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Chapter 781

The cafe last time was near the community where Carla lived. When the car drove here, he discovered that there were all restaurants nearby. He looked back at his daughter and asked, “Where is it?”

Iris lay on the window, patrolling the street with her eyes.

At this time, Ryan saw the shop called Hairy Crab Pot, but he also found the car parked in front of the shop. It was this one he saw Alecia driving away in the hospital before. They should be in this restaurant too.

Just when Ryan was thinking about how to persuade his daughter to change the restaurant, he saw Carla and Alecia walking out of it.

They came early, and they had already eaten by noon when there were a lot of people, and it is only at this point that they really started to master.

Iris saw Carla and started yelling, Mommy, the car windows are not lowered, and the car is soundproofed. Carla didn’t hear anyone calling her.

Alan took a handful of his younger sister, “Did you forget what Dad said? We came here secretly, so you can’t let Mommy know.”

Iris suddenly realized and looked back at her brother, “I forgot.”

Alan seemed to have become accustomed to his sister’s “non-adjustable” character, so he didn’t say anything.

Carla pulled the door and got into the car, and soon their car drove out of the parking space.

Iris leaned on the car window and watched Carla’s car drove by her eyes, pouting, and said lowly, “If I can let Mommy, so that we can sit here and eat as a family, how good that would be.”

Alan became more and more like an older brother. She stretched out her arms to hug his younger sister, thinking in his heart that they would definitely live together as a family.

This is a very bad topic. Ryan didn’t want to discuss it when he was getting along with the two children, and his heart was also very uncomfortable.

He parked the car in front of the restaurant, went down and opened the rear door, and took out his daughter. The daughter was taller and heavier.

Alan didn’t need others to take care of him, so he came down. In fact, Iris doesn’t need others to take care of her. She can take care of herself, but she is used to acting like a baby in front of Ryan.

She likes to cling to him and likes to hold him. Regarding her, even if she is already an older child, she still likes being held by her father.

The restaurant is not very big, and the environment is good, but there are a lot of people at this time, and the location seems a little scarce. Fortunately, there is an empty place in the corner.

They sat down here, Iris ordered the food, and came here naturally. After eating the signature dish, hairy crab pot, she ordered porridge and said to Ryan, “Mummy likes this.”

Carla’s taste is similar to that of Ryan, and both prefer light food. Originally, the two children followed her tastes. Later, Alecia brought them out several times, tried more pungent foods, and slowly fell in love with them.

Iris almost cried when she ate it for the first time.

This spicy is not particularly spicy, but it will feel spicy if you haven’t eaten it before, and it won’t feel very spicy if you get used to it.

Ryan reached out and touched his daughter’s head, “Just eat more if you want.”

The little girl smiled, her face pleased, “After the meal, can I have an ice cream?”

Carla generally forbids her to eat too much, saying that too cold is not good for her stomach, and she will have diarrhea in the fall if she eats too much, but she has to eat ice cream in summer.

Otherwise, there will be no fun in summer?

Ryan pinched his daughter’s chin. The child’s small face was opened, and her eyebrows and Carla’s eyebrows were getting more and more like Carla, and they looked like a crescent moon when they laughed, but their cheeks, nose, and mouth looked like him.

He tried to reason with his daughter, “Your mommy won’t let you eat, it’s for your health. You have to be obedient, and we don’t eat for the sake of health.”

Iris’s face collapsed at once, and the corners of her mouth were pressed down, and she muttered, “I don’t want to eat much. Mommy puts me so strict, and Dad will deprive me of this little thing. Happy little?”

Ryan frowned, “Eating ice cream makes you happy?”

“Yeah, eating what you like is happy.” Iris got down from the chair and lay down on his lap, with her cheek resting on his thigh and stretching out her arms to hug his waist, even though Ryan There is no fat on the waist and abdomen, and the daughter’s arms can’t be encircled. The little hand pulls his shirt, wrinkled and wrinkled, “Dad, please. I will eat less, okay.”

As long as Iris is acting like a baby with him, he has almost no resistance. He can’t say the words of rejection, and can’t see her aggrieved face. She sits on his lap, and said helplessly, “I can’t help you. But eat less.”

“Okay,” Iris promised refreshed, as long as she can eat it, it doesn’t matter if she eats less.

Later, when the dishes were served, Iris ordered five or six kinds of dishes. When serving, the service said, “Here is the food, and you can call me whenever you need it.”

“We don’t need it.” Iris waved his hand.

When she ate this, she didn’t like rice, but she quickly took care of her brother and father. She looked at them and said, “Do you want it?”

Alan shook his head. He didn’t need it. He didn’t know if he could finish eating these dishes. A hairy crab pot would be a big pot. This product, they ordered the largest portion.

There are three kinds of hairy crabs in the pot, large, medium, and small, you can choose according to the number of people. They have one adult and two children, and the small one is enough, but this one wants the largest one.

Ryan doesn’t need food either. He wants to taste the porridge his daughter said Carla likes. Besides, with so many dishes, he probably has no stomach to eat.

