Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 179 – 180

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Chapter 179

Then, Ryan went to the bathroom to soak a towel and wiped her face. The more he looked at her, the more annoyed he was. He threw down the towel and stood in front of her, suppressing his mouth, “What happened, how did you make it like this?”

Carla trembled all over when she thought of Jamie’s behavior towards her.

She didn’t know how to say or what to say.

“Speak.” Suddenly he clasped Carla’s shoulders and stared into her eyes, “Tell me, are you deprived?”

A hurricane condenses in his pupils.

Carla shook her head.

If she doesn’t wake up, she dare not think about it.

She never expected that Jamie would do such a thing to her.

The hurricane that condensed in Ryan’s eyes did not dissipate, but still hovered in his eyes, “Who did it to you?”

Carla pursed her lips and said nothing.

Just holding her body shivering.

“I want to ask you something!” He bit his back tooth socket, unable to restrain his anger.

Carla opened her eyes, tears welled up without warning.

She still didn’t say a word, tears fell silently, one by one, down her cheek.

Ryan dangled around the bed.

He has never been so uncomfortable.

Carla closed her eyes, and soon she moved and stopped abruptly. Only her breathing and her sobbing could be heard quietly in the room.

A thick black shadow slammed down and hugged her trembling body because of anxiety. His delicate and hot palms gently touched her face, loving, and finally k!ssing her nose.

During this process, Carla was helpless, shocked, and soft. She felt the affection that Ryan had never expressed.

“Go wash.” Ryan picked her up and walked into the bathroom.

Put a pool of warm water, braving the mist.

Carla looked at him blankly.

She had never thought that such a proud man would do such a thing for her.

Ryan turned to look at her, “Do you want me to wash?”


Carla shook her head quickly and refused quickly, “No, no need.”

“I’m waiting for you outside, need something just call me.” He explained.


The bathroom door was closed, and Carla locked it from the inside. She dared to take off her messy cl0thes after she was sure that he couldn’t open them.

Jamie’s behavior left her with lingering fears.

She went into the water, the temperature was just right, she sank to the end, her hair floating on the water like seaweed, and a beautiful body could be vaguely seen in the water.

She rubbed every inch of skin on her body, she did not dare to think about how much Jamie d!d to her when she was in a coma.

She washed vigorously, trying to clean the skin that had been touched.

Outside the bathroom, Ryan clearly felt that Carla was not telling the truth. How could he not know who it was?

She didn’t say it, she definitely didn’t want to say it.

Ryan picked up the landline by the bedside and called Ramiro, “Go and check, who Carla was going with tonight in the private club.”

“Okay.” Ramiro answered.

Ryan put down the phone and rubbed his eyebrows while sitting on the edge of the bed.

After a long time, Carla never came out, and he went to knock on the door, “Is it all right?”

“Fine.” Carla was wrapping a bath towel. There were no clothes for her to wear.

After soaking for more than an hour, she became sober and calmed down.

She opened the door, and Ryan stood at the door, with a shirt on his upper body and a slightly open neckline, black trousers wrapped in a pair of slender and straight long legs, staring at her for a moment.

Her hair was still wet, and there were water drops on her shoulders, which appeared crystal clear on her fair skin.

Carla was holding the bath towel with both hands, fearing that the bath towel would fall off, “Can you do me a favor?”

Chapter 180

“Yeah,” Ryan replied faintly, withdrawing his eyes.

“Can you go out and get me a set of clothes, as long as you can.”

Ryan looked at her for two seconds, “Do you know what time it is?”

She shook her head.

“It’s a little too much. Where do you want me to get your clothes in the middle of the night?” Even the shopping malls are closed at this time.

Ryan found his own shirt for her, “You make do with it first, and I will buy it for you tomorrow morning.”

Carla held it without wearing it, and stomped, “I want to go home.”

Ryan’s face gradually became cold, “Don’t remember who you are?”

She agreed last time. Why did she want to go wrong?

Ryan has long arms, clasped her wai5t, and the two b0dies are tightly attached to each other. Just when she wanted to resist, Ryan grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes, “You have to get used to me touching you like this.”

Carla lowered her eyes and leaned quietly in his arms.

“I’m sleepy.”

“I’ll hold you to sleep.” He picked up the person, put her in the bed, and got in after h3r, hugging h3r from behind.

Carla didn’t adapt to being held.

Wriggling, trying to free from his arms.

Ryan frowned and warned, “Don’t move.”

Carla stiffened instantly, 5he seemed to feel his hrd body, getting hotter and hotter, and her wa!st was held up by something hard.

She is not a little girl who has not gone through human affairs, she naturally knows what it is.

She didn’t dare to move, even breathing slowly, for fear of irritating the man beh!nd her.

Although she agreed to maintain a husband and wife relationship with him, she was not yet psychologically prepared to have a husband and wife relationship with him.

“Relax, you are so stiff, I feel like holding a stone.” Ryan closed his eyes and covered up the heat.

Carla’s body is out of control.

Can’t relax at all.

She is not wearing cl0thes and being held by him like this, how can she be assured that he will be patient.

Moreover, he already had a reaction.

It seems to be very strong.

“Good.” He k!ssed her hair behind.

Carla swallowed, “Although I promise you, but, you must get my consent before you can—”

“What can you do?” He suddenly opened his eyes, with a teasing smile on the corner of his lips.

Carla’s face was buried in the pillow, “You know.”

“I do not know.”

The smile on his lips grew thicker.

Carla pretended to be asleep and didn’t say anything.

Obviously, Ryan did it deliberately, knowing that he even asked deliberately.

Embarrass her.

He lay flat, looked up at the ceiling, and asked, “When can you agree?”

Is she willing to be in a husband and wife relationship with him?

Carla blinked, she didn’t know, at least she was repellent now.

She didn’t want to hand over herself like this.

The first time is the last resort.

This time, she must call the shots on her own.

“When I can accept the opposite s3x.”

Ryan: “…”

She won’t accept him for a lifetime, he won’t be able to t0uch her for the rest of his life?

It’s nonsense!

Is it possible for him to be a monk?

Carla closed her eyes again without saying anything, pretending to be asleep.

Her body was stiff and did not relax as she fell asleep.

Ryan turned to look at her, then smiled, turned over, and hugged her to sleep.

Carla slept very well and only woke up after six o’clock in the morning.

The man next to her was still asleep. Carla lifted the quilt and got out of bed gently, fearing to wake him up, but didn’t notice that the bath towel she was wrapped in when she slept had already loosened, and she was pressed by Ryan. When she got up, she felt a sudden cold, and found that the bath towels had been scattered.

When she reached out to pull it back, Ryan moved.

Carla was afraid that he would see her na*ed when he woke up, and got into the bed again.

Ryan turned over, pressed his leg on h3r body, hugg3d her, and continued to sleep.

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