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Chapter 783

Alecia, who was leaning against the door, froze for a moment, stepped in, looked at the bed that had indeed been slept in, turned her head to the side, and did not dare to look at Carla, with a guilty conscience, she told Ryan the password to open the room.

He must have been here while they were away, but she couldn’t figure it out. Did he come here in broad daylight just to sleep in Carla’s bed? What does he think in his heart?

Sleep as you go, why don’t you spread it back when you leave?

Leave a trace, and she will need to explain.

“You must be mistaken. You left without tidying it up.” Alecia calmly explained, “Didn’t you say you were silly for three years? You are at this stage now, you remember, I take the babies out for dinner.”

After speaking, Alecia turned and left.

“No, I remember very clearly. I tidied it. I am used to it. I don’t like the mess in the room.” Carla recalled carefully and still felt that she remembered it correctly. She left after fixing the bed.

“The two kids had gone to school. I’ve been with you all day. Herman knows the password for the rest. Is it him? Obviously impossible, but you remembered it wrong.” Alecia said righteously and made it so. It’s the same thing.

Carla stood on the head of the bed and became uncertain. Could it be that she really remembered it wrong?

Alecia was right. The only ones who knew the password were them. Although Herman couldn’t look at it, his thoughts were still very delicate. He didn’t know that they were all women and children living here, and he came in without saying hello.

Not to sleep in her bed.

“Well, what are you going to eat? I’ll bring it back for you? You rest.”

“I want to eat radish.”

I don’t know why, but I suddenly wanted to eat it. When I was pregnant, it didn’t hurt my mouth. I didn’t have anything special, but I suddenly wanted to eat radishes.

“Green, crisp kind,” Carla said.

Alecia, “…”

“Are you going to eat radishes for food?” Alecia helped her, isn’t this stupid?

“I didn’t really want to eat it, I just wanted to eat this suddenly, and I don’t know if it’s sold.” Carla sat on the edge of the bed, still wondering whether she had made the bed or not.

“What’s not for sale now?” Alecia said, “Are the fruits and vegetables still divided into seasons?”

In this era, science and technology are advanced, and it is convenient to eat. What kind of greenhouse, what kind of constant temperature technology, can’t grow anything?

What’s more, what she wants to eat is not unusual.

“I’ll go to the supermarket later.” After Alecia walked out, “I am going to eat out with the children.”

“Alecia, why don’t you ask me if I’m going?” She will usually ask, why didn’t she ask today?

Alecia, “…”

She is too difficult.

“Wasn’t it busy today? I think you are too tired, I will bring you back, you can rest at home for a while.” Alecia patiently, and racked her brain to explain.

Because the shop has just opened and there are many things to deal with, she really feels tired, got up from the bed, walked over to hug Alecia, and said gratefully, “Alecia, thank you, if you didn’t help me in these two months , I don’t know what to do.”

Organizing exhibitions and purchasing materials all need to run around. Although Herman can help, he doesn’t understand this aspect and can’t distinguish the materials, so Alecia has to run.

“Oh, what is our relationship? You are so sensational, do you want me to cry for you?” Alecia patted her on the back, “raise well, give birth to a big fat boy, and I will be a godmother.”

Carla smiled, “What if it’s a daughter?”

“No, it must be a son.” Alecia said with certainty, as if she had seen it.

“Are you so sure?” Carla looked at her and chuckled, “Do you have clairvoyance?”

“Didn’t it mean that the one with a round belly is a daughter, and the one with a pointed belly is a son? Look at your belly, it is pointed.

She has no scientific basis for this statement. From the mouth of the elderly in the country, the so-called round belly is that there is fat on both sides of the waist. The belly will look very round, and the tip means that there is no excess fat on the waist. Concentrated in the middle is called the ‘tip’.

Carla knew that Alecia was in a lively mood, and followed her words and said, “Then what should I be like when I was pregnant with Iris and Alan?”


After speaking, Alecia laughed herself.

Carla, “…”

It’s really square, don’t know what it is.

At this time, Alecia’s mobile phone rang another text message alert, and she took a look at it. It was Ryan who asked her when she would arrive.

He was all on Alecia’s cell phone.

“Who sent the message?” Carla didn’t want to probe her privacy, just asked casually.

Alecia turned off the phone and shrugged her shoulders, looking relaxed, “Spam messages, I am taking children out, I’m all hungry.”

“Go, come back early.” Carla exhorted. In fact, she wanted her to come back earlier, so she could rest earlier. She was also tired during this time.

Alecia made a gesture, then turned and left.

Iris and Alan were watching TV on the sofa in the living room, and the other was in the room. Alecia called them, “Let’s go and have dinner.”

The two children consciously ran over and changed their shoes in the hallway.

