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Chapter 1179

Sandy was proud of herself, of course, her husband was a good person.

The elevator door closed, and she looked at the apple box in her arms, feeling heavy, but she couldn’t throw it away. After all, she could only carry it into the house because it was a kind gift.

After returning home, she put the apple on the stove in the kitchen, put down the bag in her hand, and called Peter and asked him when he would be back.

Peter said not to wait for him. He would come back later. The case that came down, although he had already handed it over to someone, the case was handed over to him halfway, because it was complicated before the case, and it didn’t make progress for more than a year, so it was given to him.

He just took the position, and he was admired by Mr. Smith before. He has no background and relies on his strength. Of course, this case is not a good job. If it is done well, everyone will be happy.

So he has to play up the spirit of twelve points.

Sandy only made her own meals for dinner. She washed and fell asleep after eating. When Peter came back, she slept in a daze, as if she had something to say to him, and forgot it for a while.

Peter lay down on the bed to hug her and let her sleep at ease.

In the morning, he received a call. He seemed to be very anxious. He asked Sandy to take a taxi to go to work and went out.

When Sandy went to the refrigerator to fetch milk, she saw the apple box on the stove. Then she remembered and forgot to tell Peter that she hadn’t eaten apples for a long time. Seeing that she suddenly wanted to eat it, she walked over and opened the box.

The tape is cut open, and there is no apple inside, but a neat ream of banknotes.

Sandy was stunned for a moment, how could there be so much money?

She panicked at once.

To be given so much money for no reason is definitely not in good faith.

She forced herself to calm down. At this time, she must tell Peter that she took out the mobile phone from her bag because she was too panicked and it fell to the ground for not holding the mobile phone firmly in her hand.

She squatted down and picked up the phone. A thin crack fell on the screen. She swiped the screen. The phone was not broken. She found Peter’s number and dialed it out, but the response was to turn off the phone. She frowned. How could it not get through?

So what should she do now?

What if Peter gets in troubled because of this money?

She was anxious and annoyed. She felt that she was careless to make such a thing. In case she was tired of Peter, she didn’t dare to think about it…

She slumped on the ground.

Who can she find at this time?

She didn’t dare to do anything rashly. She had to discuss it personally. After a few minutes, she rang Carla. Ryan was so smart and knew what to do, so she dialed Carla’s number.

Today’s weather is good, Carla is walking in the park with Marty, Kurtis is supporting Nelson, feeling that more than half of the year has passed, “Looking at the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching.”

Nelson looked up and saw that the green leaves in summer turned yellow at this moment. Fall to winter comes, and next year is spring, it can still grow green leaves. If people are gone, they will leave the world completely.

He is not afraid of death, but he is still a little timid in his heart after careful consideration.

Kurtis muttered, “The autumn leaves are yellow, and the bead curtains do not roll up at night.”

Carla said, “Uncle wants to add more clothes.”

Kurtis smiled warmly.

The phone she put in the bag behind the stroller suddenly rang, and Lucia handed her the phone, “Your phone rang.”

Carla put Marty in the cart, covered him with a thin blanket, and took the cell phone that Lucia handed over. It showed Sandy’s number. How could Sandy call her at this moment?

Chapter 1180

When she answered the phone, Sandy’s anxious voice came from that side, “Sister-in-law, I did something wrong.”

Without beginning and ending, Carla heard a confused voice and asked, “What did you do wrong? Speak slowly.”

Sandy suppressed the panic and said, “When I was on the elevator after getting off work yesterday, I met a man who said he was looking for Peter. He gave me a box of apples. Today I opened it. There are no apples in it, but a box of money. What do you think I should do? I don’t dare to move rashly, now I am very scared.”

Carla understands her panic, giving money? Peter has just been promoted, and at this time someone sent money, obviously for him.

Poor handling will definitely affect Peter.

“Have you called Peter? What did he say?”

“The phone is turned off, I can’t reach him, sister-in-law, you can give me an idea.”

“Don’t worry.” Carla thought for a moment and asked, “Where are you now?”

“I am home.”

“Okay, then I will pass now, you will wait for me at home.”

She hung up the phone in response.

She looked at Lucia, “Mom, Marty, take care of him for me.”

Lucia nodded and asked, “Are you busy?”

Carla nodded, she turned and walked away, Nelson glanced back at her, and exhorted, “If you are in a hurry, you must drive more slowly.”

Carla said I got it.

She went home and took the car keys to find Sandy.

Sandy sat on the sofa and glanced at the money in the box. Her heart was not as panicked as she was at the beginning. It didn’t take long for the door to knock, and she walked over to open the door.

Carla walked in, and Sandy pointed to the box to show her, “I didn’t know at the time. I thought it was just a box of apples and worthless things. I just… didn’t expect it.”

Carla patted her shoulder, “This person didn’t tell you clearly that it was money, but in this way, he was obviously afraid that you would not accept it.”

“How to tell Peter? I want to tell him, but his phone is turned off again. I didn’t pay attention, so I came to you…”

Carla asked, “Is there any tape at home?”

Sandy nodded, she hurriedly found and handed it to Carla.

Carla sealed its mouth and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?”

“Go to the bureau, is there monitoring in the community?” Carla picked up the box, and Sandy nodded, “both.”

“That’s good.” She said calmly, “Now you go to the property to check the surveillance. Don’t be tampered with. Cut off the surveillance footage of the man that sent you the apple to prove that you don’t know him. Now we take the money over. You go explain the situation.”

Sandy said, “I’m going now.”

Carla said, “I’m at the gate of the community, and you’ll come over as soon as you get it.”

Sandy nodded, and the two went out and went downstairs. Carla would take the box of “apples” and put it in the back seat.

Standing by the car, she dialed Peter’s number.

The response is still off.

As soon as Peter arrived at the bureau in the morning, he was taken for questioning, and his mobile phone was also confiscated and turned off, just in case he contacted outside.

“We naturally believe in what you are, but this report did not seem to be groundless. It not only stated the amount of bribes you accepted but also stated very clearly that it was the stolen money from your wife’s hands.”

“Shane is not such a person at all, this is obviously framed!” said an honest colleague.

“Then how do you prove that this is framed?” the person above asked.

The person who was speaking was speechless for a moment, and finally said, “Anyway, I don’t believe that Shane accepts bribes.”

“Let’s open a case for investigation. During this period, Mr. Shane cannot participate in any work…”

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