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Chapter 243

She didn’t get an answer, and the car drove away.

Jamie’s words planted a seed of suspicion in Carla’s heart for no reason.

Don’t be foolish to give sincerely, be blinded by what is right in front of you.

This is clearly referring to Ryan.

Ryan saw her thoughts and sneered.

“What are you laughing at?” She frowned.


Carla blinked without responding. After a while, he said, “No.”

She didn’t believe it, and she didn’t believe it at all, she always felt that his words had deep meaning.

She brewed for a while, “About that news, forget it.”

“Have you figured it out clearly?”

Carla turned her head and looked out of the car window. The scenery that quickly passed by was like the past, and the past cannot be followed.

She said indifferently, “Think clearly.”


She can figure it out by herself, and he doesn’t interfere.

In fact, it’s okay to return Jamie’s love and break all the shares.

The inside of the carriage suddenly became quiet, the two did not talk anymore, and the atmosphere became subtle.

In the middle, Ryan answered a phone call from Ramiro.

Said that Vincent went to the company and was waiting for him.

Carla made a decision that he naturally wanted to solve the next thing.

The news matter is not investigated, but the video matter has not been resolved.

He didn’t want the video of Carla being undressed.

The car stopped in front of the AAA Group building. Ryan got out of the car and gave the car key to Carla. He confessed, “Go back early.”

Carla took the key and nodded, “Okay.”

Watching him walk into the building, she sat in the driving position, started the car, and drove to the airport.

She looked down at the time and there was still half an hour left, it was just in time.

Not far from the airport, you can see the plane that just took off like a gull bird flying over the sea, rushing into the blue sky.

She parked the car in the parking lot and walked to the airport exit hall.

At any time, the airport is always crowded with people, where there are gatherings and farewells, with laughter and parting tears.

Carla’s eyes patrolled the crowd.

“Lane.” Suddenly a familiar voice sounded behind her. She turned around and saw Mrs. William beckoning to her. She was wearing a casual suit, white sneakers, with sleeves on her arms and a suitcase behind her.

Mrs. William was standing behind her right, wearing an ivory suit and a complete set of sapphire jewelry, decent and elegant.

Carla smiled and walked over, “I’m late.”

“No, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Helen complained, looking behind her, “Are you alone? Didn’t Alan come to pick me up?”

“He is hurt a little and didn’t want to leave the house, and he didn’t know that you were coming.” Carla didn’t know that she was coming back either.

Helen touched her shoulder. “Is it unexpected that I will come?”

“Yeah,” Carla said the truth.

“Not to help you.” She winked at Carla, and Carla understood at a glance that she would come because Mrs. William was afraid that she would be too busy in the country And sent her to help her.

Even if Mrs. William did not send someone over, Carla would not be angry with her.

She can have the current achievements, it is the opportunity that Mrs. William gave her.

“Madam.” Carla had long regarded this woman as her relative.

Mrs. William smiled gracefully, “Let’s go.”

Carla took the initiative to help with the luggage, “The car is outside.”

Carla put the luggage, Helen helped Mrs. William to open the door of the car.

“Lane, how come you have become generous after returning to the country?” Helen carefully checked the car’s equipment and found the highest equipment. She knows that Carla is very economical. Why would she buy such a luxurious car?

“This is not my car.” Carla said to Helen

She has no spare money to buy a car like this.

Helen started to gossip, leaned over, and said ambiguously, “Then who owns this car? Don’t talk, let me guess.”

She, thought for a while, “Is it from a man, and he is a rich person?”

The color and configuration of this car are very masculine, and the person who she borrowed the car is definitely not a woman.

The poor can’t afford such a luxury car.

The result was a rich man who had a good relationship with Carla and could let her drive his car.

“Am I right?” Helen asked triumphantly.

Carla deliberately pretended not to hear, “What did you say?”

Helen fry the pan at once, “What are you pretending? You heard it, did you deliberately, why don’t you want to say? You won’t find a man so soon, will you?”

