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Chapter 17

Ryan nodded slightly, his perfectly-lined jaw was inexplicably tight at the moment, and he faintly spit out a word, “Say.”

“Eight years ago, Shawn and Lucia divorced, and he sent the mother and daughter to live in country A. They have never come back in these eight years. They were picked up by Shawn not long ago.

Ryan frowned. This is the reason why she knows the language A, because she has lived there?

“That’s it?” Obviously, these didn’t satisfy him.

Ramiro’s voice hesitated for a while and opened his mouth again, “After Lucia was sent to country A, she gave birth to a boy with autism, living in a difficult life, and this boy died in a car accident before they came back.”

Ryan frowned, and his expression became deeper and deeper. The sadness in her eyes last time was because of her brother?

Then the child in her belly, “Nothing? No man appeared beside her?”

“No…there is only a doctor in the heart who walked closer to her.” Ramiro carefully checked the information sent to the investigator there, “No, she didn’t fall in love when she was in school, and there were no other men she walked closer to.”

In other words, the child in her stomach may belong to the doctor.

She will be picked up by Shawn because of the marriage contract with him that asked her to come back to marry?

The reason why she loves money so much is because of the embarrassment of living in country A, so she will ask him for money to translate documents and go to the restaurant to make money.

Thinking about it this way, Ryan sorted out Carla’s strange behavior.

At the same time, he also understood the meaning of Jamie’s words.

His mood became a little more complicated, he looked back, then stepped down the steps, got in the car, and left the hospital.

In the hospital.

Carla didn’t eat at noon and was a little hungry now.

“Mom, I want to eat sweet rice.” Carla suddenly wanted to eat sweets.

Lucia came here, knowing that women who are pregnant and have spoiled mouths will prefer certain flavors of food.

As the old saying goes, a woman with sour children does not know whether she is pregnant with a boy or a girl.

“I’ll go back and do it for you.” Lucia got up, fearing that no one would take care of her in the hospital.

Carla seemed to see her mother’s concern and smiled, “I’m fine, the doctor said just take a break.”

If it weren’t for worrying about being bad for the child in her stomach, she wouldn’t have to be hospitalized at all.

Lucia nodded and asked her to rest before leaving the ward.

When she got out of the car, Lucia was walking into the community when she was suddenly stopped by a few women.

They all live in this community.

Although it hasn’t been long since she moved in, there is no contradiction. Lucia frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Your daughter is pregnant and unmarried? Isn’t she pregnant with wild species?” It was a chubby middle-aged woman who spoke first.

Live next door to Lucia.

“Usually, depending on how you are, I didn’t expect your daughter to be this kind of stuff. Didn’t you say last time that your daughter is only eighteen?” The fat woman pinched her waist and was aggressive.

Lucia’s face was green and white, and her voice trembled, “You, who do you listen to chewing your tongue?”

“Are we wrong, your daughter is not pregnant at all?”

Lucia’s hand shook. Yes, her daughter is pregnant.

“So shameless!”

“That’s right, she hooked up with a man at a young age, and looked like a pure little girl, she turned out to be a little waver!”

“Yes, that is, the innocent looks are pretended to be seen by others, and they are doing dirty deeds behind their backs—”

“Shut up, who made you say that?” Lucia was angry, twisting her originally gentle face.

“If you dare to do it, don’t be afraid to say it!”

Lucia clutched her rapidly rising and falling chest, and sternly defended her daughter, “My daughter is not the kind of person you are talking about!”

She felt that her heart was about to be torn apart, and her daughter was not like that.

Why do you want to slander her so much?

“No? Then why did you have wild species in your stomach when you were only eighteen?”

Lucia’s words are not enough, but Carla said that it is a fact that she is pregnant.

She knew that getting pregnant before marriage would make people give pointers, but she didn’t expect them to criticize and abuse so fiercely.

“Get out of the way!” Lucia pushed them away and quickly walked into the community.

Although they were very annoyed by her words, thinking that their daughter was still in the hospital, she felt unwell and cooked for her daughter.

She thought she had concealed it well, but she still saw it when she went to the hospital to deliver food to her daughter.

“Mom, your face…”

“I’m fine.” Lucia didn’t want her daughter to know what she heard today.

Carla stared at Lucia’s deliberately dodging face. She couldn’t lie, and she dared not look into people’s eyes when she lied.

Obviously, she lied.

Carla didn’t expose it, and took the meal she handed over.

It was so sweet, but she couldn’t feel it, only bitter.

She lowered her eyes, “Mom, I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and I will go home with you for a few days.”

She thought that Lucia’s face was pale because she missed her brother.

This is her mother’s heart disease.

Lucia was startled and resolutely said, “No.”

How sad is it for her to hear those words?

Carla frowned, “Mom—”

“Listen to me.” Lucia pretended to be serious. “Whether it’s a deal or something, you are married, that is where you should live.”

Lucia’s reaction was so abnormal that Carla couldn’t think much about it.

She was no longer speaking, and lost her sense of taste in her mouth, just to swallow something in her stomach for the baby in her stomach.

Tossing around at night, she couldn’t sleep.

Later it was dawn, and she went to sleep slowly, but after a while, she woke up soon.

In the morning, Jamie came over, and Lucia went back to cook Carla’s food.

When Lucia walked out of the ward, Carla got off the bed and Jamie came to help her.

She raised her head to look at Jamie, “I think my mother is hiding something from me.”

“What’s the matter?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t know, so I want to figure it out.” She hesitated, “I want you to do me a favor.”

“Say it.”

“I want to follow her.”

See why she didn’t want her to go back to live.

Before, Lucia said clearly that she hoped that she lived at home so that it would be convenient to take care of her.

But yesterday her reaction was so intense.

Obviously abnormal.

She is now away from her mother, and she can’t let her mother suffer something she doesn’t know in silence.

Jamie agreed that he could go.

The journey was very peaceful, Lucia got of the car and entered the house.

Carla followed.

When Carla came down from the elevator, she saw where they lived, the door, and the walls were written with shameless, unmarried, and pregnant, all kinds of abusive words, and splashed paint.

Lucia stood in front of the door trembling angrily, shook her body, and fell down.


Jamie stepped over and caught her, “Send to the hospital first.”

It was obviously stimulated by the things on the wall.

Carla choked up and said okay.

Mother ailed from the death of her younger brother, coupled with the sequelae from the car accident, she was in very poor health.

Seeing these will definitely be annoying.

Suddenly fainted, Carla was extremely worried.

Lucia was sent to the emergency room.

Carla stood at the door, as if lost her soul. Jamie came over and hugged her shoulders to comfort, “Don’t worry too much.”

Ryan returned home and found that Carla hadn’t returned yet, and drove up thinking that she was in the hospital.

Maybe it was because he knew that Carla was unfortunate in the past, or because she was his wife, he felt a little bit of compassion for her in his heart.

When he came to the hospital, he didn’t see her in the ward, but in the corridor when he was about to leave, he saw her and Jamie hugging each other.

A fire burst out from the bottom of his heart…

He couldn’t help but drilled a fire from the bottom of his heart, the fire was inexplicable, even he himself couldn’t figure it out.

His voice was cold, “You show affection here?!”

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