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Chapter 1195

The so-called, something abnormal must be a demon!

Narvon snorted dryly and flung his sleeves and left the room.

Ryan didn’t set his beak, and glanced on the bed, his eyes fluctuated, but he quickly recovered his calmness, and all his emotions were hidden to the deepest.

He took out the phone and made a call. After a few words, he hung up the phone and put it back on the phone, and walked slowly to the bed.

Carla went to the room upstairs to see the child. Lucia was watching. The little one was awake, but he didn’t cry or make people uncomfortable. The two older ones, Lucia said that they had been crying for a long time, and they had just slept when they were tired of crying. She’s not very familiar, and sometimes wakes up. When they wake up, they need to look for my grandfather.

She looked at the children for a while, and saw that none of them woke up. She wanted to come down and see who was coming. She opened the door and saw Ryan sitting on the chair beside the bed.

She closed the door gently again.

This is probably the last time they get together, and they will never see each other again.

It was already dawn, and people would come soon, and their time was running out, so she didn’t bother to go in.

At nine o’clock, a convoy came and pulled Nelson’s body away. Ryan and Peter went together, and Carla stayed at home.

As soon as the news comes out, there will be people coming from the family. Carla said that she has to receive guests at home. According to their custom here, the family has to hang white.

However, these things Ryan has already arranged, and the people in the funeral home will come over to make arrangements. All related matters need her to make arrangements. She only needs to receive some guests.

Today is not a day of mourning, and there will not be too many people here.

“Why is the house so deserted?” A woman in a black skirt entered the door.

Carla didn’t know this woman, but she thought it should be a good relationship, otherwise, she wouldn’t be here today, but the tone of this speech made people very uncomfortable.

What is deserted?

Don’t you have to beat the gongs and drums to celebrate without your loved ones at home?

She was lukewarm, “You are?”

The woman raised her eyebrows slightly, seeming to be unhappy about Carla’s attitude towards her.

“According to seniority, you have to call me auntie.”

Carla really couldn’t remember that she had met her, and as far as she knew, there were not many relatives in the Blair family, so did she even call her an aunt?

The woman walked in on her own and said, “Pour me a glass of water.”

“Madam.” Mother Samantha pulled Carla aside and whispered in Carla’s ear, “This may be the master’s cousin who is infertile and withdrawn and doesn’t like to interact with people.”

Carla frowned slightly, why hadn’t she heard of it?

Mother Samantha is not very clear, but she has heard, “It seems that it is because of physical reasons that she doesn’t interact with this side very much. When you got married, she didn’t attend, but this time there was something at home, and she appeared quickly.”

This fast speed made even Mother Samantha feel strange. In Nelson’s generation, such a cousin was the only one who owned shares in AAA Group.

Carla said that she knew that this juncture should not cause trouble. Since she is a relative of the Blair family, she must treat her with courtesy.

She went to pour a glass of water and brought it over and put it on the table.

Although the woman shows respect and wears a black skirt, she wears valuable jewels on her neck and ears. The solid-color skirt makes the diamonds more shiny and the makeup is thicker, which looks well-dressed. At this moment, he was sitting with his legs crossed, and there was no grace at all, and he seemed even more disrespectful.

And she didn’t seem to be too old, she estimated that she was under thirty.

Chapter 1196

“You said I should call you aunt according to seniority, then I should call you that…”

“Then call me.”

Before Carla finished speaking, she was interrupted by the woman, with a haughty expression on where she was sitting.

“Auntie is so impolite? Don’t you know that it is impolite to interrupt when others are talking?” Carla directly slammed back, really can’t stand her arrogant and majestic appearance here.

Today is the death of Nelson, she was in a bad mood, and this woman was so disrespectful.

“You said you are my aunt, that is my dearest relative. My dad has just passed away today. Our whole family is immersed in grief. You wear big red lips and thick makeup. I don’t know if this is the death. Is it not disrespectful of the person?” Carla suppressed her voice. She didn’t want to conflict with anyone or anything at this time.

But this woman’s behavior, she couldn’t bear it.

“If you are not sincere, then please leave, or go to study, what to know when attending a funeral.”

“You…” The woman became angry, but she couldn’t find any words to refute Carla for a while, and she held back for a long time before saying, “That’s how you talk to your elders?”

“Elders must of course respect. If you don’t know what respect is, why do you ask others to respect you for?”

The feminine face was flushed, and she looked very ugly, “You wait for me.”

After speaking, she stood up and walked away.

“Mrs….” Mother Samantha worried about Carla and stepped forward to support her. She shook her head and said it was okay.

The woman walked fast and bumped into someone who came in the door, and opened her mouth, and said, “Don’t you walk with eyesight?”

Alecia was anxious. When she received a call from Peter last night, she and Harrison rushed back.

She walked fast, and she didn’t realize she and someone suddenly walked out of it and then ran into each other.

“I’m sorry…” Alecia apologized.

“No quality.” The woman snorted and walked out.

Alecia was stunned for a moment. It seemed that she had never expected that such a rude person would still be making such a loud noise at the home of a loved one who passed away at home.

Who on earth is unqualified?

“Are you here?” Carla’s voice was dumb.

Alecia walked over and hugged her quickly, “Are you okay? Harrison and I received a call from Brother Shane and immediately came back…”

Speaking of it Alecia choked up in the back, she had lived in the villa and had contact with Nelson. When heard that he’s gone, she felt sad that she would never see it again.

Carla’s originally restrained emotion was touched again.

The corners of her eyes were wet, and she asked Alecia and Harrison to sit down and rest first.

Harrison didn’t sit down and said he was going out. He called Peter as soon as he came back. He knew that he was with Ryan and he had passed by. Peter asked him to come home first, and Carla was the only one at home. I’m afraid she can’t handle it alone.

Nothing seems to be happening now, so won’t stay at home.

In the evening, Ryan and his party came back. The child made some food and put it on the table because his mother and Lucia watched.

The lights are on in the study.

All of them are inside.

“It is said that the day after tomorrow is a good day, suitable for entering the soil.” They pay attention to the safety of entering the soil here, so it will not be delayed for long.

Carla said lowly, “The funeral will be arranged the day after tomorrow? Is it time?”

Peter said, “The funeral company will make arrangements and the funeral will be held in the central hall.”

Carla nodded, and it was Peter who had been talking. Ryan hadn’t spoken since he came back, and had been sitting on the chair by the window.

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