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Chapter 199

Jamie turned around instinctively.

Alan secretly took out the mobile phone and tried to dial Ryan’s number while observing his movements.

He has a good memory, and things like numbers are especially easy for him to remember, so he remembers it after seeing it.

Just as he pressed two numbers, Jamie suddenly said, “Hurry up.”

“Oh.” Alan quickly pressed the phone number.

Suddenly Jamie turned around. Fortunately, Alan moved fast and put the phone away. Continue to hold his stomach to pretend to be uncomfortable.


“Yeah—” Alan groaned in pain while clutching his stomach.

“If I marry your mommy, do you think it’s okay?” Jamie asked tentatively.

What a ghost!

He didn’t want him to marry Mummy. He would rather Mummy be together with the saddler than with him.

But he can’t say that, Alan blinked his eyes, “It’s – good.”

Alan felt sick when he said something against his heart.

“Really?” Jamie still hopes to be recognized by these two children.

If it wasn’t for force, he didn’t want to use such despicable means.

He never thought of hurting them, but wanted to hide them and threaten Carla to marry him.

Will take them back safely after marriage.

“Hmm…” Alan felt like he was about to vomit.

Jamie was so disgusting to him, and asked him whether it was true.

It’s really strange!

“What’s the matter with you?” Jamie walked over, and Alan waved his hand quickly, “Don’t come over, I just can’t get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.”

“Then your stomach hurts, maybe it’s not because you want to poop.” Jamie still came over, “Let’s go back, I’ll find a place to show you.”

“Wh, where?” Alan swallowed.

Obviously, he was not going to let himself go back.

Otherwise, he is going back to the city, but he said to find a place?

Alan’s heartbeat quickened, and now he hasn’t had a chance to call for help.

How to do it?

How to do it?

What should I do if my grandmother and sister are really in danger?

He was sweating on his head anxiously, a bit like cold sweat oozing out from the pain.

“No, nothing.” Jamie stammered and explained, “When we return to the city, I will take you to the hospital.”

“Let’s go.” Jamie stretched out his hand to pull him.

Alan quickly refused, “I, I’ll lift my pants, don’t look at me.”

He pretended to be shy.

Jamie smiled, “I am also a man, and I haven’t seen it before. When you were a kid, I changed your diapers.”

“But I’m grown up now.” Alan hugged his legs tightly, with the phone still hidden in his arms. If Jamie got too close, he would definitely find out.

“Okay, hurry up.” Jamie turned around without getting close.

Alan took out his mobile phone and just wanted to make a call. Suddenly the mobile phone rang. He wanted to hang up and panicked. When the phone fell to the ground, his heart was beating, and his nervousness was about to burst out.

It’s too late to pick it up.

Jamie turned and stared at the phone on the ground, his eyes narrowed, how could his phone be in his hand?

“I…I…” Alan wanted to explain, but couldn’t find a reason. The phone fell out of his hand, it was iron evidence.

He could not explain.

“You have been lying to me, your stomach doesn’t hurt at all. You hold me, not because you have a good relationship with me, but because you deliberately wanted to steal my phone.” Jamie forced him to step by step.

Alan had never seen such a vicious Jamie before, could not help but step back with his pants in both hands.

“You, don’t come over.”

Jamie picked up the phone, and Alan took advantage of his stoop and ran away.

There is no road in the woods here.

He didn’t run a few steps before he was caught by Jamie, holding him in his waist, “I’m so good to you, so good to your mommy, why should you fail me? I trust you so much, you lie to me?!”

Chapter 200

His face was terrifying.

Alan struggled hard, “You let me go, let me go quickly.”

At this moment, the phone in Jamie’s pocket rang again.

He took out his cell phone, showing the word “Sister”.

He answered the phone.

Diane’s urging voice came from there immediately, “Why is it not yet? What time is this, and why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

“Something happened.”

Alan bit Jamie’s arm in one bite, and he groaned in pain.

“Let go!” Jamie scolded angrily.

Alan used the strength, biting hard, wishing to bite the piece of meat off his arm.

Jamie was in pain, slapped him on the face, and Alan’s face was red in an instant, and the five fingerprints on his small white face were extremely clear, and there was a faint swelling momentum.

Jamie glared at Alan, clutching his collar, “Do you dare to bite me?”

“You bullied my mommy, I can’t wait to kill you!” Alan also stared at him.

Obviously so weak in front of Jamie, but he was not willing to admit defeat.

Jamie’s hand holding his collar, squeaked loudly because of too much force, “Your mommy told you?”

“You can’t control it!” Alan shouted at him with staring eyes.

“Okay, okay, I looked down on you Alan.” Jamie grabbed his collar and dragged him along the road to the side of the road.

Alan pressed his lips, stubbornly unwilling to say a word.

Obviously dragging the ankle on the ground hurts.

Sitting in the car, Lucia saw this scene, her heart seemed to be stabbed, and she couldn’t breathe in pain.

She hugged Iris and got out of the car and scolded, “What are you doing, Doctor Gill?”

Jamie raised his head and saw Lucia standing beside the car, her eyes wide open, as if a fire could burst out.

“Grandma, leave me alone, hug Iris and go quickly. He wants to kidnap us and threaten Mommy to marry him.” Alan yelled at Lucia.


The change was so fast that Lucia didn’t react for a while, “You, what did you say?”

It is too late to explain to her, “Run quickly!”

“Auntie, don’t listen to his nonsense, everything is a misunderstanding—”


Lucia’s eyes were red and shivering, “You abused Alan, what I see with my own eyes is a misunderstanding?”

Suddenly, her eyes became round, and the red bloodshot slowly gathered to the center.

She thought Jamie was strange, and sure enough, he changed.

“Run!” Alan was anxious to death.

Lucia hugged Iris and didn’t move, she couldn’t ignore Alan.

“Doctor Gill, we have something to say.” Her body couldn’t stop shaking.

She is extremely panicked.

“No chance.” Since Carla discovered his intention that night, he retreated and could only go down this path.

For the happiness of his sister, for the benefit of the family, for himself.

He can only go on.

There is no way out!

“Leave me alone, do you want him to catch us all to threaten Mommy?!” Alan shouted loudly.

Lucia’s tears rolled down.

How could she leave a child?

Iris didn’t know what happened, and blinked, “Grandma, what’s wrong with brother?”

Lucia looked at Iris in her arms, thinking that they couldn’t all be caught.

At least she has to protect one, and then come to save the other.

She hugged Iris and ran away.

Jamie threw Alan into the car and wanted to chase after Lucia, but Alan hugged his arm.

Alan vowed not to let go.

Seeing the darkest side of himself, Jamie completely lost his usual gentleness. He grabbed Alan by the hair, “Even if they run away, I still have you, and your mommy is willing to use herself to replace you!”

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