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Chapter 789

The white gauze curtain sheds a soft light, but he didn’t notice that his eyes were tight when he looked at him, or was it just a momentary illusion?

At this moment, she should be shocking Harrison’s appearance, right?

Carla leaned her back against the wall by the window, shivering uncontrollably, covering her heart with both hands, as if she had fell from a boulder, unable to breathe.

She breathed hard so that she would not suffocate, and could not suppress the mixed feelings.

The moment seh saw him was joyful and complicated.

She closed her eyes, and it took a long time for her trembling body to stabilize.

He didn’t show up in front of her clearly, it should be because Elden’s matter has not been dealt with yet.

She opened her eyes, stretched out her hand to open the curtains and looked at him again, but for some reason, she stopped.

Raising his hand in the air, she couldn’t fall down.

She didn’t know what she was struggling with, or she was afraid, for fear that she hadn’t achieved distractions.

Slowly she put down her hand,

She took a deep breath, lifted her spirits and walked to the closet to pack the clothes for the two children.

Summer clothes don’t take up space. After coming to the city, she hasn’t taken her children far away, so she doesn’t have any suitcases at home.

After packing, she walked out, and Harrison was talking to the two children.

Seeing her come out, Harrison stood up.

Carla handed him the bag.

“Send them back in a few days.” Harrison said, because he was going to Tatevel to see Nelson, so he had to take the two children away now.

Ryan asked Harrison to tell her that in just a few days.

Because Ryan knows that Carla needs two children by her side more than him. When she doesn’t know who the father of the two children was, she would rather be a single mother to give birth to them, which is enough to show how much she loves.

They, besides giving birth to the two of them, never separated from them.

Feelings are much deeper than him.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a few more days, the two of them should miss him.” Carla smiled, “Are you in a hurry to leave today?”

Harrison nodded, “Yeah.”

She looked at the two children, “Come here.”

“Mommy.” The two children rushed over, holding her legs on the left and the right.

Carla touched their heads, “I didn’t mean that you didn’t miss dad. You can go to see you now. Are you happy?”

“Yeah.” Iris nodded repeatedly.

“But I don’t want to leave Mommy either.” Alan rubbed her face against her.

Harrison looked at the children reluctantly to Carla, and soothed, “I will send you back in a few days, and we are leaving today. Your father should really want to see you.”

“Mummy.” Alan reluctantly said that if he weren’t going to see Grandpa, he would not leave Mommy alone.

“Okay, go quickly, it’s not that you won’t be back.” Carla handed them to Harrison, “Take care of them both.”

“Don’t worry.” Harrison took Iris’s hand and looked at Carla, “Sister-in-law, then we’ll leave.”

Carla hummed. When they walked to the door, she thought of Alecia who had returned to the room, and stopped him, “Harrison.”

“Huh?” Harrison looked back.

Soon Carla shook her head again, “It’s okay, slow down on the road.”

She wanted to talk to Harrison about Alecia, but she felt wrong.

Harrison said yes, he hesitated for a few seconds, and felt that he should say to her, “Elden surrendered himself…”

“I don’t want to know these things.” Before Harrison could finish speaking, Carla interrupted.

Now she just wants to live here quietly and do what she wants to do well.

When she chose to leave, she just didn’t want to interfere.

What is going on, whether it is life or death, has nothing to do with her.

Whether she is cold-blooded or ruthless, she really doesn’t have much affection for blood relatives who have never got along.

She doesn’t want to carry too much, she can’t carry it, she is very tired, just want to keep it simple.

Harrison pressed his lips and didn’t continue to say. He mentioned this incident just to tell her that Elden’s trial and judgment, no matter what the outcome, has nothing to do with Ryan, he himself surrendered.

This is the only good thing Elden does.

Let the relationship between Ryan and Carla not be irreversible.

Elden indirectly k!lled Della, but he also surrendered.

Knowing that she didn’t want to listen to Harrison, he went out with her two children.

“Mummy, we will be back soon.” The two children looked back and waved to her.

She didn’t go out to send them off, so she stood in the hallway and waved at them, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Soon the elevator opened, and Harrison took the two children to the elevator.

“We are going.” Harrison said.

Carla said with a smile on her face and said, “Okay.” She watched them go up the elevator until the door of the elevator was closed, and she never looked back.

Just stand there, staring at the beating numbers on the elevator floor.


She counted the time, when they got off the elevator, when they walked out of the complex, and when to meet him.

She turned slowly and walked to the living room. Standing on the balcony, she could see the gate of the community, but she did not go.

She was not separated from the child, afraid that she would be reluctant, and afraid that he would find her.