She guessed, “Could it be your son’s father—”

“Helen, are you not tired after having been on the plane for so long? Can you be quiet for a while?” Mrs. William interrupted her.

Helen didn’t know, Mrs. William probably guessed whose car it was, and which man it should be forcing her to return to the country.

Helen curled her lips and patted Carla’s shoulder pain. “Okay, this time it’s for the sake of Madam, I let you go.”

“By the way, what’s the plan for today?” Helen didn’t feel tired from flying, but looked very excited.

“Don’t you need to take a break?” Carla glanced at her.

“Not tired.” Helen stretched, “Where is Alecia? How come to pick us up with you?”

“She’s in the shop.”

“Oh. Then I’ll go too, and get familiar with the environment by the way. You just need to take Madam to the hotel to rest.”

“Are you sure?” Carla asked.

“I am sure.”

Chapter 244

Carla was at the front intersection, turned the front of the car to change direction, and drove towards the store.

Sending Helen to the store, she and Mrs. William also took a look at the decoration of the store. They were based on the style of the main store. They were very modest and there was no problem. Mrs. William was also very satisfied.

It is the hard work of her life, even if it is a branch, she does not allow perfunctory.

After the visit, Carla sent her to the hotel to rest.

“Does country Z have days to pay attention?” Mrs. William asked.

Carla nodded, “Yes.”

“Then we have to choose a good day to hold the opening ceremony and follow the local customs. After all, you are also from here.”

“I looked it, and the day after tomorrow is a good day. It is advisable to move to a new house, open a business, and break the ground.” She looked at the decoration of the shop and looked at the days.

“It’s fine if you have arrangements.” Mrs. William looked a little tired.

Carla opened the door of the hotel room, put down her luggage, and poured a glass of water for Mrs. William, “You drink some water, take a bath, and rest, and we will eat together in the evening.”

“Well, go ahead.”

There are a lot of things to be arranged for the opening now, and there is not much time, so she has to arrange it before the opening.

Carla left the hotel and went to the store, choosing invitations and decorating the venue.

Carla felt real at this moment when she returned to the country.

AAA Group, reception room.

“Regarding the video, you can rest assured, I will never let it flow out, it will be completely destroyed.” Vincent came to talk with Ryan in person.

Jamie went back and said that the matter of the video had been resolved, and as long as there was a press conference, he would bear all the responsibilities.

It is impossible to clean up, after all, the situation has evolved too badly, no one will be punished, and the reputation of the Gill family will not be restored.

He voluntarily admitted that he had bullied Alan and was willing to accept punishment.

The police sentenced him to a heavy sentence, and the sentence was one year and six months for the crime of intentional injury.

According to the normal procedure, it didn’t take so long. After all, Alan was not seriously injured. It was because the network was too powerful.

The police were under pressure. The Gill family didn’t want to be extravagant, so he simply sentenced it harder, so that those who were concerned about this matter would disappear out of breath.

The reputation of the Gill family was restored. They did not deceive others. They are good law-abiding citizens. If they make a mistake, they will be punished, and they will be punished more severely than ordinary people.

Blocked up all your mouths.

“That Diane’s…” Vincent stopped talking eagerly.

The meaning is clear.

“I see sincerity.” Ryan said indifferently.

Just rely on a mouth?

When is he a three-year-old child?

Sincerity is seen on the surface, not on lips.

Vincent put the original video on the table, “There is no backup, and there is no software to save, you can rest assured that although the trouble is unpleasant this time, there is still friendship between the two families, how can I turn back?”

Ryan picked it up and looked at it for two seconds, “Don’t worry, as long as the video doesn’t appear, your daughter will not appear.”


“Why, can’t you trust me?”

Vincent is embarrassed, this thing is in his hands, isn’t it threatened by him at any time?

This feeling of being threatened by others is not good.

“Of course I believed it, but, after all, it is related to my daughter’s reputation, so I have to pay attention to it.” Vincent looked like a father at this moment.

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