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Chapter 19

Carla thought he was inexplicable.

Isn’t he also with Alma?

Besides, she and Jamie are not in the type of relationship he thought, so why does he interfere with her?

“I don’t care about you, and please don’t interfere with my personal affairs—”

Before she could finish her words, her lips were suddenly blocked.

All the words hovered on the tip of the tongue, but they couldn’t come out anymore.


Carla reacted and pushed him.

Ryan, who was sensible, took a step back.

Staring at the woman in front of him incredulously!

What was he doing just now?

Alma was so proactive, he didn’t even desire to get close to her.

When he watched this woman keep closing her pink lips, his brain was blank for a moment, and he did something unexpected for him out of control!

Besides that night, Carla had never had such an int!mate behavior, shame, or shock with any man.

“You, what are you doing?” Carla felt that she had been violated.

She betrayed herself, but she was by no means a random woman.

Why is he?

Ryan turned his face and turned his back to her, “You are my wife.”

So nothing is too much!

Carla’s eyes widened, this is simply arrogant!

“We are not a husband and wife, we are just trading” her voice was trembling.

She was afraid of having such close contact with men.

That night was already her nightmare!

She rejects intimacy between men and women.

She was too angry to notice Ryan’s abnormality. His calmness was just pretending to show her.

If Carla is calm enough, a closer look will reveal Ryan’s red ears.

“Even if it’s a transaction, we didn’t say that we can’t do husband and wife affairs during the relationship between husband and wife.” He slowly turned around and looked at her, who was almost broken.


Is his k!ss so poisonous that she collapses like this?

Or is she chaste for that man?

He walked up to her slowly, “A man who can’t protect even the woman he likes, what kind of man is he? What is worthy of your love? Is it worthy of your chastity for him?”

Carla didn’t know what he said, so what did he mean?

Does he mean Jamie?

Just when she wanted to explain, Ryan, who had recovered his composure, walked to the desk and sat down, leaning back lazily and recklessly, putting one hand on the table casually, his expression was extremely weak. , As if the act of being intimate just now never happened.

“I can give you the land in Repulse Bay, but—” He paused, “Not for nothing.”

Carla clenched her hands, shaking uncontrollably, her thoughts intertwined in her heart, and finally, she suppressed Ryan’s frivolous behavior.

Calmly said, “What do you want?”

Ryan lowered his eyes, his voice was a bit erratic, “I haven’t thought of it yet, I will tell you if I think about it.”

This is probably the most impulsive thing he has done in his life.


Not under his control!

Carla pursed her lips. It is not easy for her to take back those things from Shawn. If she can really get the bargaining chip to trade with him, it will be good.


“I won’t let you kill people and set fires, or let you do things that are against morals.” Ryan seemed to see her worries and persuaded.

After hesitating for a moment, “Okay.”

She has nothing now, what else is she afraid of?

If she can get those things back quickly, she can take her mother out of here and find a quiet place to live.

“I repeat again, while in relationship with me, don’t have any men!” When he thought of the picture of her and Jamie hugging together, an indescribable sultry fire rolled in his chest.

“I and…”

“You can go out!” Before she could say anything, Ryan interrupted her.

He didn’t want to hear Carla talk about her and that man.

Listening will make him upset!

Carla moved her lips, and finally said nothing, turned and left.

At the moment when the door of the study was closed, all the calmness on Ryan’s face disappeared.

He rubbed his eyebrows, he was too impulsive just now.

Thinking of that very short but impressive k!ss, the finger slid to his lips, where he still seemed to have the smell of her, unknowingly, a faint smile wafted from the corners of his lips.

He didn’t even notice that he laughed.

Obviously absurd, but nostalgic.

Her lips are really soft.

It’s slightly similar to the white bamboo.

But after that night, he couldn’t find the fascinating taste in Alma’s body.

Could it be because of physical reasons at the time?

This feels really weird.

Carla, who went out of the study, did not stay at home. Her mother was still in the hospital. She had to take care of her. She just went out and met Alma who came to the villa.

Every time she sees her, she has exquisite makeup, well-fitting clothes, beautiful and dignified look.

“You want to go out?” Alma asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Carla gave a faint hum. For this woman, she didn’t want to get in touch with her. She looked innocent, but not necessarily.

“Miss Lane, you are pregnant with someone else’s child. He would marry you, but it is because of the marriage contract his mother made for him. I hope you don’t think too much about it. He loves me.”

The meaning of Alma is unreserved, but Carla can’t hear it.

Ryan loves her, Carla knows, why bother to emphasize it again and again in front of her?

Don’t you feel bluffing?

Carla smiled, “I know who I am, Miss Tate doesn’t have to remind me all the time.”

Alma was speechless for a moment, and she was so speechless that she frowned. The girl was not very young, but she was mature in mind.

At this moment, she noticed the opening of the study, just a figure, Alma could tell that it was Ryan, her eyes rolled around, and she reached out to push Carla.

Carla was pregnant, and as a mother, she was even more eager to protect her calf. When Alma was about to touch her, she almost reflexively pushed back.


Alma was wearing high-heeled shoes and hurriedly collapsed under her feet.

And this scene was seen by Ryan who had just walked out of the study, and he stepped over to catch Alma who was about to fall.

Being held so tightly in his arms by Ryan, Alma’s heart thumped, she took the opportunity to stretch her arms around his neck, hoarse after fright, “Ryan——”

She didn’t say the following words, she just looked frightened.

Carla, who had recovered her senses, raised her eyes to meet those breathtaking gazes, Ryan fixedly stared at her, “Why did you do this?”

Just as Carla wanted to explain, Alma took the lead and shook her head at Ryan, “It’s okay, it’s none of Miss Lane’s business.”

If Carla didn’t know Alma’s intention before, she would be stupid if she didn’t know her now.

She knew that she and Ryan were just in a contractual marriage, so why framed her?

What is she afraid of?

Carla ignored Ryan’s question, and said calmly, “I haven’t done it. Believe it or not.”

After speaking, she turned and walked outside.

She will not admit what she has not done.

It will not allow anyone to hurt her child.

Even if she did it again, she would still do it.


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