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Chapter 785

“You give it.” Alan pushed the basin to Harrison.

Harrison’s eyes widened, “What are you doing?”

“You step on this basin and sing a whole pig song, and I will tell you where Aunt Alecia is.” Alan said in a hurry.

Harrison, “…”

“This pot can even be crushed by me?” Iris interjected. This pot is made of porcelain, and it doesn’t look thick and has a thin layer. I can’t crush it with one foot?

“Look, your sister knows that you are hard for a strong man.” Harrison looked at Iris gratefully, but fortunately, someone was on his side.

He is not alone.

“Brother, I think you should let Uncle Josh put this basin on your head, stand in the hall and sing nervously. If he finishes singing and no one laughs at him, tell him where Aunt Alecia is.”

When Iris spoke, Harrison’s face turned black.

He really did what he did, so others shouldn’t treat him as a lunatic?

Besides, how can people not laugh?

He just topped a basin and made people laugh out loud, okay?

How can one be ruthless than the other?

“Who do you take?”

Iris squeezed into Ryan’s arms and blinked, with a timid expression, “You said I was stupid last time.”

Harrison, “…”

Why is this kid still holding grudges?

Carla is a very peaceful person, how could she give birth to these two black-bellied children?

Do you still have it when you grow up?

Alan gave his sister a thumbs up, it was really great, this idea was too much for him.

In such a comparison, his attention is not worth mentioning, not as ruthless as hers.

“Uncle Josh, do you remember what I said when you married Aunt Alecia?” He looked at Harrison and said seriously, “You bully Aunt Alecia, we will clean you up.”

Harrison, “…”

Why is his memory so good?

Remember all this?

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to. It proves that you don’t care about Aunt Alecia that much, and you are not willing to make a little sacrifice.”

“Then, please don’t disturb her again. If she has a new boyfriend, you have to bless her.” Alan finished what he wanted to say.

From the country to the country, Alecia lived with them under the same roof for the past two months. She was already a relative. In his eyes, Alecia was his pro-aunt.

He is a relative of Aunt Alecia. She has no brothers or sisters, no blood and blood relatives to guard, let him protect this kind-hearted aunt who has been taking care of him and his sister.

Uncle Josh must suffer a bit, so that he can breathe out.

Harrison opened his mouth, unable to refute a word, saying everything in a reasonable way.

And he is just a ba5tard!

His gaze turned to Alecia who was aside, she was very calm, there was no fluctuation at all, just like watching the excitement.

No one except Alecia has such a close relationship with Carla, and can bring two children out without telling her.

He changed his appearance, he could understand it, after all, she was injured, but how did her voice change?

Did she hurt her throat too?

In fact, he knew that this woman must be Alecia, otherwise Ryan would not arrange this place. According to Ryan’s temperament, he would only meet the two children by himself, and would not make any extra effort to bring everyone together.

He knew that Alecia must have suffered a lot and suffered a lot of troubles. Perhaps it was because of her heart that she could be indifferent and ignorant at this time.

The most heartbreaking distance in the world is when you say indifferently that you don’t care anymore.

He hid the pain in his eyes, smiled, and looked at Alan, “Do you want to make a fool of me so much?”

Alan shook his head, “I don’t want to see you embarrassed, but I want you to be laughed at and remember the sadness at that moment.”

“You think, Aunt Alecia married you because she wanted to live with you, but you failed her and hurt her. How sad is she? How deep is the memory?”

Alecia held her face. She couldn’t leave in such a scene. She clearly told that she was Alecia when she left. Even if Alan’s words moved her to cry at the moment, she had to endure it.

She looked at Alan and wanted to hug him and k!ss him. This stinky boy warmed her heart.

“You are right.” Harrison realized that he didn’t have a child’s maturity yet.

“Uncle meets you today.” Harrison stood up, took the basin, and placed it on his head like a hat.

The look was very funny, pouch, Iris couldn’t hold back, this look was too funny.

The originally suppressed and dull atmosphere suddenly became cheerful, Harrison smiled and looked at Iris, “Do you think we should buy it for uncle?”

Iris couldn’t help laughing, “Uncle is handsome and looks good in everything he wears.”


“You change your uncle’s song. Uncle can sing a song, I’m worried, uncle won’t.”

Iris tilted her head and couldn’t think of a good substitute song for a while.

“Or, the moon represents my heart?” Harrison still smiled heartlessly.

But if you look closely, you will find that there is an unspeakable wound in his smile.

He knew that she was Alecia, but he couldn’t pierce it. He was afraid that Alecia would hide and let him not find it.

She changed her appearance, her voice, and deliberately changed her name, so she didn’t want to be discovered by him.

He picked up the spoon and used it as a microphone, looking at Alecia with a smile, “Miss, can I look at you?”

Alecia glanced at the basin above his head. The lace folded along the basin was like the kind of curly hair worn by a clown. Compared with Ryan’s rigidity, Harrison was softer.

