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Chapter 35

Jamie lowered his head and gave her medicine. He didn’t notice the expression on her face. He was afraid of her pain, so he deliberately talked to her, “This medicine will not affect the child in your stomach, don’t worry.”

Carla nodded.

Jamie was very thoughtful.

Her hand touches her lower abdomen, which is probably her latest comfort.

The child is fine.

She has no abdominal pain or discomfort.

Her child is also a brave and strong baby.

“Rest here tonight.” Jamie bandaged her wound and looked up, only to find that her forehead was sweating a lot. “If you need me, just say, I’m you-brother.”

Carla nodded, and now she had to find out if it was Alma.

She works in a company, and she is just a little closer to Alma, making it easy for her to explore.

Jamie stood up, picked up a basin of cold water, wiped her sweat, and applied a cold compress on her face.

“Who did you offend?” He started so cruelly.

Carla thought for a while and said, “I have no evidence, but I guess it should be Alma, Ryan’s girlfriend. It seems that I am married to Ryan and she has a grudge against me.”

Jamie felt bored when he thought that she and Ryan were in the relationship as husband and wife, but fortunately only one month, “I will take care of you in the future.”

When she and Ryan dissolve their marriage, he will confess his heart.

He will take care of her from now on.

Don’t let her get hurt again.

Carla didn’t hear clearly, and gave a faint hum.

She didn’t go back that night. On the one hand, the night spent here was unfamiliar to this place. On the other hand, because of today’s thrilling, she couldn’t sleep peacefully, and got up very early.

Jamie was very considerate and bought her new clothes. She couldn’t wear it anymore.

“It’s a skirt, your legs are not suitable for wearing pants.” Jamie handed her the clothes.

Wearing pants will scratch the wound.

The long skirt can just cover the knees.

Except for her mother, Jamie treats her best. This kind of goodness makes her very stressed, and she doesn’t know how to repay him.

“Can you be so good to me?” Her voice went dumb.

Jamie smiled pretentiously, “Fool, you call me brother, shouldn’t I take care of you? What are you polite for?”

She stretched out her hand and scratched her nose, “You are a mother, do you want to cry for that?”

Carla sniffed, smiled at him, took clothes into the room, took off her bathrobe, and changed into the new clothes.

After breakfast, Jamie sent her back.

“Go to Repulse Bay.” There is still time, she has to go to Lane’s house. Now that she has the land that Ryan gave her in Repulse Bay, she has a bargaining chip to exchange with Shawn.

She has to get those things back first. Only when she has money can she have a bargaining chip against those who want to harm her.

Although not much, but at least to relieve her urgent need.

There is also money owed to Jamie.

Although he said she didn’t need to pay it back, she couldn’t help but pay.

Jamie turned the front of the car and drove towards the Repulse Bay.

The car stopped soon.

She got out of the car. Although she could walk, her knee hurts when she walked. She endured the pain and walked towards the courtyard.

Inside the house, the servants are making breakfast, and they don’t seem to get up yet.

“Do you want me to call—”

“No.” Carla interrupted the servant.

She used to live here too. The last time she came in a hurry, she didn’t even look at the room she used to live in.

Although the memories here are not good, it is the place where she lived when she was a child.

There are always some feelings.

She went up to the second floor and wanted to open the room she used to live in, but found that there was a sound inside. She gently opened the door and found that Kathy had taken over this place.

Kathy was lying on the bed, and Jenna seemed disappointed when she sat on the side of the bed, “I didn’t expect to let her escape.”

“What?” Kathy abruptly sat up from the bed, “Why let her escape?”

Jenna said with a sullen face, “I was too careless, thinking I could deal with a girl with a man, who knows that man is so useless, even a woman can’t be caught by him!”

Kathy exclaimed, “If you don’t ruin her, how can you make Ryan hate her and then divorce her? If you don’t get a divorce, how can I have a chance?”

Jenna covered her daughter’s mouth, “You keep your voice down, don’t let your dad hear it.”

Kathy’s voice became quieter, “I’m angry…”

“Am I not angry?” Jenna’s face was grim, “Let her be liked by Ryan, she relied on the power of the Blair family to settle old accounts with us, and then we will be finished.”

“So now we must get rid of her!” Kathy said fiercely.

