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Chapter 1147

Soon after the call was connected, what came from the other side was, “The phone you dialed has been turned off…”

Carla took the phone away and looked at Alecia, “Don’t worry too much, it may be that the phone is dead.”

Alecia nodded and reached out to hug the baby in her arms, “I will hug.”

Now the cute boy can raise his head, holding his small head upright, and his big round eyes dribbling around.

Alecia touched his head, “This little doll has so much black hair.”

Carla also thinks that her son’s hair is good. Alan and Iris didn’t have such good hair when they were young. They only got better when they grew up.


Carla’s cell phone rang, she took out the phone, the screen showed Ryan’s number, and she picked it up.

Soon Ryan’s voice came over there, “You come out.”

Carla didn’t react for a while, “Huh?”

“I am by the door.”

Since Ramiro is not in the company, he has been very busy. It is his normal state to leave early and return late at night. She was surprised to come back in the afternoon, “Why are you back at this time?”

“You come out.”

Carla, “…”

“If you have anything to go out, I will bring you the baby.” Alecia said with a smile.

Carla said to the phone, “I see.” After that, she hung up and said to Alecia, “If you want to go out, give him to mother Samantha.”

“I know, what should you do?” Alecia said.

Carla went upstairs and took a coat and went out. There was a black car parked on the side of the road. She walked over, opened the door, and sat in, “You’re coming home, not going in?”

Ryan turned his head and looked over, looking carefully.

Carla was uncomfortable being seen, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m seeing if you are unhappy.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t call him and say something like that. He stretched out Carla’s hand, “Is it because I have been busy during this time and didn’t accompany you well that you’re upset?”

Carla slapped his hand and said solemnly, “Don’t make trouble, I have something to tell you.”

“Well, you say, I’ll listen.” His eyes looked at Carla for a moment, which made her feel that he was not serious, and her voice became serious again, “I’m serious.”

Ryan said, “I’m serious too.”

Carla brewed for a while and said, “Are you still going back to the company today?”

Ryan said, “I won’t go back.”

“Let’s make an appointment with Dad this night, let’s eat out.”

“Huh? Something?” Ryan looked at her solemn expression, and he was sure that something was happening to her, otherwise, she wouldn’t have such a suggestion suddenly.

“Dad may be sick, he has been hiding from you and me.” Carla said.

Ryan’s expression was immersed, his eyes deepened a bit, “How did you know?”

If it was just a minor illness, Carla would not call him specifically, he is still so serious now.

“Samantha cleaned his room and accidentally spilled his medicine… I checked that the medicine is for cancer.” Carla whispered.

Ryan didn’t react excessively on the surface, but his heart was not calm. He let go of Carla’s hand and sat in the position without speaking for a long time.

Carla held his hand on the palm, and comforted him tightly, “Don’t worry too much, it may not be serious. Now we have to talk with Dad to know his situation.”

Ryan seemed very difficult to accept. After a long time, he turned to look at Carla, “Did you see it clearly?”

It’s not that he doesn’t trust what she said, it’s just that he doesn’t want to believe it from the bottom of his heart.

“I didn’t see it clearly, I wouldn’t rush to tell you. Actually, I’m not good. I found something wrong with him before. He said it’s just a small cold and doesn’t hold baby much anymore. I thought he was afraid of giving a cold to baby, I didn’t care… it’s me.”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Ryan took out his cell phone and dialed Nelson’s number.

It took a while before someone answered the phone.

“Where are you?” Ryan said immediately after the call was connected, “I want to see you, now.”

Generally, Ryan rarely contacted him on the phone. With this attitude, Nelson knew that he might have noticed something. After a slight sigh, he said, “See you outside.”

“Okay.” Ryan said an address and then hung up the phone. He then put the phone on the center console, drove the car, and soon the car drove out.

Carla knew that he might need time to calm down at this time, so she didn’t say any more words of comfort, and waited until they saw Nelson.

The silence in the carriage was so clear that even the breathing could be heard.

The car stopped in front of a tea house, the two got off the car, and they could smell the faint tea fragrance when they entered the door. Someone came to receive them. Ryan said, “I want a quiet private room and a pot of green teas.”

“Please here.” The waiter led them to the innermost private room upstairs. “It’s the quietest here.”

The antique decoration in the private room is also elegant, Ryan nodded, expressing satisfaction.

He and Carla sat down, and soon the waiter came up with a tea set and placed it on the tea table, the tea set in the middle.

Carla asked the waiter to put it down, “There is no need to entertain here.”

Then she started to mix the milk and black tea to make a few cups.

After a while, the room was filled with a faint fragrance of tea, and Ryan’s mood also settled.


The door opened and Nelson walked in.

Carla put down the teapot in her hand and stood up, “Dad, you are here.”

Nelson waved his hand to let her sit down, went to the tea table and sat down, looked at the tea on the table and said, “Did you make it?”

Carla said yes.

“Study tea making?”

“I have been to a few lessons, and I know a little about it.” Carla poured tea for him.

Nelson took it up and took a sip, and said, “Do you know?”

Carla glanced at Ryan and said, “Yes.”

