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Chapter 1139

When Harrison rushed to the place, Aunt Jia was still anxiously asking passers-by in the park. She had lost sight of the old lady. She was afraid of taking responsibility, so she almost cried in a hurry.

Harrison walked over quickly, “You looked for her all here?”

“Yes, I’ve searched for her. I didn’t find her. How can I say that she has inconvenient legs and feet and disappeared?” Aunt Jia was very disturbed and said anxiously, “She has bad legs and feet.

“How long has she not been seen?” Harrison asked.

“Not an hour.” Aunt Jia was afraid of something wrong, so she told Harrison the first time, it was not long.

If the adult is missing for less than 24 hours, the police and the case will not be filed. “We will look for her separately. You can go home and see if you find someone to call.”

Aunt Jia said, “Okay, I’ll go back now.”

Harrison was still relatively calm. After instructing Aunt Jia to find the property, the park was managed by the community, and cameras were installed at both entrances and exits. He went to check the surveillance.

They heard the situation and were very enthusiastic to help find them. Aunt Jia said that the old lady was lost for less than an hour, and it is not difficult to lock and check the monitoring during this time period.

The figure of the old lady was quickly found.

When Aunt Jia went to buy cakes, the old lady rolled her wheelchair out of the park. Now it can be determined that the old lady is not in the park, so Harrison went outside to look for her.

Several people at the property helped to find her.

“Let’s find them separately.” Harrison said, “She has inconvenience in her legs and feet, so she can’t walk far.”

Three or four of them were looking for her separately.

After an hour passed and no trace of the old lady was found, a person from the property said, “Where did the old lady go? Otherwise, why did she leave the park suddenly?”

This person’s words seemed to remind Harrison, there is nowhere near here, it must have gone somewhere, but the old lady did not interact with anyone, and the former relatives almost had no contact because of his parents. Not the old lady has gone to someone’s house.

Now there is nowhere to find. He can only try to k!ll a mouse. He went to their previous residence, where he lived before graduation. Now he lives in a community where he became a lawyer and made money to buy it.

It’s very shabby, and there are not many people living here. Electric wires are running in and out, clothes hanging outside the windows, inner clothes and socks, there is no neatness at all.

Harrison went to see if he was in the house. He took the old lady’s photo in his cell phone and asked if anyone saw it. Everyone said they didn’t.

He was getting in the car if there was no one here. He started to get more and more anxious. If there is no one here, where can she go?

When he started the car and turned the car back to go back, he passed by the school he used to go to. This is the old school area that has been abandoned, and he seemed to see the old lady in front of the big iron gate.

He stopped the car and looked back and saw that the old lady was at the door. He immediately got out of the car and walked over.

“Why did you come here?” Harrison breathed a sigh of relief, feeling lucky to find her, but was also angry that she ran out without saying a word, which made people worry for no reason.

The old lady turned her head and smiled and said, “Are you out of school? I am here to pick you up from school.”

“What are you talking about?” Harrison frowned. How long have they been away from here?

“I…” The old lady became at a loss again, “What am I doing?”

“Let’s go home.” Harrison pushed her.

Suddenly the old lady patted her thigh, “I came to see you, isn’t there a sports competition in your school today, I’ll come to see you play.”

What the old lady said shocked Harrison. What happened to her?

When he got in the car, he called Aunt Jia and told her not to look for her anymore. “Tell the property owner not to look for her.”

Aunt Jia said she got it.

Harrison took the old lady home, and Aunt Jia rejoiced, “Fortunately, you found her, otherwise it will scare me to death.”

Harrison pushed the old lady back to the room.

Call Auntie Jia to the living room.

“Have the old lady behaved abnormally recently?”

Aunt Jia thought about it carefully, “It doesn’t seem to be… or not, but sometimes she forgets the things she ordered me.”

As if thinking of something, Aunt Jia said, “It’s not the first time I’m serving an old woman. I’ve met the same old lady before. The old lady is getting older and may forget things. Maybe…”

“Stop talking, I will take her to the hospital for an examination.” Harrison knew what Aunt Jia wanted to say, but he didn’t want to believe it.

Although angry and complaining of her stubbornness, he doesn’t want her to be sick.

“Harrison, you have to treat Alecia well, why haven’t I seen her these days?” The old lady turned her wheelchair out.

Harrison looked at the old lady, clenched his hands, “What are you talking about, grandma?”

“Didn’t you marry Alecia? You have to treat her well. Olivia is not a good woman. Leaving you thinking that we are poor and I hate her. Now that you and Alecia are married, you have to treat her well, and then hurry up and have a baby.” The old lady said in a mess, but Harrison understood everything.

Here for a while, there for a while, this is obviously abnormal.

He will take her to the hospital. He took a blanket and put it on the lap of Mrs. Harrison and pushed her out.

“Where are you taking me?”

Asked the old lady.

“Going to the hospital.” Harrison said.

The old lady looked up at him, “Are you sick?”

Harrison said, “No, it’s not me, it’s you.”

The old lady became excited at once, “I’m not sick, I’m fine, I won’t go to the hospital.”

