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Chapter 391

This height, size, is like a child.

And here are two children, Alan and Iris.

Iris has a simple mind, so naturally, she didn’t have the intention to come over and overheard, another…

Needless to say, it must be Alan.

He sighed slightly, when will the child’s heart knot be solved?

But it is true that he was wrong.

At that time, he abandoned them first, whether he knew it or not, it was his fault.

It was caused by his negligence.

It takes time to smooth out the resentment and hatred in his heart.

Fortunately, it will be longer.

When Ryan left, Alan dared to run out. He looked at the figure gradually disappearing at the door, his eyes moved slightly, and the small hands hanging on his sides were tightly clasped together.

After a while, he recovered his calm and walked out the door.

He looked at Hubert by the river and called out.

“Uncle Tate.”

Alan came over.

Alan is not an ordinary five-year-old child. He is delicate and smart. He is aware of Hubert’s words, but he is willing to use Hubert to let Ryan know that his mummy is very popular. If you want to get back Mommy, not only don’t you have to work hard, but you have to work harder.

Otherwise, there are many people behind to pursue his mother. Although Hubert can’t go, he is a good man and has abilities. Therefore, when Hubert is talking about him, he tells him that, in fact, Carla is now And Ryan is not an ordinary husband and wife relationship.

The purpose is to make Hubert know that he still has a chance to become Ryan’s opponent.

Let Ryan have a sense of crisis.

Hubert thought that he had extracted information that was beneficial to him from Alan’s mouth.

As everyone knows, Alan is using him to prevent Ryan from recovering Carla with ease.

So that Ryan knows the preciousness of Carla, and treats her well afterward.

When they return, they can live happily together as a family of four.

Hubert thought he had used Alan, but he didn’t know that his cleverness was mistakenly used by the child.

It is not that Hubert is stupid, but that Alan is only five years old, he would not know that a five-year-old child has such deep thoughts.

“The weather is cold, why don’t you come out without putting on more clothes?” Hubert suppressed the anger he had just given, and there was another light smile on his face.

Alan lowered his head to look at his outfit, and smiled happily, “I was anxious to come out, I didn’t care, is Uncle Tate alone outside?”

He asked this deliberately. In fact, he had already heard them clearly.

“Your father.” Hubert looked at him, “You have opinions about your father, right?”

“He abandoned us in the first place. Of course, I have a big opinion of him.”

Hubert smiled, “But he is your father after all.”

Alan pretended not to care, and said lightly, “Who knows.”

He changed the conversation, “Does uncle want me to push you into the house?”

“No, I can.”

Alan withdrew to the side and waited for him to go in first. When Hubert adjusted his head and turned the wheelchair towards the house, Alan slowly lifted his leg from the back to follow, and watched Hubert as he walked.

He just used This man, let Ryan know that Mommy is very popular and treats Mommy well, but he doesn’t want Mommy to find a lame man.

He will never accept that this man and mommy are together.

He took a deep breath. Although Ryan was angry, he still hoped that he could get along well with Mommy.

Only when your parents are together is home.

He is very clear about this.

Now he is worried that this matter will not be under his control.

After all, he is still a child with limited abilities.

He returned to the room at this moment. Although the facilities were simple, it was quiet and suitable for rest.

He leaned on the bed, lying on his back, and muttered, “When will Mommy be able to come out?”

He missed her.


At this moment, the door was pushed open, and he sat up cleverly and looked at the door.

Chapter 392

Seeing that it was Ryan, Alan’s spirit became even more nervous, not knowing if it was because of what she had done.

“How did you come?”

Ryan walked in, turning a blind eye to his problem. Instead, he sat next to him by the bed. Just as Alan wanted to move away, Ryan grabbed her shoulders, “Do not like me so?”

“No.” Alan denied it immediately.

“I know exactly what you did…”

“I can’t hear what you say”

Before Ryan finished speaking, he was interrupted excitedly by Alan.

The little hand on the bed held the sheet tightly, and the white sheet became crumpled.

How could Ryan know that he was so concealed?

Ryan touched his head, “You use Tate and me to earn your mommy, right?”

Alan’s eyes widened, his small face wrinkled and his facial features were squeezed and deformed in a funny way. How did this man know that he used Hubert and him to earn a point for mommy?

“You are my son,” Ryan said earnestly.

He heard from Hubert’s mouth that when Carla gave birth to them, they were divorced, and he knew that Alan must have revealed it to Hubert.

Carla would definitely not say this kind of thing herself, and he didn’t know much about it. Even Peter and Harrison probably didn’t fully understand the twists and turns.

Alan pursed his lips and said nothing, obviously tacitly acquiescing.

He could hide it from everyone, but he could not hide it from Ryan.

Perhaps it is connected by blood and thoughts are on a horizontal line, so it is easy for the other party to guess what he wants to do.

“Are you angry?” Alan lowered his head, holding his fingers.

Ryan looked down at his movements, and the corners of his lips raised slightly, “I am not angry, I am relieved. You know that using others to achieve your own goals is good.”

Alan almost dropped his chin in shock, what?

He almost stared at his father with incredible eyes.

“The highest level of achieving your goal is that you have never participated, but got what you want. Although you are not smart enough to be seen through by me, it is not too stupid for you to have this kind of thinking.”

When Ryan said these words, he was extraordinarily serious, but when you look closely at the corners of his eyes and the brows, you will find that there is a slight smile.

Alan is only five years old, and he can think of this and implement it, which is already very powerful.

The reason why he didn’t praise it clearly was because he knew that these were not enough.

If he clearly praises him, I’m afraid he will be proud.

Alan snorted coldly and was dissatisfied with Ryan’s judgment of him. People who had been in contact with him would say that he was smart and cute, and liked him so much. How could he become not stupid in his mouth?

Not too dumb?

Is it the cleverness of idiots?

He resolutely refused to admit Ryan’s evaluation of himself, “Of course I am not stupid, should we make a bet?”

Ryan nodded, interested in his son’s proposal, and wanted to see what he could say, “What are you betting on?”

“Bet you won’t chase my mommy.” Alan raised his head, and was irritated by Ryan’s’not too stupid’.

Hmph, he swears, he will never let him go back to Mommy easily!

This man is too arrogant!

Ryan pressed his lips tightly and looked at him for several seconds before speaking, “Do you really want that cripple to be good with your mummy?”

Alan said stiffly, “It’s better to be physically disabled than to be disabled mentally.”

Ryan was speechless for a while.

Does this mean he is heartbroken?


“I’m sleepy.” Alan issued an eviction order, obviously not willing to listen to him.

In order to prevent Ryan from speaking anymore, Alan got into the bed, covered it, closed his eyes, and pretended to be asleep.

Ryan has never felt powerless about one thing, but Carla and Alan have made it impossible for him to start, and there is no way at all.

“I know you didn’t sleep. Believe it or not, I really didn’t mean to divorce your mommy. I didn’t know at the time-she was pregnant.”

He didn’t know that she was pregnant, but he didn’t know that she was pregnant with his own child.

But he can’t say that.

Being pregnant before marriage is not good for the children and Carla’s reputation.

“You don’t know that we exist. It’s not an excuse. If you marry her, you will be responsible. Why don’t you want her? Why did you divorce her? If you didn’t like her, why did you marry her? Why?”

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