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Chapter 1141

Harrison looked at the phone blankly for a long time, and didn’t open the text message the first time, imagining that she was sending a message to him because she missed him, not because of divorce.

His inner expectation was also afraid.

He plucked up the courage to slide off the screen, and clicked on the content despite hesitation.

There are not many words in the content. [I will be over there tomorrow, and you will prepare the divorce agreement. 】

Harrison looked at the short words in the message, feeling lost in his heart, and replied without thinking, [have you already thought about it? 】

In fact, he wanted to say that she thought it through so quickly.

Knows that he shouldn’t ask, but he can’t control it.

He felt uncomfortable.

The phone didn’t ring, Alecia didn’t reply to the message.

Alecia made up her mind when sending this message, so there was no text next.

Harrison clicked on the phone book, wanted to call her, and asked her why she adjusted so quickly, whether it was because of someone, thinking of her wrongs, no matter how uncomfortable he was, he endured it.

He leaned back in the chair and stared at the screen.

After a while, he suppressed the tumbling emotion, he picked up the phone again and replied, [I have drawn it up. 】

After sending this short breath, he dropped the phone in the passenger seat, and then drove. When he got home, he heard the sound of something falling into the room.

He immediately opened the door and saw the old lady scolding Aunt Jia. Why don’t you go out? Who are you? You can control me?”

Harrison walked in quickly and said to Aunt Jia, “Don’t be like her.”

Aunt Jia said, “I know, I don’t care.”

“You go and do something,” Harrison said.

Aunt Jia turned and walked away.

“Harrison, she wouldn’t let me go out.” The old lady took Harrison to complain, “Hurry up and let her go.”

Harrison sat on the sofa and said, “What are you doing out?”

“I…” The old lady looked dazed, what did she want to do just now?

Why can’t she remember?

Harrison calmed her and said, “Aunt Jia didn’t let you go out for your own good. There are bad people out there because she is afraid that you are in danger. It is not her fault. I let her do this.”

“What stupid do you say in broad daylight? Where are the bad guys?” The old lady glared at him, “You lie to me.”

Harrison said helplessly, “I didn’t lie to you.”



Putting the old lady to sleep at night, Harrison returned to his room, turned on the computer, and began to draft a divorce agreement. He did this countless times, but this time he didn’t know how to write it.

There is no dispute or disagreement between the two, and the signing of this divorce agreement is just a formality.

He suddenly smiled bitterly. Perhaps the cruelest thing in this world is his own divorce agreement.

He told himself in his heart that after a divorce, Alecia can find her own happiness, just look at her happiness.

But no matter how you do mental construction, as long as you think of writing your own divorce agreement, you can’t write it.

In the end, he gave up and found the lawyer in the firm who lied that it was what a client needed, and asked him to write about it.

The old lady’s condition didn’t seem to get better even after taking the medicine. It might take some time. The old lady struggled to get up. Aunt Jia couldn’t help her. Harrison didn’t dare to leave her at home, so he took her to the law firm.

His client arrived at the law firm to wait for him early in the morning.

“This one?” The woman saw Harrison pushing and thought the old lady came in, and thought he had taken another case.

Harrison said, “My grandma, the servants at home can’t stand her, you don’t worry.”

Chapter 1142

“Oh.” The woman answered, “You can file a lawsuit…” As she expected, her husband was unwilling to go out.

“It is good……”

“Alecia.” The old lady looked at the woman with bright eyes, “Are you pregnant?”

The woman is inexplicable.

Harrison frowned and whispered to the old lady, “This is not Alecia.”

“Sorry, she admitted the wrong person.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Who is Alecia? With your child in her belly, come here quickly.” The old lady stretched out her hand towards the woman.

The woman glanced at Harrison, stretched out her hand, and the old lady took her, “It’s okay if you are fine, and you have to get along with Harrison.”

The woman seemed to see what might be happening to her and said, “Don’t worry.”

“Okay, okay.” The old lady held the woman’s hand firmly.

Harrison helped her and regretted taking her out.


The woman didn’t mind, “It’s okay, old age, I understand.”

Harrison said, “Come in.”

The old lady took the woman, and Harrison asked her to wait in the reception room. He went to the office to sort out the documents, and then went to the court with the parties involved.

Harrison wanted to push the old lady away, but the old lady was unwilling to say, “I’m here to talk to Alecia, and do what you should do.”

“Grandma, this is not Alecia…”

“You’re blind? This isn’t Alecia. Who is this? How sad were you when you didn’t see her? You don’t recognize her now?” The old lady had a very serious expression.

Harrison, “…”

The woman laughed, “Is Alecia lawyer Josh’s girlfriend or wife?”

Harrison was a little embarrassed, “My wife.”

“You must love her very much. You see you are sad, and your grandma remembers it so clearly.” The woman is not joking, but she thinks that none of the men are good things now. After listening to the old lady’s words, she has changed a bit.

It seems that this lawyer Josh is still a man of affection.

Harrison responded, calling the receptionist to come over and let her watch the old lady while he deals with the work.

“Here sir.” The receptionist poured two glasses of water over.

Gave a cup to the old lady and give a cup to the woman.

The woman took a sip and said with a smile, “Old lady, do you like your granddaughter-in-law?”

The old lady opened her eyes, “Aren’t you my granddaughter-in-law? Are you still angry with Harrison? He really has nothing to do with Olivia. He has always liked you. When you don’t see him, he doesn’t smile. Okay, you all have children, you have to forgive him.”


She originally had a good impression of Harrison, thinking that he was the person in charge, so it turned out to be…

Sure enough, men don’t have a good thing!

“I won’t be nice with him.”

“Why, why?” The old lady couldn’t believe it, “Alecia…”

“He’s cheated, and I’m still with him, am I crazy?” She felt that as a woman, she felt hatred against bad men.

“You can’t.” The old lady clutched the woman’s hand, “Harrison knows he is wrong, you must forgive him.”

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