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Chapter 1143

The woman is more serious with the old lady, “Men who cheat will never be forgiven.”

Harrison walked out of the office with the organized files and said to the woman, “Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” The old lady suddenly became scared, afraid that Harrison would not want her.

The woman stood up, and Harrison came over to comfort her, “I have something to do when I go out with her. I will be back soon. You will be obedient and wait for me to come back.” Harrison winked at the receptionist, “Look, don’t let her go out. I’ll be back soon.”

“No, you can’t go.” The old lady took Harrison’s arm.

“Old lady, don’t you want me to make peace with Harrison?” The woman said this deliberately, but she didn’t want the old lady to pester Harrison.

The old lady said in a daze, “Of course I miss you all.”

“Since you want us to be good, then you wait for us here, let’s go out and do something, okay?”

The old lady hesitated and nodded, “Then you come back soon.”

Harrison patted the old lady and said, “We will be back soon.”

He stood up and looked at the woman, “Let’s go.”

When the two walked out of the office together, the woman first said, “I always thought that Lawyer Josh was a good person, so I thought about it too much.”

Harrison looked at her, “What do you mean?”

The woman smiled, “Don’t you know it in your heart?”

Harrison went in the car and didn’t explain anything. He was not familiar with her, it was just a work relationship.

They went and came back soon.

“Your husband will soon receive a court summons, in order to prevent him from doing excessive behavior to cause harm to you, you’d better not live with him again.” Harrison said to the party.

“When I came out today, I already packed up my things. I am staying in the hotel temporarily, and I will go back when I get the house after the marriage is dissolved.” The woman is a very sensible person.

Harrison nodded, “You still have to be careful.”

“Thank you.” The car stopped at the door of the office, and the woman pushed the car door down.

Alecia came to the office and found that the old lady was there, so she didn’t go in and waited for Harrison at the door.

Seeing his car coming in, he stood on the steps.

Seeing a woman getting out of the car, she didn’t have any mood swings, she looked very calm.

Harrison was not calmer than her, and saw her subconsciously explain, “She is my client. We just went to the court.”

Alecia said, “You don’t need to explain to me, everything you do is free.”

Such an alienated and indifferent tone made Harrison’s heart startled.

The woman glanced at Alecia, then at Harrison, and said, “I’m leaving today. Also, I hope you don’t get entangled in family trivial matters and make mistakes about my affairs.”

“Don’t worry…” Harrison said.

The woman turned around and was about to leave. The old lady saw her and shouted, “Don’t go.”

The old lady rolled her wheelchair and wanted to chase her, Harrison stopped her, “Let’s go back.”

“How can I go back, she is pregnant with your child, you have been sorry for her once, are you sorry for her the second time?” The old lady pushed Harrison’s hand away and chased the woman.” Alecia, Alecia, you must forgive Harrison once.”

When the woman turned her head, she happened to see Alecia’s shocked and unbelievable expression.

It seemed that the old lady called her unexpectedly.

From the moment Harrison saw her, he immediately explained that the woman could probably guess that she was the Alecia in the mouth of the old lady.

She pointed to Alecia, “She is your Alecia, go and talk to her if you have anything.”

“Do you think I’m always confused? How can a woman be Alecia?” The old lady’s determined look and tone seemed to say that she was not stupid.

The woman couldn’t smile for a while.

Seeing that she is an old man, she looked at Harrison, “Would you like me to help you accompany the old lady, if you want to talk to this young lady?”

Harrison looked at Alecia and said, “Thank you then.”

“As long as you pay attention to my affairs and do your best, I am naturally willing to do you a small favor.” After that, she smiled and talked to the old lady, “May I accompany you to the opposite cafe for a drink?”

The old lady opened her eyes, “How can you go? You must not go, wait for the bad woman to take advantage of it.”

She glanced at Alecia when she said about the bad woman, which meant that the bad woman was Alecia.

The old lady took the woman’s hand and said, “Alecia, I know you have suffered, and you have been wronged. You have to give Harrison a chance to redeem his sins.”

As the old lady said, her eyes turned red, “I know, we are sorry for being kidnapped by the B!tch Olivia, Harrison, and I are all in peace, but you… your child is gone, and you suffer too. Seriously injured…Huh, why is your child still there?”

The old lady suddenly raised her head to look at the woman. Her eyes were red and confused. She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t remember.

Where is the mistake?

She held her head, “Where is this?”

Harrison walked over and pushed her forward, and said when passing by Alecia, “Will you wait for me?”

Alecia nodded and glanced at the old lady who seemed to be in pain.

Harrison calmed the old lady inside for a while, her mood calmed down.

“Let’s go to the cafe opposite to talk.” Harrison came to Alecia and said.

Alecia said okay.

They walked into the opposite cafe, found a quiet place to sit down, and the waiter came over and asked, “What do you need to order?”

“A cup of coffee, how about you?” Harrison looked at Alecia and asked.

Alecia said, “Tea.”

Harrison said to the waiter, “That’s it.”


The waiter walked away. The two of them were relatively speechless for a while, and Harrison opened his mouth first, “How have you been recently? I think you have lost weight.”

Alecia’s eyelashes looked down slightly, “It’s okay.”

Inexplicably, the two of them became polite, and the atmosphere became alienated.

Harrison placed his seated hand, clenched his fists repeatedly, and let go. After a long time, he said, “When I came out, I forgot to bring the divorce agreement. I’ll let someone send it over.”

When speaking, he stared at Alecia, wanting to see her reluctance and her feelings from her expression.

Chapter 1144

However, Alecia’s emotions were very secretive, and Harrison could not detect a trace.

Alecia’s expression was very calm, making people indistinguishable from anger, and said in a low voice, “Okay.”

