has been set up as a special public welfare fund, they bought it privately. Second, the provincial capital also turned a blind eye to them. Close one eye. Just ask them to develop well in the provincial capital!”

“It’s hateful. I didn’t expect to eat human blood buns, but on the surface it would appear to be a conscientious enterprise. Everything is a lie, but in fact it is a vampire! How many hard-earned money they took away from the poor! Damn it!”

“I’m determined not to sign this contract! I won’t make this black-hearted money either!”

Sarah was very angry.

Although she silently accepts many business rules.

But in the face of big right and wrong, absolutely will not give in!

“Well, this is my wife!”

Levi gave a thumbs up.

When leaving the company, Levi met Hart Zihan and the others.

Hart Zihan and the others were polite, thinking that Levi was their great benefactor.

Without Levi, they now live in a dark basement with two or three thousand wages a month.

How can there be a life that can now sign tens of millions of endorsement fees?

However, Graham Mingjia was like a different person. He told Levi: “Mr. Garrison now you know that all four of us are on fire. I hope you, don’t tell anyone about our job hunting and sales. It’s all black history for us!”

Hart Zihan hurriedly pushed him, but Graham Mingjia ignored him and continued: “The benefit fee is indispensable, so let’s make a price, and I will let someone call you. Then we will treat him as if we don’t know each other! If you tell these things, I promise not to forgive you!”

Now the whole company knows that after Graham Mingjia went on fire, the whole person was gone.

No one is concerned.

“Benefit fee, right? Okay, give me one billion first!”

Levi approached.

Chapter 478

When Levi said this, everyone was stunned.

Graham Mingjia looked at Levi incredulously: “You are really a lion! I tell you, don’t go too far!”

Levi ignored it and left straight away.

“How can this man be like this?”

Graham Mingjia was very angry.

Hart Zihan said displeased: “Graham Mingjia what do you say? Mr. Garrison is our benefactor!”

“Hmph, I am indeed kind to us. But I am on fire, relying on my own strength and acting skills! He also plays a 10% role, so I give him some money, which is regarded as repaying him. But this man speaks loudly!”

Graham Mingjia coldly snorted.

Hart Zihan glanced at him and turned away angrily.

In reality, many people become famous overnight or get rich overnight.

It is difficult to stabilize the mentality, most people will not be able to control it, and will drift.

After Graham Mingjia became famous overnight, her mentality changed a lot.

His former partner ignored him, and his girlfriend who had been with him for seven years also broke up.

In the company, there is also a big display, except for a few people in Sarah, no one is in the eye.

He often even makes money from private work.

It is said that private life is also messy.

Sarah also knew about this.

“What? This kind of person won’t deal with it?”

Levi asked.

“Currently these two movies are on sale, so we will close one eye!”

Sarah looked helpless.

Immediately, she changed her words: “But, he is a bit too much. He and Hart Zihan paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for these two movies, but you can see that the movies are booming, and Graham Mingjia asked him to pay him a dividend, at least 10 million. Or maybe his lower film pay will start at least 20 million!”

“But to be honest, this kid is very hot! Worth the price! By the way, what about Hart Zihan and the others?”

Levi asked.

Sarah smiled and said, “Hart Zihan and a few people are very grateful. Everything depends on the company’s arrangements, and their mentality has not changed much.”

“That’s good!”

Levi smiled.

On the second day, Yu Hui, a representative of Sanxing Group, came to discuss cooperation.

Graham Mingjia, Hart Zihan and others were also present.

Graham Mingjia was very excited.

As long as he signs a contract, he can get tens of millions of endorsement fees.

He already wants to buy a luxury house and a luxury car.

Everyone is waiting in the meeting room.

Soon after, Sarah came.

“If Logan always feels that there is no problem, just sign the contract!”

Afterglow said with a smile.

Sarah smiled meaningfully: “I’m sorry, Mr. Yu can’t sign this contract!”


Sarah’s decision seemed like a bolt from the blue, shocking everyone in the audience.

Everyone looked at her incredible.

Didn’t we talk about it well yesterday?

Sanxing Group is also generous, with hundreds of millions of endorsement fees.

Why didn’t you sign it?

Before Fu Guorui was puzzled, Graham Mingjia couldn’t sit still.

“Why is President Logan? Where can I find this cooperation? Recently, so many merchants have come to us for endorsements. The price of Sanxing Group is high?”

Graham Mingjia stared at Sarah incredulously.

Levi next to him said coldly: “The leader said that if you don’t sign, you don’t sign. Are you questioning the leader’s decision?”

“You and I…”

Graham Mingjia made Levi speechless.

No matter how he floated, he knew that Sarah was his parents.

“Just say a few words, Mr. Logan has his own arrangements!”

Hart Zihan and his companion pulled La Graham Mingjia.

Chapter 479

Graham Mingjia is becoming more and more presumptuous now, and the leaders have to interrupt when they have meetings.

Graham Mingjia was so angry.

But still held back abruptly.

Fu Guorui and other high-level officials immediately asked: “What’s the matter with President Logan? We haven’t had a meeting to discuss, why did we refuse to sign?”

All the top executives are confused.

Yu Hui also smiled and asked; “Mr. Logan, can I ask what’s going on? Didn’t we talk about it well yesterday? Why did you make a mistake today!”

Graham Mingjia couldn’t help but interject: “Yes, Mr. Logan, this is a credibility issue! You can’t rise to the level of the company with your personal wishes. The credibility of us artists is very important, even if you are the boss, You can’t cheat us!”


Suddenly Sarah roared and shocked everyone present.

“The company leaders have a meeting, do you have your voice? You are becoming more and more presumptuous!”

