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Chapter 393

Alan snorted and said all the psychological words, “I hate you like this. Mommy taught me since I was a child that as a man, I must be responsible, have a sense of responsibility, must not lie, and must not hurt others. But what about you?”

There were thousands of words to explain, but Ryan couldn’t say a word.

Tell him, was his marriage with Carla just a deal at the time?

Tell him, did Carla and Iris have it before their marriage?

In that way, is it not a kind of harm?

Ryan covered him with a quilt, “The weather is cold, so cover the quilt at night.”

Alan was angry and suddenly turned his back to him, expressing dissatisfaction.

Ryan sighed and covered his exposed back, “I don’t want your mommy to come out and see that you are sick, so I put the quilt on.”

Alan was still reluctant, but didn’t lift the quilt again, and honestly covered it.

Ryan poked his weakness.

He can’t let Mommy worry about him.

That’s why I covered the quilt so honestly.

Three days later.

When Carla was practicing the order of making fragrant cloud yarn cloth, the old man called to stop, “You come with me.”

“Where to go?” Carla was struggling, she seemed to know the key to making fragrant yarn, she was in the mood at the moment and didn’t want to leave.

“You’ll know when you come with me.” The old man didn’t explain what he was going to do or explain, but he walked out the door first after speaking.

Carla suddenly remembered that he said that his sister would come over, and the whole person suddenly became energetic. She put down her work, got up, and walked out with the old man.

There is a door to go out in the backyard. There is a pitted, rugged, small dirt road, sometimes with weeds and vines sticking out of the foot.

Fortunately, the road is not long. After about ten minutes, they were on the main road. Although it is a big road, it is just a concrete road that is not very spacious, which cannot be compared with the wide asphalt road in the city.

What confuses Carla is that she has been here for ten days, and the whole wooden house is very simple in front and back, but when they got to the roadside, they saw a black car parked by the roadside, with bright paint, smooth and atmospheric lines. A Rolls Royce Phantom.

She couldn’t help turning her head to look at the old man, “Master, is this yours?”

The old man shook his head, “No, my sister’s, she is waiting for us, let’s get in the car.”

Carla was beating the drums in her heart, but to find out, she bent into the car.

Soon the car drove out and drove along this not wide concrete road. The trees in the mountains are lush and lush. Although it is almost winter, there are still many evergreen books with luxuriant branches that block the sun. The more you go in, the colder you feel.

After about half an hour, the car finally stopped.

In front of it is a large, distinctive, and majestic courtyard house.

It’s a world apart from a wooden house.

Carla got out of the car, stood in front of the door, looked up, “Where is this place?”

The old man also stood in front of the front door, with his hands behind him, staring at the house, “Scott’s old house.”

“Scott?” Carla has been calling the old man master, and she doesn’t even know the old man’s name.

“Well, my name is Kurtis Scott and my sister is Della Scott.”


Carla’s brain almost exploded.

Although there was speculation, she was really surprised when she heard the name.

Della Scott? Della?

Is it the same person?

If it’s the same person, what secrets are there?

“Come in with me, don’t make her wait in a hurry.”

Kurtis walked in first, and Carla quickly followed after recovering.

Chapter 394

The floor was covered with green tiles, and every step Carla took was like stepping on cotton. It was light and insecure. She didn’t know what was waiting for her.

The sooner she gets in touch with what she wants to know, the more nervous she becomes.

She didn’t know if it was good or bad.

They walked into the huge yard, as if their footsteps echoed all around.

With a loud sound, it hit the heart of people.

The red door engraved with a pattern was open, and a woman stood in front of the door with her back to the door, her hands closed, as if praying.

When she reached the door, Kurtis patted Carla on the shoulder and asked her to stand still at the door. Carla understood what he meant, nodded, and didn’t go inside.

Kurtis stepped over the high threshold and walked into the house.

“Do you dare to come to see me?” The woman’s voice was warm and angry.

When the voice came out, Carla was shocked, and sure enough, this woman was Della.

She couldn’t help but clenched her hand on her side.

Who is she?

The brain ran out of thousands of question marks, but no one could answer them.

Standing behind her, Kurtis also looked at the center. The rows placed on the table were the elders of the Scott family.

“I can’t just watch the Scott family, the craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, just fell away…”

“You are confused!” Della scolded, and she turned around, “Do you know, we made a promise back then…”

Seeing Carla standing at the door, her voice stopped abruptly.

The tones are all with vibrato, “You, why are you here?”

She turned to look at Kurtis, “She is the inheritor you are talking about?”

The blood on her face faded away bit by bit, turning green. She was panting quickly, shaking all over, as if she would fall down in the next second.

“Yes.” Kurtis seemed to have not seen Della’s anger, but plausibly said, “Your secret, you can’t tell your son, you can always tell your daughter-in-law, you give her the inherited jade bracelet from the Scott family.”

“Don’t you want her to inherit our Scott family’s craftsmanship in making fragrant yarn? You don’t want the Scott family’s fragrant yarn to disappear into the world, right?”

Carla raised her hand and looked at the bracelet on her wrist. Isn’t this the Blair family?

Della didn’t mean that it was passed to her by her mother-in-law, but she gave it to her.

How come to the Scott family?

Della frowned, her exquisite facial features were faintly hideous, “Do you know that, if you do this, it will cause her trouble!”

“I know, but I can’t watch the Scott family disappear from this world without leaving a trace.”

Kurtis refused to let him go. He took a step forward and held his sister’s shoulders with both hands. “I am old, and I will live a few days. I have no desire in this life. I just can’t bear to watch the Scott family fall without leaving a trace. .”

Della clenched her fists with her hands hanging beside her, “Even so, you can’t hide from me and call the shots privately!”

Kurtis turned around and turned his back to her, “I tell you first, you will definitely not agree. There is no Scott family in your eyes, and your son and your husband are all in your heart.”

The more he talked, the angrier he became. Later, he came up questioning. He looked at his sister, “The Scott family has long been lost in your eyes, there is a family!”

Della closed her eyes and slowly suppressed the tumbling emotions in her heart without losing control.

At that time, she received a call from Kurtis. He said that he had passed on the craftsmanship of making fragrant yarn. She was very angry and rushed to her immediately, but she didn’t think that this person was Carla.

“Don’t be angry anymore, the matter is over, there is no way to go back.” Welch Scott said warmly, his voice eased a lot, “In these years, how much pain you have in your heart, others don’t know, I know, I think this is God’s gift For our opportunity, we are fabricators, but your daughter-in-law is a costume designer. You say, is it fate?”

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