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Chapter 235

When Diane woke up, she was nak3d, and the large bed was messy.

There was no one in sight.

She sat up, wrapped her nak3d b0dy in a quilt, and recalled what happened last night.

She used the video of Carla being taken off to bring Ryan here. Originally, she wanted to use the video in exchange for him to spare the Gill family. But later, before she had time to talk to him, the two drank wine.

Later she got drunk.

She remembered that she took off the cl0thes herself.

At that time, she and Ryan were the only two people in the room.

Did Ryan have a relationship with her yesterday?

She is not a child, she can clearly feel what happened to her body.

A blush climbed up her cheeks.

Has Ryan really changed his mind?

She was so excited that she almost jumped up.

She felt like this, Ryan asked her, just last night.

She knew a little bit about him. When she knew she was the woman that night, he was really kind to her.

If later, it wasn’t her fake pregnancy car accident that he knew, he wouldn’t hate her either.

Now he wants her, that is to say, he is willing to be with her again.

She happily lifted the quilt out of the bed and put on her cl0thes.

She must quickly tell Vincent about this matter. If Ryan is willing to heal with her, will he still hold on to the news?

After getting dressed, she quickly left the hotel.

The car stopped at the door of Gill’s house. When she got off the car, she saw Ramiro’s car parked not far away.

Where is Ramiro coming to?

You know Ramiro is the person next to Ryan.

He is also someone he trusts very much.

Could it be that he is here to tell the family that she wants to reconcile with Ryan?

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and the faster she walked.

Pushing open the door, the people of the Gill family were there. Vincent was sitting in the first place with a pale face, and Ruben and Jamie’s faces were not good.

Maxine sat aside and sobbed softly, not daring to cry.

Diane didn’t feel the dull and depressing atmosphere at all because of her.

She glanced at Ramiro and asked with a smile, “Ryan asked you to come?”

Ramiro missed her gaze and said indifferently, “Yes.”

He and Diane used to work together, and they had a good impression before. Later, she became the Gill family, gained identity, and changed her attitude.

He didn’t know what she did, but he knew that Ryan would cross limits, she must have gone too far.

Sure enough, Diane almost laughed out loud.

She walked to Vincent, “Dad…”


Diane was beaten with an unstable center of gravity and fell down. She knelt on the ground and couldn’t believe Vincent would hit her suddenly.

She clutched her sorely numb cheek, “Dad, why are you hitting me?”

“Why?” Vincent was out of breath by the incident. The news incident has not been resolved. Now that there is another scandal, he is almost out of breath.

She also asked why he beat her?

He trembled and pointed at her, “You still have the face to ask why?”

“You must have a reason for hitting me, otherwise, I will never forgive you!” Diane turned to Maxine with teary eyes.

Maxine did not dare to intercede for her.

She turned her gaze to Jamie. Jamie had red eyes and did not speak for her.

When she returned to Gill’s house, Maxine and Jamie treated her well.

Now that neither of them came out to speak for her, she felt the seriousness.

“Ha ha.”

Vincent’s voice was lower than the other, like a muffled thunder, “I regret that when you were born, I didn’t choke you to death. Don’t you forgive me?”

His eyes were red, “I need you to forgive me?!”

Diane shrank, for the first time she saw such a vicious Vincent.

She threw herself at Ramiro and grabbed his arm. “You tell my dad what you are here for.”

Ramiro was indifferent and said lightly, “I’ve already said it.”

“My dad knows that I and Ryan are reconciled, why is he still so angry?”

“When did you make peace with Mr. Blair?” Ramiro said coldly.

Chapter 236

Maybe the Gill family didn’t know why Diane was like this, but he knew.

Because she called a lot of Ryan’s name last night.

She regarded the two m3n as Ryan.

“Last night, I was with Ryan, he paid it back, he still—”

“I think you have misunderstood.” Ramiro interrupted her, and poured a basin of cold water on her, “Mr. Blair, was not with you last night.”

“You are talking nonsense, you are talking nonsense!” Diane sternly, she stood up from the ground and pointed at Ramiro, “What do you know?”

She recalled that she was in Ryan’s arms last night, and he did not push her away, even forgetting the pain of the slap, and smiled, “He loves me. We were together last night.”

“Enough!” Jamie couldn’t listen, and couldn’t bear her deceiving herself.

He stepped over and clasped her shoulders and snarled at her, “You wake up, you have been framed!”

She looked at Jamie, who was almost collapsed, and asked, “Who has calculated me? Who framed me?”

“How could I give birth to such a stupid daughter like you?” Vincent has never regretted this before. Why did he recognize her in the first place?

Had he known that she would bring such a disaster to the Gill family, and would rather she die outside than let her enter the Gill family’s door.

Ramiro came in person and proved Ryan’s attitude.

Vincent knew that these two things combined would really be a disaster for the Gill family.

If you don’t solve it well, you really will be finished.

He stood up, there was no air, “This matter, you tell Ryan, I will give him a satisfactory explanation.”

Ramiro nodded, “Okay, I must tell.”

Vincent sent him out, Ramiro waved his hand, “He is sensible and stays long.”

Ramiro immediately left Gill’s Villa.

At this moment, Diane seemed to understand things, “Last night, wasn’t Ryan with me?”

She was stupid.

“He calculated me?”

Jamie closed his eyes, “What the hell did you do? Let him hate you so much and destroy you?!”

“I—I—” she cried. “That’s when we designed Carla that day, I secretly installed a camera in the private room and recorded a video—”

“No wonder Ryan also recorded a video of you and sent it over. It turned out that there was a reason.”

“What video?” Diane’s brain was exploded by something, buzzing.

What video?

Did she last night…

“What video?” Ruben pointed to the tray on the table, “Watch it for yourself, Dad told you to think about it behind closed doors at home. It’s okay. If you don’t know if you think about it, then you ran out secretly. Even if you ran out, it was to provoke Ryan.”

He laughed sarcastically, “If he is threatened casually, or a video can be defeated, can he go to this day?”

Diane’s face was pale.

Vincent was already angrily speechless.

Obviously, Diane wanted to threaten Ryan, but was rectified by others.

Who is to blame?

Only strange skills are inferior to humans.

“Tomorrow, you two will go to see him with me.” If there is room for relaxation in the previous news, then it is dead now.

He sat on a chair with muddy eyes, “Jamie, Diane, you have made trouble, the Gill family can’t even lose reputation for a hundred years because of you, don’t blame me, just blame you for being too unsatisfied.”

“Dad, what do you mean, do you want to abandon us?” Diane couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not that Dad wants to abandon you, it’s that you want to find your own death.” Ruben interjected, “You haven’t done anything for the family, but you have enjoyed the glory that the family brings to you.”

“Now you have to do something for the family. Besides, this matter is also because of you.”

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