His complexion was fair and his face was clear, but not sharp. The eyes under the eyebrows are always soft ripples, as if they are always smiling, bright, like a bright first quarter moon in the night sky, looking at her at this moment, it looks like a deliberately ugly, just want to make her Laughing child.

She cast aside her gaze and said coldly, “What do you see me doing?”

“There is only you here, suitable for listening to me. I can’t sing love songs to children and men? I think you shouldn’t be such a stingy person, right?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you, in my heart there is someone, it’s just that you look a bit like her, you do good deeds and let me borrow the lovesickness from you?”

Alecia’s heart tensed for a while, pretending to be calm, “Insane!”

“Maybe, you just treat me as crazy. I am amused by the children. If there is any offense, I will apologize first.” Harrison grabbed the spoon on the table and stared at her, even though she turned her head and never looked at him. He also stared deeply.

Her face no longer had the original shadow, strange and familiar.

Harrison has a good voice, and Ryan and Peter are both drinking with them. He will yell in two voices, because his howling is not unpleasant, so no one talks about him.

He pretended to have something in his heart, and his throat was a little hoarse, and when he spoke, he felt a sense of choking.

You ask me how much I love you

My love is true, my love is true

the moon represents my heart

You ask me how much I love you

My love will not change, my love will not change

the moon represents my heart

A soft k!ss has touched my heart…

Chapter 786

Harrison couldn’t sing anymore before he finished singing, and his voice broke tightly.

Alecia was also trying her best to endure it. If Harrison really finished singing, she would probably leave halfway.

She gave Iris some food and looked up at Harrison by the way, “This gentleman’s singing voice is not very good, and such an old love song is really unpleasant to listen to.”

“I think someone like you is cheating. It’s almost the same to deceive the little girl who is not deep in the world. By the way, if you say that you have someone in your heart, I can take the liberty to ask, how did you trick her into it?”

Harrison’s eyes were red, but the corners of his lips were still smiling, “Do you think I look like a liar?”

Alecia cut a half-cooked steak, chewed it in her mouth, and quickly vomited it out disgustingly, smiling, “I’m sorry.”

She poked the steak on the plate with a fork, “Look, the outside of this steak is full of fragrant fried, and the color is also beautiful. I ate a piece on impulsiveness.”

“After chewing it, I found out that it was raw inside, with a fishy smell. The blood is really disgusting, and it’s all deceived by this appearance.”

She inserted a piece and handed it to Harrison, and asked with a smile, “What kind of woman do you think that likes eating such meat?”

Harrison stared silently.

“Flies? Probably they are. After all, flies are omnivorous flies. They can eat everything. If I accidentally eat it once, I will never taste half a bite. I’m afraid I will be disgusted alive.”

She cut the meat. Put it on the plate, still smiling, “I, I still want to keep this life, and see more of the beauty of this world.”

“In your eyes, I am such a person?” Harrison clenched his fists with both hands.

He was really stinged, and there seemed to be countless sharp tools densely poking into his heart.

Did she describe him as disgusting?

In her heart, has he disgusted her to this point?

He was a ra5cal, but he never thought of lying to her, and he was sincere in marrying her back then.

“I’m talking about this beef, how could it be you?” Alecia picked vegetables for Iris, “Hurry up, we have to go to the supermarket to buy radishes for your mommy, and they will close the door later.”

Alan lowered his head to eat. This was an adult’s struggle. He couldn’t intervene, his ability was limited, and those who could help had already helped. Now feed himself first.

Ryan has always been an outsider, watching the developments quietly, it is obvious that although the paper is not broken, they understand in their hearts.

It wasn’t until Alecia said these words that it aroused his interest, “What are you going to do?”

Could it be that Carla wanted to eat something made of radish?

“No, it’s just that your wife wants to eat green radish, which is still crispy.” Alecia was also unable to complain, how could he suddenly become addicted to it.

Ryan, “…”

“After dinner, I will go with you.” Although this taste is a little special, it is what his wife wants to eat and must be satisfied.

Alecia responded with a good voice, his wife does not care who does it hurt?

Other men hurt, I am afraid he is not willing.

Suddenly she thought of Carla’s bed and raised her head, “When you go next time, can you not leave a trace?”

What traces did he leave? Even if he entered Carla’s bedroom and moved her things back to their original positions…Wait, he wanted to sit on the side of the bed and take a rest, but after touching that bed, he wanted to sleep, he hadn’t had a good rest during this period of time, so he lay down, her breath still seemed to remain on it, and he could quickly fall asleep with her pillow.

The sleep time is not long, but it is very relieved, even if it is only one or two hours, it is more stable than many tossing nights.

“She found it?” Ryan wiped off the cheese on his daughter’s face and raised his head to look at Alecia.

“Well, I fooled, but I didn’t doubt it.” Alecia said.