Harrison’s disguised strength collapsed in an instant, did she really put it down so clean?

Sorrow and grief surged in his heart for a while, and he forced a smile on his face, “That’s good.”

He took out his cell phone to call, and the call was quickly connected, “Yesterday I asked you to draw up the divorce agreement, send it to the opposite cafe.”

Someone replied over there, he hung up the phone.

Alecia looked at him and seemed to have a different emotion flashing through her eyes, but when Harrison put down the phone and looked at her, it became calm again.

“Is the old lady sick?” The old lady’s appearance just now was strange.

She didn’t call the old lady grandmother, she always had a slap in her heart, very caring.

Harrison hummed, “Alzheimer’s disease.”

His tone was mixed with a little helplessness, “It doesn’t matter, it just takes more time to take care of it.”

Alecia was surprised, “How could this be?”

Looked at the spirit before, how could she get sick and it looked quite serious?

Harrison said, “It is natural for her to be older when she is older.”

“You have worked hard.” Such an old man needs to be taken care of carefully, and the old lady is Harrison a relative, and there is no way to share it for him.

Harrison lightly opened her lips, “She raised me when I was young, and I will take care of her in old age. It is nothing wrong with me. Parents left early, and Grandma was embarrassed to leave. She is actually not easy, I know and understand, so I always respect and listen to her, but you are wronged.”

Perhaps at this point, both of them looked away, and Alecia didn’t pursue it, “It’s all over.”

“But the harm done to you will not be erased. I apologize to you for her.” Harrison’s eyes looked deep at her.

At this time, the waiter brought the coffee. Alecia wanted to say that we were separated, so naturally, she didn’t want her. When someone came and swallowed it, she picked up the coffee and took a sip.

Harrison thought for a long time and said, “After our divorce, if you meet the right one, you can take care of you…”

“I will consider.” Alecia interrupted him.

Harrison lowered his head, “After all, I am sorry for you.”

“I don’t want to hear anything like that anymore.” Alecia turned her head and looked out the window, “Why isn’t the person here yet.”

Harrison said, “I don’t know, I’ll make another call.” After speaking, he picked up the phone and just wanted to press the dial button. When the phone rang, he pressed the answer button, and there was an exclamation, “No Okay, not good, the old lady rolled down the stairs.”

“What’s the matter?” Harrison stood up quickly.

“She said she was thirsty and asked me to pour water for her. She didn’t know how to get to the top of the stairs and fell off the top of the water.”

“I see.” Harrison hung up.

“What’s the matter?” Alecia heard it as if someone fell.

Harrison didn’t lie to her, “It’s the old lady who fell down the stairs and I have to go back.”

“I’m with you.” After all, human life is critical.

Harrison felt grateful when he glanced at her and finally said nothing, then strode out, Alecia paid a coffee trot to follow him.

The ambulance had already arrived, and the old lady carried it out. Harrison ran over. The receptionist in the place was very scared, crying hard, and seeing Harrison hurriedly explained, “I didn’t mean to ignore her.”

Harrison let her watch, and now she falls, she is responsible.

She ignored Harrison and followed him into the ambulance. Although Alecia was worried, she did not follow.

Soon she had nothing to do with Harrison. She shouldn’t have anything to do with them anymore. She stood in front of the ambulance and looked at Harrison. Turned around and wanted to leave, this was the old lady who called Alecia.

Harrison hurriedly held the old lady’s hand, her face was still full of blood, and the doctor was doing a simple bandage to stop the bleeding.

“Alecia…” the old lady called again.

Alecia looked back, the old lady’s thoughts seemed clear at this moment, looked at her, and said, “I’m sorry.”

Even though there are many complaints, looking at the old lady’s wrinkled face and teary eyes at this moment, I still put it down and give her peace of mind, “I don’t blame you.”

“Don’t blame me, don’t blame me…” the old lady murmured and repeated, put her head down and said to Harrison, “She doesn’t blame me.”

Harrison looked at Alecia. The eyes of the two met in the air. The doctor closed the door of the car and cut off the sight of the two, and soon the car drove out.

Alecia took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Harrison, [The old lady is okay and safe tell me. 】

Soon Harrison replied, [Okay. 】

Alecia stopped the taxi and went to see the children at the villa. The car stopped in front of the villa. She paid and got off.

The taxi drove away and a jeep came in. She looked back and saw Walter and Gisele from When getting off the car, Walter asked her to be more careful. She smiled, “Take what’s in the back seat.”

Walter picked up a few boxes from the back seat.

Alecia said hello with a smile, “I came to see the baby with baby supplies.”

Gisele nodded.

“Let’s go in together.” Walter said.

Alecia said yes.

Carla was talking to Samantha in the room.

“What kind of medicine is this?” Samantha cleaned Nelson’s room and accidentally spilled a bottle of medicine.

She knew the words on it, but she didn’t know what it was for, because she noticed that it was in him last time. Saw an empty bottle of this medicine in the room.

Carla is also not quite clear, “Let me look it up.”

She took out her mobile phone to take pictures from Google. At this time, the door rang, and Samantha went out to open the door. Carla was alone in the room, and the search results quickly popped up on the screen of her mobile phone.

She stared straight at the phone and her face became whiter, and her hands with the phone shook. How could she…

How could this be?

“Madam, Miss Alecia is here with Walter and Giesel…what’s wrong with you?” Samantha stood at the door, before she finished speaking, she realized that something was wrong with Carla’s face.

She walked in, Carla hurriedly collected her phone and looked at her, “What did you just say?”

“I said there is a guest at home.” Samantha replied.

Carla said, “I see, you go out to entertain them first.”

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