Jenna had to be more cautious, “I didn’t succeed this time, I’m afraid she was defensive, and it must be a little difficult to ruin her again…”

“You…” Kathy saw the person standing at the door, jumped off the bed, pointed at Carla who was standing at the door, and snapped, “You, why are you here?”

Chapter 36

Carla thought it was Alma who had harmed her, but he didn’t expect it to be Jenna and Kathy.

Jenna was also surprised when she saw her, “When did you come up? What did you hear?!”

Carla sneered. She snatched her mother’s husband, occupied her father, and used her mother’s dowry. She just wanted to get back her mother and her things.

Unexpectedly, she actually wanted to harm her!


Are they afraid that she will win the family’s power?

“What did you hear?” Carla stared at Jenna and sneered twice, “I’ve heard everything I should know.”

Carla didn’t expect that one of their reasons for harming her was that they were afraid that she would use Ryan’s power to deal with them.

She hadn’t thought about it before, but it’s different now.

Did they harm her, and even threaten the child in her stomach!

It turns out that her concession is weak and bullying is in their eyes?

“What did you hear?” Since she couldn’t hide it, Jenna wasn’t pretending.

“Yes, what do you think you are, but it was discarded by Dad—”

“You are noisy early in the morning what is going on here?” Shawn wanted to scold them, but when he saw Carla was there, his voice turned a corner.

Carla glanced at Jenna and Kathy, and finally set her eyes on Shawn, “Don’t you want the land in Repulse Bay?”

Shawn was taken aback, “Did you get it?”

At the same time, Jenna and Kathy stared at her with scorching eyes.

As if shocked, Ryan was really good to her.

Otherwise, he won’t give her all the land contracts in Repulse Bay.

Carla had a full view of their expressions, Ryan’s tiger skin, she is probably going to talk about it today.

The fox faked the tiger’s power once.

She pretended to be relaxed, her face was the shyness and happiness of a woman in love, “We are a husband and wife, what’s wrong with him giving me something?”

“Impossible!” Kathy didn’t want to believe it, she had been brainwashing herself, and all she had seen before was false.

It is impossible for Ryan to like her!

Jenna grabbed Kathy and shook her head to signal her not to get too excited.

If Carla really gets the land in Repulse Bay, Shawn’s attitude towards her will definitely change.

After all, the Blair family is a big tree.

Shawn definitely wants to climb, and there is still something wrong with the company.

Sure enough, after Shawn finished listening to Carla’s words, a long-lost smile crawled on his cheeks, “Have you had breakfast? Just eat here before leaving.”

It’s not that Shawn can’t laugh, but he has never smiled at Carla.

Looking at Shawn, Carla felt bitter and astringent. He saw that she had the value to be used, so did his attitude change?

In his heart, he only has the value to use?

This is her biological father, how sad?

“I have eaten, I just came to tell you, you get my mother’s dowry, and my things, tidy up, and I will take them tomorrow.”

After speaking, she turned and went downstairs, perhaps because of the pain in her heart, which made her ignore the pain in her leg.

Shawn followed, “You come back, you haven’t eaten at home yet, you will leave after eating.”

Carla looked back at Shawn, “What do you want to do?”

According to Shawn’s style of doing things, there is nothing to need her for, he doesn’t have this love for his daughter, right?

Seeing his mind, Shawn didn’t hide it, and said a little bit mildly, “Carla, something has happened in the company, can you ask Ryan to come forward and solve it for me?”

Carla helped the stair railing to walk down, without looking at him again, and asked indifferently, “What happened to the company?”

“It’s a real estate investment, there has been a collapse”

The company is facing a lawsuit, on the other hand, its reputation has been greatly affected.

The industries that led to the company’s investment are all resisting.

Now the funds are almost impossible to get back.

Even if Carla gave him the piece of land in Repulse Bay, he would have no funds to invest in development.

The time of delay now is to resolve this landslide.

If Ryan stepped forward to suppress public opinion and the chief of the lawsuit found someone for him, the crisis would pass.

Carla glanced upstairs, “I can’t help you in vain, I have the conditions.”

Shawn’s expression was stubborn. It seemed that he didn’t expect that she would make another request. What would she want this time?

His face sank involuntarily.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask for your money. It belongs to me and my mother. You can return the original amount. If you want me to help you, it’s not impossible, just…”

“Just what?” Shawn asked.

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