“Next time I will pay attention.” He decided to go to sleep when Carla was no longer in the daytime, and he could sleep in her bed.

Alecia took a sip of water, “How long will you want to do this?”

“Wait, it should be soon.” Ryan’s expression and tone were very weak, and he didn’t really want to talk about this topic.

Ramiro didn’t call him, indicating that Elden’s trial had not come down.

After all, Elden’s identity was on display, no matter how big things happened, he would wait for the things to cool down a bit before proceeding.

The extra Alecia didn’t continue to say, maybe it’s really not the time now.

After dinner, Harrison, who hadn’t eaten anything, stood up first. No one looked at or said anything, so he left.

Alecia’s eyes flickered slightly, and soon recovered calm, as if she hadn’t seen it, smiled and went to hold Alan’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Alan looked at Harrison’s back alone, and suddenly he felt that Uncle Josh was also very pitiful.

Hey, the adult’s feelings are really complicated, he must not fall in love when he grows up.

He looked up at Alecia, and in the end, he didn’t say anything, but he held her palms tightly back, “Aunt Nalina is not alone, and me.”

Alecia looked back and squeezed his face. This stinky boy was too warm today, and her heart was cold.

“Don’t talk about sensationalism anymore. Why is it the same as your mommy? It’s the same appointment, but it’s her son.” Alecia pretended to be fierce, afraid that she could not help crying.

Out of the restaurant, Alecia let go of Alan’s hand and looked at Ryan who was holding Iris, “You take them to the supermarket. I’ll wait for you at the gate of the community, but don’t be too late, I’m afraid your wife will be hungry.”

At this time she wanted to stay alone for a while.

Ryan lightly hugged Iris and walked towards the car.

Alan is very sensible, knowing that Alecia is in a bad mood, and said with concern, “Then you drive slowly by yourself.”

Alecia squatted down and held his cheeks, dropped a k!ss on his forehead, and said, “I will get home safely.”

Alan grinned, waved to her, and then ran towards the car. Ryan was buckling his daughter’s seat belt. He got into the car from the other side and buckled the seat belt himself.

He glanced at his sister, thinking that if this was seen by an outsider, he would definitely think he picked up instead of his own.

Too partial, only the daughter in his eyes.

Ryan raised his head and met his gaze. The two looked at each other, and Alan turned his head away first.

“Is there something you want?” Ryan asked.

Sons and daughters are always different. Alan is too mature and doesn’t like acting like a baby, so he can’t be as painful as his daughter.

He loves them with the same heart, but in a different way.

Alan looked out the car window, “I want a home, will you give it to me?”

“Yes.” He was decisive.

“I hope that the baby is born, you can handle it well. Mommy gave birth to me and my sister and you were not accompanied by her. This time, I hope you will be this time.”

Alan tucked his head proudly and didn’t look back.

The moonlight is gentle, and the long street is shining.

Ryan’s raised eyelids trembled, looking at his son for a long time, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, opened the door, and got into the car.

He knew that the greatest love was to give them a safe and comfortable home.

Give him a little time.

He thinks that day will come soon.

Because they went to a supermarket near the community, Alan and Iris often followed Carla and Alecia to shop. They were very familiar with this place.

They knew which floors were selling fruits and vegetables, which floors were for buying shoes and clothing, and which floors were for buying life supplies, a few floors sell delicious food.

Alan pointed the way, and they quickly found the vegetable area. Fortunately, vegetables and fruits are basically irrespective of the season, but the price is different.

The corresponding seasonal vegetables are cheap and will be placed in a large number of conspicuous positions, so the off-season quantity is not so much, the price is also expensive, and the placement is not very conspicuous.

They walked a few laps before they saw the lettuce placed next to the packaged green radish. The leaves were gone and it was not very fresh.

It seems that after a long period of time, no one buys it. After all, when a large number of radishes are on the market in winter, they are very cheap. When prices come up off-season, everyone will feel that buying it is not worthwhile, so they will not choose it, so it is not sold well.

Ryan watched entangledly, can this kind of food be eaten by his wife?

“Buy one.” Alan picked the best one among them, and ran all the way, so he couldn’t leave empty-handed.

Besides, maybe Mommy ate it this time and won’t eat it next time.

This can only be done now.

It seemed strange to come to such a big supermarket to buy a radish, so Ryan asked them if they wanted anything.

Of course, Iris would not be polite. When arrived at the third-floor place to eat, she scanned a shopping cart full of goods, and Alan ordered a new variety of King Kong.

There are many people at the counter paying the bills, and many people come to the supermarket at night.

Iris waited a little anxiously, and flicked it restlessly.

When they were in line, Ryan put the things on the counter, the cashier used the same brush, he took it quickly, and when he found something was wrong, he had already held it in his hand.

He looked back at his son and daughter.

Alan turned his head after taking a look.

He didn’t put it in.

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