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Chapter 1167

Peter was afraid that she would not understand, so he told her.

This was a case handled in the bureau when he was on a business trip, and the person who came to report was a family member of the deceased.

The reason why the deceased died was because of taking fake medicine, which delayed treatment.

The family members of the deceased found the medicine that the deceased was taking, but they could not find the pharmaceutical factory marked on the kit, so they went to the relevant department for identification. The result of the inspection was that the medicine was fake.

So the family of the deceased called the police.

The bureau did not rush to startle the snake, but secretly investigated, and went to see a doctor pretending to be a patient. Most of the medicines obtained were fake medicines, which did not harm the human body, but they could not cure the disease.

These criminals have caught some human weaknesses that love and greedy cheap, and then make huge profits from them.

As the saying goes, gold valuable medicines are priceless, and you can bargain for everything you buy. You can only buy medicines, and you can say as much as you want. You can never bargain.

“This is not a quack. This person is not a doctor in the first place. All the documents are faked. The medicine is also made by himself. It is made of cheap things that do not harm the human body.”

“It does not hurt people but does not cure the disease. After secret investigations, many of these counterfeit drugs have flowed into the market. After investigations, many pharmacies have found them. However, the factory that makes the fake drugs has been destroyed and the relevant personnel have been arrested.”

“Will it be shot?” Sandy raised her head and asked.

She hopes that these people can be shot.

Peter said, “There will be a relevant review department, and the final conviction will have to go through the judicial department. It is certain to go to jail.”

Sandy felt that if he was only in jail, she was too sorry for those who were harmed because of the fake medicine.

The person who came to Peter for signing just now, the case has been investigated, and he has to sign and hand over to the judicial department for conviction and follow this process.

“Sandy, I have something else, I will call someone, let him take you home, bring the medicine you took, and go to the inspection department for a test…”

“Do you think the medicine I am taking is also a fake medicine?” Sandy opened his eyes wide, and there was a faint light under his eyes. If, as Peter said, these are fake medicines, then…

Peter wanted her to take the medicine. It was a fake medicine that did no harm to the human body but also had no effect, so that the child in her stomach would be fine.

Sandy stood up abruptly, “I will go back now.”

Peter frowned, “Slow down.”

Sandy realized that she was too excited and scratched her hair, “I will pay attention next time.”

“Mr. Shane, the people above are here, morning meeting room.” Garner Cowan knocked on the door and came in, and Peter said, “I see.”

He picked up the hat on the table and said, “You wait outside and someone will send you off.”

Sandy nodded and just wanted to take a stride out, thinking that she had just moved too much and was told by Peter that her steps were a little smaller.

After about an hour, she returned home and took the medicine. With the help of someone arranged by Peter, he took it for a laboratory test.

Sandy was waiting in the waiting room of the inspection department.

Two hours later, the results of the examination came out, gave it to her, and said something to her, and then saw her expression change from nervous to relaxed.

The nervousness and anxiety also turned into a happy smile.

She returned to Peter’s office with the result of the examination. Before he came back, she sat on the sofa and waited for him.

After a long time, the office door was pushed open. Sandy turned around and saw that Peter was coming in.

She ran over quickly and put her arms around his neck because she was so happy that she forgot where she was now, and raised her head. K!ssed him and said excitedly,

“Fake, the medicine is fake, it’s a pill made of starch, and it doesn’t hurt the human body at all.”

Peter did not respond, but looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

Soon Sandy found out that he was not alone, and there were many people behind him, looking at her at the moment.


Chapter 1168

Her cheeks were instantly hot, hot, and red to her neck.

Did everyone see her behavior just now?

This is too embarrassing.

Sandy can’t wait to find a place to get in. What do people think of her?

This is too unstable, it is still in front of Peter’s subordinate.

Ah, ah, ah—

How Sandy wanted to go back in time.

At this time, Peter said, “My wife is a victim of the fake drug case that was just submitted. I asked her to take the drug to the inspection department for a test. The result showed that there was no harm to the human body. This is too good a news.”

Sandy lowered her head, feeling that she has no face to meet people.

“We didn’t see anything.” Someone spoke first.

Everyone later said, “We have bad eyesight today, we didn’t see it.”

Although everyone gave her a step, Sandy still felt embarrassed and said lowly, “I’ll go first.”

Before Peter responded, she left.

When Sandy left, some people began to tease Peter, “Oh, I used to think that Mr. Shane was a wooden bump, but I didn’t think in private, but it was quite open.”

Peter looked back at the person who was speaking.

The man sneered immediately, “Mr. Shane is angry?”

“Mr. Shane is not such a stingy person. Didn’t he just k!ss and let you see it? What’s the big deal? It’s not that we ran into you when you were sleeping, so excited…”

“You are all idle, aren’t you?” Peter stared at the person who had just spoken, “You are responsible for the case, and it will be investigated within a month.”

That person, “…”

“You avenge your private revenge.”

Peter took off his hat and put it on the table, and sat down at the desk, “Even if I avenge my personal revenge, what can you do with me?”

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