“What are we eating today?” Iris asked this, because she was hungry, so she was concerned about the food for the evening.

Alecia answered simply, “I don’t know.”

Iris, “…”

“Someone treats you, anyway, just ask for what you want to eat.” Alecia said lightly. Anyway, she doesn’t need to pay, there is a large amount of money to pay for it.

Alan was shrewd and heard the clue from Alecia’s words, but he didn’t say it, but obediently followed her out.

When he got downstairs, he asked, “Do you know it too?”

Alecia was confused by these words, “What do I know?”

“It’s my father who wants to invite us to dinner? Do you know he is here, right?” Alan said.

Alecia was stunned for a moment and quickly realized that Ryan must have seen the two children, so they knew.

She nodded, “Well, I know.”

“Hey.” Iris sighed.

Alecia buckled her seat belt when she got into the car, “What are you sighing?”

“We all know, but Mommy doesn’t know.” She panicked melancholy, worrying about her parents.

“Children’s affairs, don’t worry about adults.” Alecia scratched Iris’s nose and confessed, “I drive, and you sit down honestly.”

“I know, Aunt has to explain this sentence every time.”

Alecia started the car, drove the car out, and took the time to reply to her, “I’m thinking about your safety.”

The two children on the road were quiet and honest, and soon the car drove to the address sent by Ryan.

In a high-end western restaurant, Alecia parked the car and opened the door for the two children, and said to them with emotion, “It seems that we can really have a big meal today.”

Today’s dinner was arranged by Ryan for Harrison and Alecia. The wife is important, and the brothers can’t avoid it.

If you can help, you have to help.

Alecia took the two children to find the private room, raised her hand, and knocked on the door.

Chapter 784

Soon the door opened from the inside. It was Ryan who opened the door. Seeing him, Iris immediately hugged his legs and raised her head, and called sweetly, “Dad.”

There is no way to resist this daughter for Ryan, especially when she calls him dad, her whole heart is surging.

He stooped to hug his daughter and said to Alecia, “Come in, I’ll treat you today. Order whatever you want.”

“Then I’m welcome…” Before she finished speaking, she saw another person in the private room. The last word was stuck in her throat and didn’t say it.

Her gaze turned to Ryan for an instant, as if she was asking, what is going on?

Why is Harrison here?

“He came by himself.” Ryan explained, he didn’t say anything at first.

Alecia was dubious.

Harrison, who has been sluggish, didn’t see them coming in for a long time, raised his head, and looked at them. When he saw Alecia, he was taken aback, “Hey, aren’t you the woman who was exhibiting that day?”

Alecia calmed down and walked in calmly, as if she hadn’t heard him, pulled the chair in front of the table, and sat down.

She picked up the menu and asked, “Are you ready to order?”

No one has spoken yet, Iris said first, “Aunt Nalina, just order, my father treats you.”

Ryan sat down with his daughter and squeezed her face. The girl grinned, showing a row of white teeth, “Can you dad?”

“You have the final say,” Ryan said with a smile.

His daughter’s words are imperial decree here, and they work very well.

Alecia flipped through the menu casually, “Then I’m welcome.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you have more dishes that you like, Aunt Nalina takes care of us very hard, so we need to eat more.” At this moment, Iris’s mouth seemed to be smeared with honey, but it was too sweet.

The atmosphere in the private room was a bit strange. Harrison leaned on the chair and looked back and forth between Alecia and Iris.

He had never seen a woman named Nalina beside Carla.

Except for Alecia, it is Alecia, but now because the clothing store is closed, Alecia has returned to the country.

When he mentioned the silk craft at the exhibition that day, he only thought of Carla, but there was no evidence.

It seems that Fragrant yarn has a direct relationship with Carla, and she should have led the exhibition, but she didn’t show up.

So here comes the problem.

who is she?

Nalina, Alecia, all have the surname same?

Is it a coincidence, or… It seems that the coincidence is not high, it is more like Alecia changed her name.

Nalina and Carla know each other, and she is also acquainted with the two children. This is clearly Alecia.

Alan is a clever ghost. People here know that Aunt Nalina is Alecia, but Harrison doesn’t know the current situation.

But thinking that he had hurt Alecia, caused her to change her appearance and her voice, so he didn’t want to tell him the truth.

He must show a million points of sincerity if he wants to retake Aunt Nalina.

Harrison’s brows wrinkled into a knot, and it was only at this moment that he realized that the meal arranged by Ryan was unusual.

No matter how stupid he is, this relationship has to make him think more.

He was able to resist the tumbling in his heart, holding the face close to Iris, trying to get a word out of the child’s mouth. Here Iris is the most innocent and easy to deal with.

“Iris, do you still know Uncle Josh? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, miss me?”

