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Chapter 249

She turned her head and saw Ryan standing behind her, facing the light, she couldn’t see his expression clearly, and could only snoop out an unclear outline.

The front desk took the card in Ryan’s hand and said, “Together, the total consumption is 12080.”

“Oh, oh, it turns out that the car was driven by my sister-in-law.” Harrison booed aside, and Carla lowered her head, put the card back, and asked softly, “Are you going back?”

Before Ryan answered, Harrison, took the lead, “What time is it now? What time is it to go back? Besides—” He pointed to Ryan and Carla, “You still owe me a glass of wedding wine, choose It’s better to hit the sun and make it up today.”

Ryan did not object, his eyes were covered with dust, hiding in an elusive light.

Carla only felt embarrassed, especially Harrison’s address to her, how awkward it was.

“I’m not going, you can go.” Carla turned to leave, Ryan grabbed her wrist, “Wait for me.”

Carla wanted to get away from his hand, but he held it too tightly, she couldn’t get away.

At this time, the front desk has settled the bill and handed over the card and the consumption slip, “You have a total consumption of 12,080.”

Ryan put it in his wallet and said lightly, “Let’s go.”

Harrison didn’t plan to let them go and stop in front of them, “If you don’t invite me to have a drink today, I will never let you go.”

Harrison raised his head and said that this road was driven by me, and this tree is like the landlord I planted.

Alecia stood behind and stepped back quietly, wanting to leave. From the mirror, Harrison saw that the woman behind him was secretly trying to leave.

Harrison saw that she had come out with Carla just now, which means that they knew each other. He turned over and grabbed her, “Don’t go.”

Alecia was startled and looked at him in horror.

“Don’t be afraid, are you my sister-in-law’s friend?” Harrison grinned, his white teeth dazzling in the light.

Alecia glanced at Carla and nodded, “I am Sister Lane’s assistant.”

“Oh, what do you guys do?”

“Costume designer.”

“By coincidence, I just want to order a set of clothes.”

“Well, we will open the store the day after tomorrow, and I would like to invite you over.” Alecia replied fluently.


Harrison blinked, “You are opening a store, the day after tomorrow?”

Alecia nodded.

Harrison hugged Peter, who was watching the excitement, and tugged at his neck, “Sister-in-law’s shop is open. We are going to visit it naturally. You must take the time to cheer that day.”

“Yeah.” Peter answered.

He felt that although Ryan and Carla were divorced, they had children, and their remarriage was a matter of time. Judging from Ryan’s appearance, he seemed to care about her.

This scene is worthy of praise, and there is no time to make time to go.

Harrison smiled, with red lips and white teeth, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t make up our glass of wedding wine today, I will not leave here.”

He is shameless.

Carla frowned.

She looked at Ryan, hoping that he could talk about his friend.

Don’t embarrass her.

What wedding wine?

Where is the joy?

Ryan pretended not to see, holding her hand and playing with it.

He does not reject Harrison’s wedding wine.

When he married Carla, there was nothing, and none of his good friends were introduced.

Inexplicably pleased by Harrison’s sister-in-law.

He didn’t want to introduce them to two acquaintances before, because he was not interested in Carla.

That marriage was not what he wanted.

But now it’s different, he wants to keep this marriage, keep this woman.

Also willing to put her on the bright side.

Harrison and Peter are his good friends.

Let them know.

“In this way, if my sister-in-law is busy, let’s go first. Peter and I can go for two drinks with this young lady.” Harrison grabbed Alecia’s arm and took her to leave.

“Sister Lane.” Alecia shouted at Carla in a panic.

“Wait a minute.” Carla was forced to have no choice but to agree.

“You let her go.”

Harrison did it deliberately. The woman Ryan can look at should not be too bad in character. She would definitely not watch her assistant be pulled away without being indifferent.

It turns out that he did it right.

He let go of Alecia.

Alecia stepped back two steps in succession, widening the distance from him.

It’s like Harrison is a terrifying monster.

Chapter 250

“Walk, I’ll decide the place, I’ll treat you today.” Harrison was in a good mood, and Peter poured cold water on him, “Yeah, did the iron cock pluck today?”

As long as Ryan is there, he never pays.

Harrison stared at him, “Don’t show my face in front of beautiful women, I’m very generous.”

Peter smiled and got into his car.

“You get in my car.” Harrison beckoned to Alecia.

Alecia waved her hand quickly, “No, no, you go, I won’t mix up.”

“I don’t eat people, what are you afraid of?” Harrison smiled.

Alecia still refused, “I have something else.”

She casually found an excuse.

After speaking, she turned around and left. She greeted Carla, “Sister Lane, I’m leaving now.”

Carla replied, “You be careful.”

Alecia nodded, and when she walked to the side of the road, she realized that this place was rather deserted. Without a taxi passing by, everyone who came to eat here would drive over, and then drove back.

Her car was given to Alecia, what would she do now?

“Let’s go, there is no taxi here for you.” Harrison parked the car beside her.

Alecia wanted to find Carla, but at this time, Carla was already in Ryan’s car.

“You don’t want to disturb the couple, do you?”


“Come on, I’ll see you off.”

Alecia stood stumblingly, “Um, no need.”

“you sure?”

“I am sure.”

She said with certainty.

She was not blind, and it was obvious that they were a group of people, not ordinary people, and she would not dare to provoke such a person easily.

Peter looks very honest, but Harrison feels like a playboy.

She’s glib, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with such a person.

Harrison was rejected repeatedly, and his enthusiasm was also extinguished.

He raised the window and looked at Alecia more.

This woman is funny, so careful.

He is not a bad person.

Why be wary of him like a thief?

After they got to the car and walked far, Alecia had no choice but to call Helen and ask her to pick her up.

The place is still chosen by Harrison, a high-end bar.

This time is the lively time, the feasting, crowded nightlife has just begun.

The big bag on the second floor is spacious and has a good view. Standing upstairs, you can see the entire bar, especially the dance floor in the lobby on the first floor. Men, women, red lights, green lights, singing, and dancing, surging and wanton.

Harrison stood in front of the railing on the second floor with a wine glass in his hand and dangling his legs, looking like a foolish man.

Peter has long been accustomed to his appearance, no wonder.

“Convergence.” He reminded Harrison.

Carla is here today.

Harrison was also surprised that he was too far, so he quickly sat down and put away his slouchy appearance, “Sister-in-law, I have introduced myself last time. You should already know me, right?”

Carla stretched out her hand to turn off the hair blocking her ears, concealing her embarrassment when she was called, “I know.”

“This is Peter.” Harrison smiled, putting his arm on Peter’s shoulder, “The same relationship as me and Ryan.”

Peter touched his rib fork with an elbow, “I didn’t have a long mouth? Do you need to speak for me?”

“I’m not afraid that you can’t make it clear? When I talked to girls in college, I blushed—pain—”

“Does it hurt? I didn’t think it.” Peter pressed his meat hard. He has been trained in a serious way. Harrison’s skin and tender flesh are tender. How can he resist his hand strength?

The painful eyes and nose are all wrinkled together.

Carla could tell, don’t look at their squabbles, but they have a good relationship.

She approached Ryan and whispered, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Ryan let go of her hand and gave a faint hum.

She got up and left, following the instructions to find the location of the bathroom.

Unfortunately, when she entered, someone came out and bumped into her at the door.

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