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Chapter 1165

Sandy sucked her nose, feeling guilty, if the fetus couldn’t take it, she would hate herself for the rest of her life.

Peter hugged and picked her up from the sofa, “It’s late, go to bed.”

In fact, Peter’s own heart is not as calm as the surface, but he does not show it in front of Sandy. If he panics, Sandy will be even more disturbed.

Sandy’s eyelashes were wet, “Do you really blame me?”

She couldn’t see Peter’s thoughts clearly, his brief restlessness, so calm, made her very uneasy, and she didn’t know what his true thoughts were like.

Peter said patiently, “I really don’t blame you.”

Blame him, he just left after getting married, leaving Sandy here alone, sometimes he is not so thoughtful and normal, he is really not strange.

Regardless of whether the child can have it or not, he doesn’t blame Sandy, on the contrary, he blames himself, feeling that he hasn’t taken good care of her.

She married him when she was young, but he gave her nothing.

It was his fault.

He lay on the bed holding Sandy and comforted her, “If we can’t keep this child, we can only say that we have no fate.”

Sandy nestled in the quilt and did not speak, but the guilt and anxiety in his heart never stopped.

Neither of them slept peacefully this night, but both pretended to sleep well.

In the morning, the two of them ate breakfast as if they were comforting each other, and it was indeed tasteless.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Peter put on his uniform and said.

Sandy nodded, her eyes were a little swollen, which may have been caused by crying yesterday and not getting a good rest.

Dressed up, she and Peter went out together. The two got into the car. Peter started the car, but the mobile phone in his pocket rang.

He pressed the answer button, and a voice came from over there, saying that he was letting him pass. The people above had tasks to be given to them. Peter’s first task after being promoted was very heavy for him, not just to handle it well. , It has to be done with due care.

“I’ll be there later.” Peter said.

“Which way, you are promoted, and you are not there, so how can I guess you in my heart?”


“Why don’t you go back to the unit first, I’ll go to the hospital to wait for you.” Sandy interrupted him, knowing he was busy, so she understood.

Peter said, “I must be with you today.”

Sandy pursed her lips and said, “Then you take me to the work unit. I will wait for you to finish, and we will go to the hospital together.”

She has asked for leave anyway.

Peter thought for a while and left Sandy at home alone, so that she could not avoid having to think about it, so he said, “Okay, I will finish as soon as possible.”

So Peter drove to the unit. There were many people in the hall, as if they were dealing with some case. Peter took Sandy back to his office and asked her to stay in the house instead of running around.

Sandy said, “I won’t bother not working.”

People from above have to be met in the conference room, and he and Garner Cowan go to the conference room to prepare.

Sandy took out her mobile phone, Googled pregnant women take medicine whether the child can stay, some medicine is okay, some medicine is more powerful, it won’t work.

When the door rang, Sandy put down the phone and turned to look at the closed door. At this time, the door rang twice, and she walked over to open the door.

At the door stood a man in uniform with a hat in his hand, and saw Sandy smiling and asking, “Where is Mr. Shane?”

Sandy said, “I don’t know too well, are you looking for something to do with him?”

The man nodded, “Yes, I received a case some time ago, and now I have checked it all clearly. I will submit the relevant materials to Mr. Shane, and the final process has to go.”

Sandy saw that he was holding a pile of materials in his hand and said, “Why don’t you put it here first, and I will tell him when he comes back?”

The man thought for a while, “It’s a bit anxious, people are still here, I’ll go to Mr. Shane.”

Sandy said, “That’s fine.”

The man walked with something, and Sandy was about to close the door, and saw a room in the corridor, handcuffed a person coming out.

Chapter 1166

Sandy felt as if she had seen her face in a shadow, and she soon remembered, isn’t this the clinic doctor who treated her?

She walked over, afraid that she might be dazzled.

Walking out of the house, the man was escorted into the car. Sandy saw clearly, ran over, and grabbed the doctor, “You are a quack!”

Soon Sandy was pulled away by police officers.

Sandy was too excited, “You must put him in jail, no, shoot him, such a person will only harm people!”

“Do you know him?” A police officer pulled Sandy aside.

Sandy nodded, “He has seen me sick.”

“That’s it.” The police officer knew why she was so excited, and said, “Are you okay?”

Sandy said, “It’s okay.”

“That’s good, it’s fine if people are okay.” He pointed to the people in the hall, “Look at those people in the room, those are family members of a dead person.”

Sandy’s face turned white at once, lifeless?

“Why, what’s the matter?” She asked incoherently.

She was so shocked!

Just as the police officer was about to tell Sandy, Peter walked over with the man who was looking for him, “What’s the matter?”

Sandy leaned against Peter and said, pointing to the handcuffed doctor, “This man, this quack doctor treated me.”

Peter turned to look at her.

Sandy said affirmatively, “It’s him, I can’t be wrong.”

Peter said, “I see, let’s go in.” He took Sandy’s hand and said to the escorted personnel, “Let’s take it away.”

After speaking, he took Sandy back to the office.

“Let’s take a look.” Peter showed her the case.

Sandy looked up at him and reached out to take it.

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