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Chapter 227

Gill’s Villa.

Diane tossed on the bed and couldn’t sleep. She looked at her mobile phone for a while, then looked at it after another while, but there was no call or information coming in.

Finally, she couldn’t sit still, got up and sat up, holding the phone, thinking about it, she couldn’t help but make a phone call.

She was holding the phone, her hands shaking constantly, nervous and excited.

She installed surveillance in the private room that day, even Jamie didn’t know.

Now, this is the only handle in her hand that can threaten Ryan.

If he cared about her, he would not just watch her being str!pped and become a part of an er0tic video circulated on the Internet.

Ryan stared at the phone, rubbing the screen with his fingers, and when he was about to disconnect, he pressed the answer button.

“Ryan.” Diane said in surprise.

She thought he would not answer her call.

He did not respond. Her joy and anger could not arouse his mood swings.

Slowly Diane calmed down. With her hand on the quilt, she clenched and relaxed several times before she spoke, “Did you receive the video? Is it exciting?”

Ryan’s eyelids were half drooping, and all the storms were silent.

“Let’s meet, I booked a room at City Heights Hotel, 108, I’m waiting for you, you don’t need to come, but I promise that the video of Carla’s withdrawal will spread throughout the Internet and become the object of l3wdness.”

After speaking, she hung up, her heart still beating.

She is nervous.

But thinking of meeting him, she was very excited.

She got up from the messy big bed, ran to the closet barefoot, and started looking for the clothes to wear tonight.

The cabinets full of expensive skirts and suits, none of them suit her at the moment, and none of them feel beautiful enough.

But it’s too late to buy. She can only take out the clothes and try them one by one.

She looked excited at the moment, like a young girl who was in love, because she wanted to meet the man she had long admired, wanted to be more beautiful, and present her most beautiful appearance in front of him.

Make him amaze and make him fall in love with herself.

She longed that Ryan would fall in love with her.

Carla left the bathroom, Samantha greeted her enthusiastically, the expression on her face was obviously like I knew what you did just now.

Carla lowered her head in embarrassment, and said, “I’ll go see Alan.”

After speaking, she walked into the room.

She couldn’t stand the fiery gaze.

“Have dinner right away,” Samantha called her.

Carla pretended not to hear, and entered the room.

She opened the door and walked out when she was eating.

Iris had a ‘dad’ even Carla didn’t want it. When eating, she ran to Ryan and sat next to her, “I’m sitting with Dad.”

Lucia went to hug her, “You and grandma are sitting together.”

She was afraid that for a long time, this little doll could not do without Ryan.

This is not a good thing, after all, he is not her father.

“No, I’m going to sit with my father.” As she said, she took Ryan’s arm and hugged it tightly.

No one can separate her from her father.


“Let her sit with me,” Ryan said lightly.

Lucia pondered for a moment, “Don’t mind if this kid is ignorant.”

“I didn’t mind.” Ryan let her sit, “You don’t have to be polite to come here, just as this is home, upset about the divorce with Carla before?”

Lucia’s attitude towards him has always been lukewarm, and Ryan can feel it.

Lucia didn’t hide it, everyone knew, “You and Carla are already divorced. It stands to reason that we shouldn’t bother you…”

“Regarding the divorce, I think you have misunderstood.” Ryan didn’t rush to explain, he said without any haste, “Me and—”

He looked at Carla, “I didn’t apply for a divorce certificate with Carla, so it’s not a divorce.”

“What?” Lucia looked at her daughter in surprise, and asked, “Is this true?”

Carla nodded honestly.

Lucia found it unbelievable. She had always thought that Carla and Ryan had nothing to do.

Chapter 228

“So, in the name, we are still husband and wife.” The subtext is telling Lucia that it is reasonable, reasonable, and legal for Carla to live here now.

“Mother Samantha, you can arrange something tonight, I have something to go out for.” He didn’t mean to eat at home but didn’t want to make Lucia feel uneasy living at home, so he told her the matter.

“Are you not going to eat at home?” Carla asked this. After asking, she regretted it again, which seemed a bit redundant.

He chuckled and hummed faintly, “There is something to be done. You still live in the previous room, and it happens that Alan is in there, so you can take care of him easily.

He arranged it well, and Carla was very grateful. She nodded and said again, “Thank you.”

“We are a husband and wife, don’t be so polite with me.”

In the first six words, he emphasized his tone, as if he was saying to Carla, but also as if he was saying to Samantha and Lucia, to let them understand that Carla and him are now in a relationship.

Ryan stood up, Iris hugged his arm, “Where is Dad going, can I follow?”

She blinked and raised her head.

Ryan pinched her little nose and refused, “No.”

“Why?” Iris asked disappointedly. She wanted to follow her father.

What if he goes out and doesn’t come back?

Then she would have no father.

No, she can’t let dad leave casually.

Ryan coaxed her with great patience, “Do you think I like you?”

Iris nodded without hesitation, “Yes.”

“Then you have to listen to me, I will like you more, right?”


“So now you have to wait for me at home obediently.”

Iris was reluctant, but nodded, “Well, then you come back soon.”

If she is not obedient, she is afraid that her father will not like her.

Ryan went upstairs and changed his clothes. The clothes on his body just got wet when Iris washed his face. It was a little clingy and uncomfortable.

He wore a pure black suit and was full of hair. Under the shining of the light, he was heroic, handsome, and very eye-catching.

It’s just that his indifferent expression has a sense of abstinence that no one should enter.

Iris was stunned when she saw the man walking downstairs.

Lucia fed her rice, but she forgot to open her mouth, and stared straight at the eyes with big watery eyes.

“Iris.” Lucia reminded her.

Iris regained her senses and sighed, “Dad is so handsome.”

Her father is the most handsome.

Lucia is almost scared by this kid, so is she a nymph0 at such a young age?

When Ryan walked to the entrance, Iris suddenly slid off the chair, ran over, stood not far from him, looked at him, and asked, “Dad, will you come back? Will you abandon us? Don’t you?”

Because Alan told her that her father didn’t want them, she was afraid that her father would not come back when he walked out of this door, and once again abandon her, her brother, and Mommy.

Her eyes were flushed red, and she made a hoarse voice, “Don’t abandon us.”

She was terrified.

She didn’t want to leave her father.

Meeting her uneasy little eyes, Ryan walked over, touched her head, and said firmly, “No.”

The little guy was happy again, grinning, “k!ss.”

She pads her feet and stretches out her hands to hug him for a k!ss.

Ryan leaned down in cooperation, Iris hugged his neck, gave him a k!ss, saliva touched his face, and the rice grains she hadn’t swallowed.

Ryan, “…”

He thought in his heart that he must have done heinous things in his previous life, so in this life, God sent Carla to him with two little ghosts to punish him.

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