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Chapter 383

“I am in love with Alecia.”

At breakfast time, when everyone had just arrived at the restaurant, Harrison held Alecia in his arms and announced.

Alecia was not accustomed to his intimate behavior, earning money in his arms, Harrison leaned over and warned in a low voice, “If you don’t want to be discerned, just be honest.”

As a last resort, Alecia could only act like Harrison’s’love’.

“Tsk Tsk.” Peter smashed his mouth, “This is progressing so fast.”

When drinking last night, Alecia still rejected Harrison very much, and became a passionate love after a night?

What a liar?

Peter was obviously skeptical. Ryan only heard Carla’s rumors and knew that Harrison was acting.

Just too lazy to expose him.

He held Iris and sat at the table to feed his daughter.

They completely ignored their affairs.

Put all heart on daughter.

Peter also couldn’t tell, sitting at the table, watching Ryan gently feed his daughter, and the corners of his lips twitched involuntarily. When Iris did not show up, he had never seen such a soft expression on Ryan’s face.

Daughter’s slave?

At this moment, this sentence is so appropriate for Ryan.

“Iris.” Peter took a boiled egg, “Uncle will peel it for you?”

Iris shook her head and lay down in Ryan’s arms, “No, my father will peel it for me.”

Peter blinked. He felt that he had been abandoned overnight. Ryan had a wife and children, and a family of four. His daughter was cute and lovely, his son was smart and handsome, and his wife was also beautiful. He was much younger than him.

Now even the “playboy” Harrison is in a serious relationship, he is still a “lonely man”

Is he abandoned?

He sat next to Alan, and here the two of them were men without women.

Alan didn’t understand why he was so close to him, and put the hard-boiled egg that he had peeled on his dinner plate.

“Uncle Shane, eat it.”

Peter’s hard face hardly showed a hint of warmth. It turned out that he was not abandoned, and there are still people who care.

He picked it up and took a bite, “Thank you, Alan.”

Iris glanced at him, smiled, and said, “I just see you being pitiful.”

Peter, “…”

The boiled egg in his mouth changed its flavor in an instant.

Carla also held a skeptical attitude, thinking about the truthfulness of Harrison’s words in her heart.

“Why do you think Alecia will come with me? It is because we are in love, I brought her together, I think today, the sun is shining, the wind is beautiful, it is a good day, so I choose to tell you today, Alecia and I are in love.”

Harrison’s righteous remarks, the momentum is high.

He said that. Carla said that he didn’t say too much. As the saying goes, “It’s better to demolish ten temples than one marriage.” He just said, “Since you have decided, forget about the past. Good for Alecia.”

Alecia suddenly felt embarrassed and lowered her head, “Sister Lane, I…I didn’t mean to hide from you…”

“It’s okay, it’s late, let’s eat first.”

She would not blame Alecia, she was an adult, and she must know what she was doing. She was worried, but she was afraid that Harrison would hurt her.

After all, the two have known each other not long ago, and Harrison’s tongue is glib all day, fearing that Alecia will suffer.

Alecia patted Harrison’s hand and walked to Carla, “Sister Lane.”

Carla put her arms around her shoulders and sat down at the dining table together, so that she would not have to bear the burden in her heart, and that emotional matters should follow her own heart.

Alecia didn’t dare to look straight at Carla, she was guilty.

Because she and Harrison didn’t fall in love at all.

Ryan grabbed Carla’s hand from under the table and shook it in his palm. “Everyone has his own life.”

Chapter 384

He didn’t want Carla to be overly worried about other people’s affairs.

He put a glass of pure milk in front of her, “Drink it.”

Carla knew what he meant, she didn’t want to interfere, just because of her relationship with Alecia, she thought about her a little bit more, so she picked up the glass of milk and drank it.

“Mummy.” Iris gave Carla the egg that Ryan had peeled for her, “This is for you to eat.”

The little girl raised her small hand, holding a ‘white ball’ in her hand and sending it to Carla’s mouth.

Now he is a good and filial child.

Carla took her daughter’s hand and took a bite of the egg. It was obviously the smell of eggs. Don’t know why the taste of eggs is so good today.

She touched her daughter’s hair, with egg yolk glued to the corners of her mouth, completely unknowingly, Ryan pulled a napkin and wiped the corners of her lips.

Carla was very awkward, after all, with so many people, she reached out to wipe it by herself, and ended up with deep eyes on Ryan.

Thinking of what he said to be ‘love’ outside, he retracted the outstretched hand.

Let him wipe the corners of her mouth clean, Iris drilled into Ryan’s arms and giggled. She really liked such dad and mommy.

She feels so happy.

Harrison looked at him for a moment, he grumbled, and swallowed a big mouthful of milk, “If you don’t bring this, sprinkle dog food early in the morning, how can you make Peter love? At this age, there is no girlfriend Handed in.”

After speaking, he smirked himself.

Peter glanced at him disgustingly, and stood up after eating the last bite of eggs.

Alan followed and stood up, “I’m done too.”

“Come on, uncle will lead you.” Peter felt more and more that he and this kid were the same.

They walked to the door and ran into Hubert, who was coming here.

Peter stopped, “Why did Mr. Tate come?”

“I’m looking for Miss Lane.” Hubert’s face was again with that faint smile.

Peter also laughed, “She is eating now, would you like Mr. Tate to wait here?”

“Yes.” Hubert didn’t mind.

His gaze fell on Alan, the little boy didn’t look very big, his appearance was particularly handsome, his eyes and face were exactly the same as those of Ryan’s carved out of the same mold, exactly the same.

“Your name is Alan?” Hubert asked with a smile.

Alan answered politely, “Yes, my name is Alan Lane.”

Hubert was taken aback, Alan?

With mom’s last name?

Not to mention a big family like the Blair family, even if it is an ordinary family, the child does not have his mother’s surname, let alone a boy.

He smelled an unusual smell from it.


The smile on Hubert’s face slowly opened up, bright and kind, “Your name is very nice, Alan, a new beginning, Vientiane is renewed, the so-called one-day plan lies in the morning, is it your father to get it for you? “

“No, it’s my mommy,” Alan replied.

He was completely unaware of his caution.

He always smiles like that, and it doesn’t make people feel that he is a bad person.

Alan’s alertness is low.

“Oh, then your mommy is amazing…”

When he was speaking, he saw Carla and Ryan walking out.

“Today I will take you to see that master.”

“Okay.” Carla said, “Then wait for me.”

She turned to look at Ryan, and before she could speak, she heard him say, “I will go with you.”

This Hubert was particularly passionate about Carla, which made Ryan dislike it.

Let him get along with Carla alone?

Unless he is crazy.

“What about the two of them?” Carla opened her eyes wide, unexpectedly Ryan would be with them.

“Take them.” He was worried about leaving the two children behind, and he had to take them with him to be at ease.

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