During the meal, Ryan scooped up a bowl of porridge, which melted in the mouth, the millet inside was very badly cooked, and the shrimps tasted fresh, but not greasy and very delicious.

After eating a bowl of porridge, he watched his daughter’s cheeky face, frowned slightly, took a piece of paper, and wiped her face, “I’ll peel it for you.”

Alan didn’t look up, but he was full of mouthfuls, “You have to eat it yourself to taste.”

Hairy crabs have shells, except for crab yellows, but also meat inside their legs.

“I don’t want it, I want my father to strip it for me.” In front of Ryan, she is just a ‘baby’ who needs to be taken care of.

Alan glanced at his sister and curled his mouth. He remembered that she said that he had a taste of his gnawing.

He changed his mind at this moment. He silently thought in his heart that he hoped that Carla had a sister in his stomach, otherwise, This pampered will never grow up.

If Carla had another daughter, she could share Ryan’s love for her.

This will prevent her from being spoiled.

Alan prayed in his heart, hoping that Carla was carrying a younger sister so that Iris would have a chance to grow up, otherwise she would always be a small child in front of Ryan in the future.

After eating, he bought them ice cream. There was not much time to finish the ice cream. Ryan sent them back to school. When they entered the school gate, Iris asked, “Are you coming tomorrow?”

Ryan said that he would stay here for a few days.

Iris was very happy and k!ssed him before entering the school with Alan, because he had a meal with his father and ice cream, and he was in a good mood.

Ryan stood at the door watching them being led into the classroom by the teacher, before turning to the car with confidence. When he started the car, the phone in his pocket rang. It was Harrison. He turned it off because he was on the plane , So the phone was turned off.

After arriving in the city, his cell phone was turned on, and Ramiro wanted to report to him about his work, so no one could not contact him.

That day, Harrison and Peter stayed in the company for a long time. They saw Ramiro in the evening, only to realize that he had run away again and was not in city b.

Ryan didn’t deliberately conceal it. When answering the phone in Country Z that day, both Peter and Harrison heard about the city, and Ramiro knew about it because of the ticket he bought.

“Where are you?” Harrison opened his mouth and asked.

Peter is busy with work. In addition to this incident, he has to perform well. When he has no time to come out, he is bored by himself, so he wants to come to Ryan.

Anyway, he basically didn’t care about his office. There was time. He wanted to find out if Ryan really found Carla.

It happened that he wanted to ask Carla about Alecia, so he also came to the city.

Chapter 782

He had just got off the plane at the moment and didn’t know where to go.

He is not familiar with the city, and he hasn’t been here much.

Ryan said that he was in the city, and Harrison said immediately, “Come to the airport to pick me up.”

He has no friends or relatives here, so he can only rely on Ryan.

Ryan raised his hand to look at the time and said, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

He hung up after speaking.

He called Harrison at the airport and asked him to come out. He didn’t have time to get out of the car to find him on this hot day.

Soon Harrison walked out of the airport, found his car, opened the door to sit in, and went straight to the subject, “Did you find sister-in-law?”

Otherwise, what can make him run here tirelessly?

Except Carla has this attraction to him.

Ryan didn’t squint, and said in a faint tone, “Why, you came to me and asked me this question specifically?”

“No, no.” Harrison quickly explained, “Isn’t Peter busy? I didn’t have anyone to spend time with, so I ran over.”

“Really?” Ryan obviously didn’t believe it. He couldn’t hide his thoughts from his friends for so long.

He didn’t tell Harrison, not only because he promised that Alecia could not tell him, but also because he had some scruples in his heart.

The relationship between Carla and Alecia was unusual. After all, Harrison did not hurt Alecia lightly. He said this, if Harrison commits a mess again, he will suffer even if he takes him.

If Harrison knew what Ryan was thinking at this moment, he would definitely shout, valuing s3x and despising friends, wanting to break with him!

As long as the wife, no brothers, right?

Of course, even if Harrison knew, he would definitely choose his wife first, and then his brother.

Well, the wife is the most important thing in my heart.

After all, she shared the bed with him, and accompanied him until he was old. He believed that when Harrison and Peter also had their beloved people, it was more important for a wife later.

Harrison looked upright, “Seriously, did you really find your sister-in-law?”

Ryan gave a hum.

Harrison was surprised and at the same time as expected, he smiled and said, “Reconciled?”

It’s just that Elden’s trial. The sentence has not come down. When she goes back to city b, will Carla feel uncomfortable when she hears the news?

In any case, it is true that Elden is her uncle.

Ryan’s face sank a little, and he said coldly, “No, she doesn’t know that I am here.”

Harrison, “…”

What does it mean?

Carla doesn’t know he is here, so what is he doing here? When the voyeur is peeking every day?

“How long are you going to do this?” You can’t always hide.

Ryan’s thoughts are similar to those of Harrison. It’s not the time to see Carla. He has to wait until Elden’s matter settles. Now is definitely not a good time. He can see the two children and her. Avoid the pain of lovesickness.


