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Chapter 1611

The man hesitated: “But the other party has the conditions!”

“Regardless of his conditions, he can repair Levi’s martial arts!”

“Yes, repair Levi’s martial art at all costs!”

Colin was spared this time.

“Well, in that case, it should be a big deal!”

“What we are looking for is an ancient medical family! It is the family of Velador Doctor King! They have amazing ancient medical skills, which may be a resurrection for ordinary people.

It is said that they can turn an ordinary warrior into a supreme powerhouse by relying on medicine and ancient medical techniques!”


Hearing this, everyone gasped.

Relying on ancient medical techniques and magical medicine to create a supreme powerhouse?

This is too scary, right?

Colin even gave birth to an idea.

Let this ancient family of medical skills help Velador build a supreme powerhouse.

Colin contacted the family of medical kings at any cost.

The medical king’s family sent a senior to follow Colin to find Levi.

Hermen Bates himself is also a supreme powerhouse!

It is the legendary medical and martial arts double repair.

Even medical skills are also practiced, and martial arts are also practiced.

“His martial veins were completely shattered and destroyed?”

Hermen heard Levi’s situation, his face was solemn.

“is it hard?”

Someone asked Colin.

“It stands to reason that it is basically impossible to repair! Martial veins are different from other veins! Especially if you destroy them directly!”

“Even if it is repaired, it will not reach the previous state!”

“But the specific situation depends on the individual!”

Hermen said seriously.

Colin’s face was solemn.

Soon, everyone came to Case York.

Sarah and Regina followed the three elders of Worenden to practice.

Only Levi and his mother were there.

“Levi, we want to bring you good news!”

Colin told Levi his future intentions.

Levi was taken aback.

What martial art does he need to repair?

He is all well.

Besides, the old man said that there are few in this world that can repair the martial arteries.

Most of the things that can be repaired are deceptive.

“I don’t need it! It’s nice to be an ordinary person!”

Levi refused directly.

“Are you still angry with Colin?”

“No, I didn’t take it seriously!”

“Since you are not angry, let the Lord show you a way!”

Levi was helpless.

It can only be checked by Lord Hermen and his disciples.

After the inspection, Lord Hermen and a few disciples probably walked far away.

Several people began to discuss.

Hermen is a supreme powerhouse, and soundproofing is a piece of cake for him.

So he talked to the disciple.

Not to mention that ordinary people can hear it, even the supreme-level powerhouse may not be able to hear it.

But Levi heard it clearly.

“Lord’s situation is not good? This boy’s martial art is gone!”

“Yes, it’s okay to be destroyed. The point is that this kid’s martial art no longer exists! How can we fix it?”

Lord Hermen nodded: “Yes, that’s right. Let alone us, even if the Doctor King is here, there is nothing to do?”

“If you tell the truth directly to Colin, not only will the face of my medical king family be lost, but we will not benefit at all!”

“Lord, what should I do?”

Several disciples asked.

“Then let’s drag Colin for a while!”

“Tell them to say that Levi’s martial arteries can be repaired, but it is extremely difficult and requires a great price!”

“Then we can make a request!”

Several disciples also laughed: “Yes, yes, so we can get more!”

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