She walked to the dining table. There were still radishes washed by her daughter and open red bean cake a bit eaten by her son, but she couldn’t eat anything at this moment.

The whole heart is heavy.

She just sat quietly.

The clock on the wall was ticking, and time passed by bit by bit.

Alecia walked out of the bedroom and saw Carla sitting there, without saying anything, opening the refrigerator, taking a bottle of water, pulling out the chair, and sitting down.

She thought that even if she didn’t say anything, Carla might have discovered something.

The appearance of Harrison proves that Ryan also knows this place.

“Are you reluctant to let go the two children?” Alecia asked.

“It’s kind of, I haven’t been separated, but it’s okay. After all, they are his children too. I am selfish to take them away.”

When he needed someone to accompany him most, she didn’t even leave him the child.

“They will be back soon, besides, you are not alone now.” Alecia looked at her belly.

Carla bowed her head and said with a strong smile, “Yes, I am not alone, I still have him.”

Pretended to have something in her heart and didn’t have much desire to speak. Then Carla went back to the bedroom, she sat on the side of the bed and looked at the window.

He knew here, maybe that night was not a dream, but a real existence.

She looked back at the messy bed, leaned forward, and lay down, but couldn’t sleep.

The loneliness that has never been seen before is wrapped in layers of dark night.

The children were not around, so she devoted herself to work, because she received a lot of orders for fragrant yarn, the original factory has long been unable to supply it. With the help of Herman, she expanded the scale.

At noon, Alecia came from the residence and gave Carla an express mail.

She designed a wedding dress for a client. She left the picture at home. When she went back to get it, the guard said that they had their express mail. She took a look at the name Carla Lane and brought it.

“I haven’t bought anything recently.” Who will send her an express?

Chapter 790

“I don’t know what it is. The doorman said that there is a shipment for you. I took a look at it with your name written on it and brought it to you.”

Alecia checked that there was no sender’s name and address, and it was still in a bag of documents. “Is it a document or something?”

“You should open it and take a look.” Alecia handed it to her.

Carla reached out and took it, and tore open the seal. It was not a document, but a pile of photos.

Seemingly being aroused, she stretched out her hand and took it out, however—the contents inside were unsightly.

These are not the most important, the important thing is the person in the photo.

The blood on her face receded inch by inch, and her hands trembled, but she didn’t stop looking at the next one, every one was the same and explicit.

Alecia saw that her expression was wrong, and stretched out her head, “What is it…”

Before she saw it, Carla put it back in the bag, and held the torn mouth tightly for fear that others would see the same, pretending to be nonchalant, “Nothing.”

“But I don’t think your face is right.” Alecia frowned.

She said she was okay, but her face couldn’t deceive people, obviously, it didn’t seem to be okay.

Alecia stared at the bag in her hand, what is in it? Can she change her face in an instant?

“I may be a little tired, Alecia, let me stay for a while.” Carla turned her back to her.

Now she needs to calm down.

Alecia said yes, she didn’t say it, maybe she just didn’t want to say it, she just hoped that she would not hide it in her heart alone, and tell her after she calmed down.

After all, one more person knows, one more idea.

After Alecia left, Carla pulled a chair and sat down. After she calmed down, she took out the photo again. She was prepared and still had a psychological impact. After all, the protagonist above is the person she cares about.

The very explicit bed photos were taken by Ryan and a woman, and there were many, and each face was very clear.

No matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t see a trace of flaws, and couldn’t tell the truth from the false.

She told herself in her heart that it must be fake, and it must have been sent to her deliberately.

But the heart is still dull.

She forced herself to calm down, impulsively unable to solve any problems.

The express mail sent to her had no signature and no address, and it was obvious that they did not want to be known, so it means that the person who sent her these must have a purpose.

As for the purpose, she didn’t know.

Maybe it was a feast with Ryan? Knowing her relationship with Ryan, so they sent it to her on purpose?

She didn’t know.

She couldn’t solve the matter. Carla thought that she had found an unused file bag, put it back in, and sealed it.

When she came out, Alecia was receiving guests, so she didn’t bother her.

Herman came in carrying a blue grape and said to Carla with a smile, “This is what I picked from the vineyard when I passed by Barker’s. It’s fresh. Let me give you a taste.”

Carla pretended to have something in her heart and had no appetite at all, but in the face of Herman’s kindness, she still smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Tell me something, I’ll go wash it.” Herman carried the basket inside, and soon brought a plate of clean blue grapes, not very big, looking at the crystal clear, he handed it over.” You taste it.”

Carla picked one, and she couldn’t feel any taste in her mouth. There were photos in her mind.

She looked at Herman, “You said, if two people who have nothing to do with each other at all, can they appear in the same photo?”

