The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064

Levi kicked the gate away.

Step into the Case York Villa.

In the Villa.

Xavion has thousands of people.

They all appeared, staring at Levi who had entered at this moment.

“Take him!”

Everyone is about to do it.

“Hold on, let him in.”

A voice came from inside.


After getting the order, thousands of men gave up a path, stood on both sides, watching Levi enter.

Sure enough, all of them are masters.

Garrison Family’s background is indeed sufficient.

Soon Levi came to the meeting hall.

Seeing Yariwan who was hanging upside down, his eyes narrowed.

This Xavion is so vicious.

Looking at the large pool of blood on the ground, Levi became more and more angry.

“Levi, this is your savior! If he hadn’t saved you, you would have died in the wilderness when you were born.”

Xavion laughed loudly.

At this moment, Yariwan was dying. He looked at Levi and said, “Lord…Lord Levi…”


Levi took a breath.

His savior was treated like this.

“Xavion, don’t you hurry up and put him down for me?”

Levi said coldly.

“Put him down? It’s okay, but you have to see if you have the skills!”

Xavion laughed loudly.

“Lord Levi, hurry up… leave quickly… it’s dangerous…”

Yariwan shouted with all his strength.

“It’s okay, I must save you today!”

“You saved my life when I was young, and today you are in danger because of me! I must save you!”

Levi walked over step by step.


Suddenly, there were rustling voices.

The chamber that was empty just now was full of people in an instant, densely packed with hundreds of masters.

One by one stared at Levi fiercely.

“Dang Dang!”

He also closed the door of the chamber.

Now Levi can hardly escape with wings!

Xavion smiled.

Levi is definitely in a dead place this time.

Soon, he will be killed, and Yariwan will also be killed.

Xavion thought it over.

The news will be released later-Levi killed the butler, he avenged Yariwan, and killed Levi.

There are good reasons for this.

Others knew it was a strategy, but they couldn’t refute it.

The other side.

Ollie hurriedly returned to her room and typed a phone number that she remembered deeply.

“Quickly pick up, quickly pick up, there will be something wrong with Levi later!”

Ollie said anxiously.


Finally, someone answered the phone on the other end.

“I am Ollie!”

After Ollie revealed her identity, the other side was silent, and even the sound of breathing was gone.

“Mr. Lawrence, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I only have one request!”

Ollie didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately stated the purpose.

She worried that Levi would be in danger if it was too late.


“I want you to let my son go! Just this time! As long as you let my son go, I promise that we mother and son will never entangle the Garrison family at all. You know how I am! I do what I say!”

Ollie pleaded.

“I can’t decide this matter! Who told him to be so arrogant that even dare to provoke the Capital Garrison Clan?”

Lawrence said coldly.

“He is young and ignorant, please let him go! This time! I, didn’t ask you anything, please go around my son once! I can die for him!”

“I beg you… I knelt down for you…”

Ollie was already crying into tears.

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