“Why conceal it?” Ryan was already very calm at the moment, and his voice was very low.

Nelson sighed, “I planned to tell you too.”

You can hide it for a while, you can’t hide it for a lifetime.

Chapter 1148

“I am getting older. Sooner or later there will be such a day. I don’t say that I am afraid that you will be sad.” Nelson is very indifferent, as if he has already seen life and death, and there is no regret at this age. Children and grandchildren are around their knees and enjoy the happiness of the family.

“What did the doctor say?” Ryan didn’t want to hear him say this.

Now he desperately wants to know his condition.

“It’s not like you.” Nelson poured a cup of tea into his teacup, “I have always been proud of you, you are my son, but I didn’t want to bother you with it, whether my family or my career is good, they are all well managed by you, and I have nothing to teach you.”

“On the contrary, I didn’t see it through you, and I didn’t show my feelings to your mother until she died, which caused me to regret it all my life.”

“Have a drink with me.” Nelson counted the teacup and looked at his son. Ryan’s eyes were deep and mute, “I blam you for concealing it.”

Isn’t he regretful?

It was an untouchable wound in the corner of his heart.

“If there is a chance to come back, I will let him be, and I can’t stop him from letting him recognize each other and live together…” Nelson had moisture in his eyes, but he didn’t see through it at the time.

What if the fish died and the net broke? At least Della won’t have so many regrets in her life, until she died, she was regarded as a junior. Her son was in front of her, but he didn’t dare to ask him to call his mother.

As a mother who risked her life to give birth to a child, how much suffering should she have in her heart?

Ryan picked up the collision between the tea and Nelson, he poured it down like a drink, put down the cup and said, “Let’s go to the hospital together, and I will ask for the best doctor.”

“I don’t want to live in the hospital in the last days.” Nelson was most afraid of them, so he didn’t say, “In the late period, how long will it take to live a few more days even if I stay in the hospital. It doesn’t matter to me, it has no meaning”

“Dad.” Carla originally had hope of being cured in the early or middle stage, but now she is a little at a loss, “Now that medical treatment is advanced, there may be hope…”

“I have checked it very clearly. I know that you are concerned and worried. If you really want me to be happy, please accompany me to live in the old house.”

“There is the place where I have lived with her for a lifetime. After she left, I dare not go back. Everything in the family is reminiscent of her.”

“I dare not touch it. Now it’s the end. I want to guard our home. She didn’t wait for you to reunite when she was there. Now, it’s my wish to be fulfilled.” Nelson His face became haggard a lot.

“Okay, but the disease can be cured.” Ryan’s attitude was very firm.

Carla thought so too, no matter what, you must do your best. She didn’t pay attention before and now looked carefully, Nelson not only lost a lot of weight, his complexion was sallow, and his lips looked extremely pale without blood.

“What Ryan said is.” She held Ryan’s hand. “We were all heartbroken when mother left. For us, you have to cooperate with the treatment. The baby still can’t speak, you won’t be willing to let him, right?”

Nelson agreed to cooperate with the treatment.

When Carla left the teahouse and started to move, Ryan went to the hospital with Nelson, to find out what his condition is now.

Carla came back and said that she wanted to move. Samantha might have realized it was not good, and secretly asked her about Nelson’s condition.

Carla didn’t hide it, and told the situation, but she also explained, “Everyone should do what they want, so do it, don’t show that there is anything that makes him feel pressured.”

Kurtis was very uncomfortable. He couldn’t believe that Nelson would suffer from such a disease. “Will it be wrong?”

“No.” He had taken that kind of medicine, and it must have been confirmed by the examining doctor before taking the medicine to suppress the condition.

“Then I can’t go back to City R. I have to take care of him here.” He had long regarded Nelson as his brother-in-law. Although they weren’t together because of love, they had Ryan together, and he has treated his younger sister too. Taken care of her. Now he, how can he do nothing?

How will he face his sister when he goes underground in the future?

There is mist in his eyes, “I’ll go and talk to Herman on the phone.”

Then he stood up and walked out.

The living room became dull. Samantha and Lucia were sad, saying, “Don’t do this, so Dad will be stressed when he comes back.”

“We are not sad.” Lucia was still able to stabilize, she had experienced it, and felt it deeply in her heart.

Samantha couldn’t hold on without her.

Lucia took her, “People are fine, we still have time to take care of them and go and pack things.”

“Sister Lane.” Alecia walked over, and baby fell asleep in her arms. She was still asleep very well at the moment, “I don’t know how to comfort you.”

“It’s okay.” Carla said, “Thank you for helping me take a look at the baby.”


There are Lucia and Samantha to clean up. She called the temporary housekeeper to clean up the house in the old house.

The rooms have been unoccupied for a while, and a layer of dust has fell, and the windows have to be opened to let the wind.

The furniture here has everything, as long as you bring daily necessities.

It will take a day to clean before you can move it.

When Ryan and Nelson came back in the evening, everyone still behaved okay. After a whole afternoon of digestion, they were all calm, but they still cared involuntarily.

For example, Samantha made Nelson’s favorite dishes and asked him to eat more.

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