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Chapter 177

Just as Jamie was about to take off her p*nts, the mobile phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

He quickly took out the phone ringing in her pocket, and the screen showed Alan.

He stared at the screen, held the phone firmly with his fingers, and hesitated to press the answer button for a few seconds.

He was afraid of causing unnecessary suspicion if he did not answer the phone.

“Hey Mommy, why aren’t you coming back?”

Alan’s voice came over.

He slowed his tone and let his voice calm down, “Your mommy has gone to the bathroom, and will be back in a while.”

“Oh, it’s uncle, you tell her to come back early, and sister is looking for her and doesn’t want to sleep.”

“I see.” As soon as he finished speaking, Jamie immediately hung up the phone.

Carla lying on the sofa moved her eyelashes. She seemed to hear someone talking, but her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn’t lift it up.

Jamie put the mobile phone on the table and withdrew his hand violently, as if the mobile phone was a hot potato.

He finally got ready and made a decision. After being interrupted by Alan, he didn’t know where to start.

His eyes fell on Carla again, looking at that attractive figure, and soon his heart was about to move again.

He likes this woman for many years.

“Brother must treat you well.” He clenched his hands and repeated them, before regaining calmness, reaching out to take 0ff her p*nts.

His hands were cold, and she felt it when they touched her skin.

He also felt a chill on his body.


She lifted her heavy eyelids.

Hearing the noise, Jamie gave her cl0thes in a panic.

Carla woke up.

“what are you doing…”

After she finished speaking, she found that the butt0ns on her cl0thes had been unbuttoned, her skin was bare, and the inn3r garments were completely exposed.


What exploded the brain.

She got up in a panic. Hugging her body, her pupils gathered, incredible, staring at Jamie in shock, “You…”

“I—” Jamie wanted to explain, but couldn’t find the vocabulary.

Carla calmed down for two seconds, almost able to sort out what was going on.

She didn’t want to believe that Jamie could do such a thing to her, but the facts lay ahead.

She respects, feels guilty, and especially does not want to hurt a person, but treats her—


Carla roared hysterically.

Heartache, humiliation, disappointment, filled her whole heart, so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

“you listen to me…”

Jamie tried to explain.

Carla sneered, “The facts are in front of me, what are you explaining?”

“I—” Jamie stared at her disappointed expression, and the corners of his lips pressed tightly to explain what he didn’t say, but said, “I have guarded you for so many years, I just want your b0dy once.”

“You, what are you talking about?”

Her heart is sinking like a boulder.

“You are nowhere. You have even given birth to a child. Why pretend to be pure.” Jamie leaned over and hugged h3r, “I will marry you, Alan, Iris, and I will treat them as my own children—”

“Go away.” She pushed him hard, “You let me go.”

“It’s too late.” At this point, even if he didn’t do it, she would hate him.

That being the case, it’s better to do it.

“Let go of me, let me go.” Carla shoved frantically, trying to get away from his embrace.

There is a huge gap in strength between men and women, even if Jamie is not physically strong, but the strength is much greater than Carla’s.

She couldn’t push him away at all.

Jamie pressed the pers0n on the sofa and k!ssed her face, hair, and neck indiscriminately.

Carla turned her head, saw the wine bottle on the table, reached out and grabbed it, and slammed it down at Jamie’s head——


The bright red liquid dripped down his hair instantly, as did her body drench, with a strong red wine scent.

Jamie seemed to be unable to believe that she would smash him.

Chapter 178

The scalp is stinging, if there is no red wine to cover up, blood will definitely flow down at this moment.

There is even blood.

Taking advantage of Jamie’s slack, Carla pushed him away. He was caught off guard by the push and fell to the ground.

Carla had only one thought. She ran away without seeing what he was doing. She closed the zipper of her p*nts, put her clothes tightly together, and ran out of the room.

Stumbled all the way, looking back from time to time to see if he caught up.

Jamie endured the pain and chased her out, “Carla-“

Carla heard his voice, the tight string suddenly broke, and she ran faster, not paying attention to the road ahead, and ran into the door.

She hugged herself, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please let me please.”

The other party did not let the way open, but reached out and lifted her chin.

When the eyes met, they were all shocked.

Carla opened her mouth, “Why are you?”

Ryan didn’t answer, but stared at her. All the butt0ns on her coat were unbutt0ned. It was not that her hands were tightly closed, and the inn3r garments would be exposed. The white fabric was stained with blood-red red. , With messy hair, tears on her face, and booze on her b0dy.

The pants are intact, and then down, a pair of bare feet.

The high heels she wore were not suitable for running, so when she got a gap to escape, she took off her shoes.

Ryan looked at her, his eyes rolled up against the stormy sea.

Without saying anything, he took off his clothes and put them on her, picked up the person in the waist, and put her in the car.

Carla shrank and slumped in his seat.

She seems to have received a great shock.

Ryan started the car and drove away. The speed was released quickly.

His face is extraordinarily cold and hard, and his lips are as tight as a sharp sword.

It’s about to happen.

Just then, his cell phone rang.

He picked it up and didn’t look at it, so he hung up.

As soon as he put it down, it rang again, as if he didn’t answer.

He pressed the answer button, and a male voice was heard immediately, “Have you come here? Everyone is waiting for you.”

“I’m not coming.”

“Everyone is finally getting together, how can you not come—”

Before the other party had finished speaking, Ryan hung up the call and threw the phone to the center console.

He rubbed his fingers vigorously, and just about to ask Carla what happened, the phone rang again.

The forbearance of violence finally broke out at this moment. He picked up the phone and pressed the answer button, “I said I am not coming anymore, are you deaf? Or do you not understand human words?!”

Ramiro was shocked, what’s wrong?

Did he provoke him?

“I, I just want to ask, I have already bought that car, should I send you the keys?” Ramiro asked cautiously.

The last time he heard Melvin say that Carla wanted to buy a car.

He asked Ramiro to find out which model she was interested in, and then buy it for her.

“Where do you put it first.” Ryan hung up the phone. In order not to be disturbed, he turned off the phone and threw it aside.

At this time, the car also drove to his residence.

It’s not a villa, but a hotel close to the company, a room he has booked for a long time.

It’s close to the company and he will rest here if he’s too busy.

There is Samantha at home, if he takes Carla there, she will definitely have to say a lot.

Now he just wants to be quiet.

Don’t want to be disturbed by anyone.

When the car stopped, he hugged Carla.

Enter the hotel and took the elevator.

Carla buried her head, very quiet, as if she hadn’t recovered from the panic.

Enter the room he put her on the bed.

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