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Chapter 1057

There is no other reason.

Because of the gift from Xavion.

They are a wreath, a coffin, and a tombstone.

Both the tombstone and the wreath are engraved with Levi’s name.

On the day of his wedding, Xavion actually gave these three gifts.

His sinister intentions can be imagined.


At this moment, there was silence, and the whole audience was gasping in cold air.

Everyone was shocked by Xavion’s gift.

How can anyone get this to get married?

Sarah was also angry.

After all, her perfect marriage still has to be painted with regret.

Wesley, Alton, Kim, and the others were almost furious.

Is there anyone who provokes the God of War like this?

Can’t bear it!

Resolutely can’t bear it!

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in the eyes of the hottest and most militant Owen.

His current idea is very simple -kill Xavion, and then go to the capital to destroy this so-called first family.

“It looks like you like gifts so much! Then I won’t disturb you getting married!”

After giving gifts and provoking Levi, Xavion will leave.

He likes to play with people slowly.

Instead of solving it all at once.

He wanted to see Levi being angry, but helpless.

What he wanted was to torture him alive.

Even those who can’t survive and die…

He concluded that Levi was definitely going to explode now.

But he didn’t have the strength to deal, so he could only endure it silently.

“Boss, let me k!ll this crap!”

Owen screamed madly.

This time, no one stopped Owen.

Because everyone has the same idea-kill Xavion.

He has to pay a price for making such a mistake.

“Boss, order it! As long as you order, we promise to level the Garrison Family in Capital!”

Qin and others pleaded.

They were so angry that they couldn’t bear it.

Especially when Xavion was about to get in the car.

Levi’s thoughts are similar to everyone’s.

He was about to give an order but met Sarah’s gaze.


Sarah shook his head.

She motioned to Levi not to be impulsive.

Xavion’s purpose is simple, to provoke Levi to kill him.

In this way, he had a legitimate reason to kill Levi.

The Garrison family would not bear any infamy.

Xavion is an extremely clever guy, and his seemingly crazy and domineering behavior is actually in his calculations.

“Let him go!”

Levi took a deep breath.


Qin and others all sighed.

“Clean up the coffin first! Remember, don’t throw it away!”

“I will use it on Xavion!”

Levi said lightly.


A glimmer of joy and hope ignited in Owen’s eyes.

Levi is going to settle accounts after Autumn.

Let Xavion jump for a few days…

Then the wedding continued.

Except for Xavion’s troubles, everything else went smoothly.

“I’m sorry, Sarah, you have regrets again.”

Levi sighed.

“It’s okay! In fact, there is such a sentence, it is perfect to have regrets! I will forget about this, you have already given me a perfect wedding!”

“If you don’t convince the Garrison Family to lose this point, I’m very satisfied! I will carry it with you if there are any difficulties and dangers!”

Sarah expressed her thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kneel to anyone! Won’t in this life! And don’t worry, the Garrison Family won’t take me to anything.”

Levi promised.

“I know this. As long as you provoke the Garrison Family, they have no reason to deal with you.”

Sarah turned to the front and asked: “By the way, what surprise you wanted to give me?”

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