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Chapter 381

Harrison’s nerves are tense, how can Alecia deal with Carla, how can he explain?

“Don’t cry.” Harrison walked over to comfort her, and as soon as his hand touched her shoulder, he was pushed away, “Go away! Don’t let me see you, you are sick!”

She couldn’t help shaking at the thought of last night, and her stomach was rolling.

Harrison’s complexion changed, and after all, there was no seizure. Indeed, he is a man, so he won’t suffer anyhow in this matter.

Besides, this was not his first, but it was Alecia’s first.

The most precious thing of a woman is gone when she is unconscious, and he doesn’t care about the ugly words.

“She is outside and just knocked on the door.” Harrison looked at her, hoping that she could calm down and solve the current situation first.

Alecia’s cry stopped abruptly and raised her red eyes, “What should I do?”

Shameful, ah, ah.

She covered herself with the quilt, wishing to find a place to sew in and never see anyone.

“Don’t worry.” Harrison calmed her, “Should we pretend to be in love?”

It’s better than being bumped into by someone ridiculous overnight.

If it is a loving relationship, it is normal to have an intimate relationship.

You won’t feel embarrassed anymore.

“Don’t think about it!” Alecia lifted the quilt, grabbed the pillow, and hit him.

“If it weren’t for you and I had to drink, how could such a ridiculous thing happen…”

Harrison caught the pillow she had thrown over, rushed up to cover her mouth, and whispered, “You are so loud, do you want everyone to know that we sl3pt together last night?”

Alecia’s eyes rolled and shook her head, she didn’t want to.

It’s too embarrassing.

“We will pretend to be in a romantic relationship. After a while, the excuse is inappropriate. If we separate, it won’t be embarrassing. What do you think?”

Harrison saw that she didn’t want to be known, so she took the opportunity to mention the fake lover relationship again.

First fool Carla.

Alecia thought for a while, but still didn’t let go.

Harrison took a deep breath, why is this woman so stubborn?

“Well, I’m a man, why don’t I just be ridiculous all night, what’s the big deal, I just said that we were drunk last night, and we sl3pt together.” Harrison pretended to be going to open the door.

Alecia panicked.

Harrison grasped the doorknob, making a gesture to open the door.

“Hold on.” Alecia’s brain was running fast, feeling that Harrison’s words also made sense, and it was better to pretend to be ridiculous than a night. After all, so many people would be embarrassed to not see them by looking up.

“I promise you, pretend to be a couple first.” Alecia exhausted her courage before saying this.

Harrison also had an excuse, so he opened the door. As a result, there was no one at the door. He stretched his head and found Carla returning to the room.

Carla felt that she was too impulsive and shouldn’t knock on the door at this time. Regardless of their relationship, she shouldn’t knock on their door.

She was just too shocked. After she calmed down, she realized that she was doing something wrong, so she was ready to leave.

Lest they are embarrassed and don’t know how to face her.

Harrison called out, “Sister-in-law.”

Carla turned around and saw Harrison poking his head out of the door, “When I will have breakfast, I have something to tell you.”

Carla nodded, and then pushed open the door of the room. Originally, she wanted to go out to get some air, but now she was not in the mood, thinking in her heart what Harrison would say.

Talk about the matter between him and Alecia?

With the curtains drawn in the room and the light was very dark, Carla sat on the side of the bed absently.

Alecia is not a random girl, and hasn’t known Harrison for long, how could…

“What are you thinking about?” Ryan woke up and found that Carla was already dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed in a daze. He turned over, stretched his hand across her waist, embraced her slender waist, and gently applied force. Along the way, Carla fell into his arms.

Chapter 382

Carla lay down, Ryan buried his face in her neck, sniffed the scent on h3r body, k!ssed her skin greedily, his voice was hoarse just after waking up, “Why get up so early, huh?”

Carla was completely immersed in Harrison’s appearance from Alecia’s room. So early, it was obvious that he spent the night in Alecia’s room last night.

“What kind of person is Harrison?”

Alecia followed her for a long time. Although she was a domestic, she was adopted by a foreigner and grew up abroad.

Following her back to the country, she has no relatives except her, and she has to be responsible to her.

Ryan raised his head quickly and looked at Carla, “What are you asking him for?”

Carla turned to look at him, telling the truth, “I saw him coming out of Alecia’s room.”

Ryan blinked, his long eyelashes flapped a few times, and it took a few seconds before he tasted it.

Harrison and Alecia?

Ryan, “…”

He raised his hand and put his arm on his forehead. This kid, his movements are fast.

Carla pushed him, “What do I ask you, Alecia has no relatives, followed me back to the country, I have to be responsible for her, is Harrison a reliable person?”

“He…very good.” Ryan turned over and turned his back to Carla.

He cannot betray his brother, nor can he deceive his wife.

Carla felt something was wrong. It was obvious that he was avoiding. She clasped his shoulders and turned the person towards herself, her tone a little serious, “You tell the truth.”

Ryan hugg3d her with both hands and rubbed her face against his chest, “When can you let me t0uch you? I am a normal man and will be suffocated…”

Carla pushed his face, “I’m serious with you, if you do this again, am I not angry?”

Ryan was wronged and raised his head. When did he, Ryan, get to this point?

He silently looked at the sky, feeling that he was the most miserable man in the world.

“I’m going to ask Peter.” As Carla was about to get up, Ryan held the person tighter. In order to please his wife, brother, stand back.

“He had talked with a girlfriend before. It was his first love. Then he broke up. It was a big blow to him. He hasn’t found a girlfriend seriously for so many years. This time, it may be serious, otherwise… “

He gave Carla a look that you understand, and he took the opportunity to put a sticker in her arms, “I haven’t talked about it once.”

After he took over the company, he focused on his career. First, he didn’t have that time, and second, he didn’t move his heart.

“You make up for me.” His lips were close to her ch3st, where the skin was especially delicate, just like white porcelain.

There was an evil fire running around in his body, and his muscles were tightening.

He felt that sooner or later he would be tortured to death.

His breathing was getting heavier and heavier, calling her name tenderly, “Carla…”

“I don’t like men who just think about sleeping all day long.”

Carla said that it was neither light nor heavy, and a basin of cold water was poured down.

Ryan, “…”

Put out his ignited fire, and even the sparks are gone.

Ryan turned over and looked at the ceiling, “Sooner or later, I will k!ll you.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, he wanted to sl33p with her.

Coax her to b3d.

But she is not easy to coax.

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