Sarah couldn’t help it anymore.

Levi secretly called Shuang next to him.

Don’t look at your wife’s gentleness, she’s anxious, she’s amazing.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Logan.”

Graham Mingjia apologized, then lowered her head and stopped talking.

Being reprimanded by Sarah in front of so many people, he lost face.

This is his most humiliating moment!

Very angry!

Graham Mingjia clenched her fists tightly, and said in her heart: “Sarah and Levi, you wait! I will take revenge!”

Sarah explained to Yu Hui: “Mr. Yu, I checked last night and found that your company is not authentic. Your charity party is a joke!”


After hearing this, afterglow’s complexion changed drastically.

Sarah actually knew about this?

“So, I won’t do this kind of ignorant thing! I don’t allow my employees to do it either! It doesn’t matter if the cooperation is not signed!”

“Because of this shame, I am afraid of losing the face of Dongtian Group!”

Sarah sneered.

Yuhui also sneered: “Well, are you just a few stars? I still can’t find it? Ridiculous! You don’t want to have any cooperation with our Sanxing Group in the future!!!”

After speaking, afterglow wanted to leave angrily.

“What about me, I would like to advise your company, if you eat too much human blood buns, there will be retribution! What’s more, it is nearly 100 billion, how many people’s hard-earned money!”

Sarah advised.


Afterglow became even more angry and slammed the door away.

There was silence in the meeting room.

Everyone looked at Sarah in surprise.

“Well, Mr. Fu, you guys will stay, and the others will leave!”

Plum dyed.

She was going to explain to these executives the reasons for not signing the contract.

After all, it involves the secrets of Sanxing Group.

It is not good to let too many people know.

There may be danger.

Graham Mingjia left angrily.

After coming outside.

Hart Zihan asked in a low voice: “Why did you say that President Logan suddenly stopped signing the contract?”

“Mr. Logan must have her reasons, I think it’s a good thing not to sign the contract!”


“Hehe, I know why Sarah didn’t sign the contract!”

Graham Mingjia said.

“what reason???”

Everyone looked at him curiously.

“It’s because I offended her husband! She is deliberately embarrassing me, haven’t you seen that she has been targeting me at today’s meeting? She probably doesn’t want me to sign any endorsements or receive any notices, just to seal me!”

Graham Mingjia said viciously.

“Mingjia, don’t think too much, President Logan is not that kind of person!”

Hart Zihan said.

“Hmph, I know too well! She is targeting me!”

Chapter 480

In the conference room, after Sarah explained the reasons, everyone agreed.

“This kind of enterprise that eats human blood steamed buns is really damned to use other people’s hard-earned money to do charity!”

“Yeah, that’s right. If we are involved in Dongtian Group, I am afraid we will be pierced in the backbone in the future!”

Fu Guorui filled with indignation.

“I’m afraid that Sanxing Group will retaliate against us? In terms of financial resources and strength, there is no one in Jiangnan Province that can compare to Sanxing Group, right?”

Someone asked.

“Sure, Sanxing Group has the most abundant financial resources, and no one can beat it!”

Sarah smiled and said, “You can get revenge, don’t forget, there is Erick Group behind us!”

Yuhui did not leave Case York, but found other entertainment companies.

After all, Case York are the strongest in the surrounding provinces in the entertainment industry.

There are good media schools, and more good entertainment companies.

at night.

The afterglow is in a five-star hotel.

Several people stood before him.

Graham Mingjia, Hart Zihan and the new stars recently picked up by Dongtian Group.

Afterglow did not want to give up these people.

After all, because of the recent explosion of these two movies.

At present, the traffic of Hart Zihan is too large.

Afterglow smoked a cigar and smiled: “Surely everyone knows the purpose of my calling you here, right?”

Hart Zihan looked embarrassed.

Graham Mingjia said immediately: “Does Mr. Yu want to sign our contemporary speaker?”

“Well, smart!”

Afterglow smiled.

Hart Zihan immediately said: “Mr. Yu can’t do it, the endorsement has to go through the company. And President Logan rejected you during the day!”

Yuhui took a sip of his cigar and said with a smile: “I have seen your contract with Dongtian Group. They have really wide restrictions on you.”

Hart Zihan knows this.

Sarah emphasizes democracy and freedom, and will not restrain them with restrictions.

So the contract is very wide, and they can accept private work.

Unlike other entertainment companies, the contract is to restrict you to death, which is equivalent to signing a contract of sale.

People have the final say on what you eat.

Yuhui continued: “So, even if you are engaged in private work, there is nothing the company can do!”

After Yuhui beckoned, the assistant next to him immediately brought the contract.

“15 million per person! You can also sign a contract with you for the follow-up of our group’s electronic products, and your annual income will not be less than 80 million!”

Afterglow said.

Immediately, Graham Mingjia’s eyes lit up, and she stepped forward and said: “Okay, I sign! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, as long as you want to have a chance to cooperate with a large company like Sanxing Group!”

“Okay, the one who knows the current affairs is a handsome. I am optimistic about you!”

Afterglow said.

In front of Hart Zihan, Graham Mingjia quickly signed the contract.

“Ding Dong!”

In less than ten minutes, 15 million was paid.

This Graham Mingjia was so excited to death.

In the Dongtian Group, I made two films exhausted, and got half a million in hand.

Now just endorsing a charity club, can you get 15 million?

Mansion? Luxury car? beauty?

What do you want!

Others are very envious, after all, it is a real 15 million.

“Zihan, what are you doing in a daze? Sign! Fifteen million! Don’t feel sorry for the company. Their contract doesn’t limit us not to accept personal endorsements!”

Graham Mingjia urged.

“Even if they know it? What should we do or what!”

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