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Chapter 1157

Herman didn’t squint, he didn’t dare to look at Alecia in front of Harrison, for fear of being discovered by Harrison.

When he was his age, he liked a little girl and was ashamed of being known.

“It’s nothing strange.” Herman racked his brains to explain the words, “Someone didn’t like spicy food before, but later they liked it. This person’s taste and aesthetics will naturally change.”

It’s not that his preferences have changed, because Alecia said that he doesn’t look good in flowers. He didn’t dare to show his thoughts before. Knowing that she was going to divorce Harrison, he wanted to change himself in front of her, but she didn’t think…

Herman regretted it very much.

“Shall I send you back?” Herman asked.

“Didn’t you say you want to catch the wind for me?” Alecia asked.

Herman paused, and said with an awkward expression, “I think I still have things. If you are hungry, let Harrison take you.”

If Harrison is not here, he will do his best to treat Alecia and take care of her. Now that Harrison is here, he shouldn’t do this.

Alecia smiled and said, “Harrison is not familiar here, but you know more about the city, and there is any delicious restaurant, you recommend it to us.”

Herman recommended the names of several restaurants, “These restaurants are good.”

“Thank you Second Uncle.” Alecia thanked.

Herman didn’t speak.

Herman sent them to their residence and left.

B City.

The old house of the family.

The family moved from the villa to the old house, so that when the family moved in, the rooms were all used up, and it was good enough.

Nelson didn’t want to go to the hospital. He was always obsessed when he was old. The doctor could only come to his home to check him every day.

Ryan didn’t go to the company for these two days, and Carla didn’t ask him how to arrange it. At this time, he was afraid and not in the mood to deal with the company’s affairs. He would definitely have his own ideas.

The doctor checked Nelson and Ryan came out of the room with him, and personally escorted him out. When he went out, the doctor said, “His condition has deteriorated very quickly. Now even if he wants surgery, he can’t do this anymore. After craniotomy, we can only add hormone therapy conservatively and appropriately to extend the life of the patient as much as possible.

Ryan’s black is deep, “Then you need to bother more, because people are old and stubborn, and they don’t want to go to the hospital.”

The doctor said, “As long as he is happy, even if he lives for a few more months, he will live unhappily and not live as good as death. What’s the point of that?”

The doctor spent all his time watching the joys and sorrows, and to everything he was indifferent. He felt that the most important thing was happiness. As for how long he could live, he would do his best.

“Don’t worry, I will try my best.” The doctor is indifferent, but as a family member of the patient, it is difficult to see through. They always want relatives to stay with them for a longer time.

This is human nature.

Chapter 1158

“I’ll come back tomorrow.” The doctor got in the car and left, and Ryan stood by the side of the road for a while before turning around and entering the house.

Carla was holding the baby in the living room and coaxing him to sleep.

Ryan reached out and hugged Little Treasure in his arms and said, “You come in with me, I have something to say to you.”

After saying that he held the baby upstairs, Carla followed him upstairs to the room, she closed the door and walked over and asked, “Did you have anything to tell me?”

Ryan took her to sit by the bed, and Carla sat down.

He said, “Our son looks like you.”

Carla thought Ryan today was very strange, she didn’t answer, knowing that he must have something else to say.

But after a long time, Ryan didn’t speak again.

Carla grabbed his hand, “We are a husband and wife, so you can say what you have, and you don’t have to think about it with me.”

Ryan raised his eyes, his ink-colored eyes struck a bit of reluctance, and they were quickly drowned under his eyes, no one could see, “Harrison called me yesterday and said that he was going to live in City R with Alecia.”

Carla clenched her hands quietly, probably guessing what he was thinking in her heart, resting her head on his shoulders, and said, “I always have something to tell you. I have never had a chance… Alecia can’t have a child, if we let her raise our baby, she will definitely treat the baby well.”

She knew that Ryan was hard to say, and for various reasons, it was the best choice to raise the child to Harrison and Alecia, but she definitely couldn’t overcome the hurdle in her heart.

She understands him and understands his thoughts.

“The child’s name is Mack, and my second uncle gave me all the shares of JK, and I will pass it on to him in the future. If he can live in City R… it’s also very good. Harrison and Alecia have experienced a lot, and they have no children.”

“It’s a pity that if you have a son under your knees, you can also enjoy the happiness of the family.” She slowly raised her eyes, “Even though the second uncle is still in good spirits, he can’t manage my life for me. He will do his best.”

Ryan grabbed her hand, and Carla was saying for him that this woman has a delicate mind, and now she can guess his mind with just one move of him.

“The textile factory cannot be closed. That is the continuation of the Scott family’s ancestral business.””Now that my uncle wants to accompany Dad, someone really needs someone to manage these things. Harrison’s life there is the best choice, and besides us, there are Iris and Alan.”

Carla looked at him, “Let’s give the baby to Harrison and Alecia to raise.”

Ryan looked down at his son. At this moment, the little doll fell asleep, his white face was exactly the same as Carla’s.

“People say that a son is blessed to look like a mother. He is blessed to have so many people who love him.” Carla reached out and touched the son’s face.

Even though he was very reluctant, he still looked open and understood. Starting from his surname, he is not the same future as Alan and Iris, and he bears more on his shoulders.

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