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Chapter 1177

She packed everything on the table into the garbage bag and handed it to Ryan.

The sky tonight is very dark, and the night is like water.

Ryan returned after throwing away the trash, the dining room table had been wiped clean, and Carla was standing in front of the sink cleaning the wine glasses.

He sticked up from behind and held her waist, without a trace of charm, but simply wanted to hug her.

Carla didn’t move, the water turned down a little bit, only a thin water column, she pinched the wine glass and rinsed in the water, accompanied by the sound of water, said,

“The scenery of life is not only windy and sunny, but rain and sun are also always inadvertent. No matter how dark it is, I will accompany you.”

She raised her head too close, her eyelashes scraped across the corner of his eye.

Ryan took off the cup in her hand and turned off the water, “Sit with me for a while.”

He pulled Carla into the living room and sat on the sofa. The bright lights illuminate the room like daytime, but the heavy atmosphere around them seemed to be low pressure, not shining brightly because of the lights.

On the other side, Sandy and Peter went to their residence.

Peter drank too much, and Sandy couldn’t help him. The little brother driving on behalf of him was very kind and helped her put Peter into the house.

After putting him on the bed, Sandy poured him a glass of water, “Drink some water before leaving.”

“No need.” The driver waved his hand and left. Sandy came to close the door and returned to the room. She took the water in a basin and put it next to the bed, and then undr3ssed Peter.

Peter was in a daze, as if he felt someone was talking about him.

“Don’t move me.”

Sandy took a slight pause with her undr3ssing hand, came over to look at him, and whispered, “Peter.”

Peter turned over completely unconscious.

Sandy, “…”

She was standing by the bed with a frown, a sleeve that had just been taken off by Peter was now pressed under her body again. He was so heavy that she couldn’t turn him on her own.

How to do?

Sandy was distressed and didn’t know what to do.

But she couldn’t let him sleep like this, it would be uncomfortable. She leaned over and half-kneeled on the bed and pulled his body over. Peter pushed her hand away impatiently, and said again, “Don’t move.” I.”

Sandy looked at him stiffly, seeing him drunk for the first time.

While it was funny, it was annoying at the same time.

“Don’t move, then you just sleep like this. Don’t blame me when you wake up in the morning with backaches.” Sandy was angry and found a thin blanket from the cabinet to cover him.

Peter moved and reached out and touched, “Where is my phone.”

“You are drunk, what phone are you looking for?” Sandy grabbed his hand, “You can stop a bit and go to sleep.”

Peter shook her hand away, “No, I have to call.”

Sandy helped her forehead, “You drink it like this, who do you call?”

Peter said, “For Sandy.”

Sandy was stunned for a second, and the corners of his lips raised a light smile, reached out his hand and touched his cheek, “You’re all drunk, remember Sandy?”

“Well, I miss her.” Peter turned over, turning his back to Sandy as if he was asleep.

Sandy was so happy when she said that he was drunk, and he was still thinking about her when he was drunk. He really cared about her.

She soaked a towel and wiped his face, took off his shoes and socks, and put his legs in the quilt. She poured water, cleaned up the room briefly, took a shower, and was next to him. Lie down, the alcohol on his body was very heavy, and he was full of alcohol when he breathed in and out.

Sandy was a little disgusted, probably because of the olfactory rejection caused by her pregnancy. She turned over and turned her back to him. He soon followed from behind and reached out to hug her.

His legs were heavy on her body. Sandy got up and lifted it down, and after a while, he caught it again. Sandy couldn’t sleep, but she was sleepy again, but she couldn’t sleep well, so she got up and went to sleep in the living room with the thin quilt.

Chapter 1178

Peter woke up in the morning with no one around him, and saw Sandy sleeping on the sofa, and asked her, “Why are you sleeping here?”

Sandy got up to tidy up the quilt and said, “Hurry up and take a bath.”

Peter stood still, feeling a little uneasy. How can she sleep on the sofa?

Did he make her angry because he was drunk?

“Why are you sleeping on the sofa?” Peter asked again.

Sandy felt that he was inexplicable and glanced at him, “Are you planning to go to work with this one? It’s almost seven o’clock, and time is running out. Hurry up and wash up and change into clean clothes and go to work.”

Peter glanced at the time, and indeed there was not much time left for him, and asked, “I didn’t make you angry last night, right?”

Only then did Sandy understood why he chirped, because he was afraid of her being angry?

She looked at the quilt in her hand, probably why he thought so, walked over and smiled, “No.”

After finishing talking, she stood on tiptoe and k!ssed his chin gently, “Go and wash.”

Peter’s frowning eyebrows immediately eased, and he was relieved to take a bath and change clothes.

Sandy also got up late in the morning, so she didn’t prepare breakfast, she dressed neatly, “This morning, let’s just take care of it outside.”

Peter said, “Okay.” But seeing Sandy also going out, he asked, “Where are you going?”

“Going to work.” Sandy replied.

Peter frowned, “Are you going to work? Are you not pregnant…”

“That’s not a delay. It’s just an internship and it’s not formal work.” Sandy took the bag, “I have taken two days off, and I have to go to work today.”

After she went out, Peter put on his hat and said, “Wait for me, I will see you off.”

He took the car key and went out. Sandy said, “It’s not very far, no need…”

Peter looked at her, “I will send you off.”

Sandy, “…”

So Peter sent Sandy to the intern company, and he was going to work.

He is busy at work now. Sandy left work first. When she got on the elevator, a middle-aged man came over with a box of apples. Seeing that the elevator was about to close, he hurriedly shouted, “Wait…”

Sandy kindly pressed the open button, and the man walked in with the box and said to Sandy, “Thank you.”

Sandy smiled and said nothing.

He stood in the elevator and did not press the floor, which was the same floor as Sandy. When he got off the elevator, the man asked, “Do you live here?”

Sandy nodded.

The man asked again, “Do you know Director Shane?”

Sandy looked at him for two seconds, and did not directly say that she knew him, but asked, “Do you have anything to do with him?”

The man looks like he is about fifty years old, and he is dressed plainly, “That’s it. Shane helped me. I want to thank him, but I don’t have any money. No, I just want to give him an apple box.”

Sandy said, “He doesn’t accept anything from others.”

After all, Peter’s identity, how can he take gifts casually?

Although a box of apples is worthless.

“He is kind, I must thank him.” The middle-aged man reacted, “Do you know him?”

Sandy gave a hum.

“Are you his wife?”

Although the middle-aged man was asking, his eyes were clearly confirming her identity, and he stuffed the box into her arms, “A box of apples is not a good thing, so you can help me put it away.”

Sandy declined, and the middle-aged man put the box in her arms and left.

When entering the elevator door was not closed, he said to Sandy, “Mr. Shane is a good person.”

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