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Chapter 1197

“Everyone has been running for a day. Go out and eat something.” Carla looked at Alecia and Sandy, “You two have something to eat.”

They stayed here all day and didn’t eat much, it was very late.

“Then let’s go out.” Peter got up first.

Harrison pulled Alecia out, and soon the door of the study closed.

Carla came over and sat on the chair next to Ryan.

“A woman came to my house today and asked me to call her aunt. Who is this relative to us?” Carla deliberately said what happened today.

She knew Ryan’s current mood, deliberately looking for other things, trying to divert his attention.

Ryan raised his eyes, “What woman?”

“She said I should call her auntie,” Carla said.

Ryan quickly understood that it should be Narvon’s, dry woman.

He told Carla about the matter, “There are not many people in our family. Dad’s generation has two brothers, but one of them disappeared very early. When it comes to my generation, that’s me.”

“To go back to the previous generation, the grandfather’s generation is also two brothers, grandfather was the eldest, he also had a younger brother, he is not good at business, opened two branches and closed down, and later he also knew that he was not a businessman.”

“Quit doing it, holding AAA’s shares in his hand, he has a son who belongs to his father’s generation, but he doesn’t have much contact with us.”

“Since he is withdrawn and doesn’t interact very often, how did he know that father has gone so quickly?” Carla was puzzled.

A dim light flashed across Ryan’s eyes. When Nelson was alive, he was so honest. Now, when the talent has just left, he immediately becomes active. There is nothing to say about it, it’s impossible.

Carla took the initiative to hold his hand, “No matter what he wants to do, I will talk about it later.”

The main thing now is to take care of Nelson’s descendants. She asked in a low voice, “Will he be buried with Mom?”

After Della left, Nelson was so sad that he once expressed regret that he did not confess his heart to Della during his lifetime.

For the whole life of the couple, Carla thought that although they did not confess their heart to each other, there must be feeling for each other. This is normal for long-lasting love.

The same bed before death, the same ground after death is also perfect.

Ryan nodded.

Carla feels so good.

Iris suddenly opened the door and came in and threw herself into Carla’s arms. She picked her daughter up, let her sit on her lap, and gently patted her on the back, “Hungry?”

Iris shook her head and lay in Carla’s arms and said, “Mommy, I miss Grandpa.”

Carla circled her daughter tightly, bowed her head, and k!ssed her on the forehead.

“Give her to me.” Ryan stretched out his hand.

Carla took her to him. Now that the daughter is older, she almost can’t hold her.

“Dad.” Iris’s eyes were a little swollen, because of crying and not having a good rest.

Carla got up and left comfortably. There were people in the house. It’s not good that she and Ryan stayed in the room, and there was always someone outside to greet people.

Mother Samantha was cleaning the table, Carla walked over and asked in a low voice whether everyone had eaten, and Mother Samantha said that she ate less.

Just drank some soup.

Carla nodded, she walked to the living room and looked at Sandy, “Sandy, do you have anything to eat at night?”

Sandy said she had eaten it.

“You are pregnant and shouldn’t be empty stomach. You and Peter will go back. It’s okay here now.” Carla was afraid that Sandy was tired and would not have a good rest here.

Peter said, “Then I will send Sandy back.”

Chapter 1198

He will come again.

At this time, Ryan needs someone by his side.

Although the funeral company will make arrangements, there are still many things that need to be arranged by themselves. There are no relatives who can help with the affairs. How can he stay outside at this time.

Carla nodded. She arranged a room for Harrison and Alecia to rest. Harrison did not sleep, and Peter returned after dropping off Sandy.

When the three of them went out, Carla didn’t ask anything. At this time, with the two of them by Ryan’s side, she could feel relieved.

In the evening she took care of the children by herself, letting Samantha and Lucia rest. Samantha said, “You can’t take care of them by yourself. The younger one will be my responsibility. The two older ones are more sensible and mature.”

Lucia took care of Kurtis downstairs. Nelson’s departure was a big blow to him.

Alecia was also in the room. She couldn’t sleep, so she came up to accompany Carla and helped them take care of the children by the way.

In the second half of the night, everyone felt sleepy and fell asleep one after another.

Carla squinted for a while and woke up from dreaming. She didn’t eat much all day and night, and her mouth was so dry. She got up, covered her two children and Alecia with quilts, and poured water before she went to the table and finished drinking.

After going back to lie down, she noticed that there was faint light outside. She went to the window and looked down and found that the car parked downstairs was lit in front. There seemed to be people inside, but they didn’t get down.

Peter was sitting in the co-pilot, Harrison was sitting in the driving seat, and Ryan was sitting in the back row by the window. Today’s basically everything has been set. The urn, life materials, and other supplies are there.

These are just comforts for the living, people are dead, and no matter how good things are, people can’t come back.

Peter touched a cigarette and held it in his mouth. To refresh himself, he smoked the three of them alone. Now Sandy is pregnant, and he thinks he wants to quit.

Ryan stretched out his hand for one, and Peter glanced at him hesitantly, but shook one from the cigarette case and handed it to him.

He leaned back and lit it for him.

Ryan never smokes, but at the moment he wants to use something to calm himself down.

He was not very comfortable with the smell and was choking, frowning slightly.

Time flies, and the sky is dark and dark on the day of the funeral.

The men who came to the funeral all wore pure black suits. Women who accompanied their husbands also wore black skirts or black suits with small suits, and their makeup was very light.

More people came this time, more than twice as many as Della’s funeral.

The wreath was placed on the road from the auditorium. Carla and Ryan stood at the entrance of the auditorium. Both were in pure black attire.

“People can’t come back to life after death.” Melba and Elden came together before entering the auditorium. Seeing that Carla’s expression was not good, they took her hand and said, “You should also pay attention to your body.”

Carla said, “I will.”

She kept her face open, her hair tied behind her head with a simple hairband, and a small white flower behind her left ear. She and Ryan bowed to them together. Melba sighed slightly and followed Elden into the auditorium. Very big, solemn, and solemn.

They walked to the center of the auditorium and stopped, mourning the incense.

With the incense burning, Elden looked at the black and white photo with black flowers placed in front of the tomb. He was in a daze and red eyes.

He clearly remembered the appearance of Nelson and his sister getting married. He was standing in the wedding hall in a black dress. Tall, handsome, and restrained, standing with his sister, such a good match, just good luck.

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