Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 37 – 38

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Chapter 37

“Divorce Jenna, I promise to help you.”

Shawn is in a dilemma.

Carla didn’t say much, she wanted to see how her father was so rare about this woman.

More important than the survival of the company?


“On this condition, you are not willing, and I will not force you,” Carla said lightly.

Does Shawn still have true feelings?

He was embarrassed, “Yes, I know you care about sending you away. At that time, Jenna was pregnant and the examination showed it was a boy. That’s why—just—”

“That’s why you sent my mother away. Did she give you a son?” Carla clasped her hands tightly. Did he know that the mother he sent away was also pregnant?

Because of the shock of divorce, she was depressed during pregnancy, which led to the child with autism.

It seems that when it comes to this matter, Shawn is also very sorry, “It accidentally miscarried, so if I don’t want her now, it would be really unfair to her—”

“The company and Jenna, choose one of the two!” Carla didn’t want to listen to him. Because Jenna was pregnant with a son, the divorce was unfair.

What about her mother?

Just deserved to be abandoned? !

The son deserved to have autism?

Now it’s just to divorce Jenna, he misses the old love?

When sending away mother and her, did you find a little bit of love between husband and wife and blood relationship?

Carla endured heartache and walked out of the Lane family villa.

Outside the gate, Jamie leaned against the car, and the dawn was warm and soft, gently falling on him, making him look warm and ethereal.

Carla’s footsteps paused.

Jamie saw her coming out and opened the back door, “Don’t stand, get in the car quickly.”

Carla walked over, bent over, and sat in the car.

Jamie closed the car door, got into the driving seat, and looked back at her, “Where are you going?”

“AAA.” Carla leaned against the window, “I work there.”

Jamie frowned, “If I have a better job—”

“I work there, and I have a deal with Ryan.” So she couldn’t leave.

Jamie started the car, but he felt a little uneasy. He always felt that she was entangled with Ryan too much.

After about twenty minutes, the car stopped under the AAA Group Building.

Jamie came down to open the door for her. Carla had already opened the door, and when she saw him coming, she smiled and said, “I can do it myself.”

Jamie gave her a hand, “I’m hurt, don’t you know? Take care of yourself and call brother if you have something to do.”

Carla nodded and stepped out of the car.

At this moment, another car stopped at the door, a stalwart figure stepped down, and Carla looked over.

Ryan stood by the car, looking at her as if it were the coldest and lonely moonlight in the world, lightly splashed, and the cold made people tremble.

Ryan’s gaze was so unfriendly that even Jamie found out and blocked Carla.

Ryan was originally angry last night because Carla didn’t go back all night. At this moment, Jamie defended the woman in front of him.

He just felt sultry in his heart, and the heat was about to burn people to death!

She didn’t go back all night, was she spending a good night with this man?

The more you think about the fire, the more surge it shows…

The flames are burning more and more, almost swallowing him!

He pressed his voice, half raised the corners of his lips, he couldn’t hear the joy or anger, it was the endless coldness, “What I said to you, is it useless?”

Chapter 38

Carla shuddered instinctively.

“You are in a contract marriage, you are not qualified to ask her for anything.” Jamie also said in a cold tone.

“I’m not qualified, you are not even more qualified, is it a deal, you covet other people’s wife, not a gentleman.” After saying that, he did not look at Jamie, but glanced at Carla behind him, “I’ll give you one. minute.”

After speaking, he walked towards the building.

Jamie turned and looked at Carla, “Don’t be afraid, I am here, I will accompany you in and tell him clearly.”

Carla shook her head, this matter was her fault.

She agreed last time, but broke her promise.

“No, brother, you go back first, I have to go to work.” Carla moved into the building, and Ryan had already gone up.

Carla also took the elevator up.

Standing at the door of Ryan’s office, she suppressed her panic, raised her hand, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

She opened the door and walked in. Just about to explain why she didn’t go back last night, Ryan opened his mouth first, “Our marriage relationship is over.”

He raised his eyes, “One month is too long, now it’s over.”

Carla’s lips trembled involuntarily. She thought she was strong and brave, but otherwise.

Those are not enough.

In distress, she cannot protect herself.

If it hadn’t happened to be Jamie, she might not have escaped.

Maybe she was harmed by Jenna and Kathy a long time ago.

Ryan didn’t want to get entangled with her anymore, picked up the phone, “Lawyer Drake, help me plan a divorce——”

“No!” Carla came over and held the phone, shook her head at him, “I really didn’t mean to not go back. I encountered something last night, so I—”


Ryan’s gaze fell on the skirt on her body, grinning gloomily, and the strong deterrence seemed to pass through the flesh and blood, “Is it okay for you to complete me?”

Yesterday it was obviously trousers and a shirt, but it was changed to a skirt overnight.

How crazy was it last night to get the clothes off and not wear them?

Maybe she does have an attraction, but her debauchery is also real.

This kind of woman is not worth his care.

“Not good.” Even the divorce is not now.

If she loses Ryan’s patronage.

She will be slaughtered like eight years ago, without the strength to fight back.

Ryan stared at her. She was stunned, panicked, and disoriented, like a disoriented elk, hesitating and helpless. Her heart was throbbing, and she was caught off guard when she came, and then sneered, fooling around with other men. , Now she came and wants to maintain his marriage again?

Ridiculous, ridiculous!

He is still cold and detached, “I make you and that man stand by each other, but you tell me it’s not?”

Carla was very flustered and terrified, afraid that Ryan would really divorce her.

In a flash of light, she thought of the k!ss he had caught off guard, and without extra thought, she k!ssed him.

In an instant, the surrounding air almost condensed.

Ryan was stunned for a moment, lowered his eyes, staring at the woman who was k!ssing his l!ps, and forgot to react.

Her private life is 5lutty, but her k!ssing skills are jerky.

But there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity, so that he did not push her away in the first time, and sensibly returned, Ryan pushed her away unceremoniously.

Unprepared, she was pushed back by him two steps, his knees softened, he fell down, the skirt was lifted, and her legs were exposed.

The wound was bandaged and flung away. The gauze on the knee was oozing with blood, making it particularly eye-catching.

A deep ache came up from the knee.

Her body trembled lightly.

Ryan was stunned.

Her legs…

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