“Let’s go check it out.”

“I’m not going, I’m not sick.” The old lady pulled the door frame and didn’t let go.

Chapter 1140

The old lady was very stubborn and refused to go to the hospital for anything. Harrison didn’t dare to take her to the hospital forcibly. He was afraid of stimulating her emotions, so she could only stay at home.

While the old lady was sleeping, he called the doctor to the house and showed the old lady.

Let the doctor listen to the old lady’s performance. After listening to Harrison’s narrative, the doctor initially judged that it may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

“This is still a preliminary judgment. To be diagnosed, you have to go to the hospital and listen to what I say. It seems to be a bit serious, go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Harrison said, “I see.”

The old lady woke up. Harrison said that he was unwell and hoped that she could accompany him to the hospital. As soon as the old lady heard that he was unwell, she was willing to go without saying anything.

After examination, the old lady is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Elderly people with this disease will suffer from memory loss and confusion, emotional anxiety, agitation, hallucinations, and delusions. This disease can only be controlled with some drugs, and there is no way to completely cure it. This situation requires more Talk to her with your company and don’t let her feel lonely.”
The doctor said.

Harrison nodded, “I know these.”

The doctor looked at the medical record and said, “It’s fine if you know it. Most elderly women get this disease. Most of them are caused by mental stimulation. Of course, many of them are caused by old age. Listening to your description, it was good before.”

“No abnormalities occurred. It appeared during this period of time, and the short period of time reached this level may be caused by mental stimulation. If this is the case, then take care of her and take care of her emotional world.”

Harrison said, “I see.”

The doctor prescribed the medicine. Aunt Jia went to get the medicine. He pushed the old lady.

“Are you not sick?” the old lady asked.

Harrison looked at her and said, “No, I am in good health.”

“You are fine.” The old lady breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the change in the old lady’s expression, Harrison felt very dull and whispered, “Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” The old lady smiled.

She at home said to Aunt Jia, “Harrison likes to eat spare ribs. You make spare ribs at night.”

Aunt Jia went to see Harrison. Harrison nodded before she said to the old lady, “Okay.”

For the old lady, Harrison had to spend time at home with her, but the client in the case he took wanted to see him.

Asking him to meet outside, Harrison will go back as soon as he wants to go, so Aunt Jia will look at her, “Don’t go out if you are okay.”

“Yes.” Aunt Jia replied.

The meeting was in a coffee shop. When Harrison arrived, the party had already arrived. He walked over and sat across from her.

“What would you like to drink?” the subject asked.

Harrison said a glass of plain water would do.

The client pushed an envelope over.

Harrison picked it up, probably knowing what’s inside, and said, “You found the evidence so soon?”

“He didn’t know that I knew about his cheating. He was not wary of me. It is not difficult to find evidence. This is the hotel where he and the third party have meetings. I got his room record.”

Although she was a pregnant woman at the time, and she had been married for a long time, she was very calm.

From beginning to end, there was no excessive behavior.

Harrison has been a lawyer for so long, what kind of client he hasn’t seen?

This way, not long after they got married, she was pregnant, knowing that her husband cheated and did not show a little sadness and hysteria, this kind of heart is rare.

Harrison took a look and recorded a dozen times. It seemed that it was the same hotel each time, and there was a USB flash drive in the envelope.

“What’s inside?” Harrison asked.

The person concerned said, “Only the hotel and room records cannot be said to be iron proof. At that time, he will definitely argue that he was discussing things in the room. We can’t do anything about it. Of course, the evidence here is hard evidence.”

Harrison raised his eyes to look at her.

She laughed, “Do you think I am very eager to k!ll?”

“No.” Harrison told the truth, “I’m surprised that you are so calm.”

When she discovered that her husband was cheating, she didn’t cry or make trouble but pretended not to know anything, and secretly sought a lawyer to seize the property.

“A man who cheated is like a rotten meal. It’s him who bite the bullet and eat it and it’s disgusting. It hurts his body. It’s better to fall, so that he doesn’t have anything to do.”

“The person who does the wrong thing is always there and has a price to pay. The USB flash drive given to you is an attachment, and I still have a copy in my hand.

Not only do I want him to lose money, but also want to have no face to be a man.” She said these words with a little bit of hatred on her face.

Sure enough, it’s not that she doesn’t hate, but it’s just strong enough to know what to do in this situation is best to her advantage.

“Do you think I’m too cruel?” The woman looked at Harrison.

“No, I admire your calmness,” Harrison said lightly.

“I will show him today. I want to resolve the matter as soon as possible, so you have to help me.” The person concerned said his appeal.

Harrison said that he took out the draft divorce agreement from his briefcase, “It is drafted according to your requirements, and you have a look.”

The woman took it and was very satisfied after reading it. She packed it into her bag and said, “Then please help me draw up a lawsuit as soon as possible.”

Harrison said, “Leave it to me.”

The woman left, and Harrison did not continue to sit and leave the cafe. When he got into the car and was about to start the car, the mobile phone in his pocket rang.

He took out his mobile phone and showed that the message that came in was Alecia’s name, and his heart suddenly tightened.

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