Iris put her arms around Ryan’s neck and smiled and said, “Of course I remember.”

“Do you miss me?” Harrison stretched his head over, trying to get close to her.

Iris shook her head, “I miss Dad.”

When she was speaking, she k!ssed Ryan’s face. Now that she has grown up, she knows that he is pouting and drooling.

Ryan wiped the corners of his daughter’s mouth, and was used to drooling when her relatives used to be. Wiping her mouth became a subconscious action.

Harrison, “…”

Can this kid still chat with people?

“You have no conscience. I used to take care of you with your Aunt Alecia in Tatevel. Forgot?” When speaking, Harrison glanced at Alecia, Alecia’s face didn’t make any waves, as if she doesn’t know what Harrison is talking about.

Harrison mentioned it deliberately. If she was Alecia, her expression would definitely fluctuate. After all, they came together in Tatevel.

It is a place full of memories.

However, to his disappointment, Alecia did not have the expression he expected.

“I haven’t forgotten,” Iris replied seriously.

Harrison was not discouraged, ready to continue asking.

“Uncle Josh wants to inquire about the whereabouts of Aunt Alecia.” Suddenly Alan interrupted.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were cast on him, some were happy, some were nervous, and some were on the sidelines.

It was Harrison who was pleased. He seemed to be about to say, and said hurriedly, “Yes, do you know?”

“I know.” Alan deliberately interjected because he was afraid that his sister would miss her mouth. This guy has no brains. Maybe Harrison asks a few more questions and she will tell Aunt Nalina is Alecia.

Alecia, who was sitting next to Alan, was not calm, and the disguised calmness finally showed signs of cracks.

She had mood swings, not because she couldn’t let Harrison go, but because she was unwilling to have anything to do with him again, as Alan said, she was reborn, and there was no such man named Harrison in the reborn world.

She grabbed Alan’s hand from under the table and held it tightly, hoping that he would not say anything.

Alan calmly patted the back of her hand, but looked at Harrison on his face, “You used to hurt Aunt Alecia so badly, even if I tell you where she is, but she can Forgive you?”

Harrison stalked his neck, with red blood condensed in the middle of his pupils, his voice was dumb, “I know I was wrong, as long as she is willing to see me, I’ll do anything.”

When he spoke, he didn’t look at Alecia’s side, but he seemed to be speaking to her.

“Then you are willing to show sincerity?” Alan asked again.

“Of course.” Harrison did not hesitate.

If Alecia said she wanted his life, he would give it too.

As long as she is willing to forgive him, give him a chance.

If Alan could hear Harrison’s heartfelt voice, he would definitely complain about him, his life was gone, forgive you, what good is the opportunity to give you?

At this time, the waiter knocked on the door to come in and brought up the dishes. Alecia didn’t order a lot, but they were all expensive, worth tens of thousands.

When Alecia knew that Alan would not tell Harrison her identity, she sighed in relief, and her face returned to her composure.

She looked at Ryan, “Does the food I ordered suit appetite?”

She thought to self, you are not as reliable as your son yet, although you didn’t tell Harrison clearly, you were also knocking on the sidelines.

Ryan chuckled lightly, “As long as you like it, just order it.”

Well, it’s that he is not authentic, and it is fine to make money and eliminate disasters.

“Can you give me a pot? That’s it.” Alan pointed to the white porcelain soup pot that contained the soup. The ears were symmetrical on both sides, and the mouth was folded and folded to form a flower mouth, sealed by gold rim, light and luxurious.

Alan thought those two ears were interesting.

“Brother, what do you want a basin for?” Iris looked at him unclearly.

Alan was very calm, “Look carefully, do the ears of this soup pot look like pig ears?”

In fact, this is very exquisite tableware. According to Alan’s words, it looks a bit like a close look.

“Can’t you bring one over?” Alecia looked at the waiter and asked. She thought that Alan was just curious and wanted to play, but he didn’t know he was holding it badly.

“Yes, wait a minute, I’ll take it.”

Soon the waiter took the basin, and after giving it to Alecia, he left the private room.

Ryan glanced at Harrison without a trace, but didn’t say anything. He still understood a little bit about his son. He was afraid that he hadn’t planned to rectify Harrison well.

But it’s good, let Alecia calm down, maybe forgive him.

Alecia handed the pot to Alan, “Do you like this pot? Let’s buy one for soup in a hurry.”

Alan nodded, “Okay, this look is special.”

As he said, he raised his head and looked at Harrison, “Uncle Josh, do you really want to know the whereabouts of Aunt Alecia?”

Harrison nodded as if pounding garlic, “Yes.”

“I can tell you, but you have to show your sincerity,” Alan said.

Harrison had a bad feeling and stared at the bowl in front of him, “What kind of sincerity do you want me to show?”

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