Harrison nodded, but what should he do? Ryan and Carla didn’t meet. How did he ask Carla about Alecia? It has been a long time. Last time, she said Alecia was recovering well. Has she been discharged from the hospital?

“Well, can I go to see my sister-in-law?” Harrison asked cautiously.

The relationship between him and Ryan, if he went to see Carla, it would be almost as if it was Ryan who knew about it, after all, it was the relationship.

How did he explain that he knew her whereabouts?

There are many problems in this, and you can’t look for them if you don’t think about it.

Ryan left him, how could he still know what he was thinking after having known him for so long?

Didn’t he come this time just to know Alecia’s whereabouts, he was playing tricks with him here.

“Alecia has been discharged from the hospital.”

For Harrison not to go to Alecia, for Harrison’s happiness, he reminded him.

Hope he can figure it out.

Harrison immediately became energetic, “Then where did she go? Has she returned to the country? But isn’t the clothing store in city b closed? Where did she go?”

Ryan was silent, hoping that he could think about Carla.

Harrison thought left and right, “Could it be that she has returned to the country?”

After all, she came back from there.

Ryan snorted, never thought that Harrison could be so stupid.

He really wanted to knock on his head to see what was inside.

“Is it possible to come to my sister-in-law? But the sister-in-law’s clothing store is closed. What can she do?” Harrison thought about the possibility, and at the same time wondered after she came to Carla. What she can do is related to the possibility of her staying.

After all, she can’t play here. Carla is pregnant and has two children. It is not surprising that she is idle, but she is definitely not the one who can be idle.

He pondered the farther and farther.

Ryan didn’t want to talk to him anymore, he was so stupid.

Harrison was also annoyed, scratching his hair, “Where shall I find her? Do you know?”

Harrison suddenly turned his head and stared at him. At the hospital he arranged, he knew that Alecia had been discharged, surely he knew her whereabouts?

He became excited, his eyes gleamed, “You know, right?”

Ryan’s face changed unnaturally. After all, he was a good brother, who was blatantly deceiving, and he was really unbearable.

“You speak.” Harrison’s gaze began to explore. He hesitated, just to know something inside. “You tell me quickly, I can find her, and I will let her go, and I will definitely not make a mess.”

“Harrison.” Ryan struggled in his heart, but decided not to say it. After all, he promised Alecia and couldn’t go back, but Harrison found out by himself, so he didn’t say anything.

“She was discharged from the hospital, why would she tell me where she went?” His voice expression is extremely calm, and he can be easily retracted in the mall, not to mention such a small thing, how can he mess up his position?

Harrison, like a discouraged ball, leaned against the chair softly.

“Let’s go to the hotel now, and I’ll invite you to dinner at night.” He stayed in the hotel temporarily, and his heart was still toward Harrison.

At night, he made an excuse to look after the children and asked Alecia to take the children out, so that Harrison would see her again. Can detect something.

Although the appearance has changed, the voice has changed, and the original appearance is gone, but after all, the person you like always has feelings, right?

If Harrison couldn’t find out in this way, then he would have nothing to say and nothing to do.

He can only help him to this point.

Harrison has no spirit, “You can arrange whatever you want.”

In the evening, Alecia and Carla came back from the store. The success of the exhibition quickly opened up the market of the silk craft, and returned to the public view of the depression.

The “Embroidery of Clouds” she created was established in the city.

Because on the day of the exhibition, she received a lot of orders, from the silk craft, and those who expressed their desire for wedding clothes.

There is a wave of Neo style in the country.

But those will not be sold. They will be displayed in the store. The less you can get, the better. On the one hand, it is to attract customers, and on the other hand, it is for the initiative. These are created by her, so later Similar occurrences are modeled after plagiarism.

Those 12 wedding dresses will not be sold, but they can take orders and design new styles as required.

Returning to the residence after picking up the two children, Carla felt tired and wanted to rest for a while. After entering the bedroom, she stood on the head of the bed, frowning at the messy sheets.

The shop was neat and tidy when she walked, but now she looked like she had slept.

She went to the hospital during the day, and went to the store in the afternoon. Alecia followed her all the time. The two children went to school. There was no one at home during the day, so how could the bed be messed up?

Who slept?

Alecia was about to take a bath and changed her sweaty clothes, only to receive a message from Ryan, asking her to take the two children out.

She smacked her mouth and felt sympathy for the man for two seconds, feeling that he was pitiful, seeing the children all secretively. She took a shower, went out to eat, and had to wash when she came back. She simply waited to wash before she came back.

She walked to the door of Carla’s room, “Today I will take two children out to eat. What do you want to eat, I will bring it back for you, and we won’t cook anymore tonight.”

To take the child out, she had to talk to Carla.

Alecia often took her children out to eat. For Carla it was nothing strange, so she said okay, “Alecia, did you come back today?”

Alecia leaned against the door and shook her head, “Haven’t I been with you all day?”

“I remember when I left, the bed was made up, why is it messy now?”

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