Herman spit out the grape skins in his mouth and glanced at her, “Why do you suddenly ask this?”

Carla believed in Ryan in her heart, and there was still a trace of uncertainty at the same time. When she saw Herman, she wanted to find a reason for herself and comforted herself that the photos can be synthesized.

Then she can tell herself that what she sees is fake, and she may feel better in her heart.

She pulled her lips, “Just ask.”

“Of course. Now that the technology is so advanced, what can’t be fake? Everyone can fake them, let alone photos.” Nowadays, women can get plastic surgery and change their faces. There is no economy, and they can also use their mobile phones to post photos to Moments.

It’s so fake.

Then he pointed to the grapes, “Why don’t you eat such sweet grapes?”

“I just ate dinner and I can’t eat it now.” She made an excuse because she couldn’t eat it, but she felt much better after hearing Herman’s words.

Herman did not reluctantly, “Well, wait until you want to eat before eating. If it suits your appetite, tell me, I’ll pick it up for you.”

Carla said okay.

“How about the factory?” She turned aside.

“The equipment is already in trial production. If there is no problem, it can be put into production. However, I can’t take orders recently. The previous ones are enough for a while.”

Herman said with emotion, “Unexpectedly, you will know a lot at a young age. , This kind of fabric is so good, how can so many people want it.”

“Of course you don’t think it’s better. People who need to know how to do it will appreciate it.” Alecia sent the guests away and walked over.

Herman disliked Alecia the most and said he was a layman.

“Only you know how to do it.” He put another grape in his mouth.

Today Herman wore a white shirt with yellow curled edges on the neckline and cuffs, and big yellow SpongeBob pants underneath.

Alecia glanced at him up and down, and curled her lips.

“What is the look in your eyes?” Herman looked down, and there was nothing wrong with it.

“No, I think you look handsome.” Alecia knows that he loves to listen to this. He has this vision, just this hobby, and likes fancy clothes.

Sure enough, when Alecia said that he was handsome, he stood straight.

“Second Uncle, how about some clothes for you?” Alecia is not very familiar with him, but he has a good relationship with Carla, no matter how he is dressed in fancy, his age, he is not so good to call his name directly. Appropriate, so call him like Carla.

But getting along for these two months, working together, and friendship.

He looks improper, but he is actually very reliable. Apart from liking others to praise him for being young and handsome, he has no shortcomings.

No, he still has a shortcoming. He likes to wear fancy clothes, and he always feels that fancy clothes will make him look young, which is very speechless.

“Okay, you should see what I like, and design it for me.” Herman smiled and leaned over, “You say, am I very tasteful?”

Alecia, “…”

Carla can’t stand it on the sidelines, can this be called taste?

“This is not called taste, this is called hobby.” Alecia corrected.

If this is taste, the world will be messed up.

The whole world is colorful.

“Hobbies are fine.” He likes it anyway.

“Okay, I have something to do, let’s go first.” Herman is the busiest one, looking at the company while helping Carla.

After Herman left, Alecia dared to mention, “What was in the express just now, I think you seem to…”

“Alecia.” Before she finished speaking, Carla interrupted, “Help me give this to Ryan.”

Alecia looked at her, but didn’t pick it up immediately. She suddenly mentioned Ryan with some surprises.

“You should have contact with him?” Carla thought about many things when she saw Ryan.

Alecia lied and took the two children to eat paper-wrapped fish. In fact, they went to eat western food, so it should be to see him.

Otherwise, she doesn’t need to tell this lie.

Ryan probably didn’t plan to show up, just let Alecia secretly bring her two children to meet in secret.

As for why Harrison was asked to come forward again, she didn’t know. Perhaps meeting secretly could not satisfy his miss for the two children. He really wanted to take the children to city b for a few days.

Alecia took a deep breath and reached out to take it. Harrison appeared. It would be strange if Carla hadn’t noticed anything.

“Is it what he sent you?” Alecia was a little curious, after all, Carla’s face was ugly when she saw it.

“No, you just give it to him. If he asks, you just say that it was sent to me by someone else without a signature or address. I think he should know who did it.” After all, it was obvious. He came.

Alecia said, “I will contact him now.”

“I got off work today.” She wanted to escape inexplicably, even if she heard the news about him.

At this time, she especially wanted to be quiet. She was not in the mood to work here, and her mind was a little confused. Even if she knew that it might be fake, it would have a big impact on her mood.

Alecia said yes, she could see that Carla’s mood was affected by something.

She looked down at the file bag in her hand and took out her mobile phone to call Ryan.

At this time, Ryan had just arrived in Tatevel with his two children, and when he saw that it was Alecia’s call, he answered it.

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