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Chapter 31

Ryan glanced at him, “Don’t inquire about my business.”

Ramiro smiled doggedly, “I am not curious, Miss Tate has been with you for a long time, I think she is more suitable.”


Ryan’s tone was slow, and an inexplicable force swept through him. Ramiro shuddered. Just when he wanted to explain, he met his smiling eyes,

“For my personal affairs. So interested, do you want to sit down, let’s talk about it?”

Ramiro broke into a cold sweat on his back and smiled bitterly, “Don’t dare.”

At this time, the elevator stopped, Ramiro quickly took a step back, and quickly distanced himself from him.

Ryan glanced at him lightly and stepped down the elevator.

She seemed to know that Ryan was coming back at this time. Alma was standing at the door waiting with the document. Seeing Ryan walking down, she came over immediately, “This document needs your signature.”

She didn’t mention a word about what happened yesterday.

Making trouble unreasonably will only disgust him.

Being well-behaved and sensible is a soft sword inserted in a man’s heart.

Ryan took the document, flicked a few pens at the signature place, and handed her the folder, saying, “In the evening, we will have dinner together.”

Is it compensation?

Alma smiled and said, “Yes.”

“You decide the position, decide what you like.” He is responsible for this woman.

Alma walked behind him and reported on the next itinerary.

At the door of the office, Alma closed the schedule and asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

“Give me a cup of coffee.” After that, he entered the office.

Alma went to the pantry to make coffee through the glass and saw that the newly appointed manager of the personnel department brought Carla towards this side. Her expression tightened. How could Carla be here?

She put down the coffee pot in her hand and walked out, blocking the manager’s path, looking at Carla, “What are you doing here?”

Her eyes were defensive, shocked, and she didn’t seem to expect Carla to appear in the company.

Carla smiled, “I am a translator.”

Alma’s hand suddenly clenched and stared at her, after she left that day, did Carla s3duce Ryan?

How else can she join the company?

Carla came over and whispered to her, “My husband, he wants to see me all the time, so he wants me to come to work so that he can see me often.”

“You don’t put gold on your face!” Alma stared at her in irritation, “What do you think you are? He-will look at you? You don’t look in the mirror!”

Although she was extremely angry, the only reason left to tell her that she couldn’t stagger the relationship between her and Ryan.

Now the entire company knows that she is the woman Ryan will marry.

Seeing Alma jump slightly, Carla sneered.

Since she stimulated Lucia to suffer from mental illness, they were destined to be unable to live together in peace!

Soon Alma returned to the basket with a little reason. This is her place. Isn’t it easy to play her to death?

Alma glanced over her belly inadvertently, she would never give birth to this child.

“Does Secretary Tate know Miss Lane?” The personnel manager has already seen that the two seem to be holding grudges, but they will not say anything rashly, but pretend that they don’t know anything.

Working in such a group, everyone is smart and there are no fools.

With a usual smile on Alma’s face, she wrote lightly, “I have seen her, since she is a new translator, leave her to me and I will arrange it.”

“That’s naturally good.” The manager smiled.

After the manager left, Alma deliberately left Carla to dry and went back to the pantry to make coffee.

Carla frowned, how could this woman be so naive?

Can she do anything like this?

“Miss Tate, if you are busy, I will go to my husband’s office and let him—”

“Shut up!” Alma couldn’t adjust her emotions, and was annoyed by the ‘husband’ word again.

Why isn’t this woman going to die!

Carla smiled, “If you don’t know what you can do, Miss Tate, you provoke me first!”

She, she knows?

How much do you know?

No, no, she couldn’t know, the only woman who knew was dead, how could she know?

She resisted the anxiety in her heart and said calmly, “I don’t know what Miss Lane is talking about.”

“Midway community, Miss Tate hasn’t been there?” Carla asked, staring at her face.

Alma was stunned for a moment. It turned out that she was referring to this matter.

Unexpectedly, she knew it so soon.

It’s not that matter.

Chapter 32

Even so, she would not admit it, pretending to be confused, “Midway community, is there Miss Lane’s residence?”

Carla sneered, didn’t talk to her, everyone knew, “Where is my place?”

Alma slightly pointed to the innermost position, “There.”

Carla deliberately angered her, “Even if I was placed in the corner of the corner, we still live under one roof.”

After finishing walking towards that position.

For the new projects that AAA developed in country A, there were a lot of documents going back and forth. When no translation was found, the backlog was all over.

Alma gave it to her, not giving her time to breathe, and asked her to finish the translation in two days.

When it was time to get off work, Carla was still buried in many translated documents.

When Ryan walked out of the office, Alma had changed her body. The formal attire she wore at work, a white dress, chestnut hair, exquisite makeup, glamorous and dignified.

She greeted and took Ryan’s arm, “I booked a table at Crispy’s, I remember you like the food there.”

Ryan gave a faint hum, not interested.

Inadvertently glanced at Carla in the corner, and raised his eyebrows.

Alma quickly explained, “It’s just that empty spot, so I had to apologize that she was there.” In the end, she added another sentence, “I have selfishness.”

Even if she didn’t say anything, Ryan would see her intentions.

It’s better to admit it.

She doesn’t like her.

She lowered her head, “Am I very careful?”

She is so calm, what can he say?

“Let’s go.” He said calmly, can’t afford the slightest disturbance.

Don’t say that Ramiro can’t understand him, he can’t understand his own thoughts about Carla, hate her, sympathize with her, and want to find out about her, her crying, her smiling, what else is there that he doesn’t know and is a secret?

It was such a woman full of contradictions that aroused his interest.

Ryan was not angry, nor did he speak for her. Alma felt better, presumably Carla had no place in Ryan’s heart.

Maybe it’s just for the sake of his dead mother.

After all, this marriage was decided for him by his mother.

After thinking about it this way, Alma felt better.

Carla saw Alma holding Ryan away, but pretended not to see it.

She didn’t raise her head until the elevator door closed. They were really affectionate.

She didn’t understand what Ryan liked about Alma, she looked simple, but she thought deeply.

What are these things about her?

She lowered her head and smiled bitterly.

It was almost 12 o’clock before Carla got home from work.

During this time, there were almost no people in the entire building, and even the cars on the road were much fewer than during the day. The noise during the day was washed away, and it seemed a little quieter.

She stood on the side of the road and waited for the car, and it didn’t take long for a taxi to arrive.

She beckoned.

The car stopped beside her, she opened the door of the back seat and said to the driver, “Hill Road No.138.”

The driver starts the car.

Carla looked at the scenery quickly passing by the window, half staring with her eyes, a little sleepy, she shook her head to make herself a little energetic.

After a while, she found that the car was driving in the wrong direction, “Sir, I’m going to No.138 Hill Road.”

The driver looked back at her, smiled, and said, “I drive a taxi all the year round and know that there is a short route.”

Carla nodded, after all, she was really unfamiliar with that piece.

About ten minutes later, the car hadn’t reached the place yet, and it was time to get there according to the normal route. The driver was still on the short route. She discovered something was wrong…

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